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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the “Bob’s Burger” Gag on “Family Guy”

Chris Alexander, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications at 20th Century Fox Television, has told Cartoon Brew that the letter published from Alex Carter was a hoax and was not sent by him.

  • Well, that’s good news that Loren Bouchard was in on the joke the whole time. But it begs me the question. If Loren was openly willing to let Family Guy “take a shit on Bob’s Burgers” as he said, where does that put his show in his mind?

    • Confident enough in it, he doesn’t mind some friendly ribbing?

    • I guess he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t make jokes at his expense.

    • jonhanson

      It could mean he’s a comedy writer with a sense of humor.

    • Arthur F.

      I think it’s a valid point. While canny cross-promotion exists, “taking a shit on Bobs Burgers” pretty much conveys the alpha-male frat house odor that FG and Co. still carries (Tsunami joke here) despite having high points albeit with some good people on board. If it were one of their developed jokes (which FG can do) it wouldn’t be the issue of being “at his expense.” TV comedies have made reference and fun of each other’s shows, animation even more so. Even Simpsons have ribbed Futurama’s initial fail. But this gag really doesn’t require a whole table of writers. I guess they twitter alot.

  • Yeeeeah, I don’t know why people take jokes on Family Guy so seriously. I doubt the creators of the show believe everything that the characters say. Granted, I still don’t care for FG any more and I don’t watch any of the new episodes (though I do enjoy reruns of the older episodes) but still.

    • mick

      The back lash to this particular gag is almost entirely due to the automatic vitriol for all things family guy. if Family Guy displayed the recipe for a cancer cure there would be cries of ‘it’s the wrong colour!’. This is a storm in a teacup if ever there was one

  • Brian C.

    A very well spoken note and an interesting glimpse behind the curtain at Fox and Family Guy. Thanks for the clarification, Alex! I’ve been wondering what has been up with the last few seasons of FG. Now I have at least part of the answer.

  • Joseph_Hudak

    As expected. Fox shows usually pull these sorts of cross-promotional roasts.

  • Seth doesn’t deserve all the hate he gets ( well, maybe for the Oscars….)

  • Paul M

    If the writers had any balls, they would’ve shown a picture of Eric Cartman.

  • bigbadballoon

    Like I said before – the reactions to the gag
    were more ridiculous than the gag itself.
    Animation Nerds: Not always the brightest but definitely the most

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  • Funkybat

    Family Guy in recent years has been rather hit-or-miss but this joke made me laugh. I didn’t think it was in any way mean-spirited. I pictured the “backstory” to this being more or less what Alex outlined. Bob’s Burgers is a decent show with a “simple” art style. If they had made the same joke with an image of Hank Hill, it would have been about as funny. (I still love the KOTH cameo from several years back; “Hahahahahaha………propane.”)