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Phineas and Ferb the next SpongeBob?

Phineas and Ferb

Rectangular sponges are out; triangles are in. Today’s NY Times writes about how Disney’s Phineas and Ferb is the next SpongeBob. I find that premise difficult to believe. Is Phineas and Ferb really as popular with college students and young adults as SpongeBob in its heyday? A successful kids show it may be, but Phineas and Ferb has a ways to go before turning into a pop culture phenomenon.

  • Isaac

    “For 2009, “Phineas and Ferb” was the No. 1 television animated series among children 6 to 11.”

    The show is definitely geared to the 6 to 11 audience. I’m not a marketing expert, but I can’t see many people over the age of 14 liking this show.

  • Arthur F.

    That sounds more like a publicist’s guide text at work to make it happen. I recall Spongebob went mega pretty surprisingly fast, thus the “phenomena” tag, and by the first year I was hearing about it while in Europe already. (Without the Disney publicity network behind it as well) It didn’t take a suggestion in a newspaper that it “might be” the next anything… It was in the newspaper because of the first wave of immense popularity, and icons (an important part of making it in pop culture) closer to how Pee Wee’s Playhouse felt, also in terms of breaking out from tv demographics and having different audience age groups. I guess what makes it a phenomena vs. simply popular, would be how it mined a fine line between the Nick cartoon norm and “stranger” angles that its deviously simple characters and stories developed — all the funky subtexts that draws in older audiences seeing “in-jokes” and references to be hip to as well. Especially after the first year.
    Still, it IS kind of telling if a Disney cartoon like “Phineas and Ferb” is going to be the college-age “next Spongebob”.

  • Marketing talk or not, I always thought that Phineas & Ferb was a very good show. It is very formulaic but the writing is very clever and there’s usually an original song each episode. I usually never laugh at anything my daughter watches but P&B usually makes me laugh out loud more than once.

    As far as this 47 year old is concerned, it’s probaby the best kid’s cartoon on TV right now. The question I have is how long the show can be sustained.

  • Brokenshell44

    @Isaac, I’m 18 and me and several people my age I know watch and love the show. I even know older adults who love the show and while watching an episode one day my mother, who could care less about anything animated, got involved in an episode and was asking what the show was about.

    As for whether it truly is the next spongebob? In quality, this surpasses anything the writers of spongebob have crapped out in the past 5 years, so it has that going for it.

  • Grayson Ponti

    I as a teenager do think that Phineas and ferb is actually a very smart and well-made show but I would not rank it in the same league as Spongebob. Spongebob is unanimously funny in a way few cartoons have been over recent decades and even if I’m not a big fan of the animation it always makes me laugh. Rocko’s Modern Life still is my favorite TV cartoon though.

  • Bill Field

    I’m not completely surprised to see this statement, my tween age niece and nephew have liked this show since it’s premiere. It has a whacky quotient that isn’t quite as high as Sponge Bob, but I mean, c’mon- Sponge Bob set THAT bar!
    Amid, I had to laugh at this line in your post “Is Phineas and Herb really as popular with college students and young adults as SpongeBob in its heyday?” I think the typo may yield the real reason P&H is catching on counter culturally- At “college age”- everything is funnier with…HERB! Hell, forget the FERB!

  • Mike Russo

    I don’t know anyone aside from little kids and internet cartoon fans who like P&F. That show is never going to have the widespread, multi-age appeal Spongebob has had for a decade now. I never hear any adults talking about it, whereas Spongebob was something you couldn’t get away from no matter where you were.

    • Phoebe O’Shea

      I am 15 and I love this show a lot more than spongebob. spongebob was always just something to watch if nothing was on. P and F always makes me laugh and I know a lot of people will agree with me.

  • I haven’t heard of anybody other than kids watching it, so that part doesn’t seem accurate. Children do seem to like it a lot though, which I guess is what they’re referring to.

  • erlab

    Why is this important enough to gain a post here? “The next Spongebob” is a phrase that has been used so often for so long now, I am sick and tired of it! Why does everything need to be the “next Spongebob”!?

  • mojo25

    Sounds like a planted story to me!

    Yeah! my cartoon will become the next animation revolution, yeah right!

    I think the marketing person’s mom told him that.

    Oh mothers always think their kids are the best.

