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Seth MacFarlane Will Teach You About the Universe

Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane, who has made a career of creating nuanced and thoughtful animated programs that broaden the horizons of viewers, is lending his expertise to the scientific community. He’s teaming up with Carl Sagan’s widow and astrophysicists Steven Soter and Neil deGrasse Tyson to create a sequel to the milestone science series Cosmos.

The new series, Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey, is “the story of how human beings began to comprehend the laws of nature and find our place in space and time,” according to the press release:

By exploring never-before-told stories of the heroic quest for knowledge, the series will take viewers to other worlds and travel across the universe for a vision of the cosmos on the grandest scale. The most profound scientific concepts will be presented with stunning clarity, uniting skepticism and wonder, and weaving rigorous science with the emotional and spiritual into a transcendent experience.

The thirteen-part series will debut on that bastion of scientific inquiry, FOX, beginning in 2013. Between this and his reboot of The Flintstones, there’s seemingly nothing that MacFarlane can’t do. Perhaps someday he’ll surprise everyone by actually doing something well.

(Photo credit: Gage Skidmore’s Flickr)

  • I appreciate how hard Amid tries to keep his opinions out of news stories. Still, I can’t help but catch a subtle implication that he’s not a big Seth MacFarlane fan. Good thing he uses sophisticated criticisms and doesn’t ever get snarky or sarcastic, because that wouldn’t be good. No sir.

    • Adam

      I wouldn’t want Amid any other way.

      • Not that Adam

        I would!

      • John L.

        I’d like him not to slash stuff that hasn’t even been created just because he’s not a fan of the people involved….

    • J. Zaroski

      Oops! Looks like you were looking for this website: – “Cartoon Brew’s home for up-to-the-minute, unedited announcements and press releases direct from industry sources.”

      You must have typed the URL in wrong.

      • [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Be considerate and respectful of others in the discussion. Defamatory, rude, or unnecessarily antagonistic comments will be deleted.”]

    • Brian O.

      Not sure if Amid strives for mainstream acceptance himself but MacFarlance certainly has got it. For how long remains to be seen.

      History has shown that there were two types of creatives originally… a Paul Terry-type and a Bob Clampett-type. Eventually they combined to become the Hanna-Barbera TV type.

      To think MacFarlane is trying to take animation to the next level is primed for disappointment. He’s kind of a satirist and gag-man in animation. That doesn’t make him an “artist” nor do I think he’s trying to be. The fact that he’s successful at it rubs many starving artists the wrong way.

  • DHaynes

    Anyone who’s ever heard him interviewed knows he’s actually a pretty intelligent, thoughtful dude, and this development doesn’t seem surprising… His interview on Adam Carolla’s podcast is a good one.

    • Conor

      Well, you have to be at least somewhat intelligent to be as in love with yourself as he seems to be.

      • Why? Becuase he voices a great deal of the characters from his shows? If thats your logic I guess we should have just as much disdain for Mel Blank and the 6 people who voice the Simpson’s universe as well, right?

      • Conor

        More the way he carries himself in interviews and whatnot. I mean, yes he’s articulate, and he seems well read, but he just seems to think he’s a lot more clever than he actually is, which, now that I think about it, might be the reason for the decline of his work (i.e. George Lucas syndrome). If you asked me to imagine a physical embodiment of the concept of smugness, Seth Macfarlane is more or less the person I’d imagine.

      • Miles G

        I don’t think the way he carries himself in interviews is necessarily an accurate reflection of him as a person. A person can’t become the highest paid writer in television by being modest. I think George Lucas syndrome comes more from the fact that once you’re successful, you can pitch absolutely anything and someone will invest in it. I can’t imagine that Seth MacFarlane is so blinded by smugness that he’s unaware of his own decline.

      • Conor

        The thing is, I just can’t help but compare him to the South Park guys, who, by creative output alone, have proven themselves to be much more clever and talented than Seth MacFarlane, yet in interviews, don’t really take themselves seriously at all. What’s more, you can tell by listening to their commentaries, that in spite of their past successes, they’re still critical of all of their own ideas, which you need to be as an artist of any kind. Yes, freedom to pitch anything is definitely a part GLS, but it takes a certain amount of self-delusion to be able to pitch just anything.

    • watch him on the roast of david hasselhoff and try not to gag while he panders to the crowd. I actually am more a fan of his shows than him as a person. I saw him speak at UT one time, and thought a lot of him before and a lot less of him after…

      • buh

        pandering? at a roast? well now i’ve heard everything…

      • the part about it that put me off was he did it in his stewie voice for no reason

  • Although I think his shows generally reek, he’s got a great voice, that I think could lend itself well to narration for this sort of show.

    • Funkybat

      I would hope Seth narrates the show, at least some segments. Whatever one might think of Seth MacFarlane, it’s undeniable that he’s a very talented voice actor and singer. I half-expect him to give up TV and become a Vegas act. He’d get to sing all the old standards (and parodies of same) that he loves so much without execs and producers telling him to cut it out, and he’d still have plenty of attention paid to him. The hours probably wouldn’t be as long, and he’d have a nice cushion of money to rest on, so he wouldn’t have to even work full-time. Maybe that’s his retirement plan.

  • Science lover

    “Hey Lois, remember the time I proposed that every point to which a luminous disturbance reaches becomes a source of a spherical wave. Yeah, I don’t remember either.”


