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Nick-at-Nite’s new animated series, the one produced by Michael Eisner, made it’s debut tonight. Anyone catch it? I did, and despite the near unanimous negative reviews, I must confess… I liked it.

The script was on par with typical (re: Fox) animated series these days, but I found the animation, produced by Eric Fogel (Celebrity Deathmatch) refreshing. What did you think?

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  • It was pretty good, but the laugh track annoyed me.

  • Karen

    LAUGH track?!!! That’s a good one! Imagine, filming a clay animated series LIVE!

  • Sam

    I agree the laugh track was annoying, it just highlighted every failed joke, and there was a lot of them. For writing, was this something that Nick was holding onto before showing? I found the “Sex and the City” joked already dated, and already done. I don’t know what they writers have against the Amish, but I felt a lot of that humor was mean spirited, and cruel. Animation wise – really nice, I was impressed. I just wished they had better Material written to animate with.

  • I found it tremendously dry.

  • Can’t say I laughed much except for maybe one or two moment. I might try watching another episode tomorrow, but I don’t think it’s gonna last.

  • doop

    I can’t believe how unfunny this was. I watched longer than I should have. It was so bad I couldn’t look away. At several points I wondered if the humor was intentionally bad as a satire on mediocre sitcoms. And a laugh track? Really…? I’m sorry, but the PJ’s will always be my favorite stop-motion sitcom.

  • Randy Koger

    Lose the laugh track.
    This isn’t Mr. Ed. (Actually, that was better.)
    But LOSE the laugh track.

  • Cyber Fox

    I didn’t see this to be honest
    After seeing the commercials for this show, it screams Gary & Mike.. in other words another Road Trip style cartoon
    I do love Eric Fogel’s Celebrity Detahmatch (it’s his only good production) but seeing that he abandon ship after MTV pulled the plug on his show during Season 4 in favor dull productions like this makes me feel sad for him

  • chdr

    The effort was nice, but seriously? Laugh track?

  • Murray

    The Amish won’t complain. They’ll never see it.

  • JMatte

    I watched parts of it but the laugh track grated on my nerves and I switched channel.
    Personal taste: lose the laugh track.
    I haven’t watched enough of it to comment on the story, but the overall look and animation was nice.

  • ben north

    I think all the bad reviews are because of the laugh track, and people who are rooting against Eisner. Well written, and beautifully animated.

  • vzk

    “I do love Eric Fogel’s Celebrity Detahmatch (it’s his only good production)”

    Well, I liked “The Head”.

    This show looks like a white version of the PJs.

  • Ron

    Eric Fogel works for Cuppa Coffee now I heard. Not sure where Eisner comes in as this was filmed in Canada by the Cup of Coffee peeps
    lose the laugh trax otherwise nicely animated and worth watching

  • thinlizzie

    Fogel works for Eisner, Eisner hired Cuppa Coffee who make the show in Toronto. Rumor has it got picked up for a second season