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Season 2 of The Mighty B! Premieres Today

Mighty B
Painting by Bill Wray

Today, Nick is premiering the second season of The Mighty B! at 5:30 p.m (ET/PT). A new episode will debut everyday of this week. I’ll readily admit that I don’t understand the network’s logic of burning off five new episodes in a week, but that’s besides the point. Bill Wray, who is both painting backgrounds and co-directing episodes, tells me that he’s very proud of the second season and thinks they’ve made big strides with this current crop. He’s posting a lot of fantastic Mighty B! artwork on his blog. Bill’s enthusiasm, combined with all the funny stuff in the second season promo posted below, has convinced me that I need to check out a few episodes and see what it’s all about.

  • Not ashamed to say I like this show. Glad it’s back!

  • clutch

    Wow…first glance I thought that was Dexter. Is Genndy involved with this?

  • Nice paintings Bill. Good sense of colour and mood.

    I particularly like the “Honey Bee Taffy Factory” BG in your blog. Though i guess i’m biased to unique/interesting layouts since i’m a designer myself.

    Best of luck on Mighty B!

  • Wow! That clip was great! Congrats to everyone who worked on this!

  • Technically, Nick is only burning 2 and a half episodes of “Mighty B!” in a week.

    Each half-hour is split into two 11-minute segments. Well, Nick is going to premiere by one 11 minute segment per day rather than one half-hour per day.

    It’s annoying, to say the least. They do that with “SpongeBob” too and recently Cartoon Network has been airing new “Chowder” and “Flapjack” by one 11-minute segment per WEEK.

    Anyway, I can’t say I’m a “Mighty B” fan, but I like the animation sometimes. I might check it out if I can.

  • Wasn’t the 1st season of this show quite a while ago? I remember seeing an episode and of liking the dramatic over the top animation style the show had. It’s also cool to see most of the main characters be female too and not be a My Little Pony show. I hate to compare every animated show with this quality of animation to John K. and Ren and Stimpy, but I’ll admit that I thought of it as soon as I saw it (and all the booger and fart jokes dont help seperate the two either). Bill Wray is a great talent and I wish him the best of success with everything he does. I rank this show somewhere in the top half of the Nicktoons. My favorites being Invader Zim, Rocko’s Modern Life, The Angry Beavers, Oh Yeah! Cartoons, Ren and Stimpy, Kablam! and Ahhh! Real Monsters.
    My least favorites being Chalk Zone, Back at the Barnyard, Catdog, Rocket Power, All Grown Up, Jimmy Neutron, Tak and the Power of JuJu, and My Life as a Teenage Robot.

    I remember there being a cartoon a few years back called Catscratch that looked promising. But it disappeared before I saw it. Was that any good?

    Mr. Brubaker – I thought that Cartoon Network canceled Chowder. How is it still airing new episodes? What was their problem with the show anyways? Did they need to make more room for other brilliant programs like their critically acclaimed Cartoon Real block?

  • Doofus

    It’s great to see that have the power of changing the immediate state of US animation on short-term basis and have the responsibility to act as a stepping-stone in animation advancement have-

    -absolutely no imagination at all. Can’t we move on from the Spumco copycatism? It’s been a decade under the influence! For the love of God, someone come up with something new!

  • The Mighty B! is looking pretty good compared to what shows Nick has planned for the future. I just saw the Nicktoons Wikipedia page and they have listed some of their in production shows. Including the shows based off of Monsters vs Aliens and Kung Fu Panda, a Jimmy Neutron spin off show starring his retarded friend Sheen, a new Butch Hartman show called TUFF Puppy with some kind of crime-fighting dog, and something CGI called Fanboy and Chum Chum that I will have to reserve judgment on for now. Yikes!

  • “I thought that Cartoon Network canceled Chowder. How is it still airing new episodes?”

    According to C.H. Greenblatt, the very last episodes are currently in post-production.

    There’s still about 10 half-hours that hasn’t aired yet.

  • Didn’t The Mighty B’s season start a year and a half ago?

  • Weirdo

    Wonderful paintings and a great looking show! I can’t wait to check out the new season…I think this is currently the best looking funniest show on TV, but there will always be haters I guess.

  • Doofus:

    You’re bang on. USA animation can’t move on from Spumco/dexter’sLab/clonehigh/Stocked-like cartoon-ism but really, thats’ what sells and it’s appealing to the eye.

    I’m a huge fan of innovating new styles in cartoon but most producers don’t take risks and stick to what sells. Heck, bosses usually look to other shows to see what they’re doing right and in a way, mimic it.

