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“Jonny Quest” Titles Remade in Stop Motion By a Fan

Jonny Question Stop Motion Titles

Roger Evans, a Western artist who lives in Utopia, Texas (population: 241), also happens to be an obsessive fan of Jonny Quest. He’s given himself the challenge of reanimating the 1960s opening titles of the Hanna-Barbera series using stop motion animation. You can follow its scene by scene completion–currently more than two-thirds finished–on Roger’s website. Every shot is meticulously documented with behind-the-scenes photos and a generous description of how he created the sets, models, animation and effects. There’s a lot of love in this project, as well as a reminder of the lasting impact that a quality animated TV series can have on its viewers.

(Thanks, Brick Malloy)

  • Truly amazing. And his working process is outstanding.
    I’m working on a fan animated sequence too. Not about Johnny Quest, mind you, but about one of my favorite movies, “The Producers”. Here is a short animatic:(shameless self plug)

  • jordan reichek

    ….the circle is now complete.

  • Sean O

    The circle is now a triangle if you count the 1990’s Hanna Barbera reimaginating version of JQ.

  • jordan reichek

    I somehow foresee a forthcoming Robot Chicken episode, detailing the torrid behind the scenes happenings of the cast during the production of this fan recreation.

    It’s the puppet-wise equivalent, of George Takei and Walter Koenig doing internet fan films of Star Trek….and I like it!

    • Keith Paynter

      Next step – a JQ/RC/Harvey Birdman mashup!!

  • What a cool endeavor!

    JQ was great.

    Today i see things like how the main characters were off-model in every other shot, but after re-viewing some other 60’s adventure series I followed like “Lost in Space” or “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” I couldn’t help but note that any episode of “Johnny Quest” was better written than any episode of the others.

    The modern incarnations have been quite disappointing though.

  • skid

    Holy cow, that is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Labour of love indeed!

  • Paul N

    Looks like the mention here crashed his site. Looking forward to seeing when he has more bandwidth.

  • Paul N

    Never mind my last comment; reloading the page does wonders… :0)

    This guy is a rawk star! Very cool stuff!

  • There are some genius techniques here. Using a tv as a bluescreeen seems like madness though, he must be taking very long exposures. I have an otherwise useless monitor I might try some experiments with. Inspired.

  • Thanks for the cudos, kiddos. This has been nothing but fun. It was planned as a one year, part time project and we’re coming in on the very end of things. Anyone that wants to be on the JQ mailing list, just drop me an email and I’ll include you on the next posting coming up. Thanks again for looking!

    My best,

    Roger Evans

  • I’ve written many times on the subject of fan-produced ‘remakes’ of movies and TV shows. Usually my tone has been “why bother”? To be honest, it’s never made sense to me – until now.

    Roger Evans’ “JQ opening sequence” footage by far surpasses the HB original. All I can say is, “WOW! WOW! WOW!” It’s like being 5 years old again and seeing it for the first time. I’d say hurry up and animate the rest – but on second thought – take your time and make it as perfect as you can! Amazing!

  • Great work, but the man needs to work on his site, it is full of broken images and dead links.

  • Hi, Anthrax! The broken links are because of the sudden increase in bandwidth demand as a result of this small article on Cartoon Brew. There’s really nothing I can do about it. Until this blows over, you’ll just have to hit reload a few times. Sorry for the inconvenience. This was so totally unexpected.

    My best,
    Roger Evans

  • Toonio

    You da bomb Roger! JQ has to be the best intro any cartoon has ever had.

    Thanks for sharing all the technical details.

  • Corey K.

    Awesome. Maybe he can do the “Toby Danger” opening credits for an encore? :)

  • J

    This is awesome! As a fan of JQ and stop-motion I almost cried tears of joy. I want to see it stitched together!

  • Thanks for the kind words. I will eventually be posting all the clips cut together with the original music and sound fx. But I don’t want to post anything prematurely and I am asking fans not to post anything they’ve cut together, either. Don’t want to spoil the fun. I’m hoping to be finished by the end of the year.


  • I remember loving this stop-motion Jonny Quest short that would play on Cartoon Network in the ’90s:

  • A lot of fun. Excellent work!

  • Treadwell

    Great work, Roger! I am a little concerned that the camera motion you’ve added will be a little much once edited together. The eye needs a break shot to shot. But will be following with great interest!

    • You are quite correct about the concerns on too much motion. I have been cutting this together as I go since the beginning and there are a number of shots that I had motion on that I either slowed down or cut the motion altogether. So I’ve been watching as I go. So far it looks great cut together. The motion, where appropriate, adds a lot of depth.

      Thanks for looking! :)


  • You are awesome, dude! As an old guy who had the pleasure of working with Doug Wildey, I know he would have loved this.

    I was a stealth animator on the original show back in the sixties. I was still employed at Disney at the time, and had to work on the QT. However, this H-B show remains my favorite.

  • Hi, guys!

    Thanks for all the kind words. Means a lot to know that people are watching.

    Just posted another update. Dragons on the move!



  • Next, He should do the Thunderbirds! Umm . . oh wait . . nevermind

  • Hey, guys!

    This is the second shot of the Quest (Dragonfly) jet.

    This one was tricky because of the rotational move I added to the background and the jet.


  • Another Jonny Quest Update!



  • Hi, all!

    Been a while. Super busy with work. Here’s the latest in this saga:



  • Okay. It is done.

    Thanks for looking in, everyone. It’s been fun.


    Roger Evans

  • Awesome sequence! You should recreate and entire episode!