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Flapjack ends tonight


The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack ends its series run tonight on Cartoon Network after forty-six episodes. Chowder, which also ended its run earlier this year, lasted forty-nine episodes. The last eleven-minute episode of Flapjack titled “Fish Out of Water” will have live-action portions, and features an appearance by creator Thurop van Orman, and his son, Leif (pictured above), who portrays Flapjack.

(Thanks, Compn)

  • Brian Kidd

    That’s a shame. Both FLAPJACK and CHOWDER were highly entertaining shows.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Interesting they didn’t live to see the Magic 52

  • <3 Flapjack! Sad to see it go.

  • JP

    I liked both Chowder & Flapjack, but once they each featured “fart”-themed episodes, I decided they were probably running out of ideas.

    • hurr durr

      Idiot that was an April fools joke, it happened on all the shows that day.

      • DonaldC

        No, there where actual episodes with real fart jokes.

  • Both Flapjack and Chowder brought me back to watching CN. They both were very revolutionary CN shows and by the looks of it, they were beating a lot of other shows (such as TDA and the dreadful Unnatural History) in their line up. I think when Adventure Time and the announcement of Regular Show came up, they just decided a show had to go – but why in GOD’S NAME did they cancel Chowder and then thought it was a good idea to cancel Flapjack as well…. *sigh* I don’t know what’s going on in CN’s decision making these days… But with all the ranting I just now said, there is an upside to all this. The Chowder team (plus C.H. Greenblatt and Maxwell Atoms) is going to Disney to produce Fishhooks – which I hope will end up a decent animated show (I mean, look at Phineas and Ferb, THEY NEED IT) – and most of the Flapjack team is working on Adventure Time and Regular Show, so we’ll have some more lovable TV times to come.

    • Deaniac

      What are you talking about? Phineas and Ferb is one of the (only) good shows on Disney Channel right now – better than ANY of that tweencom shit, that’s for sure.

      • Phineas & Ferb I agree with you is the only thing I like, besides Atoms and Greenblatt and do not impress me much, with Fish Hooks has no meaning, and are equal to Fanboy & Chum Chum.

    • yup

      flapjack WASN’T cancelled. thurop opted not to renew for another season because he’s starting to teach some university classes, as well as (apparently) stepping up his role as executive producer of adventuretime.

      • That’s interesting…where did you get this info from? It makes me much more happy that it is entering the final episodes if HE chose to end it, but I’d like to see something official.

        And I don’t understand Adventure Time. I feel it is very juvenile (then again it is a kids show) and doesn’t have the charm and intelligence that Flapjack did. Plus it doesn’t make me feel very adventurous.

        I guess I am just a fangirl when I say that Flapjack was a great cartoon because it understands that cartoons aren’t just for kids, but you can write them and create them to appeal to both. It’s just sad that it’s gone. :(

      • blah balh

        I can love Chowder, Flapjack, and Adventure Time. Maybe it’s because Adventure Time is more nerd-referenced. Then again I’m a nerd, have played D & D and it makes me think of some good times XD and then the internet references! The internet references!


      • chris s

        My understanding was that it was CN who did not want to renew. That they just did not order more episodes, kind of leaving it open ended (letting out to dry). I don’t think it was Thurop’s idea to let it go… I could be very wrong, but my point is that I don’t know that you are correct. You sound very sure about what someone else’s intentions, so what verifiable evidence do you have to support your claim? Did Thurop tell you he wanted to cancel the show?

  • The Dude

    This is a bummer, man.

  • w

    Hey CN – you lost a lot of talent to the competition. Nice one.

  • carlos

    There’s something wrong when Total Drama Whatever manages to outlast both Chowder and Flapjack.

    • Stephan

      Total Drama Whatever is produced on a diffirent economic system and tailor made to appeal to teens, thus making it easy to digest. Flapjack and Chowder were neither, so they’d have a harder road. But it was a good one, for sure.

    • droosan

      TOTAL DRAMA isn’t made by Cartoon Network .. it’s produced by Fresh TV for Canada’s Teletoon network. Cake Entertainment distributes the show internationally. Both 6TEEN and STOKED come to Cartoon Network via this route, as well.

      As opposed to CHOWDER, FLAPJACK, ADVENTURE TIME, and REGULAR SHOW .. which are/were produced at the Cartoon Network Studio in Burbank.

