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Here comes The Hub

I don’t know about where you live, but popping up all over L.A. are these scary billboards (see above) promoting The Hub, Hasbro and Discovery’s new cable channel. The Good News: it looks to be another 24-hour cartoon channel (remember those?). The Bad News: the cartoons seem to be based mainly on Hasbro branded toy lines (Pound Puppies, My Little Pony, The Transformers, etc.). Apparently, upon further research, there will be live action shows on the schedule (like Fraggle Rock) and several originals (Dan Vs.), but they aren’t advertising those yet… just these creepy looking bug-eyed buggers.

Nick and Disney have nothing to fear… but Cartoon Network better watch its back. The Hub begins broadcasting October 10th.

  • Matt Sullivan

    If they play Fraggle Rock I’ll watch;] Best kids show ever!

  • Christopher Cook

    I believe Lauren Faust is the creative force behind the My Little Pony reboot.

  • To be fair the styling of the new My Little Pony is more appealing than the 80’s version. There’s quite a few British shows amongst that line up on the website, too.

  • Martin Juneau

    Here, promoting kids stuffs is allowed since 30 years. And i think it’s better like that with the way we advertise modern kids. Constantly, The Hub sounds to have a great lineup.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    HUB isn’t the only player out there; there are also Qubo and Cookie Jar (the company formerly known as DiC). These are companies who are apparently having trouble selling toons as syndicated filler items in a media-saturated environment. So they go into business for themselves and become cable TV channels. That’s what it looks like to me, anyway. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that someone out there was figuring out how to pull off a Three Stooges Channel.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Tecnically, Cookie Jar was formerly Cinar Films up in Canada, they bought out DIC recently.

      • Also, Cookie Jar’s current CEO (Michael Hirsh) is one of Nelvana’s co-founders.

        Cookie Jar has three program blocks: Cookie Jar Toons on This TV, Cookie Jar TV on CBS, and Cookie Jar Kids Network in syndication. It also produces Johnny Test, Arthur, Busytown Mysteries and Caillou, among other shows. Adult spinoff The Jar even sold a Mexican-style wrestling show, Lucha Libre USA, to MTV2. That company has its fingers in a lot of pies.

        As for qubo, it’s owned by NBC Universal, ION Media Networks, Corus Entertainment, Scholastic Corporation, and Classic Media. Even ignoring the E/I status of the channel, qubo exists largely as a digital OTA sub-channel of ION. IIRC, ION isn’t carried on cable in some markets.

        qubo’s just a mess. The channel’s upcoming schedule is here.. It’s pretty much reruns. I don’t even get what its midnight-to-6:00-AM block is supposed to be. Spliced! is the sort of show that should do well on The Hub or CN, not working the 4:00-5:00 AM graveyard shift after four hours of “classic” Filmation.

    • Three Stooges Channel? Now you’re talkin’! nyuk nyuk nyuk

      It’d be a lot better than the live action crap that Cartoon Network’s shoveling out…

  • I’m actually excited about this! A new cartoon with the ever talented Lauren Faust at the helm? How can that not be a good thing!

    Also, new Transformers! … Okay, I’ll admit it, the CGI animation tests I’ve seen look terrible but on the plus side this is the first cartoon since the original Sunbow Series to feature the voices of Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime and Frank Welker as Megatron … we’re getting Frank Welker as Megatron again! Somebody pinch me!!!

    All that fanboy glee aside, I see Fraggles, I see Cybertronians, I see Lauren Faust, I see … a channel I actually want to watch and believe you me, it’s been a long, looooong time since there was any channel that had more than two shows I even gave a darn about, much less was excited about.

  • AnthonyA

    I believe that the creepy wide-eyed kitty is from another toy line. Not sure what the name of it is, but I’m certain that I’ve seen them in the stores previously.

  • Carl

    Oh good, more glassy-eyed slop to peddle.

  • That re-design for Strawberry Shortcake looks great. The bug-eyed cat thing however, not so much.

  • Mark

    Wow. Every single thing on their lineup looks like rehashed rehash. How very sad some good talent is going to get swept up in this train wreck of a channel.

  • Stephan

    This looks great! If I was a 4-12 year old girl, I’d be geeking out!

  • Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood isn’t going to like this. But anyway, this channel doesn’t even look like it could compete with CN! The sensitive parents aren’t going to risk changing the channel from Disney to this, Nick viewers may want to check the channel out when Spongebob and iCarly goes to a commercial break , and CN… God, I don’t know what to say about CN. The only thing they have right now is Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Sym-Bionic Titan. But then again, they’re competing with toy based cartoons… I think I’ll stick with Mordecai and Rigby thank you very much.

