<em>Producing Parker</em> <em>Producing Parker</em>

Producing Parker

It was bound to happen. Canadian TV execs greenlight a cartoon about… TV Execs!

Created by Kevin Gillis (Atomic Betty) and Laura Kosterski, Producing Parker looks rather attractive – art direction-wise. I hadn’t heard about this show until today; Wouldn’t mind seeing an episode if it ever makes it to the States. It’s currently airing in Canada on TVTropolis, and coming to GlobalTV later on this year.

  • zach

    Seems like a more mature version of current Canadian cartoons like 6teen, Stoked, Total Drama Island/Action. I’m not fond of them at all, but I do agree that the art is decent.

  • I guess it’s time to kill myself to “save the future” an all. I only had two choices and “watch it end” is pretty depressing.

  • I think it looks fantastic, both visually and concept wise (main girl character looks charismatic and an adult-oriented classy animated sitcoms that it’s not about a typical americna family it’s always a plus). Of course maybe the animation of the intro is better than the one if the episodes, but I would like to take a look at it.

  • Windsor McKay

    Why? Just tell me… why?

    Why does the world need… this?

    Why does the world need this… animated?


  • I enjoy most of what Breakthrough Animation works on, and I like the sarcastic edge of Producing Parker. It’s not entirely effortless, but I think it works.

  • If this is from Canada, then it’s pretty much assured that the writing will be horribly dull and humorless.

  • dumb – id rather watch the Maury Show.

  • Tom D

    I think I’m with Niki. It’s been a good ride. I wish you all well, and I’ll see you on the other side.

    No tears! Smile! Smile!

  • ask

    So Gillis also created Producing Parker? I suppose it’s not much of a coincidence. I heard about this show a while back, when it was first announced.

  • Steve Gattuso

    This doesn’t look like an animated series. It looks like the animated titles to a live action series.

  • Stylistically, it looks good. I have to wonder, though, why do something like this as a cartoon when it could be done by live actors and probably find a bigger audience that way? I can’t say that I’d watch this, though, as entertainment industry inside jokes get old fast (Anyone remember “The Critic”?).

  • Mandy

    I actually like how this looks and I hate 6Teen.

  • compn

    the character designs on this show are pretty good.

    it might work on american tv primetime or after hours. but probably censored/cut with the animated nudity bits.

    its a pretty fluffy show, talking dog and all!

  • Mike Lucy

    I think this looks really nicely done. Good budget minded animation that looks nice and moves well.

    This is an old video tho, curious why I am just seeing it now here for the first time.

  • Jorge Garrido

    It’s alright. It’s got a lot of good things in it, but it’s also just a rip-off of 30 Rock, but not as funny. The colour design is very well done.

    And they actually show nudity on this show, which is always a good thing, animated or not.

  • Wow!! Who is this targeted to?… Producers?

    It’s unfortunate these one-season shows get made. They take whatever’s hip in pop-culture(*reality tv and graphic-like design) and make it into animation. These trend-based shows die fast, sorry to say.

    On a positive note, cudos to the design team, great job :)

  • I Like Drawing

    REALLY??.. Seriously??? we need another one of these???? some of the designs are ok.. but HONESTLY, I wouldnt watch this. What the hell is wrong with the studios these days, they can great shows like Chowder and buy into this stuff…. Im glad that there is animation being done and that people are working dont get me wrong… but can we start making fun cartoons again and not this reality based GARBAGE!

  • Chris

    Looks like an animated take on 30 Rock. Replace frazzled-but-cute Tina Fey with frazzled-but-cute-animated Tina Fey. Bet there wont be an Alec Baldwin doppelganger tho.

  • Mark Newgarden

    An animated Mary Tyler Moore show.

  • compn

    its not reality-based. its more of a sitcom.

    i dispise TDA/TDI tho. cant stand those fake-fake-reality things at all.

  • I seen pieces of it on TV. I agree, it’s nice artistic wise, but it’s just another robotic-flash-produced show from the crowd.

  • rab smith

    perky and upbeat: whether a sustained series will stay in the memory also remains to be seen……

  • no……more……flash…….

  • Jinmen

    You now realize the main characters are Michael Jackson and Bruce Campbell in drag. Also, Debbie, The Critic was AMAZING.

  • Cyber Fox

    Is it just me, or is Gillis undermining the fans of “The Raccoons” by creating crud like this and Atomic Betty

  • Mandy

    Looks like a poorly animated semi-porno. I liked the opening title, but this segment…not so much.


  • Twitch Jenkins

    Oh I get it now, it’s a show that’s supposed to be about nothing funny what so ever!
    Kind of like Sit Down & Shut Up, only with better character design.

  • Danny R. Santos

    I Like it, hopefully it will make it to the U.S.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > Is it just me, or is Gillis undermining the fans of “The Raccoons” by creating crud like this and Atomic Betty

    Probably. He could do so much more than this! When I saw the name “Gillis” I just had to think of that classic 80’s toon and wonder where has it gone to? ^_^

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Watching that other clip linked in these comments, I’m getting terrible memories of Spike TV’s animation block “The Strip” all over again. :-)

  • Pedro Nakama

    And each week the producer has to get her head pulled out of her ass.

  • Peter

    Some Canadian animation is good. This show isn’t. It’s utterly unwatchable. Can anyone here really stand more than two minutes of it?!

  • Herman

    Development execs bought a show about development execs and producers? This is like the time Ken Hollywood, the longtime MGM studio gate guard, tried to hawk a show about a professional studio gate guard. Except the latter didn’t sell.

  • Fred Cline

    My kids have been SCREAMING for a show just like this. Thank you, Canada!

  • “Is it just me, or is Gillis undermining the fans of “The Raccoons” by creating crud like this and Atomic Betty”

    Not just all, but Gillis worked also as co-creator of Jimmy Two-Shoes. Other terrible who tried to spoofed Maxwell Atom’s Art.

    I just watch the intro and i feel pity for the peoples who work. Why everything should turned to a fake UPA/Hanna-Barbera style? And why every Canadians shows should be animated by Flash instead to hand-drawn animators?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    You’d think hand-drawn animation would’ve suited them fine but I guess it was the only way to keep it in-house if they gone to Flash in the first place (unless that didn’t get outsourced too).

  • Ariel

    Hand-drawn animation on television? What’s that?!!!!

    Budget and speed rules over quality these days my friends.


  • TheVok

    Let’s also please remember that the feature movie ‘9’ was animated in Toronto ….

  • Adam

    I would love to see this show. The animation looks really nice, and the character is appealing. And whining about flash is starting to make everyone doing it sound like a pack of Luddites. Honestly, it’s just another tool. It’s the animator using it that counts.

  • TerryAB

    I’ve watched three episodes and enjoyed them all. I think the show is rather well written, the humor is edgy, though without the over the top vulgarity of some of the American made shows. Gawd, I just watched a short segment of The Cleveland Show, a dude was fisting a turkey at the dining table. Cleveland (if that’s his name?) was projectile vomiting at the site of this, an overly drawn out puke scene … one so very typical of the class of todays American made television …