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Michael Eisner, Cartoon Creator

Michael Eisner

Michael Eisner has launched a new animation company called Tornante Animation.

And he’s created his own animated series.

And Nickelodeon has picked it up for 20 episodes.

Boy, how’d we ever miss this story?

Eisner’s idea, Glenn Martin DDS, is a stop-motion series about a dentist who wants a change of pace and decides to go on a roadtrip. Sounds like a Gary and Mike for the PoliGrip crowd.

The LA Times article offers an insight into the creative process that Michael Eisner went through to arrive at this idea:

Eisner said he initially wanted to make a show that revolved around a dog like the one owned by his former colleague Tom Staggs, chief financial officer of Disney, “a giant Swiss army dog with a tail that stands straight up,” Eisner said. (According to Disney, the dog is a Swiss mountain dog.) But that idea evolved into the dentist with his family.

Thankfully for Eisner, his show is in good hands. The Times reports that he’s already hired ten writers to work on the series.

  • I read a snippet of the Nickelodeon acquisition a little while back when going through some quarterly recaps of Viacom, Inc.; but didn’t bother to look for much else… perhaps it was a good thing that I didn’t.

  • Dentists, out of every profession, have the highest suicide rate.

    I wonder if this will contribute?

    Maybe it will cause animators to take up the slack.

  • GENIUS!!!

  • Killroy McFate

    A Swiss Army Dog’s tail can also be used as a can opener and corkscrew.

  • Bryan

    This stop-motion comes from a guy who pushed computers over pencils? I’m surprised this isn’t CGI. But it is “3-D”.

  • Gee, maybe he’ll run into Bob & Margaret somewhere along the way.

  • Say what you will, but he turned theatrical animation around while at Disney. Maybe he’ll do the same for television animation?

  • Maybe Eisner is trying to redeem himself in some eyes. Maybe he’s looking back now, and realizing some of the mistakes he made. Maybe he’s realizing he could have done better.

    Or maybe I’m going too much into Mr. Eisner’s past. Regardless, a stop-motion show on Nickelodeon will be a nice change of pace, especially one dealing with dentists.

  • Thank you & goodnight.

    By the way, whatever happened to that whole Bazooka Joe debacle?

  • I believe it is being done by Eric Fogel, the creator of “Celebrity DeathMatch”. At least thats what I read in another story about it. At least he’s one of the good guys.

  • P.C. Unfunny

    I don’t care if Eisner spews his own garbage, at least he’s not at Disney.

  • But is it safe?

  • Wes

    How long before he makes the statement, “Stop motion is dead”?

  • DanO: Ah, I thought it reminded me of something. It was either that or that stop-motion sitcom from the mid-90’s I can’t remember the name of. With those in mind I can already tell how this is going to animate.

  • bbb

    One of the good guys?

    A NY company worked tirelessly to produce the pilot for little money and then Eisner and Fogel rewarded them by taking the series to Cuppa Coffee in Canada.

  • FP

    –A NY company worked tirelessly to produce the pilot for little money and then Eisner and Fogel rewarded them by taking the series to Cuppa Coffee in Canada.–

    More details, please.

  • Johnny Carson:

    “I waaaas not aware of that.”

  • Bobby D.

    Interesting article. Today a little stop-motion TV show…tomorrow, who knows…

    LA TIMES – 2012 – “In a hostile take-over Micheal Eisner has taken full control of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios…circling the studio in his Gulf Stream, Eisner was seen tossing-out flyers, which read, “Never underestimate the clay”


  • The Animator

    Wonder how long this will last.

  • Dan

    I suppose I could have tipped you off when he came to Nick for a pitch, but I didn’t think anything came of it. For me, it’s good to see Nick’s content broaden. But, I have my doubts about Eisner’s foresight.

  • Every little schoolboy knows it take ELEVEN writers to script a hit show.

    What the heck’s wrong with you, Michael?

  • And here I am, asking: why bother animating it at all? Isn’t it cheaper and more expedient to hire actors? Even Cartoon Network has figured that one out.

