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Saturday Morning Cartoon collections

Once upon a time, long before home video, the internet, and 24 hour cartoon channels – Saturday mornings were an oasis of animation. Most of it wasn’t very good, but like junk food, it was addicting. For those jonesing for another fix, Warner Home Video will be releasing two double-disc DVD sets on May 19th that collects many of classic Saturday Morning Cartoons we grew up with.

These sets feature the first DVD appearence of many well known characters – including Hanna Barbera’s Quick Draw McGraw, 60s anime Marine Boy and Filmation’s Tarzan.

The 1960s disc features:
Disc #1
TOP CAT – The Tycoon
THE PETER POTAMUS SHOW (with Breezly & Sneezly, Yippee, Yappee and Yahooney)
THE FLINTSTONES – The Happy Household
THE PORKY PIG SHOW – Often An Orphan/Mice Follies/The Super Snooper)
THE QUICK DRAW McGRAW SHOW (with SNOOPER AND BLABBER and AUGIE DOGIE) – Dynamite Fright/Outer Space Case/Growing Growing Gone

Disc #2
THE JETSONS – Rosey The Robot
MARINE BOY – Battle To Save The World
HERCLULOIDS – The Beaked People / The Raider Apes
FRANKENSTEIN JR. AND THE IMPOSSIBLES – The Shocking Electric Monster / The Bibbler / The Spinner

Bonus Materials:
THE QUCK DRAW McGRAW SHOW (with SNOOPER AND BLABBER and AUGIE DOGIE) – Dough Nutty / El Kabong Was Wrong / Gem Jam

The 1970s disc contains:

Disc #1
THE JETSONS – The Space Car

Disc #2


$26.99 is the official retail price per set. Amazon has it on pre-order for $18.99.

  • George

    I have to be honest, this kind of irks me. Does WB expect me to buy these to show that I support the release of these cartoons on DVD only to: 1. Double dip on a lot of cartoons I already own on DVD and 2. potentially double dip if they release the other shows as season/series sets?

    Many of these shows, although “not very good” as Jerry points out, do deserve their own DVD releases, if for nothing else their cult following. If Space Ghost and Birdman get series sets, why not Herculoids and Frankenstein Jr. & The Impossibles?

    We have Yogi, Huckleberry Hound, and Magilla, why not Quick Draw, Atom Ant, and Secret Squirrel?

    What do you think Jerry, will the rest of the HB catalog be released on DVD or Blu-ray eventually, or should I take what I can get?

  • Greg Chenoweth

    It’s great that Quick Draw McGraw and Yogi’s Gang will have some presence on a DVD release. I can’t wait to get these.

  • George – Warner Bros. doesn’t “expect” you to buy these DVDs. They are making them available, and if you are interested in buying them, you will.

    Good sales of these volumes would encourage WB to release complete sets of these series. Bad sales would limit this set to the only official release of certain titles. The decision is yours.

  • John Papovitch

    I have to admit, these sets are a small let-down but a very small let-down. For me, at least, I’ve been waiting nearly four years for Quick Draw McGraw on DVD and those two episodes alone are my reason for buying the 60’s set when it comes out. Yes, it is disappointing that The Bugs Bunny Show is off the table for these releases but it’s good to see that Jerry is banging his head against the wall trying to get his stuff out there, that’s dedication. It’s just good to see this rights issue resolved (at least I’m hoping it is).

  • Causal Cartoon Fan

    Bummed out about the “Bugs Bunny Show”, though “Porky Pig Show” is good enough since I don’t think “Mice Follies” & “Often An Orphan” are on the “Golden Collection” sets that I’m aware of.

    As for the ’70’s disc, I wonder if the “New Scooby Doo Movies” is the episode featuring Josie & The Pussycats? Though the 1960’s have a slightly better selection.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    We should just be thankful an episode of Marine Boy will FINALLY make it’s way to the DVD format legitimately.

  • Can’t wait for this one! pre-ordered and ready!

