Phil Roman’s Holiday Hello (1992) Phil Roman’s Holiday Hello (1992)

Phil Roman’s Holiday Hello (1992)

In December 1992, employees of Film Roman received a special Christmas bonus. No, not cash, but a VHS of this video, Phil Roman’s Holiday Hello. Eighteen years later, it’s posted on You Tube revealing an interesting snapshot of a more optimistic time in the animation industry. Garfield, The Simpsons and the semi-educational caveman cartoon, Cro, were in production at the time. There are a few funny bits here, just as many lame in-jokes, and as for who’s-who – perhaps our readership can identify the folks on camera in our comments section, below.

(Thanks, John Mathot)

  • bert klein

    That’s me Phil is patting on the shoulder around 7:51…Thanks for posting…great memories…

  • The only one that stuck out to me was D. Silverman who co-directed Monsters’ Inc.

  • I haven’t watched the video yet and probably don’t know anyone else, but the man pictured above is Adam Dykstra – a very talented man and an animator at Disney.

  • That’s my artwork of my dear old Siamese cat Sheena, who’s eaten Mickey Mouse. “Clifford” is Cliff Vorhees. And I see Bob Boyle and Bill Riling among those carolers.

  • Mike

    The first girl with the loaf of bread is Julie Gustafson, eating the bread is Art, Noel and Rick Roman. Singers are Bob Boyle, Cliff Voorhees, Bill Riling and Jim Schulman. That’s also Cliff eating at the Roach Coach and Jim narriting from the hallway. The “Who’s Phil” guys are Mike Anderson, Peter Shin and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh.

  • Old pal Vincent Davis and his lovely wife Hiroko are both in the party footage toward the end. There is a shot of Vince singing at a microphone, and Vince reacting wide-eyed to the antics of Hiroko and friends. A real treat to see him again, thanks for posting this video!

  • Joe

    I gotta say, this was really entertaining. Loved some of the snark on display, including a few potshots at “Cro”.

  • Gary Conrad

    Yikes…I made this video…what a kick to see it. In fact, I made six of these, one each year from 1989 to 1994 for the studio Christmas party. You’re right, this was a happy time. And, Phil was a fantastically good sport about these. That’s him holding the gushing-praise cue card for David Silverman….

  • Thanks, Gary. I saw a lot of old pals in the video including Phil.

    It’s nice for the kids to see what the cartoon business use to be like. I doubt you’ll have any time (or the energy) for wacky stuff like this today.

  • Phyllis Craig in clown makeup!

  • Nice to see VD and Hiroko in there…

  • Debbie Mark

    So Good to see all my old friends……Good times…I miss Phyllis – passed in 1998 and also Vince is gone too…I miss them sooooo much…They touched my life… Thanks for posting this…love to all my old friends…

  • Debbie Mark

    Miss all you guys

  • I’m in there but I take no responsibility for my hair or wardrobe.

  • Patrick Buchanan

    I was a young guy during this time and I have nothing but good memories from the beginning of my career with everybody on this video. At the time I didn’t completely realize what I was a part of, but I certainly do now! I will always cherish those times and try to pass on that love of art and what we do….making cartoons!

  • Rookie

    Karl Torgue’s Phil impersonation is the best. And Gary and Schooey are filmmakers par excellent.

  • It’s amazing to see all the familiar faces, I don’t believe that was my real hair style..why didn’t someone tell me it looked so Goofy? Thanks for the flashback, those were the days!!

  • Morgan

    Cliff Vorhees is immortal! He lives today, making hand-fashioned sculptures and decorations in his retirement.

  • Spencer

    Wow I can see why they hated Cro.

  • Bob Logan

    I saw my ear! Those were fun times! Phil ran a good studio. Great people! Great memories!

    Thanks for the video, John!

  • Bob Boyle hasn’t aged a day.

  • OMG! Boy talk about memories!!!! Yes, those were the day of good food and wine. The best crazy guys and artists in the world. We had fun, enjoyed our jobs and knew how to par-tay. Jim Schulman, Bob Boyle, Bob Curtis John Mahot, Gary Conrad, the two Barbara’s Belle, Debbie,Phyllis, Lolee,Anna Pagan, Art, Noel and Richard Roman,Karl,Viney,Swampy, Mike Anderson,Bill Rilling,My Studio Service Crew was the best in the business, Herman, Patrick, Mike,Kurtis, Ralph. Wonderful memories to go nite-nite with.

  • Geo

    I see Jeff “Swampy” Marsh

  • Glad you guys like seeing it! Indeed, these were fun days — how did we ever get any work done whilst goofing around so much?

    In line at the roach coach are Tricia Garcia and Debbie (Silver) Peterson. The last person saying, “Who is Phil Roman?” is Maria Mariotti. Among the “Simpsons” crew skipping into work are Susie Dietter, Sarah Frost, Chuck Sheetz, Pete Michels, and Chris Clements (I think that’s Chris). I can’t identify the other person.

    Karen Bauer is sneaking past in the background during the babies party, as is Barbara Cordova. Alan Smart and Adam Kuhlman are at the buffet table at 7:46. Jeff LaFlamme is moving past Phil during the art opening. And a Xerox of the Simpsonized head of Lance Wilder adorns the ladies room door.

    Bob Anderson is walking past David Silverman in the Halloween section. Paul Fetler is in the “Simpsons” color design room.