      I’m sorry to see FLAPJACK and CHOWDER go, myself. Both are very enjoyable shows. Thanks to the fact that CN runs multiple episodes of each daily, I think I’ve seen every episode a few times each!

      • Chris Sobieniak

        In other words, a foreign program that really has or needs no input from us.

      • Stephan

        Considering Flapjack and Chowder are aimed at children I think the same is true of them.

    • That show just repeats itself as great shows try to think of new creative ideas. which is hard. we just have to love flapjack for what it is and what it will remain to be. one of the greatest artistic cartoon shows around.

      • lacey

        Damn, i love Flapjack!!!! But Chowder was discusting to me, and i LOVVVVVVEEEEEE Regular Show and J.G Quintel so everyone stfu about it

    • jasper

      That is so true it hurts. Why in the world does that dribble of a cartoon outlast something that was both biazzare, greatly animated and highly amusing as Flapjack?


  • Look on the bright side! There’s a whole new episode of UN-NATURAL HISTORY on tonight! And gosh, they’re running promos for TOWER PREP, too! Golly! Isn’t that swell? Gee willikers!

    • Deaniac

      From the looks of the ratings, Unnatural History has been getting TERRIBLE ratings ever since it’s premiere. Hell, that show would even be lucky to get a second season. As for Tower Prep…I’ve only seen one teaser for that show a few days ago, which means CN is promoting the show 1 1/2 months in advance before its premiere. CN promoted Unnatural History 4-5 months before its premiere to ad nauseum (even devoting all of Memorial Day weekend to it), and the show still did badly. Just goes to show how much faith CN has in Tower Prep.

      I don’t care if Paul Dini wrote that show (gotta give him mad respect for Batman:TAS though), cartoons belong on Cartoon Network, NOT live action.

      On an unrelated note regarding Thruop and co., well, at least they’re working on Adventure Time and the upcoming Regular Show, so they’re not going too far.

      • Darby

        They need to send that Unnatural History shit to Disney channel.

  • FP

    FLAPJACK is over? Crap. I had no idea it was going away.

  • George

    This is just awful news, such a creative and visually wonderful show to watch. I hope we get a decent DVD release, but I won’t keep those hopes up. Thurop’s boy is darned cute though!

  • Eli

    A very poor decision on CN’s part. It was one of the only reasons I even bother to tune into that channel anymore. Flapjack will certainly be missed. Best wishes to Thurop Van Orman and his talented crew.

  • Pincushion12

    Guess I’m the only one happy to finally see this unfunny tripe go.

    Well, i’m happy to finally see this unfunny tripe go.

    Of course, it’s not like Cartoon Network has any remaining animation worth watching aside from Adventure Time. But CN is in the shitter anyway.

    The only news that would make me happier than Flapjack and Chowder finally, mercifully being over with at long last, would be if Cartoon Network as a whole officially took the permanent dive.

    • FeiLarco

      I’m not sure you were watching the same show as the rest of us. CN has been decline for years losing its best shows one by one and trying its hardest to keep up but was unable to keep new content with interesting concepts.
      Flapjack and Chowder were the only things left on CN that really were special to no equal. After we lost Toonami we all knew this crap was coming. And i dont mean when it was canceled, i mean its last little spurt of lets try hard to pull this off with crappy characters.
      CN needed Flapjack and Chowder, they were what kept it alive for a lot of people. Adventure Time isn’t too bad but i would rather watch Flapjack anyday. And regular show just looks like a show thats going to be either 1)Forced jokes 2) Spamming Jokes way to much 3) So unfunny that we will laugh at it how unfunny it is 4)just another stupid humor show with loud annoying noises that has little to know intellegence behind its “lol so randumb” line-up of jokes.

      Flapjack was the true building block of CN since The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy was canceled. Without it, its gonna all be on Adventure time at this point. Hopefully with the Flapjack crew it will be able to hold up an entire channel.

  • Farewell, dear Flapjack! I adored the show, and those characters. Congrats to Thurop and the whole crew at CN. Hello Leif!

  • Anonymous

    As disappointed as I am to see more 2d animation ending, Flapjack was a terrible show.

    • Anonymous2


  • Stephan

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This is easily the worst thing to ever happen. I guess its a miracle these things existed in the first place in their pure form, but man. What a bummer.

