New “Looney Tunes Show” clips New “Looney Tunes Show” clips

New “Looney Tunes Show” clips

We are getting a clearer picture of what to expect from Cartoon Network’s new Looney Tunes Show which is now set to premiere May 3rd at 8pm. The channel has set up a new website loaded with images, downloads and many clips. For example, this musical Yosemite Sam video…

And this update of Marvin Martian…

Daffy, Bugs and Sam ghost-bust a house…

And here is an example of the CG Road Runner and Coyote (TV style):

  • Doug Abramson

    The musical segments don’t do much for me, but my youngest nephew thought that the Yosemite Sam one was great. The Ghostbusted clip was OK, but I want to see it in context with the entire cartoon. I loved the Roadrunner short. They found a new way to use tho old formula and they used the Roadrunner theme from the Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show.

  • Eric

    I’m not usually a hater but I hate this.

  • I’m not sure who I should be disappointed with (producers, writers, animators, or audience), but I am very disappointed.

  • Chelsea

    I was trying to stay positive about this project, but that Yosemite Sam ‘rap'(?) is pretty bad…

    I think the biggest fault of this show could be that (it seems like) it’s trying to be Looney Toons for a hip, pop-culture obsessed generation (Bugs & Daffy in the suburbs, awe hawh!) and… wow. It’s really not looking good. It seems like the writers/ artists/ producers etc. are forcing dated (to the new generation) jokes and mannerisms, to a group of timeless characters. The Looney Tunes cast shouldn’t be acting like they’re in 2011, they should be acting like they acted in the original toons- as if they don’t know what time they’re in, they’re just funny.

    This isn’t funny. This is ‘we’re in 2011, act cool!’ and it’s ‘so totally’ not cool. :(

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Certainly the dated nature of it is what concerns me a little. I’m more for the idea it shouldn’t feel like it’s clamped down to a certain time period, yet I don’t mind it if there was one or two instances you could pick out in the writing as long as they were careful about it.

    • Charles

      There are a lot of older Looney Toons where the characters were very aware of the era they were living in. There’s jokes about war bonds and flappers, caricatures of celebrities and riffs on popular movies, it’s all there. Pop culture has been a big part of Looney Tunes. I agree that watching Yosemite Sam do a rap and Marvin the Martian throw a house party is distressing but let not put Looney Toons on “never been touched by popular culture” pedestal.

      • Chelsea

        I didn’t mean to imply that Looney Tunes was never written with pop culture in mind, and agree with you that no one should forget that the original toons did sometimes go there. But as someone said below in another thread, it’s also important to recognize that the old toons treated pop culture references very differently. They weren’t as obvious as they are in these new shorts, and now that it’s decades later you can still find the jokes funny even if you have no idea that some are actually references, because in most cases they’re just good, well-written and well-acted jokes. Most of what we’ve seen with the new show… isn’t.

        This new stuff is humor that tries to cater itself to the kids watching TV right now, and I don’t even know that the kids of now will find this stuff funny. And that’s another thing, the new toons are very obviously catering some of the humor to kids, and the old toons never did that. I realize we’re in a different time where animation has basically become ‘the kid genre’ in many ways, at least on CN and Nick- so of course the new show can’t be as raunchy as the old toons sometimes were but that’s not exactly what I’m getting at. The original shows were clever, and these new ones- whatever the jokes- aren’t. Not from what we can see here anyway. It just feels like they gave all the cast some ‘HIP’ new personality disorders and are hoping that these funky kids of the now will find them funny.

        The actual show clips at least look better than the short music videos do.

      • Spencer

        Looney Tunes had WELL-WRITTEN pop culture references. This is just unoriginal, boring, and annoying.

  • The worst I can say is that I didn’t really find those clips all that funny. At least Warner Brothers is telling stories and exploring the characters a little bit here, rather than just slapping their faces on merchandise and hoping the audience remembers who they are.

    I don’t think any of these clips was too outstanding, but they’re not going to kill the franchise either. And it looks like they’re willing to try a lot of different approaches, so who knows, maybe they’ll hit on something that really works at some point. I say good luck to ’em.

  • Rebecca4th


    What the heck did they do to Yosemite Sam? It’s like he’s on prescription medication! His personality has fizzled out to a lame sitcom character. I’m having a difficult time finding a word to describe this… atrocity?…bland, shallow husk of a amazing, original line of well-made entertaining cartoons.

    The first 2 clips, I couldn’t even watch the whole way through, just out of spite for the lack-a-daisy songs. The last 2 clips (which I watched the full way through) were incredibly dull and (in the case of the CG Coyote/RoadRunner short) stiff.

    It seems to me that they are aiming at the same kind of tone that Regular Show carries, that minimalistic kind of humor (which I think RS pulls off very well) and the blase episodic storyline of a basic sitcom (Hannah Montana or something akin).

    I think it is sometimes good to be open to new views of classics and at least give something like this show a chance, but I can’t say that about The Looney Tunes Show. Cartoon Network should really just change the name of the show to The Dairy Show, since they are milking the likeness of our Merry Melodies friends for all that they are worth.

    • Funkybat

      Yeah, I ain’t feelin’ the rage from ol’ Yosemite Sam. I understand that modern “standards” won’t allow for him to run around with revolvers, blasting the hell out of anything/anyone that pisses him off, but he just seems too mellowed out, not to mention not really sounding right. I’d say he sounds even more “off” than Foghorn Leghorn did in earlier clips. Daffy’s voice is actually less annoying to me now, after hearing how “wrong” some of the secondary characters sound. Bugs is probably the best voice so far. Voices aside, there is just so much not quite hitting on all cylinders with this show, but I’ll still watch a few episodes and give it a chance. At least it’s not another “Loonatics.”

  • Baron Lego

    All these clips do is make me appreciate my Looney Tunes Golden Collection purchases more than ever.

  • Joe

    This is all very sad. None of these clips are the least bit humorous. The fly scenes w/the Coyote were promising, but why does the Roadrunner fight the Coyote? Roadrunner doesn’t have to fight – he can outrun the Coyote. It is as if the animators are only familiar w/fight scenes as physical action. Roadrunner cartoons supposed to be funny, not violent. And the Matrix reference towards the end? Really? What year is this?

    • 2011 Adult

      The FIRST RULE of the shorts was that the road runner CANNOT HARM THE COYOTE EXCEPT FOR THE ‘BEEP BEEP’. A ninja fight would never work in the old shorts, and frankly, it’s weird seeing the road runner be proactive against him (hey, SOMEDAY it would happen!). But Chuck is not with us anymore, and it’s time to move on.

      • Yeah, I was thinking the same “rule” about the road runner, although it was sometimes broken. I don’t mind if they want some scenes to be a ninja thing instead of the classic chase, but they should have found ways for the Road Runner to avoid the Coyote’s attacks and for those attacks to backfire on the Coyote. Like if the coyote’s swinging a ball and chain, have the roadrunner duck for some reason and it come back and smack him in the face or whatever….

      • I agree. The humour of the road runner cartoons was essentially derived from a coyote inadvertently beating himself up in the pursuit of dinner. The perspective of the Roadrunner was that of an enthusiastic onlooker, who occasionally interacted only so much as to keep the action rolling.

        Having the Roadrunner stoop to the Coyote’s level just makes it Spy Versus Spy. Only a cruel version because the same side is always destined to lose.

      • Was My Face Red

        Yes, that was the comedy cusp of Roadrunner cartoons. The coyote was the agent of his own downfall. That made him just like us – and the one we identified with. This started well (the fly gag made me laugh) but then it became pastiche, not parody as the ‘gags’ went away. They had a fight. it was quite well done. But just a fight.

        All the funny stuff should have been found in the coyoyte trying to pull ninja stunts and them rebounding on him, but it went for style over content. This show has weak writers, which was only confirmed by sit-com Bugs and Daffy and those painfully dated attempts at ‘rap’.

    • Det

      The roadrunner cartoons aren’t supposed to be violent? That coyote has been put through a lot! Crushed by gigantic boulders, blown to smithereens, sliced and diced and all what else. And he keeps coming back for more. Keep in mind he isn’t genetically altered, an alien powered by earth’s sun, a mutant, etc… Just an anthropomorphic animal made to amuse the audience through his ceaseless suffering.

      Compared to back then, the violence in toons today are quite tame. Toons today try to justify their unimaginative superpowered slapfights with “logic”.

  • They are rapping.


    The level of Poochie-esque badness here is utterly astounding.

    • Tory

      yes, exactly, this is the kind of stuff that other cartoon shows make fun of.

    • Hulk

      ‘Poochie’ hits the nail on the head here. The only context that could make these clips work is if they were making fun of what some imaginationless jackass producers would do with the Looney Tunes characters if they got a hold of em. Unfortunately this is not a spoof. It’s reality. Oh well. It’s not the end of the world. I predict a quick painless death for this series followed by a re-release of the classic dvd set. We can only hope.

    • Am i the only one that feels that the rapping was purposely ironic and therefore isn’t so bothered by it? Man, the Marvin the martian has me laughing out loud! (“MARRTIIIANNNNN!” CMON! anyone?)

      i mean yeah, it’s not what i would have the characters doing but I feel like the Animaniacs and tiny toons have done similar things…

      Im still having mixed feelings about the rest. To be honest, I am laughing, but thats because random humor makes me laugh. its easy. Sadly though, it seems like they are sacrificing the characters of the show for whatever is funny. Daffy is playing the homer simpson, ‘Peter griffin’ idiot character and Bugs is the ‘jerry seinfeld’, ‘Dante from clerks’ character who rolls his eyes and gets annoyed.

      It seems to scream “hey! look were like ‘Family Guy! Look!” when in actuality, ‘Family Guy’ should be following the Looney tune’s lead.

      One thing I wanna give them props for is for providing something that is at least unpredictable.

    • Stephan

      The real crime? Bad rap. I think as Dangerdoom proved, there is nothing inherently wrong with traditional cartoon characters rapping. Just hire an actual rapper. If rapping was easy, everyone would do it.

  • AaronSch

    I must be getting old… It lacked humor and heart, not even remotely entertaining.