  • Keith Kritselis

    I’m probably the wrong person to judge since the whole Spongebob thing left me scratching my head, but P & F is my favorite of he latest crop of animated kid fair.

  • Bob P.

    And yet, look back at your own Sunday Funnies only two days ago.

  • Jorge

    I like how they don’t point out in the article that Dan Povenmire was a writer on Spongebob during its best years. This was actually in the New York Times?

  • It’s not Spongebob-popular yet, but it has the potential to be. I think a lot of people miss it because it’s on the Disney channel between its other lame live-action shows. A number of former Rocko’s Modern Life and Family Guy writers work on the show (sans the gross jokes), and it definitely looks like a show that’s fun to work on.

    Spongebob’s appeal, I think, is due too its strong, cartoony nature, it’s commitment to the squash n’ stretch, wacky sensibilities that you don’t really see any more (seriously, what’s a modern cartoon that shows characters hit by cars/exploding beyond Chowder?). “Phineas and Ferb” doesn’t have that – it has the visual air of a young teen show – but it’s surprisingly clever with the verbal and visual cues, decent and comedic music, and even the characters outside the main 2 protagonists are decently designed.

  • There are college kids who enjoy Phineas and Ferb…I’m one of them. What P + F has that’s lacking in most cartoons today is soul and extreme fun. The characters stay static from episode to episode, but it’s something that’s craved from this group. The different songs and situations we see them get into has lots of energy. It’s an actual cartoon show, not something worked up to try and be freakin’ commercial! As for it become the next Spongebob, it does have time to take to get there, and also more audiences to grab….but if it stays strong with the content and with their viewership, it’ll get there…just hopefully Disney doesn’t screw up a good thing like they did with Kim Possible.

  • In my opinion, the reason WHY it’s unusually popular is due to the amount of times it’s been repeated and marathoned over and over on both Disney Channel and Disney XD so there’s nothing else left to be showcased properly – at least that’s how it feels over here in the UK :P

  • I don’t know if it’ll be the next Spongebob, but the series has been consistently funny since it landed on-air. Sometimes you’ll get the obligatory “guest star” episodes, but those have been rather few and far in-between.

    I remember reading about how they pitched it around and received some pushback from development executives unsure of the concept of kids inventing things that didn’t really exist — one of the show creators retorting, “Do you really think your kids are that stupid?”

  • Jason M

    I’m 17 and I dont watch the show but I do know kids who love it! I do these ” how to draw cartoons” classes for kids ages 5- 11 and they all love learning how to draw them but when I tell the parents or other adults about the show they dont know what I’m taking about.

    I think the show is funny. ( on a recent commercial for an upcoming episode they where trying to stop a giant cameleon form rampaging thru the town and the called it a dinosaur cuz it sounded cooler. haha) I didnt lol i just appreciate the humor. I’m sure little kids love this stuff! I think what turns most older people off to P&F is the fact that it’s on Disney Channel. Even kids my age dont wanna have to sit thru the dumb Jonas Bros. commercials and the hannah Montana promos. if it were on Nick it would be a different story…

    I think if given a chance CN’s Chowder whould have been the best candidate to be the next Spongebob. I know tons of college kids and adults who watch and lol at the show. To bad CN canceled it.

  • Scarabim

    Actually, a lot of 14+ viewers like Phineas and Ferb, especially for the original songs that frequently pop up in the episodes. And the creators of the show were very smart in how they handled their female characters, especially Candace, so that young girls aren’t put off by the all-too-usual girls-are-pests jokes many cartoons indulge in. I like the show a lot myself (although this season the songs aren’t as good, unfortunately).

  • Richie

    I love this show to death…And pretty much every single one of my friends really like it as well. We’re in college =D Really, it’s a pretty amazing cartoon. Excellent writing that only keeps on improving, characters you actually grow attached to, clever staging, drop dead hilarious humor, and of course, lots of heart.

    Truly the best cartoon (not aimed at adults) airing at the moment…And certainly thousand of times better than anything Spongebob has released after its 3rd Season.

  • steve

    i have a few niece’s and nephews who have abandoned spongebob , for PnF. and, as a 35 year old man with no kids. i watch it all the time. great show.

