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First Teaser For The French ‘Astro Boy’ Reboot


Paris-based animation studio Caribara Animation has unveiled a teaser of its reboot of the iconic Japanese character Astro Boy, aptly titled Astro Boy Reboot. Twenty-six half-hours of the 2D/CG hybrid series are currently in production:

The teaser was directed and designed by Florian Thouret, who was co-art director and assistant director of the French feature The Suicide Shop (Le magasin des suicides). Mickael Crouzat animated the piece. Crouzat, who was also a key animator on Despicable Me and Ernest & Celestine, shared his teaser pencil test on Vimeo:

Caribara is co-producing the series with Monaco-based Shibuya Productions and Japan’s Tezuka Productions. While the show will be based on Osamu Tezuka’s beloved manga creation, who is known as Mighty Atom in Japan, the upcoming French series will have a new storyline as well as new characters. No word yet on whether any U.S. broadcasters will air the show.

  • I wonder how the french would feel about an anime adaptation of Asterix

  • Tim Tran

    westerners dont really like naked kids.

    • GW

      Then why is Mowgli in The Jungle Book dressed in just as little clothing as Astro Boy? I’d say it’s more likely that people are more squeamish about the idea now than they were back then.

      • Craig Stephen Tower

        Well, Mowgli is basically dressed like Tarzan and other jungle-dwelling characters.It’s appropriate for the setting.
        Whereas Astroboy is wandering around a major urban area in his underwear.

        • GW

          You’ve got a point there.

        • StumbleReel

          Astro wears clothes in all the manga and anime
          he takes them off when hes flying or fighting

      • Tim Tran

        thats what i meant. i mean, the Golden Age of Disney? Fantasia shows boobs.

        • Justin Howe

          Walt’s rule: No nipples.

          Unless it’s a flying demon harpie, I guess. Then fling those nipples right at the screen. ;)

      • Tim Tran

        besides, Disney itself is limiting its own creative powers. Bob Iger just recently announced that there’ll be zero smoking in any of Disney films, including lucasfilm and marvel.

    • Joshua Park

      yeah they do naked kids are awesome

  • Strong Enough

    Astro Boy Reboot

    well there’s honesty for you

  • BurntToShreds

    He is clothed in multiple Japanese adaptations. The 2003 adaptation in particular he wore clothes a lot.

  • SubSumeYou

    Hmm…why not.

  • Karen Miller

    Very good question. I guess things need to adapt and update for the times.

  • Justin Howe

    It’s not American, so I assume no lines about rockets coming out of his butt?