    • Spencer

      Nah, some old folkies still have the chuckles in em. As a 20-something youngun, I can honestly say that this will have no respect or leverage amongst the better read of my community…. Or the ill-read.

  • Karl Hungus

    I don’t think I’m talking out of turn when I state that there isn’t one redeeming quality of those clips. Stale humor, bad staging, weak designs, stilted voice performances, and mediocre overseas animation.

    Yeah, its got it all.

    • Klyph

      I would argue that the Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner animation was not only good, but quite excellent. Easily bests some feature animation that’s crept into theaters the last few years.

    • Det

      Need I bring up Loonatics?

      Personally, I think the designs this time around are much better than previous attempts at modernization.

  • Matt P.

    The first two clips were just dreadful to me, the third one actually made me smile and the fourth just felt like a weak parody. (Though I did see another entitled “Fe Fi Fo Dumb” which I thought was pretty good)

    The more I see of this show, the less impressed I am. But then again, I don’t think I’m the show’s target audience.

    • cbat628

      Exactly the order that I felt. The Marvin the Martian clip almost had me sobbing.

  • Karl Hungus

    My second thoughts on the matter are: Who is responsible for these??

    Can we have the credits listed?

    • fiachra hackett
      heres the show on imdb
      doesn’t mention too many people involved just the producer and the voice actors

      • Brandon Pierce

        That list is incorrect. Mostly.

    • So very curious what Karl Hungus is going to do when he finds out who is responsible for setting his world on its ear like this. Contact the showrunner for a writing gig because his gags would be far superior? Submit his reel so he can prove that he could do a far better job bringing his beloved characters to life? Have his agent contact production (who he could definitely whip into shape if someone let him take a crack at the schedule) so that he might show ’em how VO is done?

      Let me know if I can assist in speeding this list over to you, Karl.

  • Ama

    The quality of the writing and animation doesn’t seem all that different from a lot of other shows coming out (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Perhaps if it wasn’t Looney Tunes and there was nothing to expect of it there would be more positive things to say, but the big qualm I have with this new show from what I’ve seen so far is that the humor seems almost completely dialogue driven rather than visual (aside from the Road Runner segments of course). That’s not to say I don’t like dialogue driven humor, but considering this show’s roots I really think they could’ve struck more of a balance with it.

  • Overall, I like what I see here.

    The rap/hiphop isn’t to my taste, but that’s just me.

    I really liked the CG Roadrunner/Coyote clip. Very rich and well done.

    I’d call this a worthy successor to the classic Looney Tunes. Good work, guys!

  • Stephen M. Levinson


  • Trevor


  • Autumn

    The musical segments and 3D crap I wasn’t too fond of, but they’re better than I expected them to be. I really just wish they weren’t there at all.

    The clips from the show made me laugh and I enjoyed them. Yeah, I said it.

    We cannot expect the quality we got from the classics. That can never be re-created and they clearly aren’t trying to. I suppose that’s a good thing.

  • Meredith

    I’d just really like to see the characters in their own element. I.E. Yosemite Sam as a cowboy, not some suburbian next-door neighbor. The Roadrunner short came the closest, but I agree with Joe that the Roadrunner should not be fighting the Coyote. It’s out of character for him. He should just run away.

    It’s not nostalgia, it’s what these characters were created for. I just don’t think it works in the sitcom format.

  • Dan Kyder

    CONGRATULATIONS! They succeeded. They actually did it and pulled it off thoroughly!

    It was tough, I had my doubts… I feared things would fall short…

    But now I’ve seen the Marvin the Martian rap, I can quite clearly award them the prize for making the absolute worst thing that anybody has ever spent time making

    • Autumn

      No no, I think Mickey proceeds this crap. He had an entire rap album after all.

    • Worse than even Loonatics, or Baby Looney Tunes? I mean it wasn’t great but come on now.

      • Anonymous

        “Worse than even Loonatics, or Baby Looney Tunes? ”


    • snipw2t3

      Sam’s is worse.

  • Just this morning I blogged about how the English can produce animated TV series that use character and visual humor. The Roadrunner clip is wordless, but has absolutely nothing original, just re-heated martial arts stylings, which have lost all value from overuse.

  • what a stinking pile. those musical segments are like a parody of the worst of the worst when it comes to classic characters getting a “modern” treatment. ugh – barf

  • Keegan






  • Jiles M.

    I think this show would benefit by abandoning the hip hop segments. Other than that it doesn’t look as bad as the earlier clips implied.

  • tamera

    Oh…my gosh. the first two clips….I’m without words.

    Less than a few seconds in and I had to close the tab. What were they thinking!? I’m too embarrassed for the people who made it…that such a clip would even make it on the air. Geez.

    The Roadrunner clip was kinda ok…it wasn’t horrible, got a couple of chuckles, but that was it. Hopefully those will get better as it goes on, they show a bit of promise.

    And the Ghostbusting clip….Bugs! Please, those expressions! Deadpan doesn’t fit you! Maybe sometimes, but not always. It’s just, I dunno. It looks strange to see Bugs have all those eye-brow creases. Especially in that “Basketball” clip…it doesn’t fit him.

  • Isn’t the whole point of the Coyote and Roadrunner series to have the roadrunner seemingly outsmarting the Coyote with an oblivious look on his face. That’s what makes it fun…not the Roadrunner fighting back.

    As for the other videos…it is what it is, at least we have Jessica’s great re-designs to drool over! Nice work Jessica!

  • tgentry

    I’m having an existential debate with myself on whether the musical numbers are purposefully bad in an ironic sort of way or just bad. Either way I didn’t really understand what I was seeing. They kind of float in that gray area between sincerity and irony when they should probably just pick one and run with it.

    The Wile E. Coyote Ninja parody seemed like an interesting and charming setup for some good Coyote/Road Runner antics in an unconventional presentation, but 95% of it was just them fighting like “normal” movie ninjas, completely ignoring the physics and humor that makes those cartoons special and fun. Instead we get Road Runner and Coyote are ninja fighting like ninjas. Oh, you want witty physical comedy? No they’re just fighting. Sorry. Everything about this series so far seems like marks missed.

  • Tim Hodge

    In “Chuck Amuck”, Chuck Jones laid out 9 of the rules for Roadrunner plots:
    1. The Roadrunner cannot harm the coyote except by going “BEEP-BEEP!”
    2. No outside force can harm the Coyote – only his own ineptitude or the failure of the ACME products.
    3. The Coyote could stop anytime – IF he were not a fanatic.
    4. No dialog ever, except “BEEP-BEEP!”
    5. The Roadrunner must stay on the road – otherwise, logically, he would not be called Road Runner.
    6. All action must be confined to the natural environment of the two characters – the Southwest American desert.
    7. All Materials, tools, weapons or mechanical conveniences must be obtained from the ACME Company.
    8. Whenever possible, make gravity the Coyote’s greatest enemy.
    9. The Coyote is always more humiliated than harmed by his failures.

    They got 3, 4 & 6 right. (Maybe 9).

    In the other examples, they look like Looney Toons characters, but they don’t act like them. It was character and the chemistry between the characters that made the originals great. If you are going to throw all of that out the window, why not start with new totally new characters and call it something different? After all, that’s what “Animaniacs” did. They borrowed from the WB universe, but created something totally new (and successful).

    • Autumn

      Chuck himself didn’t follow those rules all the time.

      There’s been at least one cartoon where the coyote was speaking in a Road Runner cartoon.

      He’s bought things that were not made by Acme.

      The Road Runner wasn’t always on the road.

      No defending the show, just stating it for the sake of stating it.

      • Brandon Pierce

        Also, Chuck Jones made up that list in the 70s. Mike Maltese insisted he was never aware of any kinds of “rules” while making the Road Runner cartoons.

    • Chris

      My thoughts exactly about changing the characters’ personalities. What if kids don’t like the show and decide for themselves that classic WB characters are lame without watching the originals? WB is ruining their brand by not respecting who the original characters were (and after this, no longer are).

      • Was My Face Red

        There may have been times the rules were broken but (written down or otherwise) they were the foundations for why these cartoons were funny. Without them it’s two guys having a fight. The end.

  • Christopher Cook

    So how long into the series will they be referencing Ke$ha, Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber? It scares me to evben consider it.

    • About 2 years after Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are considered old and cliche.

    • In the 1940s, Looney Tunes repeatedly referenced the period equivalents of Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Often vilifying them in the process.

      That’s not a defense of this new LT show. Just a statement that if your main argument is “What? How dare this be modern,” then you’ve got a weak argument.

      “How dare this be modern in a formulaic, derivative way”: that’s better.

      • Thank you!! Great point!

      • Mark McD

        yes, I recall Friz & the gang’s depiction of Bing Crosby and other crooners was only slightly less mean spirited and “what’s this dreck today’s kids listen to’-ish than Allan sherman’s “Pop Hates the Beatles.”

      • Was My Face Red

        As a kid in 1967 I especially enjoyed all those gags about buying war bonds and Bing Crosby passing out through lack of oxygen.

      • Corey K.


  • mronoc

    Oh, they’re ninjas, how appealing to the modern youth demographic, and with direct references to Kill Bill and The Matrix, because comedy writing equates to remembering things that happened in movies. The Ghost Busters clip has some okay stuff, some decent expressions and bits, but the characters just aren’t themselves, even less so than the pale imitations of the Chuck Jones personalities from Space Jam and Back in Action.

    I don’t think I really need to say anything about rapping Looney Tunes characters, that the phrase “rapping Looney Tunes characters” doesn’t make painfully apparent.

    • Chris Webb

      “because comedy writing equates to remembering things that happened in movies.”

      How true! Man, this made me laugh. You are so right!

    • Sean P

      I guess kids nowadays don’t get W.C. Fields references. Nor Errol Flynn, Ben-Hur, Cleaopatra, 50’s musicals or vaudeville humor. You know, their contemporary pop culture references.

      • Iritscen

        I see your point, Sean, but even though we lacked the context as kids to understand the pop culture references, those references were executed in an inherently funny way, or served as a springboard for an entertaining premise (e.g. the one where Daffy and Bugs have competing vaudeville routines does not require an understanding of vaudeville to appreciate).