  • Rockinrooster

    Pretty bittersweet, really.
    Flapjack DID rock, HARD really, in the summer of 2008. But the newer they got, (Especially summer of 2009) they got MUCH more fucked up and not funny anymore. The style and overall appearance of the toons changed too. It’s a good thing they’re stopping before it gets worse. And the same thing goes for Chowder. Chowder was AMAZING in 2007. But then it just got worse…
    Nothing lasts forever. Sure it’s sad, but hey! We’ve still got Adventure Time! I mean look at Spongebob. They…have…to…stop…please. I don’t know ANYONE that likes the new bullshit known as “Spongebob”…it’s too late for that, the show is already God-awful, the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what it used to be. We DO NOT wanna see Chowder and Flapjack turn into…THAT.
    Specially since it was starting to anyway. :s
    Farewell, great toons. You’ve made my life and many others~ <3

  • Guess I’m not that sad to see it go. I’ve only ever seen a few episodes which I thought were mediocre at best. I always thought the backgrounds were good, but I always felt that the character designs look exactly like the same tired flatness we’ve gotton this whole decade almost, except more poorly drawn. I felt like Chowder was more enjoyeable all around, though again, not good enough to keep me coming back. Though I did slightly like Chowder’s character designs more. I enjoyed the baclgrounds especialy. Some of the colors were fun to. But it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting that in Regular Show based on the promo i saw from which i gathered
    1) Boring, poorly drawn character desighn
    2)Forced, we are too cool, humor
    3) Unfunny randomness
    I sure hope I’m wrong

  • Maddy

    This was the best cartoon show ever made it will never be surpassed by any other. Thanks for thinking up this amazing show, and tell all your crew and partners that help make the show amazing that they are the best ever and so are you and it sucks that they cancelled it. If I could make cookies I would. My efforts to spread the knowledge of flapjack apparently went unheeded. SAD DAY INDEED.

  • Jared Pettitt

    It’s good that it’s going out on such a positive note, apparently at the creator’s behest, too. I would’ve hated to see it get stale.

  • Liam

    No D:
    6teen ended, Chowder ended, now Flapjack is ending. All thats left is Total Drama and Adventure Time :(
    But I can’t wait for Regular Show :D The promo. episode was awesome.
    I know a lot of people hate these shows but they never gave them a chance I’m 15, going into 10th grade, and all of these shows were awesome. Especially for someone like me who aspiring to be a cartoonist/animator.

  • Dan Snoke

    My daughters really liked Flapjack and I enjoyed a lot of the strangeness. “I’m here and I don’t see any candy.”

    I really hope they do something DVD wise. I hate the way these cartoon shows are being treated when it comes to DVD. I really only enjoyed about one out of every 3 Billy and Mandy’s but again, my kids loved the show and I’d like to see decent releases on B&M, Flapjack and Mighty Bee.

    And I’m really enjoying Adventure time with my kids too.

    • Deaniac
      • Dan Snoke

        Yes I know they had that single DVD, but that’s it! Five episodes. That is pretty lame. And B&M only got the first season & the B&M “movies” released. And the Mighty Bee DVD only has eight cartoons and the second one is going to be a burn-on-demand DVD-R.

        That is not serving the fans very well if you ask me.

  • Blizzy

    <///3 ..if it was to last longer it would be a classic im sure ;_____;

  • Matt

    Wait, Regular Show is going to be awesome! Don’t believe what you see in promos. I mean, JG Quintel who worked on Flapjack, and did most of the first episodes is the creator. Adventure Time with Finn and Jake is great! Flapjack is getting canceled, which is horrible, but with all these new projects, I am a bit excited. Though, this CN Real stuff HAS to go, at least Out Of Jimmy’s Head had cartoons in it, and it completely had to do with cartoons. I didn’t catch the last episode of Chowder, but I didn’t like that being canceled either. Well, I guess we’ll need to move on, but I’m not too worried, because the new projects will be good!


  • i am sad this show is over.

    i am even more sad that i didn’t get to work on it.

  • When will it be online? I don’ts haves the cable.

    • CN usually posts new episodes on their website to 2 – 3 days.

  • aw man!
    this show has been the highlight of my life since it came out 2 years ago! I watched it with my little cousins and thought “THIS. IS AMAZING!” it actually reinforced my drive to want to be an animator/cartoonist~ i just thought “wow! they havn’t given up on 2d animation yet!! this is awesome!” not only that, but Flapjack was one of the only shows my sister would watch with me. I, honestly, almost always have the “Do you see seaweed” and “You’re my best friend, Cap’n” ditties in my head.

