More Beany & Cecil Boards by Bruce Timm More Beany & Cecil Boards by Bruce Timm

More Beany & Cecil Boards by Bruce Timm

Beany and Cecil storyboard

A few weeeks ago, I posted a few pages of Bruce Timm storyboards from The New Adventures of Beany and Cecil (1988). I also said if any reader wanted to scan in the entire set of Timm storyboards from this episode and share them with the online community, I’d be happy to send over my copies. Brew reader Micah Baker took me up on the offer and has generously scanned the boards for everybody. He’s posted the entire storyboard set onto Flickr. Also, another reader has posted the finished episode onto YouTube so if you’re curious to see how Timm’s work was adapted to film, compare his boards to the cartoon below.

  • Wow! Those boards are GREAT!
    I’ve never seen the appeal of The New Adventures of Benie and Cecil, but apparently that’s because I’ve never seen the storyboards!

  • uncle wayne

    thank YOO! To my dying day I’ll never understand its incredibly short network run! I guess kids or ANYone up at 8am on a Sat. morn never knew “what hit ’em!” It is such an homage to the 60s hit show. That’s some funny stuff. I still wish to hell tv would rebroadcast them again….both series.

  • Dana Anderson

    THANK YOU Micah for posting these great boards! I’ve got the series on tape/DVD and am going to really enjoy seeing how the finished cartoon developed from these boards. Once again– much thanks from a 50 year (that’s not my age, that’s how long ago I started watching cartoons!) cartoon lover. Amid, Jerry, and the rest of you ‘golden agers’ keep up the good work.

  • LNG

    DIC’s finished show can’t hold a candle to these boards.

  • Micah

    Hiya folks,

    I went back into the set on flickr and re-ordered the pages so they are running first to last. Sorry about that little “fox pass.”

    I’m glad you all are enjoying these. Thanks to Amid for sharing them! Thanks for the comments Dana and everyone.

    LNG, I agree. Reading the boards was, for me, much more fun than actually watching the show.