  • David

    Will the Peter Potamus Show have the Main title and closing?

  • Bill Andres

    From what I understand; Warner Brothers did plan on releasing The Quick Draw McGraw Show: The Complete Series, but had to shelf the DVD set due to a copyright snag concerning music rights. Has this problem since been resolved?

  • You know, I believe I’ll support both of these sets if, for nothing else, just to have representations of the Saturday mornings of the period. After all, that is what these projects are about. I am absolutely delighted to finally get some QUICK DRAW MCGRAW cartoons at all and, yes, I so much hope that the sales of these sends a message to Warner Brothers that it is worthwhile to secure the legal rights to the music for the entire run of QUICK DRAW MCGRAW, the major reason why I’m buying the first set. Then again, the inclusion of two entire QUICK DRAW MCGRAW shows is not the only reason to buy these sets. I’ll finally get an interesting episode of “MARINE BOY”, thankful that there is at least some diversion to the overflow of Hanna-Barbera. I’m also happy that most of the original opening credits and theme music is going to be heard for each show. I will indeed support these efforts, and I hope that the notation, VOL. 1, really means something this time and we’re not looking at yet another unfinished series! It’s up to the fans, now, and let’s make it happen. Maybe there is still a chance to revive the LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION series and finish the job that has, as of this moment, had the doors slammed on its fingers! By supporting cartoons, we tell the video companies that we, the fans, can be counted on to make old cartoons shine again!!

  • Bill—the “copyright snag” on Quick Draw music rights was such that WB could have used the material; the price of clearance with the owners would, however, have cost more than WB was willing to spend.
    For the Saturday Morning set, WB has seen fit to pay for clearance on two episodes’ worth of the music.

  • Russell H

    I’m amazed to see an episode of MARINE BOY on the 1960s set. The show still has a large cult-following among American anime fans of a certain age, many of whom I know have been letter-writing to Time Warner for years to have these released, but to no avail (and to no response at all). The fact that there have been bootleg copies of MARINE BOY episodes circulating for years should indicate that the demand for a further release is there.

  • Speedy Boris

    Casual Cartoon Fan: “Often an Orphan” is on the 6th Golden Collection. “Mice Follies” is the only non-GC short on there.

  • RobEB

    I will buy this. I’m looking forward to Quick Draw, Snooper and Blabber, and Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy the most. Also Frankie Jr. Jerry, will the openings and bridges be included? Any vintage commercials? Thanks!

  • Dan

    I just hope Warner would release Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle on DVD. Its one of the best cartoons of the 70s.

  • Earl Kress

    While David Gerstein is mostly correct, these Quick Draw episodes are from the last season when the underscore was by Hoyt Curtin and not from the Capitol Production Library, therefore, Warners owns this music. This in no way clears them to release a season or complete series set for my favorite H-B show.

    Two more things… the last I heard, they couldn’t find the Quick Draw main and end titles in color. Hopefully that has changed since I was last in contact with anyone over there. And the other thing is, no one I know has been contacted about properly restoring the show with the correct bridges and interstitials. I’ll be very surprised (and extremely pleased) if they actually do get that right.

  • scotty

    really like sites like these===does anybody know about getting the 70’s saturday morning cartoon series—“the further adventures of doctor doolittle” ?

  • Oh man, I cannot wait for the 1980’s edition, provided it has all the good ones. I’m all over reliving my childhood like this!

  • Mike

    I’ll definetly support these releases. They seem like a lot of fun. It will be cool to sit down and watch (a modified) version of the Saturday Mornings I remember.

    And I’ll hope that down the line we’ll see complete sets of Frankenstien Jr. and The Impossibles, The Herculoids, Atom Ant and Secret Squirrel.

  • Joe Torcivia

    I can recall WB selling F-TROOP in some form of limited collection – and then releasing complete series sets in response to good sales.

    So, I’m willing to take the chance that the same applies to Quick Draw McGraw, Peter Potamus, Franky Jr. and the rest! So should you all!

