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“Family Guy” Accuses “Bob’s Burgers” of Being Poorly Drawn

Cartoon Brew reader Skifi writes, “One of the worst drawn things ever makes fun of a cute show for being badly drawn.”

  • MissConception

    People in glass houses should not throw stones, Seth.

    • AGuy

      Should we really be pointing fingers at Seth? Doesn’t he basically just do voices now for the show and not much in the way of the creative process?

      • wever

        He attends all the script sessions before recording. There’s no way he did not see this joke before the episode was finished and he would say something if he had a fault with it.

  • Shazbot

    Hypocrisy, thy name is McFarlane.

    This is just more of Seth’s “humorous” slander, kinda like the moronic anti-Semite jokes he makes about Walt Disney.

    • I see that more as a jab at popular culture’s idea of Walt, but yeah it does purport the idea that he as anti-semitic and that’s not good.

    • Mouse

      I’m pretty sure that IS the joke, actually.

  • wever

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………… they’re one to talk!

  • ben

    Family Guy is still on?

  • Isaac

    It’s a joke. Laugh.

    • MovieRatIan


    • Eman

      I’ll laugh when I find it funny.
      Like Bob’s Burgers.

    • curtisfrog

      It wasn’t funny, A laugh isn’t just a response to the identifying of something being a joke

  • Greg

    Isaac’s right. Let’s all take it easy. Its a joke. The joke is that a badly drawn show is calling a badly drawn show bad. Its called irony.

    • Unfortunately, the concept of irony is too advanced for the average Family Guy viewer who takes everything at face value (e.g. Walt Disney must have hated Jews because that’s what the show says).

      • Why is FAMILY GUY responsible for a misconception that was perpetuated years before Seth MacFarlane was even born?

        • If you’ve studied the reenergized rumors about Disney’s allegedly racist views, it has nothing to do with the original decades-old sources. The vile stories are widely perpetuated by those in their teens and early-twenties, and their sources are recent references in contemporary culture, most explicitly in animated shows like “Family Guy” and “Robot Chicken.”

          • … Or, it could be a misconception deeply ingrained in American pop culture, the desire that Mr. Magic is also a swine behind closed doors (a reputation Walt Disney deserves, but not for racism), that simply keeps resurfacing because it’s such appealing fodder for satire. I guess I don’t get why MacFarlane gets the blame, and why something like SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE get a free pass. (And please don’t say it’s because SNL viewers are inherently smarter than FAMILY GUY fans…)

          • Don’t leave out the Simpsons which did it first and funnier…:)

        • SKent.

          Because when you are perpetuating a misconception, you have to take responsibility for that.

          If they were to start repeating some of the old anti-semetic urban legends and conspiracy theories they’d have to take responsibility for that also.

          • Shazbot

            “Mr. Magic is also a swine behind closed doors (a reputation Walt Disney deserves, but not for racism)”

            Gee…thanks for -perpetuating another lie, Thad. Do you work for McFarlane?

      • Ivan

        harumph. I watch Family Guy and I understand ironic humor. Watch me guffaw at your comment in ironic fashion. ho ho ho.

        Lighten up, Amid. It is just sitcom after all, and they were simply delivering a joke meant to be taken as a joke. There is no better venue. Also, other shows (Simpsons, Southpark, etc.) have made similar jokes about Family Guy and vice versa.

        • Ivan

          Also, I feel the word “accuses” in the headline is inaccurate. It was done in jest, the same way comedians rib one another during a celebrity roast.

          • Hi Shazbot,
            No, not on the MacFarlane (note the spelling) payroll – though that FAMILY GUY money would come in handy. But when someone who basically represents an artistic medium as a whole to the entire world is irresponsible enough to be a “friendly witness” in front of HUAC (regardless of whether his testimony was ultimately useless to their conquest or not), an action tantamount to stating that certain Americans are not entitled to their constitutional rights, “swine” is one of the nicer pejoratives I can think of.

            On the other, positive hand, wearing a button for the president’s opposition while he’s giving you the Medal of Freedom also suggests “badass.”

  • tredlow

    In my opinion, Bob’s Burgers is always a perfect marriage between great voice-acting and really active animation. The character’s poses and movement add to the comedy as much as the writing and voice acting does. Sure, the character design is pretty crap at first glance, but at least they don’t just stand there in a faux-3/4 view face while their mouths and occasionally hands move, unlike some shows I could name.