  • I’m no fan of SPONGEBOB. Like I said, I thought it was okay, at least in its prime. I’m more into other (unfortunately canceled) Nick shows like MY LIFE AS A TEENAGE ROBOT, THE X’s, EL TIGRE, and THE MIGHTY B! (the cancellation of the latter was the death knell of Nick for me), shows liberally aimed at both younger and older audiences (mostly older audiences; the ones who made these shows!).

    And domestically, ADVENTURE TIME is currently the best CN has to offer. (I find myself more entertained by its Canadian fare, especially the now-ended 6TEEN.)

    But I do like PHINEAS AND FERB! Indeed, it’s the best new cartoon on Disney after the end of KIM POSSIBLE. I thought it was a cute and silly show. And indeed the other characters have appeal! A show that I would like to watch more often than I should.

    It does have a ways to catch up to SPONGEBOB (if Disney relinquishes its 65-episode format), but then, that could be said of all cartoons nowadays, sadly.

  • Penis and Ferb

    This show is a character design abomination. It has none of the visual appeal Spongebob has.

    I’m surprised parents allow their children to watch this show. Would you let your kid what a show where one of the main characters looked like a giant dildo?

    • Actually the design are so deceptively simple it borders on brilliant.

  • Chuck Howell

    I started watching this with my daughters, ages 9 and 11, and it has rocketed to the top of our “shared shows” list. “Sponge Bob” still has a prime spot on that list, along with “Avatar” and “iCarly,” but P&F has entered our zeitgist in a way very similar to Sponge Bob. We can sing the Perry the Platypus theme song, as well as several of the other witty songs the show has produced. I have developed a Doofenschmertz voice to go along with my Mr. Krabs, and P&F has generated more catch phrases in our house than even Get Smart! did in my youth. For instance –

    Phineas: “I know what we’re gonna do today!”
    “Hey, where’s Perry?”/”Oh there you are, Perry!”
    [Adult: Aren’t you a little young to be building a particle accelerator?”] “Why yes. Yes I am.”

    Candace: “You guys are so busted!”

    Doofenschmertz: “With my newest invention, the (insert name here)-inator, I will rule the entire TRI-STATE AREA!”

    Isabella: “What-cha doooin’?”

    There are more, but you get the idea. I actually find the very structured nature of the program frees it to concentrate on the humor. It reminds me of the Roadrunner cartoons in this regard. You know what’s going to happen more or less, but the fun is in getting there. The scripts and the songs are uniformly of high quality, the characters are consistent and the very cartoony style of the program is a plus. In short, I’d say it’s probably number two with a bullet – I do see some slippage in Bikini Bottom…

  • lampshade

    I don’t know what’s the big deal about Phineas and Ferb, I don’t find anything clever about it. Maybe peoples’ standards are way low?

    And since when Kim Possible was ever a good show?

  • Ben K.

    Strangely enough, I was hanging out with a group of friends last week when one of them begged us to watch this. It was pretty enjoyable and funny in my opinion, but that’s only based on the one episode. We’re all in our 20’s.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    “The show is definitely geared to the 6 to 11 audience. I’m not a marketing expert, but I can’t see many people over the age of 14 liking this show.”

    I certainly don’t, and I’m 32! There’s some girls in my house 14 and under who do watch this show, but I just can’t get into it regardless of how I find it to be to their liking anyway (the obnoxious set). Part of the show kept reminding me of Dexter’s Lab, if only for the two brothers doing these outrageous stuff behind their parents’ backs and there’s an older sister who otherwise would rather tell on them anyway but is often involved in their adventures.

    It certainly will take time for us to know where Phineas and Ferb will go in terms of being the next Spongebog for the older crowd.

    “It does have a ways to catch up to SPONGEBOB (if Disney relinquishes its 65-episode format), but then, that could be said of all cartoons nowadays, sadly.”

    Ah the “magic 65”! It would definitely help if Disney sees the potential for growth on this show if they let it slide this time.

  • Tedzey

    I saw a couple of episodes of phineas and ferb, and as most of the bloggers have pointed out it doesn’t have the same cartoony appeal spongebob has. This is why I can’t see it catching on the same way spongebob did. It’ll take alot of money in merchandising for P/F to catch on, but disney is better off investing that money to finding another potential cartoon. Thats what Walt Disney did when Mickey Mouse was at its prime. Instead of making more Mickey shorts with the same premise, he helped create more characters like Goofy and Donald which then catapulted them to feature films.