        I don’t see an understanding, in any of these clips, of the principles behind making funny cartoons. You’re right that it’s not reference-based jokes that are the big issue here, but these cartoons make such clumsy use of pop idioms that no one 50 years from now could find them the least bit amusing, unlike the OG Looney Tunes which have outlived their native culture of the mid-20th century.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I’m of the opinion that today’s pop idioms lack the lasting effect the the previous generations had simply due to lack of caricature. It’s all too generic to me.

  • Very poor attempt. Better off watching the original WB, they were real cartoons.

  • Thomas

    The songs are just… weird.

    The ghost bit had a little funny in it but the characters are all wrong. Sam doesn’t (Unknowingly) get one over on bugs, in the original Looney Tunes it would be Sam and Daffy trying to trick Bugs and it would be Bugs that (Knowingly) tricks them into getting locked outside the house.

    I can only imagine how painful it must be to try to make these shows that are obviously (mis)guided by executives.

  • Kelly McNutt

    Hmm… needs more cowbell.

  • I just want to point out that this is a show starring Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck where they spend most of the time talking…I’ll watch it only for the road runner segments

  • D

    The minute the yosemite sam rap and the marvin the martian music videos were made Chuck Jones rolled over in his grave. Honestly I think the new generation could benefit from such classic characters and some good old hand drawn animation but not if it relies on dated gimmicks. Also the notion of a CG coyote cartoon seems stupid theres no way CG can capture the rubbery, exaggerated slapstick of the old fashioned Chuck Jones shorts and that video proved it.

  • Ryoku75

    Ghost Busted was pretty good I must admit, it somewhat felt like a Chuck Jones sorta gag at the first 10 seconds. Though its still tricky accepting Bug’s pink tinted fur.

    • Ryoku75

      I guess they never saw Bugs in color.

    • Ryoku75

      I should add that I don’t hate any of this (even the rap), I don’t see what there is to hate.

      Them modernizing Looney Tunes is something WB has been doing since Bugs was white as chalk, I just wish the gags were executed better.

      Kids will have this version to watch and fans will have their GAC collections, thats about all we need.

  • Skip

    Over the years there are many characters that have been reinvented, Batman is a good example that comes to mind. Sometimes the reinvention can become an added bonus that breathes new life into a character who’s time in the spotlight has seemed to run it’s course. At other times reinvention is the end result of the wrong motivations driving a project to the finish line in last place. With the Bob Clampett and Chuck Jones versions of the Loony Toons money was a factor, but in addition to that telling entertaining stories with appealing characters in a fun way, are other elements which have worked together to give these characters such longevity. In this version the only element that I see present is the need to make money off of them. Usimite sam and Marvin the Martian are great characters the way that they were. What’s missing here are some of the vital elements that made them great in the first place. Like the tension that Sam had with Bugs Bunny, if they’re buddies now than the relationship is completely different. I have only seen one episode, and it’s already not fun for me to watch. This would be like taking Tom and Jerry, two characters that have been mortal enemies from the beginning, and all of the sudden making them friends. Just watch the Tom and Jerry Movie to see what I’m talking about. Also the Usimite sam and Marvin the Martian raps are an attempt to make these characters more contemporary, and make them marketable to a new audience. They must not have had me in mind when they green lit this project, because from what I’ve seen I will not be a member of that audience. I would be willing to bet that if this new Loony Toons show were to play on the Cartoon Network at the best time slot, and classic Loony Toons played at the worst time slot, that the classic Loony Toons would still have a larger audience.

    • Doug Abramson



    Are they TRYING to ruin the franchise?!!


    When the writers said @ CTN that they wanted to reintroduce today’s kid’s to the Looney Tunes we loved, I think they mistook the word loved for loathed. They wanna’ make our kids freakin’ obnoxious and ill-read? This is how to do it.

  • Let me be one of the few (if only) to say I don’t hate any of this, but I am disappointed. Though the Roadrunner shorts were better than I thought they’d be.

    I’ve seen more of the clips on CN’s website, and I got to say, if they better increase the amount of slapstick and visual gags, because all they’re doing is just talking.

  • Chris Webb

    I wish the studios would use their resources to promote new ideas rather than regurgitate old ideas.

    Classic Looney Tunes should be celebrated, not “re-imagined.”

  • 2011 Adult

    I watched all the clips, and it appears they are going to add more later. This is just my own opinion (you may disagree), but I can see you linked to the most controversial of the clips on that site. That’s fine, since it causes the most discussion here, but I may say that the other clips are particularly refreshing, and some even change my mind about this show. Daffy’s breakdown with Speedy Gonzales is very well animated and acted. Lola’s got a new personality and it is only a TIIIINY bit better than her previous incarnations. My point is that the clips aren’t always the most bizarre and different than the ones linked her on the Brew.

    • Autumn

      I noticed that too. It seems the worst of the bunch were chosen to be showcased for discussion.

  • tamarindpup

    I cry.

    Animaniacs was so good, and these are so, so, so bad.

  • Scarabim

    I’ve got no issue with Bugs and Daffy as buddies…a different dynamic is not necessarily a bad dynamic…

    But that ghostbusting thing was bad. Why? Because when Sam was running around destroying the house, he hit things that in no way resembled a ghost. Chuck Jones, Robert McKimson etc. would have set up the gag a HELL of a lot better than that – given Sam a REASON to think the toilet was a ghost, or SOMETHING. Having him run around just randomly hitting things was stupid, because SAM’s not stupid – so the whole thing looks like a weak, lazy joke. I don’t know, maybe the gag works better within the framework of the entire episode, but I’d bet money it really is as stupid as it appears in the clip.

    As for the rest, yeccchh.

  • This show is starting to look better since the last update you guys posted. I enjoyed the ghost and the 3D roadrunner ones. But not so much the singing and rapping stuff. But hopefully It’ll keep getting better.

  • Sir Richard

    The voice acting was good, but everything else about these clips is just horrible. As has been noted, these “updates” ignore the characters’ basic core elements, thus erasing what made those characters amazing in the first place.

    In fact, the more I think about it, the more cynical this whole project seems. It’s purely about money, and obviously quick money, because this show ain’t gonna last — for two reasons:

    1. Pisses off everyone who was hoping for some quality Looney Tunes work.

    2. Is too hackneyed and lame for even the kids to dig.

  • Justin Delbert

    From what I’ve seen here and on there are more good things than bad, but the problems are relevant. Some of the voices are “meh” especially Speedy Gonzolas who sounds God awful. The personality and design have changed on Lola Bunny, and while they are both cute, any male can tell you that the original voice and design looks are freakn great. The Road Runner theme song is back, but some bylaws were broken during the ninja cartoon. Let’s wait and give this show a chance (hey, at least it looks better than that crappy Casper’s Scare School).

  • I think these look great! No I didn’t work on it, but I feel the spirit is still there. I really didn’t care much for the rapping but I think kids will like it. Plus when the kids see this, they will hopefully put out more old Looney Tunes stuff.

    I think the designs look great. I like how Daffy looks. I’m not a big fan of “let’s transfer everything to CG that was once 2D because the kids will like it more” but great job on the roadrunner shorts. Best I’ve seen.

    It’s just not fair to compare these will the old classics, you just can’t. I’m just happy to see anything from the Looney Tunes. This is a good thing, hope fore the best people, and stop complaining about what it’s lacking.

  • pez

    HEY! The animation and color are great in these videos.

    Congratulations to everyone involved. I’m sure you all worked very hard to make the cartoon as good as it is. And I bet if it weren’t for those meddling executives it could have been even better. I hope this sparks an interest in the classic Looney Yunes for the younger generation the way Tiny Toons did for early 90’s kids

  • Maxwell Rose

    I love it. 1000% better than Loonatics, Baby Looney Tunes. And certainly better than those bastardizations featuring Mickey Mouse (um, preschool? No thanks). It doesn’t need to be like the originals. Besides, even Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng couldn’t catch the same charm as they did in the 40s and early 50s with those lame 80s specials. We need to stop being so stuck in the same ol’ phase talking about what Looney Tunes can and can’t do. Looney Tunes isn’t just for us adults anymore. They’re also for the kids, which the show is mainly for: the kids. I say let us have the originals, and the kids have the new show.

    And you know it’ll be a big success for CN. Big name like Looney Tunes are attached to it. Same thing with Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated, and alot of people here hate that show too.

    Regarding of this post, would you guys like to shoot me now or wait till you get home?

  • Mike Johnson

    What did they do…take a 50,000 gallon enema and hook it up to the animation department? Sheesh!

    The Roadrunner shorts must be coming from a different place.

  • Don’t want to insult the people who worked on this but these clips were disappointing (and brother, my expectations were pretty low). I understand the creators aren’t going for a classic Looney Tunes feel but these clips aren’t even that funny. Never mind the embarrassing rapping going on but the animation feels stiff and dull, which sucks since I had high hopes from Borutski’s snazzy designs. Her renderings of Daffy at least looked really fun and energetic.

    Maybe we should just retire the Looney Tunes altogether or just show the classic cartoons. The way I see it, either no one knows how to properly handle these characters (except for the team who made the theatrical Road Runner shorts) or the higher ups aren’t utilizing them to their fullest potential.

  • “WE” are not the audience. I think that the WB gang did a pretty good job of making the cartoons/characters relative to the interests of the intended audience – 8 year olds.

    100% faithful to the WB canon? No. But then again, the 8 year olds have never heard of Chuck Jones.

    • Trevor

      So why use these characters? Why not a brand new IP?

      • Courage, A Cowardly Dog

        They’re good characters after all. Its a brand that makes money. Its like how Batman is both a sweet natured campy square and the demon of the night. This might be the thing that saves the Looney Tunes. Even if its not fun for full grown adults, it might help lose the sanctimonious angle these characters have had on them and allow people to do something new and interesting with them.

