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Olivia and I

We don’t often post about Telenovelas, but since Cartoon Network is going live action, here’s one they might consider: Olivia And I. It sounds like a cross between Ugly Betty and Cool World:

Olivia, a very shy cartoonist, works in an animation studio and falls deeply in love with Pablo, the studio manager. But there is also Pablo’s fiancée, Magdalena.

Olivia designs an animation model, a beautiful young girl who resembles her but has completely different characteristics. This drawn character will slowly become real and will interfere at work but it will also help Pablo and Olivia realize they are in love.

I’d be curious to see if this turns out to be any good. 120 one hour episodes are now in production at Illusion Studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Who knows? If it becomes popular there, it might spawn a U.S. spin-off.

  • Lance G.

    Sounds better than The Duck Factory.

  • it sounds like they want to do a second attempt on the subject. Some years ago they did “mi familia es un dibujo” … I remember it was something like a soap opera targeted for kids, with this “roger rabbit” concept of a live action family who adopts a cartoon as their son or something like that. They even did a movie.

    I don’t remember if it was horrible or not, but it probably was.

    for the curious ones (with a warning) …. Click here for the opening.

  • Fausto

    oh dear god let’s hope not.

  • Well, this sounds like a guilty pleasure type of program. Although I can’t imagine how that storyline keeps itself going for 150 hour-long episodes.

    Really, could it possibly be worse than Out of Jimmy’s Head?

  • Those Olivia looks gorgeous! :D

  • RobEB

    Sounds like an update of PHILBERT…

  • Charles H.

    Yes that show was downright awful. And if memory serves me, the “toon” wasn’t exactly adopted…pretty gruesome, eh?

  • slowtiger

    Well, that’s not a first. “Berlin, Berlin” was a highly successful sitcom/telenovela in german TV from 2002 – 2005. The amourous adventures of comic artist Lolle were interrupted by animated sequences where her alter ego sarcastically reflected the situation. The series got an Emmy for one episode, among several other prices.


  • Norm

    “Alegro Non Troppo” handled the concept of the live action cartoonist and his animated world with the least degree of filmic embarrassment. Who needs 120 hours of anything? That amount of time is more than some people even live.