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“Invader Zim” script reading

This’ll be one of the nerdiest things I’ve posted on the Brew, but if you are as big a fan of Invader ZIM as I, you’ll understand. Rikki Simons (voice of “Gir” on ZIM) got together last weekend at InvaderCon in Georgia with Richard Horvitz (ZIM), Andy Berman (Dib), Melissa Fahn (Gaz), and writer Eric Trueheart to do a live script reading of a couple of unproduced episodes. Rikki posted Mopiness of Doom here and I’ve embed Day of da Spookies below. It’s worth viewing just to watch Richard Horvitz scream…

  • I am a fan, THANK YOU!

    The show was great and this shows a little of what could have been!

  • Erin Siegel

    waaaaaaa? Well this is something I didn’t anticipate happening ever. I thought Vasquez had washed his hands of that show, didn’t realize maybe the actors weren’t entirely done with it. That’s nice to know!

  • nick

    I think i only ever saw a few episodes, it wasn’t awful.
    I’ve been much more exposed to it’s fanbase, which is.

    • yeah, they’re a pretty scary bunch. i feel the same away about most hardcore anime fans.

      • Hal

        As opposed to the “regular” animation fans posting on CB’s talkback getting into a fervor?

  • Hank

    I remember watching a couple of episodes of the show when it was on, but it seems like it still has quite the following. I’m surprised the show hasn’t been brought back in someway.

    • Tommy

      The show has been brought back on it is on nick however there wont be any new episodes

    • kaitlyn

      We’re trying to show Nickelodeon that it would be worth it to make new episodes, but idk if they’ll listen :( It does seem like they’re finally starting to take notice in the huge fanbase, though.

  • dr. truth

    WOW!! Jerry, this is an awesome post!! I’m a zim fan too!


  • JimBob

    Invader Zim is great, but I can’t say the same for the annoying tweenie fan-base, who are annoyingly screaming “AWWWW” throughout this entire video.

    • I second that! I couldn’t even really hear some of it over all of the “Aw”ing, just because there is neon colors in the cartoon doesn’t mean it’s made specifically for Scene kids…bleh!

  • I love invader zim so… so much, this is excellent.

  • Clara

    :D I’ve been trying to commit “Mopiness” to memory ever since watching the reading earlier this week :D

  • Hannah

    Thanks for spreading awareness on Invader ZIM’s 10th anniversary! :D

    (Those posted videos are actually mine, but Rikki was kind enough to tweet about them!)

  • Giovanni Arcieri

    they are so comfortable with each other. its a very rare thing…
    this show may just make a comeback. nick launched a campaign airing the first wave of invader zims last year to see if people still wanted it..it was voted the number one show with in that time frame..so this means that nick may revive the show..crossing my fingers.

    • kaitlyn

      yeah, and then they released ‘operation doom’ to see how much revenue it would get… and invadercon was a total success (from what i hear) and they are suddenly posting on the main invader zim fb page which they’ve NEVER done before… coincidence?
      well.. most likely it is. but there’s that big chunk of my heart that hopes it’s more than that. i’ve been a fan of this show since it aired for the first time, and its STILL my absolute favorite! i really hope nick makes new episodes…

    • Christina S.

      It wouldn’t be the same without Jhonen Vasquez, though, and there’s no way Vasquez is going to go back to TV animation.

  • Brandon Pierce

    Melissa Fahn is so adorable.

  • Mad dog

    I like the voice work from the voice actors here!

    I was never really a fan of Invader Zim but I love hearing the voices of Richard Horvitz and Melissa Fahn (I loved her in Digimon as Rika!).

  • Charlie

    Man I miss this show.

  • Shark

    Watching the live script reading brought back a wave nostalgia.
    And has it been 10 years already? Man, time flies pretty fast.

  • James Sugrue

    I wish they’d resurrect this show already

  • Compn

    cool stuff. now if only we could get steve ressel to finish posting his director commentary online…

  • Sweet jumpin’ jellybean! Pure genius!

  • Michael

    Actually Christina, Vasquez has already done most of his work that he was supposed to for the show. It was only supposed to run for one more season, ending in a tv movie. Almost all the scripts have been written, and several episodes have actually had the audio recorded for them.

  • kary

    i love invader zim but where is gir?