Renegade’s <em>Funny Face</em> trailer Renegade’s <em>Funny Face</em> trailer

Renegade’s Funny Face trailer

We mentioned this project back in March. Here’s the sample reel for Renegade’s Funny Face.

  • top cat james

    Donna Fargo said it best:

    “Funny Face, I love you. Funny Face, I need you.
    My whole world’s wrapped up in you.”

  • I have dim memories of drinking that stuff, along with Kool-Aid and the long-forgotten Freshie.

    I wonder if there’ll be a Fruit of the Loom crossover?

  • Paul N

    Having grown up with the powdery goodness of the drink mix, I’m really looking forward to this show.

  • This produce delivers :)

  • Kevin

    Does this mean they’ll put Funny Face drinks back on the market.

    I mean with Crystal Light and stuff on the shelves, it couldn’t be a better time for a revival.

  • Masten

    This looks like it’s actually kinda fun. Even a little bullwinkle-y.

    But since no one has snarked yet:

    1. The watermelon is black?

    2. The black guy dies first?


  • Okay, I’m charmed :)
    ‘prepubescent raisin’. Hee.

    Bring on the fruit!
    Whomever is voicing Top Banana is seriously channelling David Hyde Pierce. It’s like if you have a character who is smart and anal in any way, it must have the Sideshow Bob/Niles Crane voice.

  • Here’s a classic TV ad for the Funny Face soft drink mix.

    I think it’s peculiar that there’s no Injun Orange or Chinese Cherry in the new cartoon, and yet the watermelon has a black man’s voice. Go figure.

  • Kevin Mummery

    Who would have thought there’d ever be a Funny Face revival? I remember the drink being dropped when the sweetener Cyclamate was discovered to be carcinogenic, or something…also, Choo Choo Cherry was changed from Chinese Cherry, and Jolly Ollie Orange used to be known as Injun Orange. So, Masten, a “black” watermelon is consistent with the level of political correctness the originators of Funny Face employed back in the mists of time.

    But on the whole this looks like a reasonably funny show.

  • Carlos

    More flash. But it looks pretty good!

  • Jo

    The color palette is lovely and the designs are fun, but I’m just wondering how engaging these disembodied talking head characters can be. (I never could make it through an episode of Veggie Tales.)

  • I can’t wait to see how it is once they add some humor.

  • Nic Kramer

    Like the Mr. Jinx-ish for Goofy Grape. Can’t wait.

  • Steve Gattuso

    How about a crossover with Otter Pops?

  • FP

    Rootin Tootin Raspberry. Pew pew.

  • sean

    Sorry, but there’s no easy way to say this… Wow that sucked!

  • Aaron Schneiderman

    At least watching that inane cartoon will be less harmful than the cancer-linked cyclamates used to sweeten the original drink mixes.

  • Wow, those jokes sucked.

  • Mike


    The color might be off on your computer – the Watermelon is green. And he ain’t dead…more episodes to follow….(I am involved with the show <—disclosure)….

  • Steve Gattuso

    “I remember the drink being dropped when the sweetener Cyclamate was discovered to be carcinogenic, or something…”

    That was the first thing I thought of when I saw “pre-sweetened without sugar.” No wonder we don’t see them any more.

  • Dirk

    They made them stop putting Cyclamates in kiddie drink mix but now they’re using Aspartame, arguably the most prolific catalyst for malignant brain tumors on earth.

  • Katella Gate

    Funny. Watched it a few times. Not all of us thrive on “sassy talk – hip and edgy”. And don’t worry about using Flash, these were never designed as “characters in the round” – the farther you go from flat UPA style the farther the character designs drift from the prototype, and then what was the point of buying the rights to the original? Fun voice work too.

  • andy arett

    okey the government actively mandates putting fluoride into the water supply, which is much more toxic than Cyclamate or Aspartame, but it sure makes us into agreeable, media-hypnotized, idiot citizens.

    bravo to a show whose first ambition is not political correctness

    i love how everybody’s saying the watermelon is black, because of his “black” accent. all whities don’t talk like peter jennings, sheesh! obviously they’re trying to give these colorful characters colorful voices, and sorry, the watermelon’s voice seems to fit his design and personality (unlike some disney casting like simba in the lion king)

    the show looks cool, it’s amazing how much they can get across without arms!

  • Gerard de Souza

    Uh ….good animation, the designs are made for Flash…..Jokes are really bad…..I dunno…and the watermelon has the ….uh….”ebonic” accent?…And that’s the one that dies?

    Hmmmm…I’ll do a Canadian version with that Freshie bird…

  • James R.

    I’m fine with an ebonic watermelon but as soon as he starts talking (and this goes for everyone in the cast), the timing drags. Keep it snappy, Renegade and no one will care if your jokes suck.

  • I can’t wait for The New Adventures of Quisp & Quake!

  • Joey Adams

    what does a character have to be like in order for it to be obviously voiced by a black person and not considered racist. Black people should be allowed to voice cartoons too, people cry racism like trained monkeys everytime we hear a “black accent”

  • Mike

    I actually do know someone who speaks like that and he’s white. I figure if Watermelon Dude has a stutter, or a lisp, or a brogue the pc police should be happy. As I said on another post: lighten up – it’s a talking fruit, for heaven’s sake.

  • Paul

    Its not that one of the characters has a voice one would typically associate with ghetto culture, its that this character is the watermelon, a fruit that has been used in charactatures of blacks for decades. The question to be asked, I suppose, is why couldn’t the cherry, for instance, be the ebonics-speaking character? That said, there does seem to be some effort made to have the characters voiced in a manner similar to that of how they were voiced back in the day, and the watermelon, of course, is an update of the character named WITH-IT WATERMELON, who was originally voiced as a hip, “jive-talkin'” character, so I suppose the new voice is not such a stretch from that origin.

  • That, seriously, had me in stitches. Renegade have gained my trust since The Mr Men Show, proving how well they can animate and write quality modern day cartoons without relying on John-K knock-off designs/gross gags. Although I’m kinda tempted to know if they were aware of the rare Record, “Goofy Grape Sings”, when casting the voices: