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Ice Bear From ‘We Bare Bears’ Responds To White Supremacist Hate Riots

A We Bare Bears artist took to Twitter tonight to express his views on the multiple days of white supremacist and neo-Nazi rioting that has taken place in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Louie Zong, a board artist on the Cartoon Network series, posted a brief line animation of We Bare Bears star Ice Bear punching out a neo-Nazi carrying a torch, much like the ones who have recently created violence in Virginia. He titled the tweet “oops my hand slipped.” The tweet was deleted for reasons that were not specified by Zong, but the animation can still be seen below:


Zong’s short animation has received a positive reaction on Twitter, with over 1,900 retweets and 4,800 likes in the first three-and-a-half hours since it was posted online. The animation also elicited this one-word response from show creator Daniel Chong:

Chong himself has used his position as a series creator to speak out about social issues to which he feels a personal connection. Following the election of Donald Trump last November, he released a statement on Twitter that explained how the series had allegorical undercurrents about being a minority in America and was rooted in his personal experience as an Asian-American.

We Bare Bears is currently in the middle of its third season on Cartoon Network.

  • Awesome.

  • Taylor Baker

    If one more person says that I can’t act against a nazi because he simply “disagrees” with me, both of those people are going to die.

    I am an autistic atheist who questions his sexuality and I feel that I know more than anyone else here about what its like to live under someone else’s thumb because I was born and raised in the Deep South, for one. Christians were given the special right to butt into my life and decide everything for me, and there was nothing I could do about it. Instead of letting me love whom I desired they “disagreed” and fought and continue to fight tooth and nail to keep that from happening. It took a long time for me to figure out that I have the ability to think and act of my own accord, and whether or not people disagree with who I was born or what I should do with my own life is completely irrelevant.

    I have decided that nobody is allowed to express shit when it comes to me.

    I am a free man.

    • AtrusHB

      “If one more person says that I can’t act against a nazi because he
      simply “disagrees” with me, both of those people are going to die.”


    • Marti386

      “If one more person says that I can’t act against a nazi because he simply “disagrees” with me, both of those people are going to die.”

      Exactly. I’m tired of the “if you hate Nazis, you’re as bad as them” crap.

      The only thing it’s okay to hate is HATE.

      The only thing it’s okay to be intolerant of is INTOLERANCE.

      And Nazis are both.

      • Renard N. Bansale

        “America, it is said, is suffering from intolerance—it is not. It is suffering from tolerance. Tolerance of right and wrong, truth and error, virtue and evil, Christ and chaos. Our country is not nearly so overrun with the bigoted as it is overrun with the broadminded…Tolerance is an attitude of reasoned patience toward evil…a forbearance that restrains us from showing anger or inflicting punishment. Tolerance applies only to persons…never to truth. Tolerance applies to the erring, intolerance to the error.”
        — Fulton J. Sheen,
        “A Plea for Intolerance”

      • Too Many Cooks

        You can hate someone without assaulting them.

        • Marti386

          The only “assaulting” came when a Nazi fvck decided to drive a car into a bunch of counter-protesters. So shove your “both sides” argument back up your a$$.

    • James Wiseman

      I find the Christian/Nazi comparison disturbing. A Christian must follow Christ, so they must spread his word/try to convert people, since that’s what he did, but they can’t kill people who disagree with them; Christ didn’t do that.

    • Too Many Cooks

      Thanks for the death threat, my fellow autistic agnostic.

  • Trokon Hufnagel

    Good God…NOW there are NEO NAZIS?!? Is this how far we’ve come???

    • Matthew

      There always have been Neo-Nazis, it’s just that nobody has paid attention to them until recently.

      • Too Many Cooks

        Yes. They used to hold meetings that no one attended and write books that no one read. Now, they’re being assaulted on-camera, and more people are interested in what they have to say than ever before. In fact, as has been shown in the above comment equating Christians with Nazis, as we as at the two Berkeley riots this year, conventional conservatives will face the same violent force that Nazis do. I stopped believing that the Nazis are my biggest threat as a disabled Jew some time ago. Most of the time I used to spend watching cartoons is now being spent researching both the radical left and right. I don’t even watch the independent shorts posted on this site anymore unless they aid my research. It seems perfectly reasonable to me that, given how one side’s transgressions are minimized as though they’re outliers and one side’s transgressions are maximized as though they’re the norm, people will flock to the side that is getting the most pushback as a way to say “no” to the one-sided media.

