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First Look at Genndy’s Sym-Bionic Titan

Sym-bionic Titan

Our tech guru warned us not to do any posts this weekend because we’re migrating servers, but I’m not a good listener so here’s a first look at Genndy Tartakovsky’s new Cartoon Network series Sym-Bionic Titan. If our site breaks or evaporates into thin air, blame Genndy. There’s lots of animation superstars working on this show including Stephen DeStefano, Kevin Dart, Scott Wills, and Joseph Holt, and the dozen or so preview images show that these guys are earning their salaries and then some. Graphics-wise, it appears to even outdazzle Tartakovsky’s earlier effort Samurai Jack; now to wait and see if the animation moves any better than that show. Comments are off on the Brew this weekend, but you can tell the crew directly how much you like their artwork through the link above.

Sym-bionic Titan
  • Marc Baker

    I’m hoping that this one turns out good. i loved ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’, and ‘Samurai Jack’, and it’s nice to see Genndy Tartakovsky return to TV animation.

    • Agreed, love his older stuff and can’t wait to see this. These are the moments where I wish I had cable.

  • Marc Baker

    Here’s hoping this turns out decent. I loved ‘Samurai Jack’, and ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’, and it’s nice to see Genndy Tartakovsky return to TV animation.

  • Yeah, this looks like it’s gonna be my son’s new fave. Classic big-robot anime! Very nice. Oh, and he should tuck in that belt. Looks a bit like… well…

  • I will check this out. I love the background designs and the look of the characters. It has a Fleischer feel to it. I can’t wait to see what Genndy has cooked up this time.

  • Charlie

    Love the backgrounds, not so much the characters.

    • I agree. In fact, the designs make me skeptical but I will give it a shot when it comes out.

    • I’m with you. The characters look like bad deviantART fan stuff, and really don’t fit into those lush backgrounds at all.

      The true test will be seeing them move, but I’m skeptical.

  • Blah

    One of the first thing I learned ‘and’ realized about drawing – Do NOT over draw. Big fan of Genndy but by god these characters..Yikes..might be the ugliest drawn thing I’ve EVER seen!

  • peter wassink

    backgrounds very lovely, very Tadehhiro Uesugi.

  • erlab

    Didn’t Stephen DeStefano work in NYC? No… not ALL my posts will be about NY.

    Nice new design!

  • Design aside, the layout of these characters is very poor.
    The woman appears to have a trunk dangling from her skirt.
    The tangents created along the line of the womans arm and the burly fellows arm are textbook missteps.
    Are the belt and the clenched fist supposed to suggest some kind of sexy moment?
    Surely this image is the result of some publicity department someplace who don’t know what they’re doing.

    I’m sure the show is just fine, though.

  • VERY exciting news! :)

    The look of the dark haired guy is REALLY
    channeling 70’s era anime design… LOVE it!

    The BG’s are beautiful, too. I’ll be looking forward to
    learning even more about this…

  • That beeft nerd character is pretty odd but I like the other two character designs: they remind me of 60’s/70’s anime like Speed Racer and the like, but with Gennedy’s style mixed in for good measure. The background art is absolutely beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing this.

  • Rooniman

    Those backgrounds are cool. The characters, hoever, are bluuugh…

  • I tend to dig Gennedy Tartakovsky’s stuff, although I think Samurai Jack was a bit overwrought, and his animations tend to be slightly over-the-top with anime-like influences, but when he doesn’t take himself to seriously his shows are great.

  • NC

    I don’t see any problem with the character’s designs. I love this dark, modern take on Osamu Tezuka’s style. It’s like Astroboy film noir. I hope the story is just as dark and angsty as the designs, I haven’t seen a cartoon like that since the early days of anime.

  • Beautiful designs all around. Can’t wait to see the show.

  • writer of wrongs

    BGs rock. But The big guy design doesn’t look like he belongs in the same show as the other two.

  • the talented folks involved will surely make a good fist of it and i have great faith… but… those characters????? If these were released by the powers that be in order to stoke the fires of excitement then i reckon someone should get slapped…. the chick in particular is covered in jet black areas that confound her whole shape

    • I agree, odd drawings and those black drop shadows don’t work very well. Still looking forward to the show, sounds cool.

  • I’m very impressed to see more material from this series, and something by CN that’s worthwhile!

    The fact that Kevin Dart is among the people working on this series has really piqued my interest.

  • Craig

    Don’t like it.
    Boring and tired concept.

  • Cameron Koller

    Honestly, I see much more similarity to Go Nagai’s work on Mazinger Z and Devilman than anything of Tezuka’s.

    As for this show, I’m sold. Genndy’s never failed to deliver top notch animation, and I’m sure this will be another success.

  • Mike Russo

    Well that background looks nice but I don’t like the characters at all. I’m personally very tired of the Tartakovsky/McCraken character style.

  • Try a peep over at Kevin dart’s blog for something to really get excited about… the attached pic here does no justice to what looks to be something marvellous

  • Jorge

    I love, love LOVE the main character’s design. LOVE IT. It’s sooooooo heroic and sooooo appealing, in a retro way, obviously early anime as everyone pointed out.

  • siemasko

    I know of another superstar who worked on this, cartoonist Bob Camp did boards on some episodes!
    I’m looking forward to seeing it. I hope the show is a mix of all of my childhood anime memories.

    • NC

      Wait does the guy now have brown hair? Too bad I thought the black looked better. Still intrigued though.

  • rebecca

    there is something very Gatchaman looking about this. I would totally watch it but sigh i live in Australia and I don’t have cable.

  • Hal

    Its the entire classroom of shocked students looking at her in the classroom that sold me.

  • I want to like this; I’m a big fan of Samurai Jack. But the concept is cliched and I don’t see any of the artsy originality that attracted me to Genndy’s work in the first place. I will give it a chance though.

  • Sheesh, people are thinking far to into this. Its a children’s cartoon. Children don’t stand around discussing the art technique and style, they watch it for the action! The humor!

    I myself watched it as an art major, and didn’t even spend a second talking about the art style. I’m only now looking at the art. And while the BG’s are beautiful, with all the action going on, of course the actual characters are going to be simple. And stylized as well. That’s what people do when they make art, they tend to draw in the same style.

    It’s whole plot line is a tad over-used, but i’m sure Genndy will find a way to make it fresh.

    Oh, and who ever mentioned the kid’s belt needing to be tucked in…I agree.