    So, thank you creators of Flapjack. Thank you for inspiring me, for giving me bonding time with my sister, for all the laughs, and for shedding a little beam of hope on Cartoon Network. :)

  • At least the crew behind the show was able to make a true final episode. I don’t see any good reason “Flapjack” was kicked to the curb other than to make room for their upcoming comedies. Airing it unadvertised tonight at 9:30pm was just uncalled for.

  • Danielle

    Flapjack has to be my favorite cartoon to air since the days of Hey Arnold. I love the show, it’s simply spectactular and I’m very sad to see it go. It brought some oomph to these days of pointless cartoons. It will go into my lists of favorite cartoons which include Hey Arnold, Recess, Chowder,Rugrats and many more from when I was a kid growing up in the 90’s. I’m glad my little sisters were able to see a good cartoon in their lifetime compared to all of these tweenybopper shows. So I think alot of us are eternally grateful to Thurop^^

  • Jacquelin

    I love The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. It’s sad to see a great show end.
    Can’t wait to see the live action though.

  • holyduck

    Never saw into that show. It seemed very off to me. But then I was no longer a child for years now, so I can’t judge it from that perspective. I hope the whole crew was satisfied with the good run, and hope they find work. Same goes for Chowder.

  • Mobs

    Damn! I thought this show was great. Granted, I haven’t watched every single episode, but Flapjack was awesome. The coloring was great, the character design was BAD ASS, and the jokes were -while sometimes simple- actually funny. The humor was right down my alley. Loved the gross close-ups and use of claymation.
    Sad to see a radical awesome show go. Totally a bummer.

  • Net

    To be a beautiful yet haunting cartoon in my book is an amazing feat. I will defiantly miss this cartoon.

  • Shannon

    I’m gonna miss new episodes of Flapjack. This was such a wonderful (yet truly creepy) show. I really wish it didn’t have to end now, it feels too soon! ):

    First Chowder, now Flapjack.

  • julie

    Flapjack was brilliant; the most imaginative cartoon to come along in years. It will be missed in our household by not only my kids, but by me.
    Can’t wait to see what Thurop Van Orman has up his sleeve next. We’ll be watching.

  • Why do I get the feeling that the 1 Like on every single negative comment about Flapjack is from the exact same guy.

  • ohrii


    Flapjack was so inspirational and just.. gah. I’m gonna miss it a bunch..

  • Lomme

    This will be a day that I shall remember!
    Ever since toonami/courage the cowardly dog got the boot I havent really watched CN, the shows lacked originality and the -ever so rare- visual appeal.
    Then came along Flapjack. Such a refreshing show!
    And here I thought CN had finally gone down the drain with “Jhonny Test” or “Ben Ten”.

    I’m sad to see such a treasure sink to the bottom of the ocean. My only wish for this episode is that they will finally reach candy island! (and to hear Thurops voice)

    • Ugh

      Well, considering the fact that Flapjack is voiced by Thurop, I pretty sure we’ll hear his voice.

  • Leanne

    I’ll miss you, Flapjack. :(

  • emily

    so incredibly sad about this. flapjack got me into cartoons all over again, and led me to discovering some amazing artists like pat mchale and thurop van orman. this led to me wanting to BE an animator… to think that this show won’t have anymore episodes is truly depressing, it touched my heart and restored my sense of adventure.

  • Brokenshell44

    It’s really sad to see it go so soon, but which would you guys rather have?
    a)Have it die off with dignity and being remembered as a great show
    b) it going on so long that it loses all of its original charm and soul and is remembered as the show you wished died 5 years earler than it did (couchspongebobcoughcough)
    That’s what I try to remember when I find out one of my fav shows is getting the boot. And as far as Cartoon Network is concerned, Adventure Time, Sym-Bionic Titan, Regular show, and Young Justice will be more than enough to keep me satisfied!

  • Danielle

    I am so upset, Flapjack was the only good cartoon left, it had such heart and was always funny and unique, I hope it will be brought back! Flapjack cannot be beat!

  • Katie

    WAAAH! First 6teen, then Chowder, now Flapjack? CN, I hate you! What is wrong with cancelling actually crappy shows like Johnny Test and your epic failure, all your live action? Cmon, I dont know what’s watchable on you now, since all the good shows are gone, the Total Drama series is no longer fun, and the new shows will be crap!