    • Tory

      As a former 8 year old, I know I would not have liked this and as a former 8 year old as many of us once were, I did develop a fondness for the originals in the characterization and animation. As a child of the 80s I loved those films from the 30s-60s and there is no reason kids today’s shouldn’t or wouldn’t if it were made available to them in the mix with their newer stuff like Spongebob or Adventure Time or Hannah Montana. The characterizations have been appealing to kids since their creation, why do they need to change it to this? You know what, I can except new Yosemite Sam and Marvin rapping, I can accept them in a sitcomy environment, these are actors playing roles, it is part of the shtick, but the execution here is not how their characters would do it, this is the kind of stuff Animaniacs and Tiny Toons would have made fun of, Looney Tunes too. This presentation of music videos is not that of satire unless it is part of a larger cartoon storyline but even if it were, the people at Family Guy could have done a better job.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Which is funny since I kinda knew who Chuck was by the time his first autobiography came out!

  • Sarah (with an h)

    The rapping needs to go. I really can’t think of any cartoon that had rapping in it that was a success. Every time there is a rap segment in a cartoon its usually awkward, and Yosemite Sam and Marvin the Martian rapping is indeed… awkward.

    I’m also not a fan of the 3D Coyote & Roadrunner cartoon. At the same time I’ve never been a fan of most 3D animation or the Coyote & Roadrunner cartoon in general so maybe its just a bad combo for me personally.

    I do love the writing for the 2D animated stuff with Bugs and Daffy, etc. The animation is great, and the writing style reminds me of the Clerks the Animated Series, which is a highly underrated show IMHO. Anyway, I’m still looking forward to what the show has to offer but I might put it on mute if they keep the rapping portions of the show. Bleh.

  • Well, the visuals are a mixture of good and bad, and it seems like the show is a little crazier and less sitcommy than it seemed before, but the attempt to update the characters is a little obnoxious. I think I can accept Marvin the Martian rappin’ but not Yosemite Sam, doesn’t seem adequate for the character at all. Cause Marvin, well, is a martian, so who knows what Martians like, but Yosemite is a very old fashioned kind of guy and rap doesn’t look like his kind of music. And if it were only in the music, it wouldn’t be so bad, but the ‘rap’ gestures he does with his hands…that looks weird for him.

    The Road Runner short started fantastic and it has pretty good visuals all around but I also think Road Runner shouldn’t fight and that bullet time scenes are not comedy. While showing the characters rappin’ seems too desperate, I think including references to contemporary movies would be perfectly ok… if they were funny.

    Like others have said the main problem is that the effort to update the thing is more apparent than the real laughs, but at the very least I would concede that it seems like they are trying a lot of things with the visuals and the subjects of the show and that will probably make it a little more interesting to watch, like it happened with Animaniacs or Tiny Toons, when you didn’t know what to expect each time.

  • A nail in the coffin of many years of quality work with these characters. If they don’t keep true to the characters principle personality traits, they will just become faceless sell outs like Mickey, and they will lose any future possibility of ‘brand loyalty’. How short sighted.

    Not to mention repetitive, unimaginative and just downright poor. I don’t care if I’m not the audience so much as care for the way animation presents itself as a medium to the world. Nearly everyone working in the ‘professional’ studios seems to be out to make the quickest buck possible, without any foresight to build lasting characters.

    This is just downright depressing (and what’s with all this ninja stuff and bullet time? Don’t they get influences from anything outside of mainstream cinema? 8 year olds have brains too, you know).

  • Toonio

    All is great but the Daffy and Bugs look awful in every possible way. How come?

  • Glowworm

    The one thing I actually genuinely liked were the Road Runner and Coyote shorts–in particular “Silent but Deadly” although it definately breaks the Chuck Jones rule that the Road Runner cannot directly harm the Coyote.

    Although there was that one comic written by Michael Maltese in which the Roadrunner actually buys a gun to defend his children from the Coyote…

    I laughed a little bit here and there at the actual clips–but not in huge amounts.

    I really don’t understand why modern animation directors tend to make Daffy really stupid–it’s not funny and Daffy always was somewhat smart–he just looked bad when he was trying to be the hero in Chuck Jones shorts, or alongside Bugs Bunny.

    I was really cringing when Daffy was giving off pointlessly stupid answers to that gameshow he was watching–especially when he stated Oprah was the first president of the U.S.

  • Ok, I’ve watched some of the other clips in the web. It really is hit and miss. Daffy looks occasionally funny, I really liked the romantic letter clip. He acts like Bob Clampett’s Daffy at times, like in the Speedy Gonzales clip. And The Crusher clip is also quite funny, even though it’s completely based on long dialogue.

    I liked Lola’s personality in her clip but I didn’t like the pacing, the voice acting or the animation.

    Daffy’s/Porky’s clip is pretty good in the writing but the shots/staging look too sitcommy.

    Maybe it’s the combination of good ideas from the artists and bad ideas from the executives, cause I can see the potential in each clip but they don’t quite work at the end.

  • DM

    Shit sandwich.

    • Grumpy Animator

      This is nothing like a shit sandwich.

      With a shit sandwich you get bread.

  • boomape

    Look like seinfeld with looney tunes but seinfeld was complete the opposite of the looney tunes.
    Meh, I will only watch the show because of the style.

  • A.C.

    Ooof, that Sam rap-the explosion at the end was the only part I liked.

  • to my taste, the Merrie Melodies music videos are more pleasing than the sitcom components. I especially like the Video clip with Yosemity Sam, losing his temper is true to his original character, and the ending is clever and funny.

  • James E. Parten

    If a word can describe these four clips, that word would be “uneven”.

    The Yosemite Sam “rap” worked better than the one involving Marvin Martian. That’s not saying much, but even the back-and-forth with his backup singers worked.

    “Ghost Buster” could have been a lot better.

    The Road Runner/Coyote clip has to be taken as a parody of such live-action entertainments as “Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon”. Besides, it’s clearly not “the” Road Runner who is displaying the ninja/kung fu moves–Wile E. had that RR by the throat when the other RR came along!

    Fans with good memories–or extensive video collections–will remember how an earlier generation of writes and artists tried to update “Looney Tunes” humor in “Tiny Toon Adventures”. Sometimes, as in “Hollywood Plucky”, it worked. Other instances, such as “Meet the Buttfields” (if that was the title), were far less successful, looking like animators trying to do “Ren and Stimpy” when they didn’t very much like “Ren and Stimpy” in the first place!

    So the idea of updating the “Looney Tunes” style of humor is not itself illegitimate. So far, however, they are not going about it in a way that will resonate with the sort of folks who read and write for This Here Blog!

    • Jeff

      “Besides, it’s clearly not “the” Road Runner who is displaying the ninja/kung fu moves–Wile E. had that RR by the throat when the other RR came along!”

      That was a dummy.

  • Wayne

    I got the feeling that the Yosemite Sam song and the Marvin the Martian song were written by the same person. The rhythm was vaguely similar and both characters rap about what utter control freaks they are.
    I remember a golden age when Looney Toons characters didn’t stand there and tell us why they do what they do. They just did it in a manner that was so understated, sublime and delicious, I couldn’t and still can’t get enough.
    When the roadrunner showed up in ninja garb, I turned the clips off and went for some bicarbonate.

  • Luke

    Well, you put the absolute worst clips up, but that’s okay. When they said musical segments, I was hoping for something more along the lines of animaniacs high energt high charisma charming orchestral highly lyrical music. Anything but rap! I don’t like much rap to begin with!

    Otherwise, I think some of the commenters are being a little melow dramatic and snotty about the show. (i.e. They’re rapeing the origional Looney Tunes!) But, those commenters seem to be rather bitter and hatefull in general.

    My thoughts, I like Bugs, Daffy is a little too stupid for my taste, but maybe it’ll grow on me. Lola made me laugh the most for some reason. The animation from Rough Draft is stiff, and they lost a lot of appeal in Jessica’s design, but they did a decent job I suppose (hey, just imagine if akom animated it, this is still worlds better than akom.)

    Toon City does the best job hands down, but still doesn’t have quite all of it together, oh well.

    Overall, it is only very minutely funny to me, but I also don’t really like this Regular Show type of humor. I’m still dissapointed with the lack of orchestra! Though I do like the jazzy opening with that amazing brass band!

    Just a little bland so far, but not completely unwatchable.

    Guys, can you stop being so bitter in your comments, you’re really just beating a dead horse at this point. We get it, it isn’t your Looney Tunes, it won’t now, or will it ever be. It is inhibited by executive garbage, name a show that isn’t. It has stiff outsourcd animation. Well, fine, go over seas and do something about it. Make it your mission to stop this dreadful outsourcing of animation you seem to hate soo much. No one likes a hateful person.

  • …and I did NOT need to see Marvin’s tighty-whiteys….

    I need to find some bleach for my eyes now…

  • Shawn

    Some of the other clips on Youtube seem a bit more positive. I have the feeling the show will come out as somewhat of a mixed bag; really good and really bad put together in one show to result in mediocrity. Which I guess is fine, if the kids like it. Better than letting the Loony Tunes fade off into obscurity…maybe.

    I liked Speedy’s personality in the clips featured on youtube. He seems pretty true to the character, while also playing off of Daffy as a good straight man type.

    Lola’s personality is kind of all over the place. I’m a little disappointed that she seems so flighty now. I guess that is funnier than her more ‘girl power’ persona from Space Jam, but I think it mostly makes me uncomfortable. She sounds like Kristen Wiig, which I approve of.

    It feels like they’re releasing all of these early clips to try and prove something. Normally, I would think everything would be kept under wraps until it premieres, but here they want to expose us to as much of the show as possible before it airs. Smells like desperation.

  • Alamagordo

    It IS the kind of stuff that really funny cartoon shows (the ones readers of this blog loathe) have made fun of for the last ten years. Some of the references here are that dated. The biggest sin was to saddle these new cartoons with the LT name. Nothing can live up to that heritage when handicapped to this degree or shaped by these minds. Next time WB decides to reimagine a cartoon franchise with this level of ability they should just redo those 1960 King Features Animated Popeyes with more inbetweens and rap music. Those shorts are already a talkfest so it would be quick and dirty, the two adjectives cartoon executives best understand.

  • Anthony D.

    The CGI RR looked awesome. Designs were pretty cute. I don’t care what people are saying, I’m still going to tune in to this and I’m confident the show will rule.