    • Anthony Brewer

      I’m not a fan of Bob’s Burger but it’s an animated show so that means lively animation that works well with it’s jokes. The fact that Family Guy is doing this is stupid and the only reason to watch it because Family Guy’s animation is very poor in comparison to Bob’s Burgers drawing that’s better overall.

      • tredlow

        Actually, these days, adult animated comedies don’t really have lively animation. They’re kind of like newspaper strips. Focusing on dialogue more than visuals to narrate the story.

        The exception would probably be The Simpsons and Futurama, which have great animation, but they also have the big budget and network support to do it, I imagine.

  • Not that i take offense of this but not only is Family Guy drawn poorly, the animation is poorly too and so are the attempts at jokes most of the time.

  • Jim M

    Personally, I didn’t get the joke.

    Was it that the “Art” was badly drawn, or that their son tried to pass off a photograph as a drawing, or that the subject was ugly, or…

    Without the CB headline, I wouldn’t have understood the “joke”.

    • Jeff

      Chris’ drawing was actually looked better than the real Bob’s Burgers.

  • Mike Caracappa

    They’re just playfully ribbing them. One of the Family Guy manatees knows a seal over at Bobs Burgers. ;)

    • Stéphane Dumas

      I wonder if the seal at Bob’s Burgers is still there? I can’t resist to post the old YCDTOTV (You Can’t Do that on Television) joke “Who you think is in the burgers?” and imagining Barth (performed by the late Les Lye) replying “D’uhhh! I heard that!” ;-)

  • Mac

    I think its just the cattyness that makes it funny.

  • Fox Heres

    I so hate these McFarlane shows. Ugly, mean-spirited garbage. Bob’s Burgers, however, is well written, well performed, cute, memorable and best of all, 100 percent McFarlane free.

    • American Dad is actually really good, the only flaw it has is that it’s related to Family Guy. American Dad is essentially Season 1 and 2 Family Guy without the cutaway jokes, it’s focused on plot and character development and the jokes are directly related to the story.

    • emilovescats

      See, I like American Dad. Family Guy and The Cleveland Show just aren’t my thing, and I’ve never thought they were that funny. However, I’m a Bob’s Burgers fan simply because of the characters in the show – I find myself relating to Tina a lot.

  • Billy Batz

    I think its funny that the kid drew the background( without that nobody would know who that character was) and colored the picture. He’s pretty good he drew a screen shot , also it looks exactly like The Family Guy Show, so he drew a photo realistic portrait. It was all worth it to set up the cat in the doctors outfit.On a side note, the Frankenweenie banner on this page displays bad art too , its just CGI, Ugly people are human too, don’t just like pretty animated characters, when is the last time mickey Mouse made anyone laugh?

    • wever

      That’s not CG. Those are photos of posed puppets.

    • AM

      I can’t make sense of this comment I’m afraid.

    • Baron Lego

      The last time Mickey Mouse made me laugh was when he showed up on South Park.

  • At worst, it’s a throwaway reference. At best, It acknowledges another of its kind in a friendly way. It can only help BOB’S BURGERS. Why is it a headline story? OH… I get it.

  • Mike Russo

    It’s funny how easily the majority here absolutely blow up in anger every time one of McFarlane’s shows are mentioned. It’s a joke people. Get over it for crying out loud.

    But personally, I don’t get the love that Bob’s Burgers gets. I think a good 50% of that love simply comes from the fact that it’s not a McFarlane show or Zombie Simpsons. People trash the way the Family Guy characters are drawn, but the Bob’s Burgers characters look absolutely putrid, and the obnoxious male voices coming out of the female characters weird me out.

    That said, even as a Family fan the show is far past it’s expiration date. American Dad is still very well done, but of course that’s just guilty by association now, isn’t it? Because as we all know, ANY self respecting animation snob would rather be caught dead before they admit they like ANYTHING with Seth “Antichrist” McFarlane’s fingerprints on it. The guy is solely responsible for the death of animation as we know it, right?