        • Marti386

          “Now, they’re being assaulted on-camera, and more people are interested in what they have to say than ever before.”

          No, son. If anything, this fiasco has been proof that America is not interested in what they have to say. At all.

  • Tony

    Ice Bear most dangerous bear.

  • Too Many Cooks

    I am absolutely disgusted that a children’s entertainer employed by a major corporation can encourage violence against people he disagrees with, then be applauded for it. I am autistic and agnostic (and Jewish, ethnically) and I have already been threatened with violence in this very comment section by another agnostic neuroatypical who seemingly believes they are speaking on behalf of all agnostic neuroatypicals. This mentality is why the alt-right is rising, and if they ultimately take over this country, I will be in danger.. but, evidently, I am already in danger. Shame on everyone, regardless of their beliefs, who uses fists instead of words. Praise to everyone, regardless of beliefs, who uses words instead of fists.

    • Marti386

      Gee, remember the good old days, when we could all agree that Nazis should be punched? Good times, good times.

      Let’s tuck your little argument to bed, shall we? A cartoon by an artist showing Nazis being punched by bears is not anywhere near the equivalent of a Nazi driving a car into a crowd of people, killing and maiming.

      NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. So save your “both sides” argument.

      I find in cases where Nazis are concerned, the best logic is to ask yourself “What would Jack Kirby do?”

      Cuz Jack would have broken their jaws.

      • Too Many Cooks

        You’re being very condescending. I am quite aware that a drawing of a person being punched is not equivalent to an actual person being punched. However, this drawing was released to the public right after the Charlottesville riots, which strongly implies that it is a statement on the riots. (The title of Amid’s article is predicated on this assumption.) More specifically, it is a statement that we should punch Nazis. It is an incitement to violence. Obviously, an incitement to violence is not equivalent to actual violence, but it is still very, very bad. I don’t understand why you don’t agree with me on that.

        I don’t idolize Jack Kirby. I am not going to let him serve as my moral compass. I believe that violence is wrong, regardless of the perpetrator and regardless of the victim. The only justification that exists for violence is self-defense, and any decent person would pray that they are never forced to defend themselves against an attacker. When we all agreed that Nazis should be punched, it was because we were in a war with them, and if we didn’t “punch” them, they would kill us. This is no longer the case. Neo-Nazis have existed for decades, and for decades, we let them occupy their small corner of the world and chatter amongst themselves. We are now using evil methods in order to magnify their voices.

        Heck, I’m just gonna come out and say it. I feel hurt. Antifa was attacking conventional conservatives and Trump supporters for nearly a year before anyone cared. Now, they’re finally getting attention.. in the form of encouragement. Left-wingers remained mostly quiet (with a few wonderful exceptions like Bill Maher and Dave Rubin), and now that antifa has finally chosen a socially acceptable target, they’re being praised.

        The person who drove the truck was evil. The people with acid and bear mace were also evil. It is hypocritical to demonize one and encourage the other, just because you share the views of one party. They have both committed evil.

        • Marti386

          So do you think the “violence” was wrong when we went overseas and kicked Hitler’s a$$ during WWII?

          Cuz I sure don’t.

  • I see the tweet was pulled off Twitter already, I don’t suppose anyone had a chance to save a copy of that around here?

  • Marti386

    Alex Hirsch gave people permission on Twitter to draw Grunkle Stan punching Nazis. Beautiful.

  • Marti386

    They started the violence simply by showing up.

    When shouting, angry, privileged white men show up menacingly carrying torches (seriously, do you understand the historical significance of what happens when a group of white men show up on your doorstep with tourches?) screaming “Fvck you fagg0ts”, they’ve already STARTED the violence. There mere existance is an act of violence.

    ANYTHING that happens to them after that is all on them.