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Random Cartoon Postcards


Fred Seibert has posted a group of publicity postcards created to promote his new series, Random Cartoons. Thirty-nine animated shorts were produced by the likes of Bill Plympton, John Dilworth, Doug TenNapel, Pat Ventura, Jun Falkenstein and yours truly. Nickelodeon is scheduled to air the series sometime this year, but no one knows when. In the meantime, these images should keep you intrigued.

  • Mark N

    I am looking forward to a new Pat Ventura short. I may be in the minority but I enjoyed his stuff like Yuckie Duck and Sledgehammer O’Possum.

  • You’re not the only one, Mark.
    Yucky Duck was one of those wonderfully perverse cartoons that never failed to make me laugh.

    “Lemme guess….yer a lion….and you got a tack stuck in yer paw?”

    “NOOOOOO……I….got a tack…..stuck in my……BUTT”

    And then a huge disturbing painting of a lion anus.

    I am also intrigued that John R Dilworth has a new short out for this thing. I cant get enough of his stuff.

  • I hope to find these somewhere on the internet. Hopefully on YouTube.

    I am a huge fan of John Dilworth’s stuff. And I think I already knew of Bill Plympton’s GARY GUITAR, which I am quite curious about.

    Some of the other shows don’t look as interesting, but I won’t say whose, so as not to offend.

  • Mark N

    Good to hear ZekeyLizard … they were some of my favorites. I barely remember the story of Sledgehammer O’Possum, just the character and eating the hot dog. I would love to see those online, but had no luck. I know someone had uploaded one of the Yuckie Ducks on YouTube at one point but it must have been taken down.

  • I am very intrigued. Al the elephant is a great design. the whole body looks like it will have the expression of a face…. does that make sense? not really. anyhow. looks wicked.

  • Mr. Semaj

    I too am a fan of Pat Ventura’s cartoons. It’s been a while since he’s done anything.

    I hope these new cartoons can bring some new life to Nickelodeon’s slate of animated programming. They don’t have much else outside SpongeBob.

  • The Original Dangster

    I remember John Dilworth, slammed some student film from the ASIFA awards back in like 93 or 94, in the ASIFA newsletter….It was called “Cruelty” I think, but I remember thinking that was pretty low class.

  • DanO

    Cerainly John is not without his eccentricities. By all accounts he is outspoken, irrascible, and extremely opinionated. But such a demeanor often accompanies immense talent – as is the case with John. The bottom line is that at least he gives a damn enough to contribute his opinion. The student definitely learned more from John’s caustic criticism than the hundred or so other accomplished animators who silently ignored the film no matter how they felt.

  • Hopper

    Dilworth spoke at CalArts last semester– he was really candid and generous. He took time to talk to a lot of students individually, answered questions with a great deal of thought, and was genuinely interested in giving us an honest idea of what sorts of (positive and negative) experiences to expect out in the animation world after we graduate. I agree with DanO’s comment– it takes integrity to speak up in a roomful of passive observers. Dilworth might be loopy, but he’s got a bullsh*t detector the size of his voluminous ‘fro.

  • The Original Dangster

    Guess I should explain the actual circumstances, after I made a blanket comment.

    I actually was in the comics class (Joe Kubert School) the same year the animation class produced the film, (one dude had an apartment in the building I was renting as well) and I believe it got 2nd or 3rd place in the student category… I never read the actual article, so I won’t say specifics, but the main summary was it was more an opinion about how ASIFA could have picked what he felt was an inferior film from a non animation school as a winning film. As you and Hopper stated, he cuts through the BS and, as it was explained, it wasn’t as a mentor speaking to students.

    Needless to say the dudes who made it were like, “WTF? Did we crap in this guys Wheaties or something?” They just didn’t understand why.

    Hey if I met the dude in a bar and he was cool as hell, then he’s a cool dude… I just think this one case (based on above) was low class, that doesn’t mean I think of the guy as a whole like that.

  • I love Pat Ventura’s cartoons – please make LOTS more!