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Random Title Cards

Fred Seibert has posted 30 (of 39) of the title cards for his new series of Random Cartoons. The show, starting December 6th on Nicktoons Network, contains new shorts by Bill Plympton, Doug TenNapel, Pen Ward, John Dilworth, Pat Ventura among others – including my very own Hornswiggle cartoon. Check out the title card gallery here.

  • Great title cards. As per usual, the Random cartoons keep getting quirkier and quirkier…

  • These are great cartoons. I had the opportunity to see many of them at a preview night last year. Definitely worth (pun ahead, beware!) tooning into in December!

  • There are production blogs for nearly each of the shorts on the Frederator Blogs site: http://frederatorblogs.com/

  • Cool.

    I wonder when Nickelodeon Australia will show these.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Hornswiggle.

  • Asymetrical

    Too bad it’s taken this long…