<em>House</em> by Carmen d’Avino <em>House</em> by Carmen d’Avino

House by Carmen d’Avino

It’s true, they showed this kind of gorgeous animation on PBS once upon a time. It was made by experimental animator Carmen D’Avino for The Electric Company. More of his films can be seen on the North County Public Radio website.

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  • So nice…

  • That was beautiful and so inspiring. Gorgeous animation does exist in the NEw Electric Company too. Have you ever seen the Music Man?
    Here’s a link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz5o_b75_GI&feature=channel

  • mickhyperion

    The design is very Mary Blair / it’s a small world… and that’s not a bad thing.

  • Blackguard

    Great music, too. Can anyone ID the band/musicians?

  • Are you implying that PBS programming doesn’t include experimental animation and graphics?

    You’re either not watching PBS or have your idea of “experimental” frozen in 1958.

  • Very very nice! :)

  • Emily

    Whatta treat :)

  • Blackguard, the YouTube video says:

    “Music composed by Lenny Popkin, with Donald McDonald on drums, Russell George on bass guitar, Elaine Comparone on Rock-Si-Chord (an electronic harpsichord), Linda Comparone on flute, and Lenny Popkin playing vibraphone, bells, piano and sound effects.”

  • Too Much Tacos

    This should be used for he opening titles of Hugh Laurie’s “House”.

  • I remember watching that when I was a kid!

    PBS had great animation in the 70’s. It all made a big impression on me, I’m sure. That, and the Yellow Submarine shown at least once a year on Channel 3’s (CBS I think) Afternoon Movie.