    What most people complain about today’s cartoons is how they don’t act like cartoons and more like animated TGI-sitcoms. All the plots of phineas and ferb have a pattern, the kids do something wacky that the sister wants to exploit them for and the platypus foils an evil scheme. Oh, and they sing a song.To me this represents the dark ages of cartoons that DIC and Filmation have exploited for a really long time.

    For Spongebob, there is barely any consistency from one episode to the another. Its the characters somewhat unpredictable nature that makes the shows worth watching. Patrick could be incredibly stupid and confuse a coat hanger for a guest, while the next he is a competing fry-cook who wrestles with yellow underwear (just going with the show people).

    Those are the qualities of cartoons people wish they saw more which is what spongebob offers. To me, Phineas and Ferb is like Junk Food. It looks good, but at times its not worth watching all the time; which is why its main demographic are 6-11 year olds and college kids stumped from finals.

  • Rooniman

    I scoffed when I saw the title of that article. Let’s compare:

    Phineas and Freb has been around since 2009.
    Spongebob has been around since 1999.

    Thats a huge 10 year gap between the two, meaning through all the years when P&F didn’t exist, Spongebob rose to fame.

    Spongebob also is, to me, a better deisgned cartoon for having great talented artists on there (namely Vincent Waller and Aaron Springer, but I sure there are other great people in that crew.)

    The designs on P&F look like cock-a-dookie by comparison.

    I haven’t really watched alot of P&F, but from what I gathered from those short gilmpses, it’s kind of boring.

    So I don’t think Phineas & Ferb is going to be at Spongebob’s level, but thats just me.

  • Rooniman

    I don’r think Phineas & Ferb will ever be at Spongebob’s level, considering what year they started (Spongebob: 1999, Phineas & Ferb: 2009, quite a big gap).

  • Ehhhh probably not. I’ve never heard a single person in my animation program ever mention this show. I barely even knew about it until I started seeing things occasionally about it here. Since then I’ve seen like 2 episodes and it seems alright, but I think the animated kids shows attracting all the attention of everyone at my college right now are Flapjack and Adventure Time. You can’t go a day without a conversation about something involving those shows.

  • Rooniman

    Also, Spongebob has better design then P&F (I root for the whole crew on Spongebob, especially Vincent Waller).

  • I love the show!

  • Spongebob has better design, but Phineas and Ferb has an interesting concept that sometimes it’s as imaginative as Spongebob. It also has Perry the platypus, his section of the show is usually funny and him and that Doofenshmirtz characters are competent designs. I would even say Ferb is a pretty decent design. The only characters that don’t look totally right to me are Phineas, Candance and Isabella, their faces are a little too abstract and her expressions are a little limited, especially Candance’s. But she’s a fine character personality-wise.

    Overall Spongebob is better, but I think it’s a little overrated. I mean, it’s a good show, but I don’t totally get why it’s EVERYWHERE right now. Ren and Stimpy was much better and it wasn’t that popular-at least in my country. We didn’t see so many Ren and Stimpy merchadise as I see with Spongebob. Maybe that was because of the internal problems between the channel and the creators. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for Spongebob’s success, but I feel like I’m a little overexposed to it.

  • Right, and Lady Gaga is the next Madonna.

  • Hulk

    I did read somewhere that Ben Stiller and his wife are big fans of the show- hence why they ended up doing voices on the show. I’d heard the same thing about other stars. That’s how scarlett Johanses got a part in the Songebob movie: wrong as her voice was for that part, she was a huge fan and asked to be a part of it. That’s what I heard anyway.

  • Tory

    I can’t see it. The show is ok but I imagine 30-50 years from now it will be largely forgotten though I can imagine SpongeBob lasting in popularity beyond that. This show just doesn’t have the legs. Closest in quality and appeal but lacking in marketing is Flapjack. Why isn’t that on DVD? Why aren’t there toys and bedroom sets at Wal-Mart?

  • Erin

    As someone JUST out of college and also left with an animation degree, I concur that none of us ever talked about Phineas and Ferb. The most I knew about it for a while (not having cable) was that it had some weird kid with a triangle face. Of kids cartoons, we were mostly interested in what we grew up with, what films were just coming out, and I occasionally heard rumblings about Flapjack from people around me.
    The show I heard most often though was Clone High. This is STILL popular among the crowd and a lot of kids sorely missed it. After watching the entire season, I can see why. Skewed older with a lot of jokes surrounding historical figures that history-savvy people could appreciate.

