How They Make “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” How They Make “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”

How They Make “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”

I’m not the biggest fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but I’ll admit this parody of a behind-the-scenes film may be the funniest thing I’ve seen from Radical Axis. This video was created for the DVD collection Aqua Teen Hunger Force 6.

(Thanks, Todd Redner)

  • “Thanks Scott, that was very informative” X)

  • Michel Van


    Never had so much fun about “How to make Cartoons” doku
    sad that I don’t like Aqua Teen Hunger Force…

  • Anon

    “The image is now inside the computer, f**k you Sciencce Fiction!” XD

    • Mike T

      the guy hand-cranking that drawing into the TV screen was the funniest! You could show that to some people and they’d actually believe that’s how cartoons are made!

  • I haven’t ever seen an episode of the show, but I assume that many of the comments will read, “That was funnier than the show!”

  • Stephan

    Craig Vardin’s photograph with Carl is what legends are made of.

  • Clutch

    It was funnier when the guys behind Venture Bros did a similar “making of” first.

    • Yeah I immediately thought of the much funnier Venture Bros “making of” video” when I saw this.

    • Funkybat

      I was about to say, this was very good compared to most such parodies, but the Venture Bros. one was the epitome of epicness.

    • One more for the Venture Bros!

    • Bob

      They were both good, very different from one another so comparing them seems weird.

  • Pundog

    those dudes are funny. nice guys, too.

  • But Jerry, how can I learn more about “Cartoonimation”?

  • Tee

    That was really excellent.

  • Corey

    Hungry Teen Dance Party

  • JP

    I actually got to see some behind-the-scenes work done on ATHF at Wild Hare Studios back around 2003. I thought it was lots of fun! I’m not sure what’s going on at Wild Hare today…

    By the way, nice Bob Pettit inside-joke in the Radical Axis video :-)

  • Tom Pope

    “These people also work at Radical but are much less significant.” One of MANY awesome lines. Hilarious!!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I kinda liked the “Korean children” remark.

  • red pill junkie

    The DVD extra-content is better than the actual show! How about a change in the company’s goal, guys?

  • Rob T.

    I don’t think this was better or worse than “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”, but about on the same level, which is to say good for a laugh or two if encountered while idly web- or channel-surfing, not so great if you’re watching the DVD’s after having laid out actual money for them. (Paying for video is guaranteed to put most viewers in a critical/skeptical mood.) That said, this idle web surfer thought the video was a hoot and a half. Thanks for linking!

  • tonma

    Who wold think an animation studio would make funny live action than such lame cartoons…

    This was great!

  • christy

    i think ATHF is really good and really funny.

  • SMP Belltown

    Very funny, with some valid behind-the-scenes material lurking around the edges.

    It’s amazing what sort of advances have happened since the 1930s, when the Van Beuren folks produced the “Making’ Em Move/In a Cartoon Studio” documentary. I wonder if any cartoon companies still hire animals to do the animation work?

  • Hmm

    This is funny and all, but what about for the people who ACTUALLY want to know how it’s done? Is there anything out there besides just the names of the software programs? I want to see HOW everything is done, not just hear what they use.