  • There are billboards and posters hanging up all over New York too. I was walking through the city last night, and I just see this huge sign with this bug-eyed cat, Strawberry Shortcake and a Transformer looking at me in the dark. Scared the crap out of me.

    The channel is a re-branding of the Discovery Kids network. Hasbro owns half of it now, so their doing a rehaul. Looking at the line-up, I see a lot of Hasbro shows (G.I. Joe, Jem, Strawberry Shortcake) along with a few carry overs from other networks (Batman Beyond, Meerkat Manor). I’m glad Fraggle Rock will be back on TV again, but some of these shows on their line-up is weird. Doogie Howser M.D.?

    Ah well, the kids’ll dig it.

  • dave

    WAIT A MINUTTEEE! You’re teling me that bug-eyed cat ISN’T a new Quizno’s commercial???

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    I know a lot has been said of the “evils” of toy-cartoons….but ya know – those were my favorite shows as a kid…I didn’t know I was watching a toy commercial, I just thought Transformers, He-Man, and Ninja Turtles were awesome….and, as a kid – I liked toys….so – what’s wrong w/ having sweet toys of the characters you like on TV? I also had Bugs Bunny toys, and those weren’t made w/ toy lines in mind. So – I dunno, I say – ‘Good Luck’ to The Hub, and congrats on your launch!!!!! If DirecTV gets it, I’ll check it out!

  • I think the cat is from that Postcard company (Twisted Whiskers?), they made a entire cartoon show based of that. The cat on the billboard looks a lot better than those on the Postcards, but is still creepy…
    The Pony doesn’t look like a Pony anymore, at least from that angle.

    • rebecca

      Yes the cat in the middle does look like it’s from the twisted whiskers show. From what I’m reading is that the cartoons that are going to be broadcast are a mixture of kids toy advertisements (eg transformers, my little pony,etc) and cartoons which I associate with what is being shown on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) which is free to air here. I’m hoping that they include A Town Called Panic, cause it’s totally rad.

  • Matt Sullivan

    i’m excited st the prospect of ANY network showing cartoons. Especially since cartoon network no longer shows cartoons.

  • I agree with Nipplenuts McGurk, thats the kind of stuff that I grew up with. Transformers, thundercats, Voltron, He-Man, etc. I figure that its better then all of the Anime stuff that my kids watch on 4 Kids, and way better then the tween stuff on Nick & Disney. So I say more power to them.

    Also more importantly it means that there one more studio that will be employing artists in Burbank. I say that we need to support them rather then tear them down.

    • Chris

      Voltron *was* anime.

  • He-Man is coming to qubo, Transformers and GI Joe are coming to The Hub, and a cartoon called Atomic Betty is returning to the US!

  • Chris

    Talk bad about CN all you want at least they didnt have the Fred Movie. A movie so bad it nearly bluescreened the universe with incalcuable awfullness.

  • chdr

    The Hub is not an all-animation network. There are several live-action originals and acquisitions (like The Wonder Years) being announced.

  • Sporky

    I personally can’t wait to see what this network has to offer!

    I’m one of the kids who grew up with 80s toy-based shows like Transformers and GI Joe, and I have very fond memories of them. I have to admit I don’t quite understand the moral panic around cartoons that have associated toy lines. Especially since EVERYTHING has an associated toy line these days.

  • Deaniac

    I had heard alot about this upcoming “Hub” channel, but didn’t take much interest in it, so I went to the website and watched the video.

    Personally I don’t care how “commercialized” and “toyetic” it may be, this looks like a really fun channel for kids. I know if I was 6 years old again, I’d be totally psyched. Besides, looks at the positives: it means more animation in the industry, right? And it’s introducing characters alot of 80s kids grew up with, right? (That last one might be subjective.)

    I dunno, I’m sure the kids will like it.

  • Ron

    Keep in mind everyone, this is the network’s inaugural lineup. They’re not even on the air yet. That means they needed to have something ready to show when they went on the air. I will bet you anything that they have lots of original non- hasbro related properties in development right now that were pitched to them by artists like you and me. It always takes a few years for a network to hit it’s stride and find it’s voice. Was cartoon network the same when it first launched as it was just a few years later when Dexter’s Lab and Powerpuff took off? No it wasn’t. I’m actually looking forward to this channel. I see it as a blank canvas for artists like us and another possible outlet for our work.

  • Doodyville 101

    It’s nice to see fresh toons for once! Cartoon Network went down the toilet with their movies and live-action crap, and Nickelodeon is trying to be all things to all kids and is failing miserably (the only good channel they’ve got is Nick Jr., which I frequently watch). I just hope that this channel does not turn into another “Let’s-see-how-much-garbage-we-can-get-away-with” channel – there’s more than enough of those already on cable right now!

    I just wish Comcast carried Bommerang on a full-time basis instead of just on their On Demand service.