  • Geo

    Funny that they both have a strong “Rocko’s Modern Life” heritage.

    Both Dan & Swampy and Steve Hillenberg were directors on Rocko. More importantly, both shows are premise-based like Rocko was — the show isn’t scripted, the writers come up with a premise and the actual script is written as the show is storyboarded. Makes for a much more visual cartoon.

  • I seen the evidence, especially the “triangle-head-syndrome” comic strip.

    His head more looks like a Dorito, though.

  • To be fair, Clone High still airs on Teletoon in 2010. Granted, Corus part-owns Teletoon and owns Nelvana, so CanCon keeps the show in play.

    I’m surprised Teletoon/Nelvana hasn’t attempted a CH revival, although I figure it would need an American backer and the okay from Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and Bill Lawrence.

    I haven’t seen Batman: The Brave and the Bold mentioned as a cross-generational hit. I’m not sure of its ratings on Cartoon Network, but you have to be a bit of a comics fan to appreciate the use of B’wana Beast, Owlman and the Terrible Trio. The show even pulled off a musical episode while roping in Neil Patrick Harris. I realize Batman’s been popular for decades, but not the campy, Bat-Random-Device version of the character.

  • Roberto Severino

    I doubt that Phineas and Ferb are ever going to be as popular as SpongeBob, but I congratulate the talented crew on both shows, especially people like Sherm Cohen, Richard Pursel, Vincent Waller, Aaron Springer, Jay Lender, Zac Moncrief, and many more. Some of them even worked on both shows and other shows like Rocko’s Modern Life and even Ren and Stimpy. In my opinion, that show is the best I’ve seen from Disney’s TV animation department, despite the inferior design sense and BG color choices, as compared to SB. It actually can be quite funny, especially with Perry the Platypus and such. Plus, I’ve always loved the work that Povenmire and Marsh did on Rocko’s Modern Life, so this show kinda has hints of their tenure on that show.

    “(Spongebob: 1999, Phineas & Ferb: 2009, quite a big gap).”

    Actually Rooni, Phineas and Ferb premiered back in 2007, so it really isn’t a bigger gap than you think.

  • Josef

    I remember everyone I knew hated Sponge Bob when it came out. The show eventually grew on them, and so will Phineas and Ferb. Besides, Sponge Bob is suffering from over exposure. When everyone starts to like something, it becomes uncool to like it. It’s time for something new.

  • Lies!

  • FP

    Spongebob is MASSIVE, up there with the Warner’s classic characters, Popeye, and the original few episodes of REN’n’STIMPY. Phineas and Ferb is “Eh”. It’s no more appealing than the weak and uncompelling Mighty B, or Total Drama Island. I can see that kids might like it. For the record, demographically, I am nine hundred years old.

    Whatever happened to that Gary Baseman cartoon in which the dog dressed up like a kid? It was great. It vanished.

  • Michael F.

    Although I am not too big on it I will admit that it is more enjoyable than Spongebob in my honest opinion. Also, I think that the people behind P&F are doing the right thing and keeping its exposure controlled versus throwing Perry’s picture on everything and stuff. I work at a department store (whose name I will not mention) and I have seen a few P&F items here and there but not much. They are popular sellers.

  • never heard of it… but at least it’s well designed…. or.. no wait

  • I can’t make a comparison between P&F and SpongeBob because, frankly, I never got into SpongeBob. But I was exposed to a single episode of P&F at my sister’s house and was immediately hooked. Her kids (8/5/4 years old) are fans. I’m a bit older (46).

    I was familiar with Dan Povenmire’s work on Family Guy and can see similarities in terms of timing and writing that is consistently tight and occasionally brilliant. I think what makes P&F work so well is the discipline they have maintained. They set up a basic episode formula from the very beginning (very strict and as rules-based as Jones’ Road Runner shorts). Once the formula was established, they almost immediately went into self-parody mode, to the point where the majority of each episode is a prolonged inside joke poking fun at their own structure.

    Doofenshmirtz is a dim bulb who is nonetheless self aware enough to recognize that he is essentially a prisoner of the formula and must fatalistically play out his role to the bitter end each time. This adds a level of depth and even poignancy to a character that could easily be a one-dimensional idiot otherwise. It also makes him funny as hell.

