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Is ‘Legend of Lucky Pie’ The Chinese Knock-Off of ‘Adventure Time’?

Someone posted The Legend of Lucky Pie on YouTube today claiming that it’s an actual cartoon produced in China. Can anyone confirm if this is real?

Whether it’s an honest-to-goodness knock-off or an elaborately produced hoax, the people who made it have certainly spent a fair amount of time studying Adventure Time. (See update below)

Another website points out that a Chinese studio (the same one?) produced a Gumball knock-off to advertise a food product called Miracle Star.

Now we have to ask, Why did both of these Cartoon Network-inspired pieces suddenly appear online today? If you know who’s behind this, let us know.

UPDATE: Wendy Zhao has helped us solve the msytery of these cartoons. She writes:

The Lucky Pie short is currently one episode long, debuted around January 1, produced by what seems like just a team of enthusiastic animation friends (there’s a photo of them here). In these posts introducing the show, they talk about how even though they have no funding and no fancy computers or studio setup, they are determined to make this show and fight the ‘tacky’ and ‘trite’ animated shows usually shown in Chinese media.

Here is a thread in Chinese that raises the question, “What do people think about claims of this show ripping off Adventure Time?” and answering it along the lines of, “Kind of, but not really.”

As for the second [Gumball-style] video, here is a Wiki page about it. I highly doubt that it’s made by the same people as above. The characters in the show have also appeared in some product commercials so it seems to have been in existence for some time.

(Thanks, Mike Scott)

  • Keindel Fansub

    But Adventure Time is Aired in China or Taiwan, i can´t remember.

    • Cedrick

      Adventure Time is aired on Cartoon Network in Taiwan, but in China, doesn’t have a Cartoon Network. That’s it just saying… :)

  • The Jake wannabe horse also bears an uncanny resemblance to Pokey from Gumby. But yeah, it’s hard to say wether these sort of things are hoaxes or not. It is quite suspicious they appeared on the same day though.

  • Anyone else notice that the scenes in the Miracle Star video are exact copies of scenes from Gumball? They ripped off episodes like The DVD, The Party, The GI and others. Can Cartoon Network sue?

    • sui-sui

      US copyright laws have little to no power in China. trying to chase after this on legal grounds would be a waste of time and money and probably amount to nothing. better to just let it go.

    • Also from the update it doesn’t seem like it was made at a studio, its a long fan film.

  • Spencer Morin

    Can we also note that the horse is totally Pokey from Gumby?

  • Ryoku Kero

    Maybe half the recent CNNick show pilots are Regular Time knock-offs, what makes China stand out?

  • Nicholas Walstrom

    There were threads about these cartoons on 4chan’s /co/ last night linking to videos hosted on Chinese websites. I assume these both appeared on YouTube today because interest stirred on /co/ led people to rip the videos and post them on YouTube.

  • Strong Enough

    “…they are determined to make this show and fight the ‘tacky’ and ‘trite’ animated shows usually shown in Chinese media.”

    by ripping off another show. gotcha.

  • Keen Bean

    Definitly same art style and storywriting formula. It does it´s own thing though.

    I dig that.

    Adventure time has really left it´s roots and evolved into it´s own unique thing. I like where it´s at now but I also fell in love with the childlike wonder it was vibing with in the beginning. This show has that. Although I wish I understood what they were saying…

  • Paul M

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    You can’t get a more sincere compliment than this on two of my favorite cartoons. Still, a pity these guys have no confidence in their own ideas. I see more than enough animation skill here to make some decent original work.

    • Ravlic

      I disagree. The only thing flattering in imitations is the assumption that the imitator is a fan of your art. Being a fan is ok, millions of people are fans, what’s wrong is going a step beyond admiring or being inspired by another person’s art and instead completely disrespecting the authorship of the work you’re a fan of by stealing other’s ideas to sell them under your own name. Saying that’s flattering is like saying theft is flattering because the thief liked how your stuff looks.

      • Paul M

        Good point. Still, I have to give points to the animators for the quality of the work – for ripoffs, they could almost be originals.

        Besides, when it comes to ‘art’, ripoff is not the same as theft. if it was, Disney would have squashed that ripoff studio (you know the one) ages ago. Gameloft used to be known as a ripoff game studio, but have emerged as a creative powerhouse in their own right. If these guys use ripoffs to help get them started in the animation biz, I say good on ’em.

  • Ha, they also ripped off Haydn’s Surprise Symphony for the music.

  • Társio Abranches

    One thing had to be said, although. This cartoon is really well-made, ripoff or not. If this young people made everything by their own, it’s impressive.

    They should try to make more changes to the cartoon and turn it more different from AT universe. It just the first episode, they can do some changes. The story looks different from AT.

    North-americans get always freak out when other countries shows they can be as good as USA.

  • JoshActionReplay

    Sir dumpling is that you!?

  • Digamma-F-Wau

    They first showed up on 4chan’s /co/ board, where someone made a thread and it exploded from there. Presumably someone form there decided to rip the video (which was posted on a chinese website) and put it on youtube presumably to make it easier for people.

  • Isashi

    Chill out folks. First off Adventure Time on paper is not that original. “Guy and his Companion Pet/Friend go on Adventures to Save Princesses in a Whimsical world” Hell Mario and Yoshi have been doing that since the 80s.
    Peter and Brian, He-Man and BattleCat, etc.

    The kid looks like a weird tooth thing and the other thing is a horse.
    You know how many Anime characters look alike in style and design?

    This looks like a bunch of talented young folks who got together and made a fan-film but decided I want to make it my own and not just straight up a fan-film. I applaud them for this and who knows where this could go. Maybe they can just make it their own. I don’t think it will hurt Adventure Time any.

    Similiar style and theme do not denote straight up copying. If that was the case everyone who ever made a hero with tights, a cape, and could fly would be in trouble. Give it rest ya’ll. This is a great attempt by these kids.
    Sue? OMG. Really? Sue for what? Making a cartoon that kind of looks like Adventure Time for fun?

    I would love to see Pendelton Wards take on this.

    • shakin steak

      * Yoshi did not exist in the 80s

  • Steven Bowser

    If this didn’t shamelessly steal from Adventure Time then i’d totally encourage these guys to invigorate Chinese animation. It’s surprisingly well done.

  • EM

    The robot in the gumball copy is a square one eyed Bender.

  • Gravity

    anyone here actually watched the adventure time “knock-off” I watched the entire thing, i honestly enjoyed it. it bares little resemblance too adventure time other than the two main characters. i hope they can make more, but also make an effort to make its self stand out a bit from its obvious inspiration.

    that gumball knock-off is called miracle star, and its a carbon copy of gumball unfortunately, and its basically a shameless commercial to sell goats milk.

  • Jacob Jones

    I really like the Adventure Time like one, because it was different from Adventure Time and it wasn’t so blatant. The Gumball like one made me mad though. They even copied exact scenes.

  • What What

    This stole from Adventure Time like Lion King stole from Kimba the White Lion. Even thought it’s a ripoff, the quality if great. I watch the whole thing and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope they continue to make more.

  • einstein95

    The Gumball one has been taken offline…by Cartoon Network.

  • Greg Sharp

    “To be merciful to your enemy is to be cruel to yourself” – I love this cartoon, change the designs and keep the writing and it will be unique.