    • Concerned Observer

      Only someone with convoluted logic and deficient reasoning skills would hold Seth accountable for entire industries downfall. Amid I have to say that you make accurate points. Though are Seths critics perpetuating him as some kind of Anti-Christ any better than his naive assertions of Walt Disney. One man cant potentailly influence an industries attitude, especially since many active in the industry were responsible for depticing him as this antagonistic figure. Sure hes filling his artists heads with negative ideas but hes not as pervasive as people lay claim to him be. Sure theres the inevitablity of some people following in his footsteps but thats like any trend in todays industry. The truth is that even though hes a darling and hit with the executives, many artists in the field are apathetic and disconcerned with what hes doing. Heres something Amid the Gossip Columists and envious artists that paint him as the anti-christ are just as deplorable as his own personal interpretation of Walt Disney. For all the accusations of hypocrisy concerning his drawing style. Isn’t it a little hypocritical that its somehow more condonable for people to paint him as the anti-christ of the industry, and somehow believe it to be worse that hes taking jabs at Walt. Sure Seth arguments against Walt are baseless but is it justifiable, to give him the same kind of vitriol he gives Walt or any other public figure.

      Its hard to provide explanation as to why Seth Mcfarlene is the industries favorite punching bag considering that he wasnt the first in the mediums history to produce irreverant shock comedy. If anything Seth should be scrutinized not for the controversial subjectmatter which goes back to Mike and Spikes, The Simpsons, Ralph Bakshi, Lupo the Butcher, and Mike Judge but he should be scrutinized for not thinking outside of the box and aimlessly emulating those producers that I just named and pandering to those same sophmoric cliches. Seth’s biggest flaw is little originality, case in point there are far greater visionaries in today’s field that don’t receive as near as large paycheck from their employers as he does. Nor do those visionaries have the platform to constantly spout out their personal viewpoints every Sunday night at 9:00. At the end of the day its not the vulgarity of his work thats problematic, I mean sure hes perpetuated many falsehoods and I hold him accountable for that. Though when you think about it thats not really the problem, animation by its nature is meant to evoke controversy and test peoples limits of what people perceive as acceptable, beyond getting a paycheck and making a living animators also happen to serve that purpose as well, and Seth should get points for that. He managed to fulfill that obligation, his real deficit is his constant inability to think for himself and become one in a long line of producers who create predictable premises, with crudely drawn out largely banal characters.Though why is it that hes the industries favorite punching bag is something that eludes me, is it because critics and animators feel inadequate about their own work and place in the field that its easier to scrutinize and jump on the hate band-wagon for someone who has low production values, and has a tendency to be visceral and is unrefined in use of gags and humor. Yet for all the hate Seth has accumilated he makes more annually in a couple years than many of his critics will make in their entire lifetime, success is the best revenge and he has the upper-hand there, so thats why this criticism doesnt phase him.

      I’ve also heard theres a huge rivalry between the artists and executive management, Seth was one of the few to work with the enemy and agree to their terms and its brought him one of animations largest followings and highest paychecks. I mean sure he compromises some of his integrity as an artist but hes still able to use the show as a platform to express himself. Also considering that he came back from the grave the last thing thats going to bother him is what an animation forum says about his work, which is accurate Amid Seth is a hypocrite but the employees at Fox always take occasional jabs at eachother its become a bit of a tradition for them. Also only a complete baffoon would take Seths words about famous animation figures as gospel, Seth was obviously a true believer in the rumors that Marc Elliot and other biographers perpetuated about Walt, trust me I’ve met personalities like Seth who happen to believe superficial tabloid junk as authentic information.Obviously noone should buy into his rhetoric if their seriously considering studying the mediums history. Walt was a cantenkerous personality as Geniuses are prone to being but he wasnt a bigot he would take advantage of anyone in the talent pool, of all genders and ethnicities as long as they met the pre-requisites.

      I actually feel sorry for Seth, whats more rewarding having a several million dollar a year salary with all the luxuries and decandancies Hollywood has to offer because you made a rehashed version of the Simpsons. Or standing by your integrity knowing your producing genuinely good work but still getting by financially uncertain of what tommorrow might bring. I mean in the long term he can take solace that hes more financially secure and a higher profile figure than many in the field but he compromised being a genuine artist in the process.

      • Well, THIS is a much better, reliable, full-of-research reply. By what I read too, it’s pretty sad HOW he treats his employers and HOW they want them to be treated each other. Remember when the bullies hit the nerds at school? That obvious stereotype of bullies vs. nerds? well now the bullies are nerds themselves who hit each other. McFarlane is that bully who gained *loads* of power and “knowledge”. Employees nod and say “you’re very funny boss” and are hit (obviously speaking in a metaphorical way)from time to time. It hardly hurts, and because you have sense of humour you giggle. but imagine you’re hit that quantity of times every day. There’s a moment were you get hurt and you shout STOP.
        Yes I know it’s been happening ever since humanity’s existence, but really, was it necessary to exist in animation on such a high level?


