MAD’s Marvel Superhero/Adventure Time mash-up MAD’s Marvel Superhero/Adventure Time mash-up

MAD’s Marvel Superhero/Adventure Time mash-up

This parody of Marvel Super Heroes and Adventure Time aired on Cartoon Network’s MAD show last month. Even though its gone viral the past few weeks, it is just too good not to share here. Bravo Mad-men!

(Thanks, Bill Field)

  • I watched this when it came out. It makes me laugh every time. XD Great job, guys!
    “Bubblegum Princess? That isn’t your nickname, is it?”

  • “What time is it?! it’s CLOBBERIN TIME!”

    LOL, i love it!

  • NC

    According to a friend who works there this was just one big inside joke on Adventure Time’s staff.

    • Thomas Hatch

      Hey Mad, relax, will ya? Ya flip right out, what’s got into you? We’re breaking your balls a little bit, that’s all. We’re only kidding with ya, we were having a party, we didn’t mean to offend you. [takes a drink] Now go home and get your fuckin’ shinebox.

  • I remember watching this on TV when it first aired. (I hadn’t realized it just went viral though.) Funny funny stuff. They even referenced the original short!

  • tonma

    hehehe… loved the 60’S part to…

  • Vzk

    I don’t watch this show but is it only parodies and pop-culture jabs or also has original stories like the Monroe comics (does Bill Wray work on the show)?

  • Brilliant !

  • im glad mad has gone back to being funny

  • Marc Baker

    That was A great mesh up of Marvel’s Super Heroes, and ‘Adventure Time’. Very clever, and creative. It also helped that this same episode which featured this skit also had A scathing ‘Twilight’ skit.

  • Shmorky

    The one part I liked is that they used the same sound effect as I did in BITCOMS.

    It’s some weird zapping noise with horns at the end. It made me laugh. Guess it made them laugh too!

  • Best mad skit ive seen!!

  • I loved this one!

  • Zartok-35

    Needs more Vampire queens. Glad to see Tom Kenny didn’t shy aways from this, though.

  • Michel Van

    i love MAD magazine