‘Penn Zero’ Debuts This Friday on Disney XD


Disney will launch its new action/comedy series Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero this Friday with a Christmas special on Disney XD. Some viewers report that the holiday episode is already available on the DisneyXD app. The series will begin airing regularly in early-2015.

Created by Jared Bush and Sam Levine, the show follows a kid Penn Zero who is tasked with saving the world since his parents are superheroes stuck in another dimension called the “Most Dangerous World Imaginable.” In the holiday special “Northpole Down,” Penn feels sad about spending his first holiday without his parents so he travels to the North Pole to help Santa. Henry “The Fonz” Winkler guest-stars as a snowman.

The special airs Friday, December 5, at 7pm ET/PT. The opening titles are above, and here’s the promo for the special “Northpole Down”:

  • Googamp32

    I’m really looking forward to this one. It looks really cool, and hopefully it will hold me over until “Star Vs. the forces of evil”.

    • Josh Moore

      That is the one upcoming Disney show I’m looking forward to the most.

  • Christian Larocque

    good job mercury filmworks!!

  • Max C.

    Well, it’s certainly not every day you get a Se7en joke in a family show, let alone Disney.

  • Cindy Gagnon

    You are obviously not an animator to say that it looks like trash. Honnestly, Mercury Filmworks do pretty much the best cutout there is. When they choose to use “flash” animation (I’m assuming you don’t know what cutout is) instead of traditionnal, it’s because of budget and time restrictions. And guess what, Disney made that choice for that show because it’s not a flagship and they had the opportunity to experiment with style. Saying that a studio is trash because you don’t understand what they do IS total garbage.

  • Ward Jenkins

    Nothing like a TV show preview to bring out any and all armchair animation studio executives. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that Disney, et al, will take serious consideration to comments here (or anywhere else for that matter). And by the way, TV animation from 1985-1995 was NO WHERE near the quality you saw up on the big screen. Seriously.

  • Ward Jenkins

    Your humble opinion, of course.

  • Mike Collymore

    The creator of this show wrote one of the first
    versions of Wreck-It Ralph…

    • L_Ron_Hoover

      Interesting. But it doesn’t explain the design similarity unless Jin Kim or Lorelay Bove are working on this.

  • Inkan1969

    I liked this episode more than I expected. While I don’t think the character designs have much appeal, I was impressed with the detailed backgrounds. The artistic style seems to work more for landscapes than for people. And the “Johnny Test” comparisons are misleading. Penn is nothing like Johnny Test; he’s responsible and sympathetic.