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Superb Episode of “Adventure Time” Leads Off 2nd Season

“It Came from the Nightosphere!” is an exceptional episode of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time that combines inventive drawing and animation with funny, heartfelt storytelling. It aired last Monday, which was the show’s second season premiere. Writing and storyboarding duties belonged to Adam Muto and Rebecca Sugar, while the story is credited to Merriwether Williams, Steve Little, Patrick McHale, Pendleton Ward, and Thurop van Orman.

Rebecca, who created the student film Singles and first appeared on Cartoon Brew in October 2007 at the precocious age of twenty, also composed Marceline’s song which is heard in the episode. You can listen to the original version on her blog. Also, be sure and see these incredible drawings of Marceline made by her. She provided a few details about the episode on her blog:

I wrote a song for this episode, Marceline sings it at the beginning while Finn beatboxes. When Pen pitched this storyboard to CN, he beatboxed as Finn and I played the music on a uke and sang as Marceline. It was super terrifying, my first network pitch.

I also did all the monster stuff at the end! Adam Muto did all the meat in the middle! Generally, in our episodes, anything that is actually witty was done by Adam. I’m usually responsible for sex jokes and violence.

Also, just for fun, here’s Sneezy, a short animation piece that Adam created with Pen Ward a few years back. The stylistic evolution and growth from Sneezy to Adventure Time is fascinating to watch:

  • I am a fan of all of this.

  • Josef

    Adventure Time is the best thing on TV.

  • Sup Jake?

  • Joe Pitt

    Congrats Adam, Pen and crew. Keep it fun and fresh! I Lob it!

  • I would let Marceline’s dad suck my soul in exchange for Rebecca’s skills.

  • Archagon

    Adventure Time is pure nightmare fuel masquerading as a children’s show. Shudder.

    • Jourdyn

      That’s how I felt about Ren & Stimpy as a kid.

    • Archagon – I would like, if you’re inclined, to hear you expand on your overwraught comment.

      • Brody

        I’m not Archagon, but I caught a bit of one episode where a magician jerk arbitrarily turns a bird inside out, for giggles — the bird, its viscera and musculature now on the outside of its skin and feathers, tries to fly away to flee, but flops onto the ground. The wandering magician turns Finn into a giant foot, and then disappears in a puff of confetti that says, “Eat It!”

        Granted, these moments teach kids a valuable lesson about how cruel and capricious the universe is (Finn’s mistake was in feeding a beggar in the woods, hoping for a karmic reward), but it’s hard to argue with it being nightmare fuel.

      • Archagon
      • Oh.

  • HAH! Love it.

  • lola

    I think this was the best episode of Adventure Time so far. At least to me.
    Way to go, Sugars! Reppin’ SVA!

  • Jim

    I love this show.

  • Cyle

    I just saw this on CN tonight. I love the show, and it never fails to entertain, but I thought this episode was especially great. I’m glad others did too! Congrats to everyone involved.

  • Such a great episode. Great work to the crew, especially Adam and Rebecca!

    And great song Rebecca! The ‘uke’ playing brings back memories of your “Noodleneck” film.

  • How successful is this show because it still hasn’t come out here in the UK.

  • Adam

    I love this show so much. I haven’t been paying attention I guess, because I had no idea Rebecca Sugar was involved. Now I love it even more.

  • Thomas Hatch

    Rebecca Sugar is a national treasure!

  • Angry Anim

    I’m in love with Adventure Time and I’m in love with Marceline. Don’t tell my wife. I’m going to ask them both out.

  • pheslaki

    This show deserves a lot of love and attention. It’s about the only new kid’s show I’ve seen that is neither twee nor shrieking and migraine-inducing.

  • jordan reichek

    woah! that’s a fun one…

    great song, too!

  • victoria

    I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy Adventure time cause I simply hate the stlye its drawn in, but I caught a couple of episodes and laughed my ass off!

  • that was the best ending to a cartoon ive ever seen

  • I love cartoons and I always have but I just can’t get into this show at all. Is something wrong with me? Am I missing something?

    • Nope, I don’t totally get it either. I admit this episode may be one of the best ones I’ve seen and I kinda like this Marceline character. I’m just not a fan of the drawing style and while there are some imaginative visuals and characters I’m not totally mad about the stories. I’m pretty neutral about it, I like some parts but I don’t think I’ll ever be a big fan.

    • Gobo

      You’re missing a really, really excellent cartoon.

  • IMF’er

    Along with Pen and Adam, Sneezy was also made by Nick Jeong and Julian Narino. Nick did the efx and timing while Julian made the BG designs. Brian Covalt was the creative director.

    • Also, music by Casey James Basichis, who coincidentally is the music man behind Adventure Time. Correct me, iffin; I’m wrong IMF’er.

  • I also didn’t think I would enjoy adventure time but not only is it funny but it often gives me lots to think about. I truly like the character of Marceline, because she’s so mercurial. She’s a good foil for Finn.

  • tonma

    Ha! I love these endings, out of nowhere, I was wondering about the pocket all the time as well.
    I found it fun but not as much to say it’s the best yet. Still this is the only show on tv that will make me take a fart joke and giggle.
    Also, marceline’s song in original uncut version is just great, check it out please!

  • Spencer

    Adventure Time is the best thing to happen to Cartoon Network since Adult Swim was created.

    Never seen a bad episode. This episode proves the second season will be just as strong if not stronger.