    This is awesome! a whole new Cartoon channel-I can’t wait! :)

  • Scarabim

    “Doogie Howser”??? Eccchhh. Niel Patrick Harris isn’t my idea of a role model for kids.

    Fraggle Rock always reminded me of a stoner’s version of The Moomintrolls.

    Lauren Faust is the only person on earth who could possibly get me interested in My Little Pony. I’ll certainly tune into the first episode.

    About Cookie Jar: pity its cartoon “World of Quest” didn’t have better scripting. It had decent animation and a few interesting characters, but the crappy writing did it in.

    Just what the hell IS that cat about?

  • DonaldC

    Doesn’t look like many shows I’d be interested in, but as long as the quality’s good, I don’t mind.

  • DonA

    I know everyone shutters at the memory of the 80’s toy driven cartoons, but if I had to choose between watching that or the modern day cartoons on Disney or Nick that all somehow revolve around kids in high-school….I’d choose toy driven cartoons all the way.

    Highschool is rough enough that the last thing I’d want to do as a kid is come to watch a cartoon about character going through the exact same issues. Give me He-man, Transformer and Gi-Joe….at least there’s some imagination at work there.

    • Phineas and Ferb go to high school? One thing I love about PHINEAS AND FERB (one of my favorite cartoons on right now) is that characters *don’t* go to school, high or low! It takes place during Summer Vacation (and, in other cases, Christmas Vacation).

      But yes, I share a similar distaste with every single animated character having to go to school, which I found to be a minor issue with SYM-BIONIC TITAN. Cartoons are no longer creative, and only try to connect too closely with grade school kids to create a “positive” effect on that audience (telling them to “stay in school”).

      • Compn

        this, a million times this.

        anime is 90% school characters. gets annoying after a while.

  • On the one hand, I shudder in horror at the fact that Margaret Loesch is running this network. I never liked her.

    On the other hand, I’m really looking forward to Lauren Faust’s MY LITTLE PONY! I’m very impressed with the design work she’s done, and I hope she does a great job with the series. She and I actually share a distaste with the majority of cartoons being made for girls (which seems to patronize them). It’s time for something cool to be made with this genre!

    The network sounds very promising. But it’s too bad Discovery Kids is going bye-bye, as well as any chances left of seeing Season 2 of GROSSOLOGY. Oh, well… :(

  • Cyber Fox

    Just to let everyone know, the Hub is a network jointly owned by Discovery Communications and Hasbro and will replace Discovery Kids on 10-10-10

    I’m just hoping it won’t get pushed around by groups like the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood

  • James E. Parten

    Game show fans have been anticipating the advent of “The Hub” for some time now. Apparently, one of the plans is to offer a “Family Game Night” block of game shows, based (however loosely) on Milton Bradley and/or Parker Brothers games owned by Hasbro.

    Considering the fact that one of the few (if not the only) such shows for kids is Nickelodeon’s “BrainSurge”, this might not be such a bad thing. There are certainly some possibilities there. (Anybody for a new version of “Shenanigans”?)

  • Lucy

    That billboard is 75% eyes, heh.

  • dancinbojangles

    A gang war between cartoon channels was brought to mind. “You better watch your back, cartoon network! The Hub OWNS the second-tier cable TV cartoon business!”

  • Re: My Little Pony – This is not bad news, AT ALL. Have seen development of it and I will tell ya’ll that the show is REALLY good looking. Lauren Faust is an excellent designer and it really makes this brand pop. Definitely give this one a viewing when it’s released.

  • Katrina

    I can not believe this! I was really loking forward to a second season of Grossology! It’s my most favorite show ever! Oh mah God….. I hate The Hub so much…. It’s boring…. All of the shows, well most of them, are boring…to me.

    I like Discovery Kids better! Long live Discovery Kids! You shall NOT be forgotten!

    • Jafrin Khan Aroni

      This is so much nonsense.I couldn’t even saw the Strawberry Shortcake Sky’s The Limit and Jammin With Cherry Jam movies,and so many other new episodes and new seasons…it’s just just disgusting.I was waiting for so long to see it and now I need to see it in that stupid You Tube which needs the [whole day] to load one episode.It’s better to see Discovery Kids and Disney channel.Mind it.

  • Anonymous

    Since there’s no more recent article about it, the first episode of the new My Little Pony show is up one Youtube ( for part 1). It’s kind of embarrassing to admit seriously watching it, but I was surprised at the quality of writing and animation in a flash-animated cartoon targeted at the grade-school-girls demographic.

  • Maceo

    the new design for Strawberry Shortcake is uninspired at best. Now I hope everyone will know this, looking at the huge billboard.

  • I was wondering if bringing back the cartoon Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa would possibly be in the line up in the future?