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Getting Over Him in 8 Songs Or Less on HBO2

Last month I told you about Debra J. Solomon’s remarkable one-woman hand drawn independent animation special, Getting Over Him in 8 Songs or Less. Tomorrow night, on Valentine’s Day, the film will receive it’s television premiere on HBO2 at 7:30pm Eastern/4:30pm Pacific.

This is a beautiful, funny and poignant film – and a rarity for HBO or any U.S. broadcaster to produce. Highly recommended – set the TiVo.

  • Kristjan

    This drawing/animation of this special reminds me of a style often seen in books for children. But It is cute.

  • Chris

    I love this style! So refreshing to see! Good luck Debra!!

  • Bob

    it looks like a 3 year old was the designer. Im so sick of bad animation design being called NEW, Refreshing, Bright,Vibrant. It looks god awful.

  • Bob – can you suggest some examples of what you’d prefer to see?

  • David Levy

    Debra Solomon made a terrific personal film. I’ll be watching it again tonight. Congrats, Debra.

  • FP

    –Im so sick of bad animation design being called NEW, Refreshing, Bright,Vibrant. It looks god awful.–

    Do you say the same thing about Blechman, The Hubleys, and Bozzetto? Condie? About 90% of the NFB’s best animated output? The animation and style of GETTING OVER HIM is not offensive in and of itself.

    I’ll probably give it a miss, though, because it’s a musical about relationship issues. Bleh. Maybe if the music was by DREAM THEATER or PRIMUS or JG Thirlwell, but nope, the previews feature cutesy ROCKY HORROR-sounding musical theater crap.

    SITA did this kind of thing in a more dynamic way, with tolerable music.

  • I’m a former student of Debra’s, and never had a cooler, more down to earth, hands on instructor. I sincerely wish I had access to HBO2, but without even the film, know it’s going to be amazing! Congrats, Debra!

  • I can’t wait to see it. Three cheers to HBO.

  • Chris

    Boo to Bob. There is more than ONE way to draw a cartoon. Would you say the same if this was Quentin Blake?

  • Bob

    Sure the is more then one way to draw a cartoon, just looks like Bad is the most popular these days.

  • Katie

    Bob here is a master of adjectives.

    – I think it should be noted that personal films often are made more for the sake of the artist than the audience. Debra’s happened to be a colorful and meaningful musical journey and I very much love the film. I hope others can seek some solace from the Debra’s experience.