    • Actually, 6TEEN ended on its own (the finale aired in Canada, months before CN), and ended quite respectfully. I actually shed a tear while watching the montage in the climax.

      I would, though, like to see 6TEEN live on in reruns.

      Christian Potenza (the voice of Chris) is one of the few things that makes the newer TOTAL DRAMA series worthwhile (not to mention that Chris is my favorite character, anyway!).

      I feel as though Cartoon Network is becoming a Nickelodeon Part Deux.

      I stopped watching Nick after THE MIGHTY B! got canceled, and I intend for it to stay that way. Nick has lost my viewership. The only cartoon show I’m watching regularly is Disney’s PHINEAS AND FERB, which I’ve grown to love.

      I thought CHOWDER and FLAPJACK were okay, though far from CN’s golden years in the late 90s/early 2000s. (I really miss that era.) But it’s a shame that they’re canceled, which comes down to the network’s cynical new management. (CN went downhill with the ousting of Jim Samples, and the rise of Stuart Snyder, who tore it down in one fell swoop.) The only upcoming new CN show I have any interest in is SYM-BIONIC TITAN. Almost everything else is crap. I don’t care for BEN 10-anything, or the live-action dreck.

  • So long Cap’n Knuckles and FLAPJACK, you were (are) a bold and funny show.

    Congratulations creators, cast, and crew, especially the perpetually funny Brian Doyle-Murray.

    As a big fan of TNMFL (“The Naive Man from Loliland”), I’m looking forward to REGULAR SHOW.

    • w

      Well said, and ditto. Lollipop Man is one of my faves still, and I saw that years ago & still haven’t forgotten it!

      (i’m also looking fwd to Symbionic Titan, but i prefer the funnies, when push comes to shove).

  • name

    flapjack is great. i hope they put out a proper series DVD set!

    • GhaleonQ

      Exactly. Who do Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network let their series waste afterward?

  • Kiki

    Flapjack, Chowder and Adventure Time were the only good shows worth watching on CN

  • I saw FLAPJACK for the first time during a business trip to the States earlier this year and I thought it was fantastic. I’m not surprised that it’s going the way of the dodo, but I’m glad that such weirdness and peculiarity was able to thrive for a little while. Whomever greenlit it was brave, and I hope that they’re still around to be brave a little bit longer.

  • wut

    Anyone happy to see Flapjack leave must be a Total Drama BS fan.

  • Celeste

    I am sorry to see it go, but can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

  • This sucks to high heaven because Flapjack was the most creative series on CN. Chowder was amazing too. Both of those shows got this 27 year old into watching CN again. It’s a true pity that they’d can such awesome. I’m actually bummed over it. Love for Thurop and his creation.. his son is precious!

  • Justin M. Durden

    Well, that was an interesting way to end the series.

  • Kikyo Healey

    Awwwww, it was awesome! i didn’t know it was gonna be on tonight, but i happened to see it and am wearing my Flapjack shirt today too, i think that’s su funnyz<3

  • Biancaloves3oranes

    Wow this show has been a real delight to watch. I’ll miss it, but I’ll be sure to get them all. :)

  • I shed a manly tear the last few seconds of one of my favorite television shows of all time. Flapjack was a compilation of everything I loved. It will be missed :) But I guess we should always move on to another Adventure! :,)

  • Kitten

    I’ll miss flapjack as much as I missed chowder,but aslong as Adventure time is still going I’ll be happy.

    But I still DESPISE cartoonnetwork for shoveing stupid Live action show on their channel,Uhh,It’s called CARTOONNETWORK for a reson!

    I wish it went back to the oldies I grew up with like dexters lab,powerpuff girls,and ed,edd,and eddy.


    Thurop’s son is the cutest, he is the perfect Flapjack.

    • Nerdgirl

      I bet that was the inspiration:)

  • NeverTooOld4Cartoons

    I loved Flapjack and will be sad to see it leave. I watched the finale though and absolutely loved it. Its so unfortunate to be losing such an awesome cartoon. I’m in my twenties so my spare time is limited, but when I have the time I love to watch cartoons that aren’t afraid to be actually funny and good.

  • Noooo~! Why did it have to end? It was so brilliant.

  • reach

    im just wondering since flapjack ended with them looking for a new home will there be a spin-off series?

