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Second Season of “Teen Titans Go!” Is “A Go” on Cartoon Network

Since its premiere in April, Teen Titans Go! has consistently ranked among Cartoon Network’s top ten programs, so it comes as no surprise that a second season of the Michael Jelenic/Aaron Horvath-produced superhero comedy series was recently ordered from Warner Bros. Animation.

An extension of the Cartoon Network series Teen Titans and freely adapted from the popular DC Comics title of the same name, the show, which focuses on the adolescent angst and domestic squabbles of superhero roommates, mixes a kindergarten cartoon production style with a FLCL anime influence. Season one of Teen Titans Go! is currently airing and new episodes will continue to premiere on Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm.

  • ChrisIII

    Kind of a shame that while other DC animated productions are pretty good, Teen Titans-one of their stronger comic properties in the early 80s-has become more of a joke than anything.

  • RickyB

    Where’s this being animated?

    • Nick Nolte


      • Jess G

        Yep, there is Halifax (Copernicus) but there is also Vancouver (Bardel).

  • JodyMorgan

    I’ve watched a handful of episodes; some were good and some were OK. But it is annoying that they are so quick to disregard characterization for humor. Most blatant example: the episode where all the Titans fall to their death. Including Raven and Starfire, who can fly, and Beast Boy, who can change into any of thousands of different flying animals.

  • M Rahman

    Cartoon Network has like how many shows still running?
    Yeah no surprise this got green-lit not to mention it’s really cheap to make as if the next season will just start two weeks from now.
    God this cartoon is so meh even for cartoon network standards.
    Although Johnny Test is still going strong, no?

  • Fen

    Kids are also smart enough to realize when two shows are completely different and one is suppose to be a light-hearted comedy version using the same characters.

    Unless you’re trying to tell me kids flipped out when Batman Brave and the Bold wasn’t the same as Batman: Animated Series.

    Or when Super Hero Squad wasn’t the same as Avengers: Earth’s Mightest Heroes.

    • Animator606432

      I know an adult who hated Super Hero Squad.

    • M Rahman

      light-hearted? the show puts a powerful stamp on abuse of powers along with other cruel character traits with poor handling of good morals (I would do away with the morals completely if humor was the only amount of effort the creators were going to input)

      If you let a show like this continue to exist, it sets a bad precedence for superhero shows & cartoons in general

      MAD is sufficient enough for satire
      the other shows you just mentioned are leagues better than Teen Titans GO

      • marcus

        god i love you people. i hated this show form the first 30 seconds cause it completly betrays both the stories of Teen titans as well as the characters themselves. if they wanted a super hero comedy show why don’t they just make up their own heroes its easier and like the original superman they can always just make stuff up about their powers instead of dragging good characters through the dirt.

        • M Rahman

          I was never a Teen Titans fan, but this is just undeserving of a half hour series considering all the other DC shorts WB & CN execs could have picked up & turned into a show

          Or the alternative:

          just make half hour specials dedicated to these shorts
          variety in animation & storytelling is never a bad thing as long as its distinct enough to not resemble MAD

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    As much as I liked the old Teen Titans (until it jumped the shark in the 4th season), I like this one as well. The material needs a chance to be goofy and character-based rather than self-serious, the bane of comic book/cartoon superheroes. It’s almost a throwback to classic Warner Brothers’ blackout comedy sketch style writing, with the aesthetics of old school Cartoon Network via the influence of Lauren (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) Faust.

  • Dude No!

    Cartoon Network should stop renewing some of their shows. I mean bring back some old shows to fill up the time slots. Not this repetitive junk like Johney Test or Teen Titans Go (Which both take more time slots than any other show).

  • Max Tomlinson

    I honestly think that if you want comedy watch this but if you want drama and action watch teen titans.