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My Favorite Martian


This post is only slightly on-topic, as I want to give a plug to a new soundtrack CD for one of my favorite live action sitcoms of the 1960s.

La-La Land Records has just released a limited edition CD that contains the musical score for the TV series My Favorite Martian (not to be confused with Filmation’s god-awful My Favorite Martians). The album contains the music cues created by composer George Greely, who cleverly combined ’50s sci-fi musical motifs (i.e. heavy use of the Theremin) with ’60s atomic/ lounge/space age pop. It’s a lot of fun to listen to while driving, which is what I was doing when I first heard it.

In an effort to connect this to animation history, I’ll point out that the My Favorite Martian opening title animation was done at the Howard Anderson optical effects house, with animation by Chuck Jones unit animator Lloyd Vaughan (who animated the titles for a another show, also produced by Martian’s Jack Chertok, called My Living Doll – anyone got an episode of that?).

The only place you can order this CD is at La-La Records website. You can watch numerous episodes of My Favorite Martian free, online at AOL Video. And for info on the My Favorite Martian comic book and the illo above, visit Scott Shaw!’s Oddball Comics.

  • The martian in the picture above looks suspiciously much like Dino.
    Except he parts his way different.

    My favorite Martian is awesome.

    I need to get that cd for a composer friend of mine.

  • Charlie

    Looks like Dino got a hairpiece!

  • Let’s be realistic. The Filmation cartoon was only slightly worse than the lve-action show itself. But since you raise the topic of animated opening titles, has anyone put together a book or website devoted to that topic alone? I think that’d be a fascinating read, and something i’d go ahead and write myself if only I had access to the information.

  • My Living Doll starred Julie Newmar. I think a DVD release would go over big with a certain portion of the population, including myself.

  • Chertok TV

    “My Living Doll” is in the process of being restored, it will be available on DVD late this year.
    I’m sure that this will be a new one to add for Kliph’s list of most hated classic fantasy sitcoms.(so don’t buy it)
    Didn’t his mother ever tell him “if you can’t say something nice…. ”
    with those kinds of opinions the floor of lawyers at his publisher will be pulling their collective hair out.

  • jon fisher

    Elliott fisher played electric violin for George Greely, often his sound was mistaken as a theramin. He did a lot of session work on the twilight zones, outerlimits, commercials, and, b movie sound effects. He has some tracks of his “exotica” music, from his Capitol record release “BangBangBang” on the ultra lounge albums as well! thanks for the tip on the M.F.M. soundtrack!

  • Tony Greeley

    Dear Jerry,
    Thank you for your acknowledgment of my father’s contribution to musical sound effects for scoring a TV show. Mr. Greeley (that’s the correct spelling) was the only one, as far as I know, to utilize the Theramin for comic musical effect in this or any other medium, and wore other hats as well, including musical director, studio conductor and orchestrator. Some of the happiest times of my life were sitting in on one of his dubbing sessions on the Desilu sound stage and watching him work with the orchestra helping to bring to life another aspect of the Martian segment. My dad passed away last year at 89, and I know he’d be very proud of being mentioned on your website.