  • Bud

    I’m so glad I purchased all the original Warners cartoons on dvd and handbraked them for immediate access on my computer.

  • Tom Moore

    So, Yosemite Sam sings a kid friendly version of Lonely Island’s “Jizz in my Pants”?

  • Gerard de Souza

    I didn’t say a thing. I never gave an opinion nor talked about it with my kids. In fact, I am more accepting of these new cartoons. But as my daughter came down and sat on my lap while I watched the clips, one of the things she said was ,”Oh my god, that’s terrible! They never cooperate!”
    She also independently said why don’t they show the old ones; there’re tons of those.

    I probably wouldn’t actively seek it out to watch but I don’t think they are bad at all. (or as worse as I have seen[ those old holiday special compilations])

  • Colin Lougheed

    Truthfully, these are the worst clips to use as a basis for judgment. Yes, the Yosemite Sam rap and Road Runner kung-fu is soul-crushing, Rebecca Black-bad. I was actually counting those Chuck Jones rules as they were being broken. But I found a lot of the other clips outside the Brew were actually quite funny and true to the spirit of the characters. Even the other Road Runner short I discovered was pretty funny and back-to-basics. In a span of about 10 minutes, I went from wanting to drop a live toaster into my bath to actually appreciating some of the efforts being made to resurrect these ol’ BFF’s of mine. And it takes a lot of effort for me to man up and admit that here on the Brew – the fact I was taking a bath, I mean.

  • As if rapping wasn’t lame enough, Yosemite Sam’s animated expressions don’t match his track. He keeps smiling and in the final scene, he looks like he just had a happy ending in his pants. Snuffles’ orgasms were truly funny; this is desperate.

  • IO

    Three words, three reasons for this:

    Blame the writers.

  • The Merrie Melodies reminded me of the Foster´s Home episode “World Wide Wabbit”, which ends with Mr. Herriman doing a hip-hop clip after getting famous through an embarrasing YouTube video. The same thing works here, it feels forced, instead of spontaneous :P
    I now have to agree with those who think that Tex Avery-like oddball animation is oficially dead :(

  • Cyber Fox

    Here we go again!

    Look, I saw other clips of The Looney Tune Show
    and it shows that the series has hope to please both old school and new school Looney Tunes fans

    “I Blew My Stack” in my opinion is better than “I’m a Martian”

    The CG Road Runner shorts are well done but it seems cartoon elitists have a thing for bashing any CG toon that’s NOT from Pixar and/or Dreamworks, i mean.. why else would Otakus throw a unique piece of CG like “Gregory Horror Show” under the bus?

    It seems yet again Cartoon Brew picked clips that try to make the cartoon series look bad, keep in mind this is the same site that state “My Little Pony: Freindship is Magic” marked ‘The End of the Creator-Driven Era in TV Animation’ and became a target of lulz @ 4chan

    You people must understand that Warner Bros. is trying to be faithful to the original characters and to please you but all you do is piss and moan.. That’s gratitude for you! :(

    • Courage, A Cowardly Dog

      Whoa! More info on that 4chan bit pleeze!

      • Cyber Fox
      • Courage, A Cowardly Dog

        You know what. I guess that post ended up doing a lot for the show. Its alarmist tone caused people to check it out while a passive or optimistic tone would not. Interesting.

      • The sad thing is, if one compares the Looney Tunes Show clips to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, MLP:FiM is the superior product. I’m not kidding.

      • The title “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” is the textbook definition of patronizing—to the point where it doesn’t matter if the show itself is genius.

        “The Looney Tunes Show,” by contrast, is “only” generic. This is bad too, because the uninitiated may not realize the show contains anything new. But that’s still better than actively working to drive away any/all viewers over four.

      • Stephan

        It’s pretty bad shape to judge a cartoon without watching it.

    • IO

      ‘Gratitude’? No one owes the makers of this anything-it’s the other way around. THEY’RE supposed to bring the entertainment.

      Bad is bad. This is badly designed, poorly executed and horribly written. It comes off like the terrible Friz shows of the early 80s. Those guys had the excuse of being old mentally and physically. What’s the excuse for this lame work?

  • Paul

    …if you check the website they gave Daffy a Girlfriend. …. a tough, street smart girlfriend. Named Tina Russo? (That’s a very Looney Tunes name, for sure)


  • Steven M.

    First clip was ok, second clip I hated, third clip was not really funny, but the fourth clip was pretty good. We’ll just have to see what happens.

  • When Mel Brooks remade “To Be Or Not To Be”, he released a 12″ promo record where he rapped about those wacky Nazis, in a style very much like Yosemite Sam here. The year that record came out? 1983.

  • Jeff

    To everyone saying that Cartoon Brew purposefully picked out the worst cartoons to make the show look bad, go back and look at the titles of those YouTube videos. Most of them say something like “Check us out, Cartoon Brew!” It would seem to me that these are the videos that WB wanted to share with CB readers.

    • Roger Dog

      When I saw the clips a few hours after Jerry posted them, they didn’t have any mentioning of Cartoon Brew. Interestingly, one of the videos appears to be commmenting on the post through the title (the Ghost Busted one).

  • Kevin Dougherty

    The Road Runner piece was decent. (I’ll avoid commenting about the rest as part of my personal quest to curb my easily dispensed internet vitriol.) But does EVERYTHING have to be a parody these days?

  • this makes me sad. why is yosemite sam rapping? the personalities of these characters were developed from the stories they were in…now that they’re developed you can make them do whatever bs? the animation in this is super super poppy too. i don’t know. i put a lot of stock into this stuff from 70 years ago and excuse me if i get a little picky about quality. is it even animated in the us? i’m going to go cry myself to sleep now.

  • The Ghost of Warner Bros. Past

    If I weren’t already a ghost, this thing would kill me.

    Regarding “The Looney Tunes Show” and the people who run Warner Bros. Animation:

    Problem #1: They don’t know who Bugs Bunny is and they don’t know how to use him.

    Problem #2: They aren’t even trying to understand the personality of Bugs Bunny.

    Problem #3: They’ve simply turned Bugs into Daffy Duck’s sidekick and stooge, a role previously reserved for Porky. Bugs needs a new agent, new handlers, and a new studio that understands what to do with him.

    Problem #4: Lather, rinse, and repeat Problems #1-3.

    • Stephan

      Yep! Only us randos on the internet know who one of the most popular fictional characters in America REALLY is!

  • Kitschensyngk

    The Coyote-Roadrunner bit was okay, but NINJAS? Hasn’t that been done to death?

  • I guess I’ll do a “likes and dislikes” thing based on the numerous clips I’ve seen:


    Foghorn Leghorn’s design and voice
    Yosemite Sam’s design and voice
    Speedy Gonzales’ design (voice SUCKS)
    Porky Pig’s voice (Good ol’ Bob Bergen!)

    Everything else.

    I will give the show as a whole a try, but so far, I hate it. There is little slapstick, no clever background music, and it has Lola Bunny. Daffy and Bugs sound terrible (Jeff Bergman needs to lay off the helium), Speedy sounds awful and is reduced to a kitchen-dwelling Jiminy Cricket, and there is little action or visual humor.

    The Roadrunner segments look like crap. They look like transitional segments to a video game, whereas the theatrical 3D Roadrunner shorts looked like a 3D version of the “real thing”.

    It makes me “blow my stack”! (Which, by the way, is going to be the next internet “so-bad-it’s-good” viral thing, I just feel it!)

  • DB

    Wow – the writing in all of these is absolutely ATROCIOUS.

    The character design/animation is actually not too bad (except for Bugs) and very nice backgrounds and color palettes. It makes me really feel sorry for the animators having to try and pump life into such bad material.

  • I…I’ve been violated… Can someone recommend a good therapist?
    Honestly, I watched this… and I just didn’t even have the strength to face-palm myself… This is beyond anything reasonable… I am sorry, I just feel seriously hurt somewhere deep inside. These are treasures. I grew up watching Looney Tunes (sure, I wasn’t around when they were actually made, but still, these were and still are my most favorite cartoons of all time…) and all of the characters and creations that actually got me into this business – and here they are, brutally raped, stripped of the dignity, pride, tremendous skill and effort, their original creators put into their making… This hurts… I just wish people would leave good things be. They tried sequels, they failed, let a good thing be! It is valuable for what it is, it’s a historic moment, a wonderful creation. Why re-make a Mona Lisa or the Sistine Chapel, when you can marvel in their beauty, and get inspired to create something new, something original… I cannot side on even talking about problems – to me, this is simply wrong, ugly, and painful…

    • ron to


  • The Gee

    Like Steve and a few others wrote, I don’t think it is that bad…for what it is.

    If they were trying to hit every note of the classic Looney Tunes and failed at doing so, that would suck to me. I’d be just as pissy as the rest of you.

    As it goes, they are re-contextualizing the characters a bit. If that is the way they want to re-introduce the characters by way of a new TV show, so be it. I’ve seen good versions of the characters; we’ve all seen better cartoons. This is just trying to be good in the way they can try. No one could say it is in production with the intention of being the suckiest thing to ever suck.

    If I watched TV regularly, I’d probably watch it. My gut feeling is most of the people complaining will probably watch it. Why? If you have time to complain about it then most likely you’ll devote time to watching something to hate it, right?

    That’s Enter-Taaaaaain-ment!

    Like I’ve written before, it is Time Warner’s properties. The company can do whatever they want with them. I recently found out Superman was depicted for a time sporting a mullet and had a zippy new suit with no cape. But, hey, whatever.

    Until new, better cartoon characters are created* and one-up existing ones then this is just part of that circle of life thing. Get used to it. (or, start your own band and make you own music.)

    *I can’t think of too many newer ones that are destined for decades of greatness.

    • You’re right, they are Time Warner propery, they can do whatever the hell they like with them and maybe we should just be thanking God that the cartoons we all know and love are still out there and available to watch and most of all, this isn’t BABY LOONEYTUNES. It could have been so much worse.

  • TJR

    I really wanted to like these clips.

    The use of rapping in the first two clips SCREAMS of deliberate pandering. I can just hear the order being given out: “Youse guys need ta’ put some rap numbah’s in dis show so da young kids will watch it”!

