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“Isle of Spagg” by The Brothers McLeod

Speaking of creator-driven TV shows…

Here’s a half hour pilot by those wonderful, whimsical, BAFTA & Webby Award winning Brothers McLeod. They finished it last year and it’s done a few festivals, now they’ve released it to the rest of the universe. The series focuses on Inger and Herring, a fisherman and mermaid living in amongst a seaside community of Spagg. Says Myles Mcleod:

“Yes, it’s a TV pilot. We started the process back in 2008 when we went down to Cornwall for a week and just came up with characters, location details and story ideas. Then we wrote a bible, script and designed the characters we liked to finished artwork. We basically made it off our own backs — we wanted to show we could make longer form stuff as well as all the shorts we’ve made. We stumped up half the money ourselves and found the rest from the MEDIA fund in Europe. We used professional comedians and actors to do the voices including Richard Ridings (who was in Who Framed Roger Rabbit). We finished the animation last year — most of it was animated by the very talented Tom Evans and Kirsten Thacker, though there were others involved too, not least Robert Brown who did all the beautiful hand drawn moments — like the fire and the sea lapping on the beach. He also prepared the turnarounds (I’ve attached one of the sheets – click to enlarge)”.

  • anik

    Very refreshing, imaginative and fun. The first time I sat through a half an hour of animation in years!

  • Dino

    Completely effing brilliant.

  • Baron Lego

    That was really cool.

  • Chris G. Daniel

    This is quite wonderful, reminds me a bit of Flapjack, but with more whimsy.

    I really hope someone picks this up so they make more.

  • hitface

    I Loved this! it was funny, sweet, and charming. I also like that it is a cartoon intended for adults, but they dont go crazy with the perverted humor or cursing. I dont have an issue with cursing but it seems like most cartoons made for adults feel like they absolutely HAVE to use every adult subject matter they can grasp.
    The designs are so great. For some reason I find Herring’s droopy breasts charming. You dont see many substantially breasted characters with breasts that obey gravity.

  • John A

    I really enjoyed that. Normally I’m not a big fan of today’s TV animation style, but the voice acting really put this one over. I hope this becomes a series. Good luck to them.