    *Having said that, i’m available to co-create a cool looking new show with anyone. If you’re interested :)

  • this is a FUN show to work on. I get to animate certain scenes secretly before they get sent overseas. So it’s nice to be doing actual ANIMATION here in the USA, BOOYA. Everyone working on it is doing awesome stuff.

  • I’ll pass. I’d rather have my kids watch something WITHOUT farting and puking.

  • The Mighty B is one of the best animated shows out there right now. Even though you might say that there’s some Spumco/Dex’s Lab influence going on, the show itself is strong with its own look & style. And humor – absolutely hilarious writing and Amy Poehler (sp?) does a brilliant job of voice acting. The animation is smooth and original, too.

    It’s a consistently strong show. Me and the kids love it.

    My favorite episode is “Name Shame”. By all means, watch it!

  • Trust me kids, watch this week. If you don’t find some great entertainment value on some level on our show, I’ll come over and sweep your driveway.

  • eddie t.

    hey everybody!
    My wife put up my beatboard to tonights episode on her blog!
    I’m having a blast working on this show. This season is A-mazing!
    Eddie Trigueros

  • so happy to hear new episodes are on the way.

    questions of style aside, i think mighty b is (along with flapjack) one of the best kids cartoons on the air right now. the writing is often funny and smart and the pacing is great. it has a verve that most cartoon shows seem to lack. also, for some reason i really like the fact that the show takes place in an actual city (san francisco), not some fantasy-ville.

    anyway, yeah, i like it.

  • Jason

    **Wow…first glance I thought that was Dexter. Is Genndy involved with this?**

    Huh. I was thinking Kricfalusi.

    I think this show is well-crafted. But I can’t STAND Bessie. Sorry.

  • Tom D

    This is a fantastic show. I’ve been telling everyone I know who either has kids or has a taste for great cartoons that they ought to check out one of the most original shows on television. Sure, there is some Spumco/K in there, but there’s also some Mary Blair, some Alice and Martin Provensen (I can see it) and a lot of other great influences. This season looks crazier by far than the last, and it’s usually in the second season that a show really finds itself.

    One question, Nick WHERE ARE THE TOYS?! They are so slow out of the gate with toys lately.

  • Mike Russo

    “But I can’t STAND Bessie. Sorry.”

    I agree with Jason. I’ve watched this show from the very beginning and I’ve tried to be open-minded about it, but Bessie is just too aggravating and abrasive to really be likable. It’s like they were trying to go the Spongebob route with her but weren’t sure what made Spongebob such a likable character. So while Spongebob is hyperactive, goofy, naive and innocent, Bessie is hyperactive, goofy, an obnoxious perfectionist know-it-all and an absolute pain in the ass. Are we supposed to sympathize with the characters who have to deal with her on a daily basis? Because I certainly do.

    The entire show should be about Ben and Happy, because those two are my favorite characters.

    Penguins of Madagascar may be CGI, but it’s leagues ahead of The Might B in terms of likable characters and humor. But that’s just me.

  • Bessie is one of the most original characters out there right now. If you’ve been watching the show from the very beginning and you still feel that Bessie is abrasive & unlikable, then I’m not sure where you’re coming from. She’s very likable – with multiple layers & faults, just like you & me, which is very hard to come by these days in TV animation.

  • The main thing is if you find her unlikable there are lots of episodes where she pays the price for her annoying deeds BIG TIME. Give it a chance, it grows on you.

  • Matt Sullivan

    I’ve never seen a show that looks so much like the original Ren & Stimpy

  • Jason

    Nah, I’ve watched most of the first season. She never gets better. She talks to her finger, for one thing, and acts like it talks back, and then one time another finger started talking to her, thus creating a rivalry with the first finger, and the rival finger was French which of course made it automatically obnoxious, and then suddenly Bessie yelled “Oh oh! Booger alert! Booger alert!” and the French finger bested the other finger by…well…let’s just leave it there. None of it was funny, suffice it to say. And a bit insulting to Frenchmen. Not to mention its intended audience.

  • Ok my last comment for the reading impaired: this season… watch this season. What’s past is past. Evolution, growth, balance, new talent aboard, old talent improved. Remember the first yers of Seinfeld? It got better.

  • Isaac

    Jumping on the anti-Bessie bandwagon. Put Spongebob in her place and you have a hit show.


  • I’ve become a very big fan of THE MIGHTY B! since last year! I think it’s the best cartoon on the air, and has become one of my favorites. I thought of it as the girl scouts version of REN & STIMPY, and it was a nostalgic return to the power and style of that series. (John Kricfalusi even got a special thanks credit in the first episode! He was definitely with this series in spirit.)