      Nah, not really-what I mean is that there were moments the Simpsons called attention either by kicking you in the balls of your ego or by hugging you like a cuddly bear. Mac just kicks you. One joke after the other, stirring the already existent poo-poo (like the example I read a few comments above, the Disney “rumours”) and making sure you digest it in a fine way by saying “Hey, it’s just a joke”.
      There are loads of directors out there who fart on your face and stuff, Mac makes his… “leftovers”. I simply don’t like people being treated like that. Well, and obviously because I like animation, any kind.
      P.S: I’ve seen Ted’s DVD prices (came out here a few days ago)…. quite a laugh ain’t it? (yes,I DID pay to watch it) Lane should pay to US for such a film. You know, by what it is.

  • Hella funny

    They were poking fun. I would have done the same thing if I would have thought of it.

  • victoria

    All the jokes on Family Guy about incest, rape, beastiality, and pedaphilia and this is what upsets you?

  • Patty OC

    I watch both Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers. I like them both for what they are, just fun, nothing more. And I got that this isn’t a mean spirited poke at Bob’s Burgers, but rather something they like to do from time to time – poke fun at other animated shows. I’ve seen them take the mickey out of The SImpsons, King of the Hill, South Park, anything Disney, old Saturday morning cartoons,etc., etc. Even their own.
    Hey, free publicity for animation domination is how I see it.

    • Jeff

      NO! You can’t be a fan of two different cartoon shows! You have to choose!!!!

      • Actually, he doesn’t. He can like whatever he wants and that’s that. I like many cartoon shows, but I don’t really stick to “just one”.

        • Adam West

          I believe Jeff was being what most people call “sarcastic.”

  • That’s a joke, not a slam on a competitor. And putting it on Cartoon Brew is an advertisement for the show disguised as a “controversy.”

  • Gray64

    Family Guy isn’t poorly drawn, it’s competently drawn from some exceptionally bland designs. Bob’s Burgers, while cute in execution, has some downright unsightly designs.

  • Jeff

    Um, Bob’s Burgers IS poorly drawn. Bob doesn’t even have ears! He looks like some kind of mutated weasel thing.

    It’s funny sometimes, though.

    It is kind of creepy how most of the female characters have male voices on that show. Does anybody know why they do that?

    • emilovescats

      Most of the female characters have male voices because they are played by male voice actors. The only main character who is voiced by a female is Louise.

  • Honestly, if I had seen the clip without the context of this article, I would have assumed it was a plagiarism joke.

  • I’m not a fan of Seth McFarlane’s work, but even I can see it’s just a joke!
    I dont like Seth McFarlane either but everything that can be said about has been said on here. The thing that gets me, as an animation student, is how much our community can hate on a guy. Sure his stuff isn’t great but it gives hundreds of our animator brothers and sisters jobs! That’s the way I look at it. It reminds me of how a while back everyone jumped on the guy that made Fish Hooks for his Seven Dwarfs design…it’s sad to see so much hate there is sometimes on CB.

    • Geoff

      Animation is not a community that encourages the success of others. It’s rife with ego and envy, just like any other industry.
      Only a select few can be kings. Just do you’re best, hope the wheel of fortune spins in your favor, and if not, at least enjoy doing a job most only can call a hobby.

      • Mike Caracappa

        Speak for yourself, Geoff. If you’ve declared your career a failure, do it alone, but don’t think you’ll succeed at dragging other young animators in the mud with you.

  • James

    Isn’t this sort of like that rib in the old episode of The Simpsons with the episode ending with a telethon with Betty White asking for donations “to help keep crude, low-brow programming on the air” with a TV showing the “Family Guy” title/logo in the background?

    Don’t all these sort of take shots at one another every now an then? It’s usually treated as cross-advertising.

    • J-F.S.S

      Exactly what I thought. And both Stewie and Bender were present as phone attendants on the very same scene.