  • Jo

    I’m always wary of “family” television. That term seems to be code for “entertainment that the whole family can be bored by.” A few years ago, NickAtNite had an animated series from Billy Cosby called “Parenthood” or “Fatherhood” or whatever, and it was just…boring. This series seems to be along the same vein, but hey- maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • sooper clown

    Makes sense that Eric Fogel, Eisner and Cuppa Coffee are in bed together with this one. They truly, truly deserve each other. I’ll give it 3, maybe 4 episodes before it tanks.

    Sad but not surprised that Eisner and Fogel screwed that NY company.

  • I’ve worked with Cuppa Coffee in the past. They’re good people who do good work. They also have one of the largest and best equipped stop motion facilites anywhere.

    So what if they’re in Canada? If the show were done in NYC, you’d be complaining that it wasn’t done in LA.

    I’ll take a “wait and see” approach – you never know, it could be a good show.

  • Doug Holverson

    It’s kind of funny how nobody had yet mentioned about how that character kind of looks like Nixon.

  • Jason

    Guess this answers the question as to why Eisner sooooooo loved those farkin’ Muppets that he coughed up way-too-many bucks to buy them. The cruder and stupider the medium, the more he apparently likes it. First lame puppets, now stop-motion claymation. He actually combines both in that picture. Which begs the question: How come he’s into every retro type of animation except 2-D?

  • sooper clown

    No need to bash puppets or stop motion, Jason. Don’t blame the lack of design and story on the medium used.

    And, there’s no reason to “wait and see”. Judging from the image above, I can bet that there will be better ways to waste 22 minutes than watching this. No thanks Mr. Eisner.

  • Ed

    Even Eisner had to pitch to the development monkeys at Nick? Wonder of wonders, they caved in the presence of the once great power stud. This recalls how Norman Lear did a similar Jedi mind trick on Jamie Kellner, and sold “Channel Umptee Three” a decade or so ago.

    Johnny Carson: “Television is the only animal that eats its young.”

  • “First lame puppets…”

    The Muppets aren’t “lame”.

  • No, he doesn’t look like Nixon, he looks like that guy who always plays child molesters.

    Ain’t no money like “dentist money”!

  • RE: And there’s no reason to “wait and see”.

    No. Of course there isn’t. We wouldn’t want informed, educated opinions, now would we?

    As for the look of the show – I’ve never been a fan of Matt Groening’s style – but there’s no denying The Simpsons (in its prime) was a great show. Who’s to say that “Glenn Martin DDS” won’t be funny?

  • Susana

    “Boy, how’d we ever miss this story?”
    ^ :P that’s what i’m thinking!

    wow, so this is like his first big thing after Disney, right?

  • Phil

    No, Eisner’s first thing after Disney was that interview show shot at Morton’s, where he told people like Billy Crystal what their work meant to him. Sort of like “Fernwood 2 Night” without the laughs.

  • Ron

    From what I have heard is that Cuppa Coffee got the job because the studio that did the pilot was set up to do just that and not 20 half hours. But that’s probably not of any great importance.
    Perhaps people with actual facts should report rather than comment from afar and have this format turn into a childish schoolyard bitch.
    It ends up just reading like there’s a whole country full of bitter, life’s not fair animators and show creators!
    I’m not sure why there’s such a fracas about whose doing what and why? Fogels, Eisners or Cuppa’s name is being banged around by people who don’t know any of them but I guess the webs quite empowering in that way!
    I say good luck to the show and maybe just maybe it will encourage other broadcasters to do even more animation that includes people like “sooper clown” and his ideas and shows that currently sit dormant in his desk.

  • Ron

    According to Sooper Clown ” there’s no reason to “wait and see”. Judging from the image above, I can bet that there will be better ways to waste 22 minutes than watching this”

    Perhaps Sooper clown isn’t so dumb?! As he is referring to a still and image created and produced by the New York company he defended.

    Mixed messages Sooper Clown. You need to get your info straight if this forum is going to be useful and not the cynical, bitter, misinformed you have helped it become.

  • Lori

    This show looks so totally cool. I can not wait to see it on the air!
    Brilliant idea.