  • Sandypants

    I liked having my picture appear after the valentine’s day episode. I was a fan of the show before that though. Through the show I was also introduced to “Get A Life” a 90s show way ahead of its time.
    Thurop has been kind enough to say nice things to me and make me want to continue to consider making art and animation more seriously (even though it is still just a hobby for me.)

    Thurop is the kindest, gentlest, sweetest, beardedest man I know. Whatever he does next to going to be mindblowingly wonderful.

  • Candy Wife

    Why are all the good shows leaving?! I liked Flapjack over Chowder, but both were more entertaining than other lame shows on CN (cough*johnytest*cough*TotalDramma*cough)

    Flapjack will be a show I will be going back to time and time again, so off to buy DVD’s!!!!!!! (makemore)

  • Cory

    Well, best of luck to you, my captain. You will always be in my heart as being one of the greatest adventurers in this world. Flapjack had a great run, and you showed Cartoon Network how to do live-action. If it weren’t for you… I’ll still be watching the Dudes. Dear Lord the Dudes… But I enjoyed the last episode.

    Let Flapjack forever live long in our hearts and in our imagination. You brought us a great child (and your own, too to boot!), and you let it go to give it a proper ending. Chowder, though misguided, got it’s proper ending as well, and yet there are still other shows out there that will get their happy endings as well.

    You did a fantastic job of making such a cartoon for all of us to watch. If it weren’t for you, Cartoon Network will drown in its mistakes and we would have lost the channel forever. If it weren’t for you, Chowder’s creator, J.G. Quintel and Pen Ward, I don’t see how Cartoon Network will survive this long in this decade. You have earn my respect.

    Long live Flapjack and the search for Candied Island. … Best of luck to you, my captain.

  • Wil

    I’ve loved this show since the day it came out. The art style was cartoonish, and it had jokes appealing to both kids and adults.
    I hate to see it go.

  • Van

    So sad that Flapjack has to go! It’s one of my favorite shows- My sister and I sing the songs together and quote it all the time. Same thing with Chowder- though I still don’t accept his future.

  • Tanya Scott

    first, in regards to Flapjack: NOOOOOOOOO
    secondly why haven’t we got to seen many flapjack episodes here in the uk?!

    • What do you mean? I have many friends across the pond, and they’ve seen all of the one’s I’ve seen (I live in the US). I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed the schedule around without promos – that’s how Canada booted off Flapjack.

  • hello

    Flapjack and Chowder we’re really fun shows to watch, animation-wise. I wasn’t to much into the concepts, but the animation kept me coming back
    Its sad seeing “old school” or traditional 2D animation dying out. Flapjack, Chowder, Adventure Time…even Adult Swim’s show Superjail! are some of the few shows with traditional 2D animation that I’M aware of.
    And you have to admit, those shows are visually funner to watch than shows with animation like Total Drama, and Johnny Test. Total Drama and Johnny Test animation is so boring, I can’t even stay focused on the whole idea of the show
    But thats just me :)
    its going to be sad seeing another great show come to an end, but nothing lasts forever.

    • Anthony C.

      This is pretty much what I was going to say. Indeed these were two of the four who actually do the animation that has to be drawn instead of slid-around on the computer. I could never get into an episode of Chowder but I did love it’s animation.

      Not a good sign for my 2-d wanted career. :-(

  • Mary

    And so ends the great era of 2-D cartoons. It was helped along by Blam!, Total Drama Island, and CNReal. All I can say is that Flapjack had a great run, and a fantastic ending. I’m sure they’ll find candied island someday. So, let’s all give one last cry… ADVENTURE!

  • Michel Van

    Once again CN murders a verry good animation series and all we get is more soap in our eyes…
    Florentina, please, can someone remove the “Cartoon” in Cartoon Network…
    by the way CN is dead, long live Boomerang!

  • SalomonFenix

    Flapjack was not a good show, with Chowder. The original Cartoon-Cartoons were better, Cartoon Network’s are worse.

  • I honestly believe that Flapjack was the single funniest cartoon ever to air on Cartoon Network except the classic looney tunes. Scorn me all you want, Hanna-Barbera fans and Dexter worshipers, but this show had some amazing stuff going for it. The drawings took over the top to a new level, and the writing was hilarious.