      Also reminds me Fox News throwing the shit at The Simpsons (and Fox TV) for being referenced (or lampooned) in one episode. Follow the wires, they say…

  • James Fox

    Seth’s humor is lazy and predictable
    1. Main character is a complete nimrod
    2. Intelligent baby/fish
    3. Wisecracking pet (Dog/Alien)
    4. Main cast (the family) treats preteen offspring (e.g. Meg) like crap without any sympathy whatsoever
    5. Random left-wing gags or poorly planned pop culture gags

    If you want a teen-aimed show that does subtle humor and pop culture gags better go find watch the BBC the cult puppet show “Mongrels”.. as the characters on THAT show are a zillion times more likeable than ANY of the characters of Seth’s cartoons

  • kokegle

    You are all arguing as if any of them both are classified as good in any standards. One consist of poop jokes but still can be entertaining as in it’s lower form and provide some surprisingly well thought out stories few as they are, other was just boring if the first two seasons are any indicator.

  • Julian

    Since when do story driven cartoons have to be visually stunning masterpieces that rival what’s in the Louvre? Personally, for me, just a bit of style to give it it’s signature feel that separates it from everything else is my speed. It can be “butt ugly” to all you “golden age” fans, but the best work of art to me if I can see a character from a show and instantly know what it is and all about. The Simpsons, South Park, Bob’s Burgers, a lot of the 90s Nickelodeon shows, and Mike Judge all manage to do that to a worthy degree. Seth Macfarlane on the other hand, is just so bland I can certainly recognize the style, but carries a cringe worthy element as well. Whether I find it “good” or “bad”, I honestly can not find a certain answer with in myself.

    • Joel

      I’m a little indifferent to the gag myself, but it’s my opinion that “Family Guy” has terrible storytelling as well. I don’t think McFarlane & crew’s sense of humor is best suited to a sitcom, which needs likeable (or at least interesting) characters and a good story to keep you entertained between jokes. Around the time I finally got sick of giving post-revival “Family Guy” a chance every week, I remember being bored out of my mind between jokes that were getting less and less funny with each new episode on account of boring, predictable plots and unwatchably reprehensible characters.

      My favorite of Seth’s projects are “The Life of Larry” and “American Dad.” With “The Life of Larry,” the disjointed gag comedy works (and is done) really well and the jokes are effectively (and loosely) tied together by McFarlane’s narration and “American Dad’s” characters are likeable enough to keep the show afloat (or even quite good) between jokes. A story-driven show doesn’t need to look beautiful to be good, but it should have SOMEthing good to keep its audience’s interest (or redeem itself to people who otherwise wouldn’t like it).

      • tredlow

        You have a point about McFarlane’s writing not suitable for a sitcom. I remember watching his “Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy” shorts, and while I didn’t think they were very funny, McFarlane’s delivery and timing was more appropriate there.

        • oblivion328

          Everyone seems to think Seth writes for all of his shows, but I’m pretty sure that’s the only one of his animated projects he’s actually written in many years. He hasn’t written a Family Guy episode since season 4, and I don’t think he’s ever been a writer on either American Dad or The Cleveland Show.

  • stavner

    Who cares? At least this site gets a lot of hits.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Could’ve been worse; it could have been a picture of Allen Gregory.

    • wever

      Actually, that would’ve been a better joke. :D

  • ha haa ha a cat as a doctor…. haaaaaaaaaaaa, that is a funny gag. Who’s Bob Burger?

    • Nic Orizaga

      I missed the joke too…I was expecting Bob’s Big Boy (the restaurant chain)…I’m out-of-the-loop I guess since I don’t know what Bob’s Burgers is…

      • wever

        If you don’t know that both shows are on FOX on Sundays, you clearly aren’t watching those kinds of cartoons.

        ……………. good.

  • snappy

    I don’t really care for Family Guy or Bob Burgers but this is nothing, a tempest in a teacup. It is as friendly a reference as Simpsons has made to Family Guy in the past. Gentle ribbing. I did not get that the drawing was intended to be perceived as bad either. It seemed more like it was being perceived as plagiarism or offensive.

  • Tom

    I don’t know, you don’t have to be good at cooking to tell someone else their cooking sucks.

  • Polecat

    Pot calls kettle black.

  • Glowworm

    I laughed more at that gag with Doctor Cat at the end.

  • big bad balloon

    The pathetic comments are funnier than either show combined. WOW.

  • Pieter

    These Family Guy-hate mail messages on Cartoonbrew are really starting to get very ridiculous indeed.

    It’s a joke people, lighten up. For God’s sakes, the clip ends with a joke about a cat being a doctor…How serious can you take it? Last season, “Family Guy” was even poking fun at their own animation-style through the whole episode when they ‘revisited’ their own pilot-episode.

