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First Look: Fox’s ‘Golan the Insatiable’


Fox will debut a new half-hour animated series, Golan the Insatiable, on Sunday, May 31st. Here’s a preview:

The series, created by Josh Miller and developed by Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein (co-creators of Drawn Together), initially aired as a series of 11-minute installments on Fox’s late-night Saturday program Animation Domination High-Def (ADHD), before the block was cancelled last summer.

ADHD, concocted by former Adult Swim exec Nick Weidenfeld, was intended to partly be an incubator for Fox’s primetime programming. The new Golan series, which is the first primetime order derived from the ADHD block, will consist of six episodes in its first season.

The show is produced by Friends Night, in association with Double Hemm. Brooklyn-based Augenblick Studios, known for its work on the Comedy Central series Ugly Americans and the first season of Superjail!, animated multiple episodes of the series. The main characters—Golan, a “godlord” from another dimension, and Dylan, a nine-year-old girl from Minnesota—are voiced by Rob Riggle and Aubrey Plaza respectively. Other voices include Ken Marino, John DiMaggio, Maria Bamford, Rachel Butera, and Nick Rutherford.

Weidenfeld exec-produced the series with Hend Baghdady, Silverstein, and Jeser, along with Josh Miller as co-executive producer.

Correction: June 6, 2015
An earlier version of this article incorrectly named Augenblick Studios as the producer of the show. Friends Night and Double Hemm produced the series; Augenblick Studios animated some of the episodes and is officially credited with “additional animation.”

  • Ice cream squared

    why can’t they just have it animated over seas in Korea wouldn’t the show be cheaper to make

    • anon

      Because Columbia is even cheaper. That’s where they outsource to.

  • Ice cream squared

    This reminds me of the grim adventures of Billy and Mandy lets hope they don’t over use disgusting potty? gross out humor like B&M

  • Michel Van

    how long will take Fox too crash this Show and Cancel it also ?!

  • Thinking cartoonist

    A bullied child gets revenge by unleashing terror on his classmates and community. This sounds like Columbine just to name one.

  • Nicky

    I will admit, this looks interesting. I will totally give it a chance.

  • Looks like Fox’s Hellbenders. Can’t wait to see the full series!

  • Alex Dudley

    Though I would’ve preferred Axe Cop becoming a full series, it’s still a welcomed change to Fox’s animated Sunday lineup.

  • Kevin

    I had the same reaction. The trend of doing self-consciously juvenile characters, drawn in a self-consciously juvenile style, doing adult/violent/provocative stuff has gotten boring. The sad thing is that the relentless push to find the bleeding edge of what can be put in a cartoon has left a huge void in the middle. Most recent TV cartoons are either mind-numbing pap for bores even the preschoolers it’s aimed at, or incomprehensibly self-referential too-cool-for-school stuff made by recent animation school grads for their pals.

  • James VanDam

    Looks pretty good. I always love it when extraordinary characters are thrown into ordinary situations.

    • Matthew Koh

      Yeah! Just like Steven Universe

  • wikcat

    like Mr Pickles?

  • hitface

    i dont think they mean it as in “im offend! what if child watch this??” as much as they are tired and bored of the juxtoposition of “innocence” with “adult” themes or humour. im kind of sick of it too. not because i think its morally wrong, its just a very very tired ‘comedic’ device for shock value.

  • Funkybat

    This series and Axe Cop were the only two series I saw on ADHD that kept my attention for more than a couple of minutes *and* entertained me. (The Lucas Bros. Moving Company ep I saw with “Michael Jordan” kept my attention, but more in a “WTF am I looking at?!” way.) I’m glad to see Golan get a 22 minute episode run. Will definitely have to check it out!

  • Barrett

    I never knew about those original illustrations until now, I thought the concept began as an ADHD series. Those illustrations are great, like Edward Gorey-meets-Maurice Sendak!

    I can imagine a short animated film being done in that original style, but not a “production pipeline” TV animated series, not unless it had the budget and time to do it right. Hell, they had to “simplify” Rebecca Sugar’s already-simple character designs for “Steven Universe.”

  • Anonymous

    Not cool to exempt an entire team of people who worked on this show, Cartoon Brew… just saying.