  • J Lee

    P&F is more dialog-driven than Spongebob, which long run will probably make it less attractive on repeat viewing (though if you’re going to be more dialog-driven, giving Doofenschmertz a pseudo-Hans Conreid voice isn’t a bad idea). So it’s actually closer in style to something like “Anamaniacs” in trying to work on two levels at the same time verbally (but the show has been smart enough not to lean on topical gags and references, which as quickly as pop culture falls in and out of fashion nowadays is a surefire way to confuse and lose your main target audience just a few years down the line).

  • Marc Baker

    Honestly, I just can’t into Disney’s current cartoon offerings. I seriously doubt that ‘Phineas & Ferb’ will become as big as ‘Spongebob’, or bigger than ‘Hanna Montana’ (Even if it went the ‘scandalous’ route.) I miss the style of the ‘Disney Afternoon’ shows. They were more in line with the classic Disney animation style, but that’s just me. Heck, the early cartoon network styles have a more appealing style than Disney’s current shows.

  • Would it be possible to make them any uglier?

  • Donald C

    As a college student I love it.
    At first I wrote it off as a typical mediocre Disney cartoon, but I soon discovered that it was actually far more clever and funnier than I thought.

    It somehow comes off as a parody of itself while remaining true to its setup and somehow it actually works.

  • big bad balloon

    ahhhh the new age of tv toons. where “appeal” is no longer a requirement, just a suggestion. good thing this has good writing because the style is horrendous.

  • Rooniman

    “Actually Rooni, Phineas and Ferb premiered back in 2007, so it really isn’t a bigger gap than you think.”

    I did? Sorry, my mistake Roberto.

    And sorry for the excessive comments, I thought the first one was deleted.

  • Tonma

    the triangle headed plush will look really bad.

  • Honestly, I can’t see Phineas and Ferb being the next anything. I have mix thoughts on this show – I’m not sure if it’s my type of show (which is kind of sad since the creators of P&F did work on some of my favorite shows). I’m 14, and the appeal of the show just seems like a kid’s dumbed downed version of Family Guy/The Simpsons (which again is also sad since I do enjoy the writing of Family Guy and The Simpsons). This is a list of shows that could be the next Spongebob’s if they have (or had) the right marketing:

    * The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (which at this point Hot Topic is the only store that sells anything besides maybe Wal-Mart with the first – and only at this point – DVD.)

    * Adventure Time w/ Finn & Jake (Frederator puts quite a lot of marketing into it, but I think CN is still just observing the show… which is pretty damn stupid since Adventure Time is one of the top ranked kid’s shows as of right now as well as CN bought over 20 new episodes)

    * Chowder (which is sadly canceled. I would suggest CN should really do what FOX did to Family Guy by revising it. Many kids/teens – including me – very much worship that show.)

    And that’s about it… three shows have (had) that potential. Disney can market the hell out of P&F, but it will never catch on like Spongebob did – probably not even catch a cult following like all of those three shows (with the YouTube Poops, cosplays, fansites, ect.). It is cool in a scene that Disney is willing to put so much effort/marketing into a cartoon though instead Hanna Montana or JONAS. Hopefully this will give Disney the idea that they can still count on cartoons to being in the greenbacks.

  • Lola

    I do believe that this is one of the most annoying shows I’ve seen. It’s not witty or clever, the characters have terrible designs, and the songs.. God the SONGS. It’s like some terrible cartoon Hantana Montana shite.

  • Kecky

    I never got why anyone would watch Spongebob.

    I’ve found P&F delightful! The strength of the show is its writing; in fact, I think the design and animation might be holding a lot of people back from discovering how great it is. When it first came out, I thought for sure it would be a dreadful generic unfunny-potty-joke time-slot-filler, and it does come off that way when you first glance at an episode. Then two minutes in, you’re like, wait, did that really just happen?