    Btw “the concept of irony is too advanced for the average Family Guy viewer”. C’mon Amid, was that really necessary? It really makes you sound like a snob, I’m sorry to say…

  • Jow

    It doesn’t matter if it’s badly drawn. It’s about he Show being good.

    Neither Show is, however, so….there.

  • actually… this gag is so vague…. where is family guys self referential implication that bobs burgers is a badly drawn show? It appears to me that the complainer’s wish is the father of the thought in this case

  • Pabster

    A jab at a better show and a joke about the Dr. Cat web-comic?

    Okay. Glad I dont watch this show anymore.

    • wever

      There’s a webcomic about a cat doctor?

      • sure that’s why they put the gag in… the ‘doctor cat web comic aware’ are a big ticket this fiscal year.

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    I love how no one can be bothered to spell “MacFarlane” correctly in these Seth-hate posts. I always wonder if it’s out of ignorance or spite.

    • Richard

      In my case, it’s spite.

  • It’s a small industry and I’m sure everyone who actually works on the shows knows it’s a joke. Nuff’ said!

  • Joe G

    I don’t know what the fuzz is all about.What I see , it’s just a poorly written show poking fun at a funny and intelligent show.And on a side note,it’s nice to see that certain style of character drawings comes back on air,like the Klasky Csupo shows.

    • Really? You’re comparing the guys who brought us Duckman and Rugrats to freaking Bob’s Burgers? That show would only wish it had an inch of creativity Klasky Csupo had!

  • eron

    ….i have actually hated the way bobs burgers is drawn since i first saw it.. that clip made me thankful i wasn’t the only one who thought that.

  • Guess this puts me in the minority of people who can’t stand Bob’s Burgers. Either way, this joke was in the same taste as when they made fun of “The Simpsons” and “King of the Hill.” Why does this causing such a fuss, especially when BB isn’t anything special?

  • JJ Goode

    Honestly, I don’t take this further than the joke it was meant to be. Both Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers have been favorites of mine and DISH coworkers for years now. I’m even saving all of this season of Bob’s Burgers to my DISH Hopper to enjoy the great moments a few times over. And since my hard drive can store up to 2,000 hours of entertainment, I don’t have to be in a rush to delete anything to make room for my wife’s lineup, so cheers to TV and the countless hours of entertainment it brings me.

  • LazyBoy

    This is the definition of “trolling”.

  • Jeff

    I don’t understand how anyone can watch family guy. It doesn’t have one likeable character on it and it’s not funny. I hate it.

  • Commenter

    I’m laughing not because the joke is funny but at the writers’ when they put a huge amount of effort into jokes that are the most volatile and ridiculous to get that one immature viewer to get up and laugh at how shocking it is. Bob Burgers unlike Family Guy, has jokes where the end goal is to actually be funny, not to throw stones at everything or simply being offensive for offensivness sake.

    • likalaruku

      I watched a couple of episodes & was embarrassed at how unfunny it was. It almost reminded me of Home Movies for some reason.

  • Gabbi

    Family Guy is not as funny as it used to be. This joke just barely made me chuckle, plus it’s hypocrisy because Family Guy’s animation isn’t exactly top notch. >_>

  • Mike Flan

    God, people don’t understand homage in humor.

    Sure, Family Guy is poorly drawn and is very stale. That said, Seth has made fun of plenty of other comedians on the show that he obviously has a good rapport with. I’ve seen him host Comedy Central Roasts and act like best friends with people that he’s joked at the expense of on his show. The show has had many segments making fun of Seth Green that I’m sure Green does not mind at all, because he’s also a comedian and an animator and appreciates that someone would think of him enough to laugh at him.

    I truly believe that this is the intent with 90% of the pop-culture related jokes on the show.

  • I really don’t see anything rude about Family Guy poking, friendly, fun at Bob’s Burger. It’s like a “shout out”. Family Guy has probably gotten a lot of crit for being poorly drawn, poorly animated, as well as implementing a lot of CG to the backgrounds to save time….most shows do that. It’s like a really fat person making fun of another really fat person for having a cankles and a foopa, mirroring someone else’s quirks with their own selves.

  • bill

    Both shows air on the same network. It’s cross promotion for a similar demographic. They’re trying to spin interest on Bob’s Burgers.

