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Rick & Steve


What hath South Park wrought?

Rick & Steve debuts on the Logo cable channel July 10th. A sneak preview clip is posted here.

  • Aaron

    Other than the warning screen (which is obviously trying to emulate South Park’s, I don’t see much of a relationship between the two). South Park is actually clever and funny. This is…well, I guess people that liked Drawn Together might be interested.

  • Wow, in case the series becomes popular they won’t need any work to design the merchandise. :-D

  • Lisa

    That’s hilarious !!
    Great idea.
    Can’t wait for it to air.

  • DanO

    how many episodes until the “hooray, we’re gay!” joke wears off? i was tired of it by the end of that clip.

  • Inkan1969

    I think it’s a rule that every cable channel has to have its own cartoon show. So now Logo, the gay people’s channel, has its own.

    This reminds me of how the woman’s channel WE (or was it Oxygen?) used to have “X Chromosome”, which spun off “Life’s a B—-“. Actually, LaB did make me laugh a few times even with its cheesy art.

  • Halliwell

    Really poorly executed. The script reads like it was conjured up by 14 year old boys. Perhaps that demographic would giggle at it. For adults there’s no humor there. Just lamely dumb.

  • G

    I’m an adult. Over 14. Not gay. And I thought it was funny.
    We’ll see if it can hold my attention for 22 minutes.

  • I remember Rick & Steve when they were a bunch of unfunny independant animations with Legos from the late nineties. These are all the same plots, like giving their semen to the lesbian couples. This show will not be good.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Heh, it is a step above South Park with it’s use of Fisher-Price-esque puppets, but it probably slightly slower to South Park’s clever writing. And of course this show is mean to be positive to the G/L community as well (don’t expect any negativity here though the name-calling has been done to death as far as I’m concerned). One thing’s for sure, I still don’t get Logo on my service, so I don’t have to watch any of it (unless I don’t happen to see clips on YouTube or download entire episodes someplace).

  • Quiet_Desperation

    >>> I guess people that liked Drawn Together
    >>> might be interested.

    Hey! I like South Park *and* Drawn Together. I just enjoy a wide variety of humor styles, from clever, intellectual satire to over the top, low brow exploitation. Variety is a *good* thing.

    This doesn’t look as good as Morel Orel, though, one episode of which made me cringe several times, and I *never* cringe due to an utterly dark (I’m talking black hole dark) sense of humor.

  • Benjamin DS

    This clip didn’t quite convince me, but I love Celebrity Deathmatch and adore Avenue Q, so who knows?

  • Hmmmm…

    Somebody who isn’t Spite Your Face getting a show commissioned off the back of their lego animations.

    Don’t like that.

    Don’t like that at all…

    (puts on evil trousers and special scheming hat)

  • WTF? I have searched high and low on the internet and can’t find one mention of who is actually producing this show. Typical that the voice talent is touted but the actual craftsmen that make it are not even mentioned…

  • G

    Maybe the production house doesn’t want to be named.

  • Joe

    I’m not gay. And this show ain’t funny.

    Heavy handed, overly obvious and awash in stereotype, you bet. That’s the problem, I can’t figure out if they’re making fun of the gay lifestyle or celebrating it.

    But again, not funny. Not a bit.