    Their portrayal of Bugs in the Ghost clip just baffles me. Bug’s can outsmart anyone. He doesn’t get outsmarted!

    Yosemite grabbing Bugs and saying “What are you doing playing in the laundry” was the only funny thing in all of this.

    The Road Runner cartoon was wrong for all the reason’s that everyone else here has already said.

    I really came in wanting to like these clips.

    Oh well……..This too shall pass.

    • Laura

      Cecil Turtle and the Gremilin fooled the rabbit. So has Elmer. He doesn’t need to win all the time.

  • The two Musical segments were horrible…But I went to the Website and saw the vids there. I have to say, It works…I can’t put my finger on it but it works on some level. Seeing Lola being this “flighty” has really made me laugh. Its bringing the Looney Toons in a adult-style setting and I want to see how these guys “evolve”…//

    Mostly, the WB always portrayed them as Animated Actors…Here, they look somewhat humbled and human (Weird, Ain’t It?). But that’s my opinion…//

  • Those musical segments were pretty embarrassing. I have pretty mixed feelings about this show so far, because the clips you posted are not that great but I did laugh at some of the other clips that weren’t posted here. I doubt we’ll ever see anything on par with the original cartoons ever again but this is defiantly a step up from Loonatics, Baby Looney tunes and the other previous terrible attempts to bring them back. The character designs are fine, the animation is for the most part pretty good and while it’s a new more sitcom style of humor the characters still feel a lot like they should for me. One thing that really bugs me more than anything is the complete silence in the background, but then again I’m not sure the kind of music the old toons had would suit this different pace.

  • I only watched the Coyote one.

    I’m not a huge WB fan, but I liked the old Coyote shorts.

    First, some good points: the animation’s pretty good. The sound too.

    Secondly, the elephant in the room that compromises it all – RoadRunner as a ninja? No, no and no. I’ll try explain. The crux of the earlier shorts relied on RoadRunner doing one thing and one thing only – running. Also, beeping and eating birdseed. If he/she did anything different, it would be so simple that wouldn’t deviate too much from the basics. And, RoadRunner would be ‘scarce’ and not stick around for too long. This is from what I remember.

    So, your argument might be ‘but dude we don’t have to stick to the ‘exact’ things of the old shorts, we’re reinventing the characters! Updating them! Bringing them to the modern world!’ I say no, you are not updating them, you’re riding off their success and not building on what they’re doing but removing the essence of what makes these characters themselves.

    Those early cartoons are timeless and just as funny today as they were years ago. Despite what execs may believe, Yosemite doesn’t need to rap (haven’t watched that one) and RoadRunner and Coyote don’t need to be engaged in close combat. I’m nearing 30 years of age now, but even when I was much younger, I could see straight through these phony attempts at ‘coolerizing’ characters. Its more like its done for TV execs, but the final audience isn’t stupid. We’re not mouth-breathing morons who need to have great characters ‘adapted’ to junk to relate to them. If anything, it often has just the opposite effect.

    If anything I think WB may be overcomplicating things unnecessarily for themselves. Rather to perhaps keep things simpler, pay some homage to the essence of the characters, and rip out all that junk that’s getting in the way.

    However, maybe I’m the wrong target market and younger kids may dig it when Yosemite Sam raps.

  • It reminded my of ht rap at the end of Space Jam.

  • Just one simple question: why did they need to make the Road Runner/ Coyote cartoons in 3D instead of animate them classically as the other charachters?

    Is the Computer Graphic such a great effect to watch or it just means that writers didn’t had any original idea for this duo, and in order to cover a poor and scanty plot they use a 3D software for this lack?

    Personally, It suggests me so…
    If they were much more involved in this work, they could have at least took inspiration from something like “Little Go Beep”: a modern production, which doesn’t lose the charm of Jones shorts!

  • Friska Bako

    This isn’t right…
    Thank you for ruining my childhood memories.
    I would never ever watch this show. What are they trying to do? re-making them? I don’t think these new cartoons can be great like last time. Kids like transformers nowadays.

    Those classic cartoons was charming, stylish, cruel, full of characters and great in those times…please leave it that way.


  • Rich

    I know the new TOM & JERRY movies are not perfect but they are really on the right track. WB should get that team to take over this new Looney Tunes show. I think they’d do a far better job.

    • dave

      its a lot of the same people

  • “I’m Bugs ing Bunny, er!! And I’m extreeeeeme!!!!”

    Fortunately, if the latest Looney Tunes reboot falls flat, we’ll have plenty of spoofs to entertain ourselves with. So I’ll think of this as a win-win.

    It’s interesting how successful Tiny Toons and Animaniacs were, compared to more recent efforts. I wonder what was the secret to their success? Those were good shows.

  • Mark McD

    I have to think that in the alternate universe, where WB never closed their shorts department until the very end, where Chuck, Friz and Tex were kept at their desks until their pencils fell from their stiff fingers, and new Bugs and Daffy cartoons kept coming out, seguing into Saturday morning animation, the alternate 2011 version of Looney Tunes would be… exactly the same. Or Bugs and Daffy might have been set aside like Sniffles and Egghead when W-B suddenly got a long-running prime-time series with their alternate version of “The Simpsons.”

    Yes, they changed the characters’ personalities, just like Daffy changed from “I ain’t crazy, I just don’t give a darn!” to “So I’m a greedy slob!” I can’t say I care much for what I saw either, but can anyone say they expected anything more from trying to refresh 70-year old characters?

    If the Roadrunner was going to do Ninja parodies in EVERY episode, then I’d be pissed.

  • Scarabim

    …and what exactly was with that pantie shot in the Martian video? Was that the writers’ attempt at a shout-out to ecchi? If so, maybe they should shut up.

  • Pablo

    I think the RoadRunner guys just got confused and watched Samurai Jack for inspiration.
    Obviously they weren’t looking carefully.
    Samurai Jack is funnier than this short clip.

    • Watch the other one called “Fe Fi Fo Dumb” Its more along the lines of a classic short and its pretty nice. They just chose a ninja theme for this one. Again, I give them props for trying something different.

      • Pablo

        I agree with you. I liked a lot more “Fe Fi Fo Dumb”. Specially the last joke.
        Still, the animation is really stiff. Nothing like the great old Chuck.

  • I never thought I’d see the Coyote and Road Runner appearing in an episode of Samurai Jack…

  • Cor

    What have they done?? I heard they even DISENTIGRATED every copy of every Golden Age Looney Tunes short ever made in the entire universe!! They RUINED ALL OF OUR LIVES!

    Jeez people, really? WB will ALWAYS DO THIS FOR YEARS TO COME. Get over it. Enjoy the classics, they are all on DVD, they aren’t going anywhere.

    Get over yourselves.

  • Manny

    Rap is overused these days. I thought Looney Tunes were “out of the box”, “underground”, ya know. Rap has been pop since the mid-90’s, so this fails hard.
    I thought of Donk!/Hardbass, Dubstep, Jungle/DnB, Baltimore Club, Deep House and other non-estabilshed styles as something for Looney Tunes to use, but no, they go for the popular norm of aestetics instead. BAAAD!

    Sam was way OOC and Marvin should’ve been in Detroit for a longer time.

  • Jorge Garrido

    Who would be entertained by these clips? Kids who genuinely like REAL rap and techno? REAL Looney Tunes? REAL comedy?

    Everything about this is a counterfeit.

  • Look, they are kinda bad, but they aren`t the worst thing we have seen with this characters.

    The only one I really hated, was the Road Runner one.
    Chuck Jones was a master of timing. The jokes were always the same, but with proper timing, they were always funny!
    This new one, it made me yawn…

  • A Yosemite Sam rap. A rap. Who the friggety fuck is steering the ship over there? Cuz someone needs to tell ’em it ain’t 94 no mo. Is there a Wayans involved here? Does anybody else smell a Wayans? I smell Wayans.

  • Was My Face Red

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that the splattered background style of the show makes the bedsheets in Bugs and Daffy’s house look a bit.. er… how can I put this?

  • Emily

    “I’M A MARTIANNNN!!!!”–An instant classic ;)

  • I don’t see apologies to the cartoon brew crew, or anyone admitting amid was right with his predictions yet…

  • I believe that with the rap numbers they were trying to capture the same vibe than what the Lonely Island guys are doing in SNL within their Digital Shorts. But obviously not accomplishing what they do there (they’re funny and ironic!).

  • Whoever wrote this crap should be kicked in the crotch. Repeatedly. I feel sorry for the poor bastards who had to draw this nonsense. Nothing like coming to work every day and tarnishing the legacy of the best cartoon characters ever created.

  • Nicolas Orizaga

    this was horrible…watching Yosemite Sam rap in a pseudo-1980s style brought me back 20 years ago when Tiny Toons had that rap episode. not even remotely hip-hop-like and embarassing to the culture. Why couldn’t they do Yosemite Sam (a cowboy) singing a country or blues song? and why is Marvin the Martian doing Devo-like synth-pop? horrible…I liked the Roadrunner short until he actually appeared…definitely won’t be watching this…also I like the simplified design of Sam & Daffy…but Bugs is just too different for me…those feet and cheeks are just hideous.

  • Steve Gattuso

    -I tend to agree that LT has always been willing to take on current events and cultural topes, but they’ve done it a lot better and more timely than this. Even a Kanye West gag would have been more up-to-date than Sam’s rap or Marvin’s dance mix.

    -Marvin is not a Mormon (tighty whities)

    -I still like the designs, but the work done with them is awful. Expression and gesture is wasted, and the dialogue is stilted.

    _I leave the rest of the discussion of what’s posted here to the rest of my fellow curmudgeonly misanthropes, however:

    -Not shown here, but available on CN’s website is a sample of the new Lola Bunny. Again, I like the design, but what the hell did they do to her personality? Even in the brief shots she had in “Space Jam,” she projected an air of confidence, capability, and intelligence. Here she’s just another ditzy blonde who can’t shut up and can’t think of anything but herself. The original was done for sex appeal on looks, but still had some samples of character. This one is a cipher right out of half the sitcoms shown during the last 20 years.