  • I gotta say I enjoy Phineas and Ferb a lot more than I ever enjoyed Spongebob. That said, they are very different vibes. Spongebob is more Three Stooges and P&F are more Marx Bros., if you like. One of the things I really enjoy about P&F is that they are encouraging kids to be into science and engineering without being preachy. The structured storytelling , as said elsewhere, frees up the show for more comedy but there’s more. This show has some genuine heart to it. See the episode “Dude, We’re Getting The Band Back Together” for example of a truly genuine romantic comedy. Every single character is designed and written in a smart way. True, Candace would do better if she weren’t so high strung but you don’t mind it because none of the others do. And Phineas is the single most positive character on tv. When he offers to help Candace bust themselves to their mom and she asks “You’d really help me bust you?” Phineas replies “Sure! If it’ll make you happy.” All the songs are awesome I even find myself singing them while doing chores or whatever. Oh and I’m 37. My landlord who’s in his 40’s watches it too.

  • Tory

    Phineas and Ferd, you’re no Marx Brothers!

  • Razel

    To be completely honest, I love both shows. The problem with me though is that whenever I like two things, I often compare them to each other. I did the same thing with this one, and guess what? Spongebob still tops.
    Come on, guys, the show’s been around since 1999, since it’s still alive and kickin’ today, it MEANS that it’s incredibly popular, even spawning a huge and internationally-successful franchise. I see a lot of people commenting that they like Spongebob in my country, wearing the t-shirts, downloading the songs, watching the toon, whatever. The point is, Spongebob’s still going strong, and it should be and will be, for all the years to come.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Phineas and Ferb, but I think the time’s still too early for it to be a franchise. And we all know where all immediately-started franchises of moderately popular shows go—— at the very back of our minds. I mean, when one of us starts showing off a product of said franchise (say, a t-shirt, or something) I’m sure we’ll immediately respond with “Really? How come I’ve never seen products of those before?”
    So to speak, my overall message is, Phineas and Ferb, you’re good, and I know you’ve got variable success with your show, but you’ve still got a long way to go to reach the cash-by-the-second-making franchise level marked by Spongebob.

  • mike

    Phineas and ferb is a brilliant show like spongebob WAS. Both show are more popular with kids but they both have brilliant adult humor. Spongebob got rid of that humor 5 years ago and thats when i stopped watching it. Right now Phineas and ferb is Way better.

  • Somebody

    Yeah, lots of people over 30 like this show. The musical half inspires children! Still, they won’t enjoy 7 hours of it! Also, more adults find SpongeBob ANNOYING.

  • bwp82

    worst and most annoying cartoon ive ever seen. so hard to not punch the tv when i hear that little shit theme song come on at 8 15am every fucking day. BRUTAL. i cant believe that anyone over the age of 10 or 11 would enjoy this show, its absolutely awful. there is not 1 single part of the show that i enjoy. i can understand why kids would like it, it truly may be a great kids show, but anyone thats older watching it should just not comment and be embarassed. for people saying spongebob wasnt as good or couldnt come up with what p&f do, youre retards! spongebob appealed to every age, every country, everyone. phineas and ferb can entertain the little kids and do nothing more. just because it has a stupid song in each episode that the writers create doesnt make it any good.

  • Phineas and Ferb is the best Disney cartoon of recent memory, whoever dislikes that is an idiot

  • I can tell you why the show succeeds. Because it’s different to everything on TV. It’s not a Spongebob clone, it’s not trying to be edgy, weird or controversial. It just delivers on of the most genuinely witty, kind hearted, catchiest and funniest shows on television with a design style that’s so deceptively simple it’s genius.

  • Alice

    In my opinion, when comparing the newer episodes of spongebob with phineas and ferb, then i’d choose phineas and ferb definitely as the better cartoon. It’s not like other cartoons today. That’s why it’s so great. Phineas and Ferb isn’t one of those cartoons that’s so random and weird, for example, a head exploding out of nowhere. It’s different. It sort of reminds me of the episodes Stephen Hillenburg-the creator of spongebob who used to make episodes- made while he was still in charge, the show was awesome and you could see why the show made a name for itself. When comparing the old,classic but genius spongebob episodes made by him then both cartoons would be equally great. Phineas and ferb could be an icon. Who knows? It could even be the next spongebob. I have friends who like phineas and ferb and they’re teenagers. Their ages are 12,13,14,16,17 and 19. Even my mom has watched some episodes with me! Phineas and ferb is really cool with all its witty jokes and funny plots. I could see why a large age group would like it.

  • Phineas and Ferb is just as good as spongebob. Well, the old spongebob episodes.