    True, it did slump during the middle of season 2, the last 10 or so episodes of season 2 were a mixed bag, but they were still funny. The show was really making a recovery in its pitifully small 6 episode 3rd season, but it was cut off before it could keep on going. I seriously thought the show had lasting potential- great characters and animation and solid story.

    I thought Chowder was a different story. Season 1 was the only season worth watching- the show had some hilarious episodes during season 2 and 3, but they were mixed in with some truly awful episodes. Flapjack never got that bad.

  • Dan

    Flapjack is amazing. And has impacted me. I thought all good shows died out a long time ago, then came The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Thanks, Thurop! <3

  • FlapjackRIP

    Flapjack made me so happy. It brightened up my day every time I could catch it on. Adventure Time, Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated, and Regular Show (don’t judge it be the previews; it’s hilarious) are still really good, but without Flapjack… :(

    What SHOULD die is that travesty of CN “Real”, and Total Drama whatever it’s called. Those shows are horrible and insulting. Bring back Toonami (there are so many good anime out there)! Bring back REAL cartoons! Change the logo back to it’s original form! Stop talking down to kids!

  • Montse

    I’m gonna die, my kids, husband and I loved so much flapjack, we enjoyed and laugh like lunatics and to think that Flapjack is dead :(<it was teh best cartoon in about 10 years or so.

  • Blooberry

    oh, come on! how is this possible?? Flapjack IS a great show! It brings something that any other cartoon had.. that “different” humor that many like me LOVE! Combining the cuteness of Flapjack with the “grotesqueness” of other characters, it’s brilliant :D
    Pleaseee, don’t cancel the show!

  • steph

    Why did you have to end 2 of the best shows on cartoon network, all those shows they made now with real people suck. Its called ‘cartoon’ network. Cartoon network is ruining all the good shows like Billy and Mandy, that almost never come on anymore.

  • dodo

    flapjack needed to be canceled i loved it and i loved chowder when they came on.but the shows got old and boring to watch and it was the same thing over and over again.but i miss bupy the walha from flapjack

  • Sarah Jones

    I’m very upset with cartoon network for ending chowder and Flapjack so early.. I almost forgot about them D: But they were both high rated shows. All of my friends watched them. But now that regular show and adventure time has replaced them alot of my friends stopped watching CN permently D:::

  • Jordan

    Im cant stand to see such high quality shows like Flapjack and chowder lose air time and what not to stupid shows such as the total drama series and played out scooby doo movies. I love young justice and the other new shows but CN really lost its name when they started airing live action shows.

  • Chris

    Gahhh this was the best show everrr. I seriously don’t understand why it was cancelled. I loved it, and I’m 16. IT NEEDS TO COME BACK!

  • Jennifer

    Well, I personally loved Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends…Chowder and Flapjack are awesome shows. Adventure time is hilarious. The regular show is too, but didn’t they say “Don’t hit us in our crotches, while we synchronize our watches!” lol tht’s not really for 6 yr olds, but im 16 soo… Mad is sooo irritatingly stupid! Some of my other old fav cn shows were: Ed, Edd, N Eddy and Billy and Mandy…. umm I watch Sidekick and Almost Naked Animals and their really funny too!

  • Catrin

    I wish they still at least had the old episodes of Flapjack showing, i can’t find the episodes playing at all. I’ve seen a few re-runs of Chowder though….I’m going to go ape shiz on the CEO of CN if they cancel Adventure Time to.
    They have been warned….

  • Jizzman

    [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “It is OK to post with a nickname or alias, but your email address (which we will NEVER share publicly), must be a real, permanent email address. Comments with fake or non-permanent emails will be deleted.”]

  • I love Flapjack,Chowder and Billy and Mandy and they should bring them back. When i watched that last episode of Chowder I was so sad. Adventure Time is the best and I don’t know what I’d do if they canceled it too. And because I can’t watch them normal I downloaded them so I can watch the funniness. I miss them so much. And there’s barely any more good show’s out there. If they canceled one of them I’m going to be so happy.

  • lyss

    iwant flapjack back:/ it was my tradition to lay on the couch through all of winter break eating candycanes and watching flapjack. my weird tradition is ruined now:/ and the show was awesome n flapjack is so adorable lol bring it back!!

  • Aceiz

    I’m 28 years old and I watched flap jack more then my 7 year old son it was a great show they need to bring it back

  • Anonymous

    I Miss FlapJack, Although I Still Like Regular Show And Adventure Time! I’d Rather Have FlapJack Back! :(