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“Figaro Pho” teaser

Check out this great looking 30-second teaser for a new Australian kids show called The Adventures of Figaro Pho. We first posted about about this show back in April 2011 and it recently made its debut on Australia’s ABC3.

Figaro Pho was created by children’s book illustrator Luke Jurevicius, who introduced the character in 2008 in a series of short interstitials. The series is produced down under by Ambience Entertainment with production designer Deane Taylor (A Nightmare Before Christmas) and animation director David Webster (an animator on Space Jam, Balto). If the series looks as good as this clip, they’ve certainly raised the bar for design for a kids CG show.

  • Mapache

    I remember the 5 min. shorts.
    They weren’t that good. The writers never really set the tone of the series. Sometimes the humor was too dark and sometimes it was too silly.

  • Anon.

    Couldn’t agree more with Mapache.

  • sallyjack

    Hi Mapache.
    The original shorts were one minute episodes, not 5 minutes! 26 shorts were made for each letter of the alphabet.
    Also, isnt it a series about phobias? I’d expect the stories to be a bit dark and silly. Whats wrong with that? :) Personal taste I guess…

    The new series are much longer…around 8 minute episodes, and my kids love it. Show looks just as good as this trailer.
    Dont write it off just yet :)

  • Lorne

    I’ve seen them. They’re better than the shorts, more humour, and damn good for a CG kids show.

  • Glen Sweeney

    Totally agree. Love this work.