    Overall, I’m not going to scream and yell and gnash my teeth and wail about “THEY’S RUINT MAH CHILDHOOD!” The original works are still available and safely sequestered in my DVD collection. But I do shake my head in sadness at opportunities wasted.

  • Man o man. As alot of folks pointed out before me…the writing stinks. Maybe the storyboarding as well, although I don’t really know how close they were forced to “illustrate” the bad scripts. I like some of the updated designs though. Most were pretty nice except for the squared off Bugs head.

  • Clint

    I thought the clips were OK, though Yosemite Sam’s rap was kinda hard to take. They are nowhere even NEAR the pure genius of the original shorts, but I thought they were fine.

  • Oh boy, ANOTHER roaring complaint from the those who won’t even watch this show. Now I will say that I wasn’t expecting rap music, but it was no surprise that LTs did it. I was hoping they do stuff that would be somewhat of a parody of the Broadway musical numbers. I will admit that the Marvin song was somewhat good.

    I never liked the Lola character, but it seems that they changed her personality. I saw some of those Roadrunner CG vids on Youtube. A Roadrunner/Coyote game for the Nintendo Wii would be great. Provided they get the right people for production. I am willing to check this out. So folks, if you hate it that much, just watch the golden age cartoons on DVD. Your complaining is just rather childish and inexcusable. And a quote inspired by Dan Backslide, “How you drive me to drink”.

    • kazzer

      yes, let’s never aspire to anything beyond mediocrity, forget trying to match the quality of the original shorts, let’s just be comfortable with them being ‘not as bad as they could be’. anyone who objects in terms of quality is told to ‘go back to your golden age boxsets’, the implication being nothing will ever be that good EVER AGAIN. newsflash: YOU are the reason things will never be that good again. the refusal to challenge anyone’s standards, the simple shrug accompanied by ‘I’d buy it if it were a wii game’, which isn’t even a real defence, says it all really. so be driven to drink. please.

  • The music is simply horrible. It has not wit, and no melody and did not leave me feeling merry.

  • tonma

    SOOOOOO MUUUUUCH discussion there was about Jessica’s designs, and now you see… animators barely took a look at them. There is some 0.5 percent of that design in the final result, most of it in Bugs,(and still no body likes it). The others look just the same way they used to appear in Animaniacs or Tiny toon, only with bigger heads and a little stiffer.

    OH, By the way……. I still to this day can’t comprehend the event of two teams making two different series of CG Roadrunner shorts at the same time, releasing them so close to each other, and how Warners just hope people will take them both without noticing the abysmal difference in budget, care and effectiveness?…

    I just don’t get it…. ANY HELP?

    • snipp245

      The shorts for this show, and the shorts for theaters were made by different studios, with different people, that have no affiliation with one another other than the rights to the property. I am not sure why the theatrical shorts came out at the time they did (they seem pretty random), but it was a coincidence they came out shortly before this show, which is on a smaller, cable television budget, and therefore, looks different.

      • tonma

        Yes, it is exactly the whole randomness of this all that I find intriguing…

        I keep digging in the released material and it seems weirder every time:

        -Porky’s looks more stylized than the others.
        -Taz as Bug’s pet doesn’t sound any good.
        -The duck girl is like adding another lola bunny to the insult. They need female characters all right, but do they have to be promoted as stars like the rest of the classics?
        -Speedy with fat feet is just plain wrong.

  • Was My Face Red

    Wahoo! Daffy’s new girlfriend is called Tina Russo and works in a copy shop and Taz is now Bug’s dog? The artistic decisions on this show get stranger and stranger.

  • What I wanna know is how they expect to carry the budget on this show? It looks crazy expensive yet the entertainment value is less than mediocre. They can only expect ratings to be so high and who the hell is going to buy MORE looney tunes merchandise? It’s so dated and tacky.

    • Ryoku75

      They’re most likely cutting costs in a few areas, like writing.

  • Mister Twister

    What has been seen… can never be unseen.

    I feel a little bit dead inside.

  • Eric P.

    I weep not only for the future but for my own past as well. It’s like finding out that someone dug up your beloved grandmothers corpse, tarted her up in whores makeup, slapped a pair of shades on her, put a beer in her hand, then posted clips on YouTube of her at a frat party.

  • uncle wayne

    I find the new stuff, quite actually, grrreat! Animation swift…and keeping the Characters…and keeping them fresh in (today’s) audiences.

    I find it inevitable (and, in the same breath, horrifying) that….in order TO “keep up with the times” that The Characters must “resort” to do “rapping”… therefore retaining the “rule” that no modern-day music has any semblance of a ….dare i say it?…..MELODY!! MORE shocking: (again I harp): it must (also) be illegal to show the REAL WB films that we’ve allllllll grown to memorize thru the past 4-5 decades of OUR Lives! Why is that such a horrible thing that THOSE films can not (also) be aired!? It’s a sin that modern-day youngsters don’t have (even) the OPTION to know the grrrrreat music from the 20-s, 30s, 40s, & 50s!! Jeeeeez!!

    • Kyle Maloney

      They Do play the classic stuff, at like 6:00 am.

      • Autumn

        And at noon.

  • I was afraid it would end up like this…

  • badjoojoo

    The original Looney Tunes lampooned the popular culture of the day; these rap cartoons are pandering to the popular culture (of a few years ago).

    Of the clips I’ve seen, the only one that seemed competently directed was the “Besties” clips, although there’s not much there to direct, since its just a couple of characters lounging around in a suburban living room.

    I didn’t care for the background treatments. In the original shorts, the backgrounds were abstract shapes built along a curve (look at Duck Amuck for a lesson in drawing Looney Tunes backgrounds), whereas these new backgrounds are trying to use “real” perspective, and it just looks…off. The backgrounds demand too much of the characters.

  • The original Looney Tunes lampooned the popular culture of the day; these rap cartoons are pandering to the popular culture (of a few years ago).

    Of the clips I’ve seen, the only one that seemed decently directed was the “Besties” clips, although there’s not much there to direct, since its just a couple of characters lounging around in a suburban living room. Which is all anyone ever does in cartoons any more.

    I didn’t care for the background treatments. In the original shorts, the backgrounds were abstract shapes built along a curve (look at Duck Amuck for a lesson in drawing Looney Tunes backgrounds), whereas these new backgrounds are trying to use “real” perspective, and it just looks…off. The backgrounds demand too much of the characters.

  • Some others have said it but I have to say it, the other RoadRunner short, Fee Fi Fo Dumb, is pretty great and probably better than the new theatrical shorts, at least it’s more original.

    Also, for some reason, I changed my mind about the videoclips. After watching them a couple of times I think Yosemite Sam’s one is better than Marvin The Martian’s.

    I really hope there are other music styles in those videoclips apart from rap, though.

    It’s weird that Daffy’s girlfriend has totally changed in comparison to Jessica’s design.

  • Matt

    “It’s not like the old stuff. I like the old stuff better. I don’t like the new stuff.” whine whine whine WELL THEN WATCH THE OLD STUFF THEN!

    Why are people so afraid of the word “revamp”?

    It’s a new generation. Kids now days want fast paced humor.Let’s face it people, this new series isn’t for us fans of the old stuff. I am 27 and I have come to terms that animation humor now days just isn’t for me.

    I really did enjoy the Ninja one however. It’s a brand new approach rather than just setting a trap.

    I am a fan of change, and I try to acknowledge and appreciate all of the work that went into new versions.

    • Erin

      I don’t think people are afraid of a revamp, I think people hold these cartoons to a higher standard and this just doesn’t measure up. Looney Tunes is an institution and if you’re going to mess it up this badly you should anticipate some backlash.

    • Jorge Garrido

      We don’t hate this because it’s different. We hate this because it’s POORLY DONE, in almost every aspect, from humour to references to design to animation to writing to characters to music.

  • Erin

    These segments feel like they could have been written for Alvin and the Chipmunks, not beloved characters that have been well defined for decades. The roadrunner engaging in combat with the coyote? Seriously? Why waste money producing something so weak?

    It’s especially disappointing to see Bugs reduced to a wannabe prankster, instead of the one-step-ahead wiseguy of old.

    Sorry for “blowing my stack”.

  • Alissa

    What I want to know is, exactly who is supposed to be the audience here? The Family Guy “wordplay” (I use that term loosely) and Kill Bill/Matrix references imply an attempt to get older viewers. But the wannabe kiddie-rap, lack of slapstick and general vanilla feel is usually spoon-fed to small children.

    I’ll probably watch the first few episodes out of morbid curiosity, maybe they’ll shock us all and it’ll be side-splittingly funny. But I’m not holding my breath.

  • The Gee

    It still seems like people are putting too much on this incarnation of these characters.

    Like others have mentioned, there’s still what you consider classic. Then there’s crappier versions that were made earlier featuring some of the characters. And, then there’s this.

    You don’t need to watch it, buy the merchandising or have anything to do with it.

    Personally, I’m just glad that people are getting a chance to work with the characters.

    Admittedly, like someone mentioned upthread, the type of comedy the clips I’ve seen are using isn’t something I prefer for the cartoons. But, again the type of cartoon humor I prefer isn’t being used much these days anyway.

    • Erin

      Just be honest, did you work on these terrible, terrible shorts? Why defend something so mindless? Why ask people not to expect more from a franchise they love and want to see succeed (not just survive)?

      • The Gee

        Not sure if you will see this.
        I replied a couple of days back but it never showed up.

        No. I didn’t work on this.

        In short, what I wrote was that like you said:

        it is a Franchise.

        A Franchise, like things people can pay for, is often just one of many choices from which we can choose. With entertainment, unlike a lot of material goods and consumables, it has a long shelf life, filled with multiple versions of products.

        I think it is worse to diss on TimeWarner for making a TV show–not theatrical shorts, but, a sitcom for TV–than it is to defend them making new material featuring the characters.

        Like Sam H. writes below this, newer content could be made and could’ve been made since the late 40s. Instead, they furthered the Franchise. Not the Looney Tunes one, the Merrie Melodies one or the theatrical shorts one, just the Franchise that involves exploiting the characters. That’s how commercial art can and often does work. Welcome to the post-19th Century, Folks!