    WB pretty much stopped releasing sixties H-B sets, and good sales of this “trial balloon” could possibly change that! I REALLY want the rest of Huckleberry Hound – and, even if these sets don’t apply to Huck, it could help close the deal.

    To Earl Kress… yes, I remember that the last seasons of Huck and Quick Draw were scored by Hoyt Curtin – and there were only a small number of episodes to each series in that year (1961?). So, Quick Draw’s season sets seem even less likely due to music clearance – so it becomes all the more important that we send this message to WB.

    No matter, I’m REALLY going to enjoy TWO Quick Draw McGraw Shows!

    I’m going to grin and bear the double-dipping (less than was originally announced) and the jarring presence of Anime Marine Boy among the H-B and WB standards and get this set… both for the immediate enjoyment factor and the potential message it sends!

  • Thad

    Good lord, now I know why everyone’s glad the 70s are over!!

  • Joe muses rather than

    The Ringed Shield admits to owning something animated other than Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, Fleischers, and MGM titles with Marine Boy? Will Johnny Cypher be seen in 60s Vol. 2?

    Now, how about them making an 80s volume?

    Also, this hubbub about 24-hour cartoon channels . . . do they still exist?

  • Gerard de Souza

    Throw in lots of sugary commercials, Toys and PSAs, and then it will really feel like Sat A.M.

  • John Seebeck

    What does the withdrawal of the Bugs Bunny material from both of these sets say about the chances of future “Golden Collection”-type sets? Just wondering.

    Also, a couple of years ago I saw the Yogi Bear feature movie called something like “Exciting Adventure of the Spruce Goose”, in which Yogi and all his gang, including Augie Doggie, Quick Draw McGraw, and others, were flying in the big Howard Hughes plane.

    I recently purchased another Yogi Bear feature movie called
    “Hey there, It’s Yogi Bear!”. Not as interesting as the “Spruce Goose Adventure”.

  • Well hopefully it’s cheap. Top Cat has been out for how many years and it STILL sells for up to $60 at HMV in Canada.

  • I personally found their noninclusion of the 1975 New Tom & Jerry cartoons from the series premiere on Sept. 6, 1975 a letdown. Hopefully, if these discs are a success, they’ll be included on a future volume (with Grape Ape and Mumbly probably thrown in) or a Complete Series compilation.

    And maybe—just maybe!—they’ll include an actual 60-minute broadcast installment of The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour instead of some syndicated eps cheaply tacked onto each other this time! :-P

  • Greg Ehrbar

    A couple of comments:

    Top Cat is expensive when purchased used on, but not pricey at all on I’ve bought stuff from the Canadian amazon from here in the U.S., can folks in Canada do the reverse?

    Regarding the “New Scooby Doo Movies” episode, it is “Ghostly Creep from the Deep” with The Harlem Globetrotters. Jerry revealed this info on Stu’s Show ( You could almost hear Jerry blush with excitement as he disclosed this particular gem.

    Personally, I’ll be happy with both volumes. I have no illusions about what constitutes “Good” and “ehhh” animation but both the 60s and 70s hold many happy memories of Saturday mornings and weekdays afternoons filled with cartoons. Remember how you could tell immediately each studio’s work from the other as you switched channels?

  • vzk

    The 70s were the dark ages of American animation.

  • What a huge surprise!

    Marine Boy, Herculoids and more

    Being purchased right now!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > The 70s were the dark ages of American animation.

    Such a ‘bold’ statement that’s been said again and again about that point in time. We’ve all heard such sentiments before.

  • George S.

    MARINE BOY !!!!!
    Finally an episode of Marine Boy is being released on DVD. I grew up watching Marine Boy as child. (I’ll even confess that my friend and I used to play Marine Boy. My grandparents had one of those wooden rulers that folded up…used by carpenters. Well I would take the ruler, break off a piece and I had the perfect boomerang. It would click shut, and I could click it open. I would throw it at trees and pretend to make that electric shock noise. LOL…
    That must have been about 35 years ago…ah childhood memories.
    OK…that’s probably way too much that you wanted to know about me.
    Does this mean that Warner Brothers owns the rights to this show?
    What are the chances of getting the entire series released on DVD?

