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He-Man art show at Gallery 1988

L.A.’s Gallery 1988 has a new show for the new year, Under the Influence: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Artists Dan Goodsell, Jeaux Janovsky and Chogrin (above) join 100 others to reinterpret the 80s Filmation TV show and Mattel action figures. The exhibit opens Friday January 8th with an opening reception from 7pm-10pm. More art and info on the G-1988 blog.

  • Stephen

    If a He-Man revival were made, it might look something like these…

  • Lawrence

    This is one case where ‘re-imagining’ won’t do. Mass erasure of memory is more like it.

  • FP

    If a He-Man revival is made, it should be produced by the HARVEY BIRDMAN guys.

  • Jeff

    FYI, They already made a new Masters of the Universe series in 2002. That one was actually pretty good.


  • Kyle

    I thought for sure the image above was from Mr. Warburton of Codename: Kids Next Door fame. Totally surprised it isn’t.

  • Looks great. I’m a self-hating He-Man fan. I have such fond nostalgic feelings for it but the adult in me gives me a hard time for that. Yet, when I see things like this, the nostalgic side wins out every time. This image and others I’ve seen look excellent and I’d love to be able to go. Good luck with it, Jeaux!

  • Feh.

    Wow. This almost makes He-Man look like something other than a horrible, unforgivably hideous and thoroughly, eye-gougingly abysmal piece of rotten garbage.

    Dare I say it, this almost makes He-Man artistic.

    Of course, the only real feeling this invokes in me is sadness that anyone would waste their time trying to make He-Man artistic.

  • Thanks Jerry! This is going to be a great show!