        (and Sam H, if you see this and you are I think you are, hope all is good)

  • This is what happens when you take guns away from perfectly irresponsible cartoon characters. Too much talking and not enough shooting.

    I’m reminded of the Czech-era Tom and Jerry’s.

  • Wow….I had to stop watching all of those before the 30 second mark.

    Why can’t they just re-run the old ones? It would save kids from having to watch this disaster.

  • Andy

    What made all old cartoons great and funny(especially the Looney Tunes) was that the creators were trying to make themselves laugh. This seems like it was made by a committee guessing at what they think is supposed to be funny to some marketing demographic. Nice production values though.

    • Ryoku75

      I think you just got the screw on the head there, many works I see now feel like they were done by groups hoping to get laughs out of people.

      Then we have the simpler way of just trying to make the creator laugh, if a creator can laugh at his own work then so can the world!

  • purin

    Definitely an improvement from the previous Bugs and Daffy clips. Not amazing, but more promising.

  • I haven’t seen the clips yet, but I’ve heard the “not as good as it used to be” criticism enough to know it usually really means “I’m not eight anymore”.

  • Kellie

    I’ve watched more or less every clip I found of this show, and well… I like ’em. The only problem is that at times it’s a bit too tame and sitcommy, but hey, some of ’em are pretty damn funny and these are at least a helluva lot better than the last two clips that Cartoon Brew posted (those were PAINFULLY unfunny), so now I can see that there’s some potential in here.

    The Merrie Melodies segments are downright terrible, but at least the Yosemite Sam one was somewhat funny.

    Of course I was expecting something a little more… Looney Tunes, but this will work. I’d rather have this than Tiny Toons, because in my eyes all Tiny Toons did was shamelessly recycle gags from the old stuff or break the fourth wall for cheap laughs. The people who are making this are at least writing their own jokes and trying to make it stand on it’s own legs.

  • Jim

    Fellas, I got to tell ya that this show is total garbage and is not close to the original looney tunes cartoons. Stick with the good ol’ classics as well as Hanna-Barbera.

  • Tim Douglas

    So… instead of being defeated by his own incompetence Wile E. is bested in a fair fight?


    As for the others let me just say this: Replace the characters with ANY OTHER ANIMATED OR LIVE CHARACTER – any difference? I thought not.

    This is the definition of generic. Not terrible just generic.

  • New Looney Tunes eh? What will Bob Clampett or Robert McKimson or even Chuck Jones have to say about that?

    • You mean rolling over in their graves. They’d all be about 100 if they were alive today.

    • Kellie

      I’d say they’d be pretty grateful because for once someone used their characters without stealing their jokes as well.

  • I think they should have closed shop in 1948, but I’m only saying that because of what was on TV when I was the appropriate age. I don’t think these are as good as what I grew up with, but like MAD and SNL, quality depends on when you were the proper demographic. They didn’t change, you did. My own preference is for the cartoons without regular characters, though I understand why they can’t do that anymore with cartoons now being commercials for the merchandising. I remember as a kid when relatives assumed that because I liked Bugs Bunny cartoons I would want Bugs Bunny bedsheets or whatever. When you try to tell most people you like a work because of the creators and not the characters they can’t understand. During my brief sojourn in animation some people I worked with didn’t even know the cartoons they grew up with were shown in theatres and made before their parents were born, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it also applied to the people that made these. (Some didn’t know when WWII was but that’s another story.)

  • Joe


    Paused, forever

  • Ro

    The animation looks like it was done on the cheap using Toon Boom. All that stiff movement is making me have flashbacks of those Filmation Archies re-runs.

    • Ryoku

      Probably was, about everything uses computers now.

  • Kyle Maloney

    You know, now that I’ve seen w wry clip released of the show I’ve come to realize they picked the worst ones no question. While these clips make me wanna kill somebody (the rap ones mainly) do yourself a favor, watch pretty much any clip the brew hasn’t posted you might actually like it. I thought some of them were hilarious. And for modern tv standards the animation ain’t bad. I especially like the animation of daffy “trying”.

    • Kyle Maloney

      Gah, sorry for the typo in that first sentence there, that’s what I get for posting from my iphone just before going to sleep. wish we could edit. I think you guys can figure out what I meant though. Carry on.

  • Jei

    [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “It is OK to post with a nickname or alias, but your email address (which we will NEVER share publicly), must be a real, permanent email address. Comments with fake or non-permanent emails will be deleted.”]

  • Lamont Wayne

    Sooo… the fake Looney Tunes from “Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers” got their own series?

    And yeah, this is about as hip as great-grandma struggling to say “fo-shizzle”.

    And to The Gee…

    I majored in Animation in college, left and was in Sales for 10 years and now I’m back in Animation, so I understand what you’re trying to say.

    BUT… What happened to standards? What happened to selling a good product? Is television animation that empty and shallow now? People will always buy what the WANT… and who doesn’t want quality?

  • Maxwell Rose

    Lamont, do you see the fluid animation that isn’t seen on other TV shows? This show has it.

    This isn’t for you or any of the grown ups.

  • Lamont Wayne

    I’m not worried about fluid animation… there are other shows that have fluid animation AND good writing (cough, cough, Avatar)….

    Yosemite Sam is rapping, dude.


    • Maxwell Rose

      Uh, did he have a gold chain? Was his pants down low? Was he running from the cops? Was he wearing gold teeth? Did he have his hat on backwards? Did he have Kanye West glasses? Did he have a Flavor Flav clock chain? Did he do a breakdance? Did he throw gang signs? All no. If he did that, you should be pissed at that more than anything, but it’s not. At all. Sam sounds the same, he’s who he is: a petite man who’s pissed 99.9% of the time.

      Rap is a genre of music, to why it is called “Merrie Melodies”. Like it or not. There’s many more genres part of music.

      I found it quite hilarious, actually.

      • Yeah, you’re sort of right. I don’t really like him doing the four fingers thing, but the more I watch it the clip the more I think it is not that bad. There are some good visuals and what you say it’s true, he’s just singing all this but he’s pretty much the same guy he used to be. Yeah, it’s nice that they didn’t give him any kind of ‘gangsta’ clothes or something.

        Overall the show doesn’t look terrible to me, and it’s not the end of the world. I think Loonatics were much worse and Baby Looney Tunes were a little worse. Space Jam was worse too and that was their first feature film that weren’t done with clips from the shorts.

        I just felt a little disappointed cause I thought they would get it better this time around and it doesn’t feel right to me. The designs are great -except for Porky and Bugs- but they keep changing too much. The sitcom aspects could work but I still think they talk too much. The whole concept of them living in a neighbourhood is looking a little contrived. I think it’d work better if it were a show like Ricky Gervais’ Extras, in which the Looney Tunes were actors that know each others. Having them all living in the same neighbourhood like in “Desperate Housewives” makes them look like too ordinary guys and that makes them more boring.

        I think Lola’s personality is kinda more interesting here than she was in Space Jam, but then her voice sounds like a generic actress from an indie movie, when I’d prefer her to talk in a crazier, faster way to accentuate her new, more “looney” personality. Something more similar to Babs Bunny perhaps.

        I think Speedy’s characterization is pretty nice but maybe a little TOO nice and a little on the Disney side. Maybe he has to be perfect now so he won’t offend anybody.

        Most of the voices are quite good but Daffy’s and Bugs’ voices are not working for me and they’re the main characters.

        The backgrounds are quite well drawn on their own, but they are super distracting when you’re trying to watch at the characters.

        Overall it doesn’t quite work to me. It has some good things but it could be much better. I’ll still watch some episodes to make a more proper judgement.

        Duck Dodgers series wasn’t classic material and the drawings in the show weren’t perfect either but it kinda worked better for what it was. This feels like it’s trying too hard and too many people were giving opinions.

  • tron

    [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “It is OK to post with a nickname or alias, but your email address (which we will NEVER share publicly), must be a real, permanent email address. Comments with fake or non-permanent emails will be deleted.”]


    Um, no.

  • Live A Little

    The new Looney Tunes reboot is simply brilliant, and, quite frankly, probably long overdue. If it takes some folks out of their comfort zone, well, too bad, so sad, that was also true of the original Looney Tunes, when *it* was new. The character updates are extremely refreshing, and renew their relevance for modern day fans.

  • Lookin Good

    Except for the Yosemite Sam one, everything else looks spectacular! Great to see these characters back in the spotlight!

  • God

    The New Looney Tunes Show sucks because it didn’t have the Looney gang we already love have now been newly redesigned in this Cartoon Network reboot just really was a piece of garbage, I think original cartoonists Friz Freleng, Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Frank Tashlin, Bob McKimson, Bob Clampett and co. are spinning in their graves to see what Cartoon Network had done and destroyed their beloved Looney Tunes characters to give them a new look which did not suit their style I’m afraid and it was just wasn’t funny I’m afraid.

  • chris b

    I would rather they just play the old Looney Tunes. They try to be too “politically correct” in the new ones and they suck. Yosemite Sam doesn’t even wear guns for pete’s sake! Trying to make a cartoon without any violence at all is, in fact, making a cartoon that is so boring no one will wanna watch it. I felt the same way when they made a Archie and Jughead movie back in 1999 and Archie has a laptop and drives a pretty nice car instead of the old jalopy. Instead of changing the old cartoons to fit in today’s gizmos and gadgets, they should leave well enough alone and only introduce new cartoons for today’s children. They’ve re-done Thundercats, GI-Joe, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo and Transformers…….and they all suck!

  • Scott C

    Maybe this clip isn’t great, but the show is FUNNY – Bug’s girlfriend is HILARIOUS

  • Courtney

    I grew up with tapes of the original looney tunes cartoons as well as the tiny toons, mostly on old VHS tapes when we had no cable. I just turned 20 and I do not mind the show at all. I rather enjoy it, but not nearly as much as my other favorite shows. It does seem mediocre, but it was a lot better than I thought it would be. Like others have said, if it isn’t for you, catch the early morning viewings of our old favorites; because either way, it is the third most-popular Cartoon Network show behind Gumball and Adventure Time.