PigGoatBananaMantis! PigGoatBananaMantis!

“PigGoat BananaMantis!” Is Happening Again

A few weeks ago, I posted a teaser trailer for PigGoat BananaMantis!, a project developed for Nickelodeon by Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan, and animated by Nick Cross.

Nickelodeon had already passed on the project at that point, but after the enthusiastic reaction it received online (including on Cartoon Brew), they’ve revived the idea. Johnny Ryan told VICE magazine yesterday:

[Nickelodeon] helped us make this little teaser trailer cartoon. They really liked the way it turned out and wanted to go on to the next step and develop a pilot. We wrote and storyboarded a pilot episode which they didn’t like so they wound up passing on the whole thing. Fast forward a few months later and animator Nick Cross posted the original cartoon on his site where it got a really positive response. I think this made Nickelodeon rethink their decision and they decided to revive the project.

So now we are going back into development to try and make it work. We haven’t really worked out all the details yet as far as how many episodes and all that stuff. I only just found out that they wanted to try this thing again yesterday.

  • Salomon Fenix

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This short was very good, Nickelodeon happily could well appreciate this short, I hope that this series will be Good.

  • Julian

    Nickelodeon? They funded it? Wow, I was almost certain it was CN just by the style. Of coarse I question why these established animators and artists even need so much funding and network support in this day and age when this supposed amateur Aaron Long kid keeps popping up and throwing out these rival cartoons, animated by all by him on a dime. I guess it’s time and quantity. You can only produce these things so fast, and when it’s just you, keeping an audience engaged and staying relevant would be a nightmare with 2D. So you need to hire people, get better equipment, etc, and thus get into the big costs. Still, it shows how conservative and out of touch Nick animation execs have become. You’d think it would be the opposite due to the map stapling success they got from it in the 90s. CN’s seemed to loosen their belt a bit in the late 00s, and they seem to be doing just fine now. Nick on the other hand seems to be squeezing what ever else they can get from 13 year old Spongebob and beating this anime style “Kora” thing vigorously, and they’re ratings are declining? I’d say it’s time to get some new leader ship, and give some shown new creative talent a chance.

  • I’m sure the recent management shakeup at Nickelodeon, with Brown Johnson leaving, had something to do with the revival of the project. Nick’s ratings are not good and something had to be done.

    The fact that the web has proven that this has an audience makes it easier for the suits to take a chance on it.

    It’s all about having an audience. If you can create something that has one, people with money will beat a path to your door.

  • Mapache

    It’s happening. Even after the horrible things things cartoon brew readers said about Nickelodeon on the comments. :)

    Kudos. This has a lot of potencial.

  • I hope it works out, but i guess Nickelodeon is a little scared of creative people. So i wonder how long this will last.

  • I absolutely loved the PigGoatBananaMantis trailer, so this makes me very happy indeed. It’s comforting to know that Nick is taking more creative risks (especially after their recent management shake-up) and is giving this project a second chance.

    I’ll definitely be rooting for this to make it past development; it’s high time Nick have a another ORIGINAL cartoon on their network. Who knows? Maybe it’ll knock Spongebob down a few pegs.

  • Eman

    Oh thank God.
    Maybe Nick isn’t as incredibly stupid as they’ve acted over the past decade.

    Spongebob’s already been milked to complete zombification, they only gave Kora 2 short seasons, Fairly odd parents is in the same boat as Spongebob, and the Dreamworks shows lack the charm of the films.

    I honestly don’t know how they’ve survived this long on such few series.

  • James

    So Cartoon Brew may have helped revived this cartoon? That deserves a round of applause!

    Hopefully Nick able to give Cross, Cooper, and Ryan the shot they deserve next time around.

  • Re:
    “So now we are going back into development to try and make it work. “

    Wha? The teaser/trailer as-is works like crazy.

    PigGoat BananaMantis is the best obscure member of the Avengers, if you overlook the gratuitous cleavage and goofy mysticism.

  • eeteed

    Johnny Ryan said, “… So now we are going back into development to try and make it work …”

    notes from nickelodeon on how to make this work:

    1) make protagonist yellow
    2) stories should all take place underwater

  • hotdogface

    Gah, why do they need to do more “development”? Can’t they just make it a series as it is?

  • bones

    More proof that development executives don’t have any clue what people want to see.

    Look at all the back-peddling!

  • GW

    If their record at predicting what the audience wants is so bad, then why not just put the pilots online and see what people like? Seems like a no brainer to me.

  • Richard

    From what I’ve seen of this, there is no “there” there- yet. Maybe the full episode is funnier, but with Ryan writing I have no high hopes.

    Cooper is a wonder though. I don’t know why he wasn’t asked to continue with Futurama past the initial pitch art.

  • MJ

    I don’t see the attraction to this loud, overly obnoxious show. Someone please explain to me why this cartoon is (shutter) “worthy” of becoming a show.
    I grew up with Looney Tunes, Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Rockos Modern Life, Dexter’s Lab, and a handful of others. Am I the only one that misses the comedic charm from the 90s-2000s?
    I feel like when I flip through the channels, all I see on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network is a poorly animated character making an annoying noise.
    Sorry but…..that’s not funny, entertaining, or remotely watchable.

    • James

      Of course, you’re basing this all on a promo reel.

      • Ryoku75

        Isn’t the idea of a promo reel to introduce a show to someone?

        I think thats fair judgement.

    • Julian

      Because evil people are out there just trying to make cartoons horrible and unwatchable for those with nostalgia goggles strapped so tightly to their head, they can’t even see that Dexter’s lab may have been obnoxious by the same standard they hold modern cartoons to or Rocko’s Modern Life wasn’t exactly up to Walt Disney’s snuff design wise. Since NOTHING made past 2003 can ever be remotely pleasing in any way to generation Y, lets blindly praise the “good ol’ days” and relentlessly bash anything that tries anything new. And lets not be the next John K and actually contribute and make something we think is perfect and in line with “the good old days”, nope, let’s just sit on the internet and bash others who do so while Networks throw out what’s left of animation and replace it all with sappy live action teen drama and reality shows. Because like them or hate them, they’re selling, and frankly really popular with the twits that watch them. Cartoons on the other hand just get flack and unreasonable criticism because they’re “new”, and thus the TV, 2D, original animation industry swirls down the toilet.

    • Actually this kind of follow the Looney Tunes tradition, in a more absurd way.

      It’s probably a little too “loud” for my tastes too, but that’s kind of the point. Looney Tunes were also “loud” in comparison to Disney. It’s all about introducing a “modern” way to make a wacky, surreal cartoon. When you go far with the absurdity maybe you won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s usually better than being bland.

      And it’s not poorly animated, the designs and the animation are “weird” but pretty well done. I’m not a huge fan of Cooper’s style, but I like it, it has a certain appeal and personality. Actually I think the drawing style and animation of this show is much more appealing than Rocko’s Modern Life or some episodes of Tiny Toons (I did like those shows too).

      Looking forward to this.

    • Ryoku75

      When you’re making a cartoon for children it’s easier to write senseless babbling thats akin to a modern Spongebob episode, than actually write something coherant.

      And now I await for people to judge all of Cartoonbrews readers based on our 2 comments.

  • Nickelodeon is on the pulse of America!