    I really don’t know about the rest of you, but I think Bessie is absolutely adorable and hilarious. One of the more different and believable characters I’ve seen in TV animation, especially since she has a lot of layers and flaws, as Ward has said! I can actually empathize with her.

    All that said, I am really, really, REEEEEALY shocked and surprised that Cartoon Brew hasn’t talked more about this series until now, because I thought it’d be perfectly up their alley. I mean, CB is still reeling from the TV cartoon apocalypse and such, but COME ON!!! I think this series is a much needed breath of fresh air from the drab atmosphere that has permeated the TV cartoon world to a point.

    Bill Wray, you and the MIGHTY B! crew have my utmost praise! Keep up the great work!

  • Sorry… but I do have to apologize for critisizing “The Mighty B” After watching the clip(which i should have done before) it was actually pretty funny. My bad :)

    Bessie could be a little too caffeine-crazed sometimes but all in all, it’s a well posed-out and funny show.

  • Brad

    The show may have some funny material, but if kids can’t be entertained without boogers, snot, flatulence, closeups of nose hair and crusty eyeballs, and just generally being nasty and disgusting then they really do have some impoverished comic sensibilities. I am SO sick of that garbage. Does anybody make entertaining cartoons that have any class any more?

  • what cartoons do you like?

  • Iritscen

    Wow, this looks funny. Hope I get to see the show some time (don’t have TV).

  • Dock Miles

    “but if kids can’t be entertained without boogers, snot, flatulence, closeups of nose hair and crusty eyeballs, and just generally being nasty and disgusting then they really do have some impoverished comic sensibilities”

    Well, I was entertained by comics that hinted at all that 45 years ago. But I know I would have laffed louder if they’d just come out with it.

  • Jason

    *what cartoons do you like?*

    Right now I’m digging Phineas and Ferb, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, occasionally Ben 10 Alien Force, and reruns of Foster’s and Futurama.

  • Show looks great dont get me wrong
    (and By great I mean the art and animation is top notch)

    But Am I the only one who is tired of the grotesque JohnK Imposed look?
    and humour?, relying on puking and farting ,and Zit close ups?

  • Juanma(nuel?):

    I agree with you. John K’s style of drawing has had its day. But hey, new kids to animation won’t know the difference and it’s appealing to the eye so… meh. It’s creating jobs for people right?

    Regarding humour, that’s american cartoon humour at its peak. They created it. And has become universal really. People didn’t really “get” the Simpsons in other countries.. but they got used to it.

    Nice Blog btw ;) I grew up with Condorito aswell(ha) best of luck!

  • Weirdo

    First two new episodes looked awesome!! I can’t wait to check out the rest this week!

    I like the gross humor, you guys are uptight :P

    As far as what’s out there right now, I think this show is light years funnier and better looking than most.

    Keep ’em comin’! :)

  • Very glad to see more Mighty B finally hitting the airwaves!

  • Anna

    I LOVE Mighty B. Bessie rocks and yeah, about the crudeness and all, it sucks big rocks; but i never started watching the show cause’ of that. I fell in love with Bessie the first time i saw her in the advertisements on Nick. I’ve watched her ever since and don’t intend to have crudeness and grossness stop me from watching the show. :-)
    I look past that.

    just my opinion.

    Mighty B is definately one of the better cartoons out there, along with spongebob, in which the show seems to tag along with.
    I am almost 18 and if i had a choice of watching King of the Hill, South Park (adult cartoons) over Bessie, then i’d choose Mighty B in a heartbeat.

    Yes, the second season is different but a person can’t expect things to stay the same forever!!

  • I heard from Erik Wiese on Facebook this afternoon that, apparently, Nickelodeon has unceremoniously canceled THE MIGHTY B!. I was absolutely crushed to hear this.

    In Erik’s own words: “Goodbye Bessie. Goodbye Happy. It was good knowing you.”

    I now officially won’t forgive Nickelodeon. They seem to be playing favorites (*coughspongebobsquarepantscough*). They’ve canceled shows left and right in the past decade (witness the sudden deaths of INVADER ZIM, MY LIFE AS A TEENAGE ROBOT, THE X’s, EL TIGRE, etc.), but canceling THE MIGHTY B! is the very last straw for me. It’s like John K getting fired from REN & STIMPY all over again.


  • I.am.a bit.sad.that.nick.hasn’t.shown.season.2.yet.here.in.NJ.cablevision
    wish.they.would.show.the.new.ones.and.also.sell.season.1.on.dvd.already.stinks if.they.trashed.the.project