<em>Meddlen Meddows</em> <em>Meddlen Meddows</em>

Meddlen Meddows

Another cartoon Dennis and his Dad won’t be seeing on TV. From Cartoon Network’s aborted Cartoonstitute program, created and directed by Chris Riccardi.

  • Brad Constantine

    I really enjoyed that…thanks fer sharing…I hope he keeps trying.

  • Great Style
    reminds me of the flintstones and the Ward Kimball 60s Tomorrow land animated clips.

    Who made this, cartoon network?
    how did they get this made into a pilot?

  • Ian

    Why did they cancel this program, they should have just aired these as part of a shorts block and included some of the old “What A Cartoon Show” mixed in with Cartoon Cartoons.

  • Not bad…but I like SPLEENSTAB even more!

  • Stephen DeStefano

    Chris Reccardi is my favorite cartoonist in animation, no lie.

  • What people REALLY need to see is Chris & Lynne Naylor’s “The Modifiers” pilot for Nickelodeon. It would make your jaw drop knowing that both Nick and Cartoon Network passed on it ’cause they didn’t need any more “girls’ shows”.

  • Aw man, I can only wonder what could have been. It reminds me a lot of the early Cartoon Network shows from the mid-90s. And not to sound to much like a hippy, but you really can feel the energy of the creative team. Of course, the fact that Chris Reccardi has some fantastic artistic abilities does the short no harm at all.

  • fishmorgjp

    Very cool… sort of a wonked-out variation on “It’s About Time”?

  • Rob M.

    “Tech-a-noogie” had to be voiced by Paul Rugg, the same guy that did Freakazoid!

  • Demetre

    Wow, a real cartoon, aint seen one of those in a long time.

  • Mike Bell

    Hey Scott Shaw thanks for the SpleenStab shout out. I didn’t even know it was put on to YouTube and taken off. But someone did put it back up!


    Oh and I love Chris’s cartoon he is truly a rock star!

  • Iritscen

    @Rob: Yes, I thought that sounded like Paul Rugg too.

    I enjoyed this for the most part, but I did have an issue with the main character’s design. Very reminiscent of Atom Ant to the point of distraction, and also I didn’t care for the choice of line weights in his form that shouted “Flash vector”. I guess I’m also not a fan of cartoons that seem, like Khan Singh, to be unable to think in three dimensions. There’s a whole other dimension out there, let’s use it!

  • Dave G

    It sure sounds like Paul Rugg, whether it is or not.

  • Very interesting. It definitely has some of Reccardi’s more energetic poses and facials that I haven’t seen in a while.

  • Harukuro

    That was a fun watch, like the rest of the shorts of Cartoonsitute. I thought the voice of the main character sounded familiar, I just wasn’t sure where I heard it before but now that I think about it it is Freakazoid. Also Chris B. can you tell me more about “The Modifiers”? It sounds pretty interesting.

  • Josh B.

    @Chris Battle
    I remember a short-lived show on Nicktoons Network called “Shorts in a Bunch” and I think the commercials always started with excerpts from Modifiers. They never really aired the pilot, though. But they did air Greg Miller’s “The Wizzard of Krudd”, which I thought was a good’un.


    Shame that Nicktoons canned the show, it could’ve been a great venue for unseen Nick pilots and shorts.

  • Mike Bell: One more thumbs up for “SpleenStab”. I clicked the link for the heck of it, and I’m so glad I did! It reminds me of a twisted Jay Ward creation, and above all, it’s FUNNY! I loved the Brownie’s frustration with the “rainbow wipe”, and his quick exclamation of “freedom!” when he flies through the air off Spleenstab’s sword. A cartoon with actual jokes?! Well done!