  • D’love

    Where did the ” Sit Down and Shut Up” cartoon go?

  • Lorean

    OMG guys, why get offended ? It’s a stupid damn joke.
    I’m a FG fan and i’m used to this kind of nonsense humor, the idea is not taking any of those stupid jokes seriously.
    Don’t make such a fuzz for something so simple.
    I even kinda find it supportive cause it actually gave promotion for them, and it’s not the first time they do it. They’ve done it with The Cleveland Show, American Dad, Simpsons and even Futurama, so come on!

    • I agree. Shoot, the Cleveland Show and Family Guy both came from basically the same people.

  • Biff

    Oh my heavens! A crudely drawn TV cartoon makes a harmless joke about another crudely drawn TV cartoon amid a sea of other crudely drawn TV cartoons and we open the floor to screams of outrage from folks who claim to hate Family Guy and yet somehow watch it religiously. Just another day at the office.

  • joesutherland1

    The characters in Bobs Burgers I feel have one of the best family dynamics, yes they are unconventional like nearly every other animated family series, but I feel there seems to be a lot of focus on the personality more than on the actual animation itself. Therefore in my opinion creating an entertaining and dry comedy.

  • Both are animated in goanimate, but Bob’s Burgers isn’t written by Manatees.

  • LogicDB

    It was paying homage. It’s what they do for fun.

  • James Stabaum

    they went after it in the same way they go after seth greens projects. h jon benjamin does voice work for family guy (carl) in addition to being bob. theyll probably rip on archer next…

  • bobby

    bobs burger has the most awful dry jokes and weak characters i cant believe people find it funny, i could see that it goes for awkward humor but thats all it goes for show cant even make me smile, unless it my common wtf is this show not cancelled even dynomite was a beter show and that f*cking sucked! and allen gregory had way more going for it then this sh*t, i never laughed had at allen gregory but i enjoyed it! bobs burger focuses on dry humor, awkward annoying retarded character and thats it if you find that funny then my god wtf, family guy makes me laugh every now and then but when it does am spit out my food, american dad i rely on that show my favorite on sunday line up.

    • Phenom1250

      I agree, American Dad is the only adult Sitcom that doesn’t disappoint every episode. Family Guy is full of recurring jokes and Cleveland Show is just Cleveland disappointing Donna.

  • not a fan

    I can’t watch bob’s burgers because it bothers me so much that all the characters have the exact same face.

  • haha

    bob’s burgers fan accuses family guy of being over-rated

  • Lux

    See now here is my take the only two fresh shows on animation domination are American dad and some times Simpsons Fg is good (as regular) bob burgers is good at being akward but it isn’t funny king if the hill was if not the freshest show out their because of the good satire (ie like American dad)

  • Malik Blunt

    They make fun of the simpsons all the effing time! how is that any different from them making fun of Bob’s Burgers.

    • hoogley

      I think you misunderstand! That wasn’t intended to criticize Family Guy for making a joke – light-hearted ribbing is nothing new to Fox’s animation block. There’s definitely nothing mean-spirited there.

      I just found the joke itself odd. Bob’s Burgers is regarded as great looking show, isn’t it? That would have made sense with any other show on the block, so the choice struck me as bizarre. Maybe it’s just me.

  • jimbob

    All this fuss over a joke on a family guy episode that later referred to the University of Florida as a “Down’s Syndrome Camp”…

  • Whitney

    This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Family Guy makes fun of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Nothing is safe from parody or being joked about, it’s our free right to poke fun at things, so everybody needs to take a chill pill. I will agree that lately FG’s jokes are becoming borderline offensive at times, but this is not something to make a stink over. I thought the joke was funny, mainly because I think that they were making fun of the ART STYLE and not necessarily the show itself. Squidbillies is a poorly animated show and yet I don’t care because it makes me laugh. Enjoy the show, people, simple as that.

  • Boomge

    I like both.

  • BillyBJ

    I’m surprised at just how good Bob’s Burgers is. It sort of reminds me of the Simpsons in its heyday: cutting and funny but with a heart behind all of it. Family Guy is mean-spirited crap in comparison – but as a professional in his mid-twenties, I doubt I’m its target demographic.

  • W

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  • Komit

    I watch all of the current animation shows out there and both bobs burgers and archer are hands down the best written yes that includes southpark. Bobs Burgers characters are insanely funny with the funniest being Louise.