  • I’m a little disappointed with the line up, but the documentaries intrigue me. I might just go and buy the 60’s one just for the documentary on “Frankenstein Jr & The Impossibles” (I am a MAJOR Impossibles fan, and I feel this one just gets almost no credit whatsoever!) Still waiting for news about the complete series though.

  • Jim B.

    While the Quick Draws and Augies listed above have Curtin cues, the Snooper and Blabber cartoon ‘Outer Space Case’ doesn’t. My wild guess is they’re Shaindlin and Green cues.

    I’m disappointed the Quick Draws mentioned in the original news release are not the ones listed above. But, as Snagglepuss once said, “That’s show biz!”

    Honestly, I can’t see sales of this suddenly spurring a huge cash outlay to estates of about a half dozen different composers to be able to restore and release all the Quick Draws (and others on his series). Oh well.

  • Julez

    I think it’s a good thing. I just hope these toons are uncensored. Many studio’s have been re-releasing their old cartoons and editing them for “offensive material.”

  • Steve Carras

    The music rigths still continue to be a big issue, even though Carlin and other libaries ahve them on the ASSOCIATED and PLAY PRODUCTION least half a dozen composers’s works are found on the H-B pre-Hoyt Curtin shows, and that’s not including the cues Art Clokry used as pasrt of the Capitol library that HB DIDN’T use..[many of which are on the above sites as mentioned.]

  • Steve Carras

    You may still be in luck, Earl {Kress]. Carlin Archives has had a lot mof that stuff [by Emil Cadkin/Harry Bluestone, harry Lubin, Roger Roger], and more recently Green/Bill Loose/Cadkin, and Cadkin, Loose and Jack Cookerly, and just lagtely they have had more of the Phillip Green material. Meanwhile, Cinemusic has offered the Jasck Shaindlin music, and Roger Roger appears on Bruton [though those are for cues on Gumby, rather than HB, and mostly in the “TV classics 4”, BR20].

    Some other cues heard in QUick Draw and Gumby by a Luis De Francesco, who was around for years, are RECREDITED [UHGH!] to Lee jacobs, listed, I guess as an arranger, [there was also the cool jazz used in a few Clokey shows, still credited in APM’s site to Robert Mersey, but PLAY PRODUCTION MUSIC site ANNOYINGLY first credited Robert Mersey, now they’ve got this DAVID MORSE name lsited for the same gtracks..but these were not used on HB.They were in Syncrho..]

    Finally, the aforemnetioned CD of Phillip Green stock cues, is in the CAS 404.

    But since we talking aboiut the actual soundtracks of Quick Draw trilogy, that is just used as a guideline to how much may still be licensed. [Sorry for any ralbing here..]

  • paul young

    I just purchased the 1970s cartoon set and i am very happy with the inclusion, especially speed buggy. I was a huge speed buggy fan and it just spikes my interest for wanting more of these shows on dvd.

    There is a mistake with the set, but, it is just a typo around josie and the pussycats’ episode, because it lists it as josie and pussycat from outerspace and that is not correct.

  • TO v-what’s his name
    >The 70s were the dark ages of animation.’

    Likewise the 80s, of course. PUNKY BREWSTER? MY LITTLE PONY???!! SMURFS? [how such a classic cartoon voice cast could wind up there..] GHOSTBUSTERS…apologies in advance to devotees..

  • And in reply to THAD:-)
    Not just we’re glad that the 70s are over..but:
    We’re glad the 80s are over,too!

  • Plans are afoot for WHV to release SMC 1960s/1970s Volume 2 in 2 months!

    Check out the Official Press Release from Warner for Volume 2 DVDs of Saturday Morning Cartoons!