  • HermanMelting

    Didn’t you JUST post a cartoon that consisted of nothing but a stupid joke and pooping? How was that any better than Family Guy’s awfulness?

    Oh right, that cartoon had wild distortions. That means it was “brilliant.”

    • tonma

      hey buddy that cartoon had crazy animation many many artist (starting with me)could never create, and even if nasty is full of energy. Family guy and similar shows are so stiff they can’t actually deliver any drawing you haven’t seen before in their first few seasons. There’s a difference.

      • This isnt so much about “stiff drawing” as much as Amid taking jabs at their low brow humor, which WAS ironic when speaking of the aforementioned short. Try and keep up.

      • tonma

        Then make your point without taking your own jabs at a poor bystanding little short.

      • david

        eeedel – The short featured had way more depth than any mcfarlane joke. The animation is what made it entertaining and surreal, specifically the man’s reaction consisting of a crazy laugh and heave to the insult/joke. In fact wasn’t even about the joke, but the execution of the animation (you know, taking advantage of moving drawings and doing things you can’t do in real life).

        Most of mcfarlane’s jokes if you can even call them that are just references or poorly done parodies. Secondly it doesn’t add anything to new to the medium because it is factory produced overseas shift and trace formula.

        If SETH DOG didn’t have a bunch of hit shows and his films were posted on Cartoon Brew would you still be defending him? I have a feeling he would receive as much unmitigated criticism as much as the other indie films posted.

      • djmm

        You say wild distortions as it was a bad thing…

    • david

      it was created by an artist and not a hack. not the difference.

    • Ryoku

      Good point, though whatever other cartoon you’re reffering to probably had superior animation to Family Guy, which isn’t hard to top.

  • Cartoon Brew is WAY too “JohnK” for its own good these days…

    • You’re going to kill me for saying this, but I wouldn’t mind at all (I’d give anything, actally) if this would turn into some kind of JohnKstuff space, commenting not just the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s but also the good things about animation the 70’s, 80’s and so on. Even with a forum where experts and beginners comment (yes, I’m dreaming too much)

      And as far as McFarlane, he’s terrible for what he creates and his pointlessly unlikeable personality, but see, that unlikeable personality reminds me of this guy too

      The only difference is that Brad does nice, quality stuff. But I see it in his movies and I’ve seen it on the making-ofs: even in the first making of from the 2nd disc of the Incredibles everyone comments about the “mad man” he is.

      That’s just the beginning. “This is so great this is just AWESOME” I love to encourage people when working on stuff but there are other ways of commenting. Simply look at JohnK, to encourage people he’s descriptive, direct to the point and does not go OMG this AWESOME ZOMFG

      Anyway, my point is, there are all kinds of fake stupid people, not just the obvious like our dear Mcfarlane. Sincerely speaking there’s no point on saying “Duh, Amid is becoming JohnK now”

    • BTW, what Amid does is nothing new AT ALL. I’ve read blogs where professional critics post either criticisms or news and add “thanks to the talent of the fantastic Meggan Fox” and with “with the special effects in Green Lantern that make this movie so unique” or “because we can’t have enough of Scary Movies, here’s a delightful trailer by these original directors, where the more the better to think on an original plot”…. etc.

    • Ryoku

      I was going to ask “Os that a good thing or a bad thing?” but now I get what you mean, they both bash stuff while posting work of comparable quality.

  • Lucy

    Don’t have to be so back-handed to MacFarlane… Even if you don’t like his shows that much personally, he’s an intelligent individual, by all accounts, who has a great vocal presence, gives some interesting interviews, and is a classically-trained singer. This could be a really interesting project for him. Say what you want about his shows, but most of Fox’s nighttime lineup is his, now, so he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

    This project had nothing to do with bringing up a non-objective comment on his previous works. This could actually be cool, and quite frankly, now, I hope it is.

  • Roland Denby

    I’m beginning to think Amid doesn’t like Seth MacFarlane! Does anybody else get that feeling?

    • Ivan

      who cares. Between 6 and 9 million people like Seth Mcfarlane shows every week.

      • out of 115 million us homes with tvs. yes. your point was? less than 6-9% of us homes with tv’s watch mcfarlane shows? and what percent of those watching actually like it?

      • Funkybat

        I wouldn’t be surprised if just as many people hate Seth MacFarlane and his creations as love him. Ever since the early days of Family Guy, Seth & his work have been polarizing. I don’t think there’s any “right” opinion. I know plenty of dumb people who don’t care for his work, while many others do. I also know smart people who enjoy it, as well as many who don’t. I think it’s fine to have strong opinions about Seth, because he chose to project a distinct image on the world, both of himself and what kind of things he considers “entertaining.” It’s really a “take it or leave it” situation.

        I enjoy Seth’s work (when it’s firing on all cylinders) for what it is, and am sarcastically amused by his public persona, again, for what it is. I don’t know Seth personally, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of his public attitude isn’t just a meta-joke he’s playing on the world (and himself,) mocking the very system that has made him wealthy & famous beyond most people’s wildest dreams, while simultaneously partaking in it.

  • Louis

    Everyone’s beating dead horses today. Seriously people! Get over it, or get lost! It’s the same deal everytime Amid says something about how modern animation isn’t fit grace the burning hot grounds of Hell.

  • tonma

    I used to like Mcfarlane an I still think he’s a really smart guy, I also think his shows are lazy and downright stupid. There seems to be an abysmal distance between what he can accomplish an what he actually does… I wouldn’t trust him much.

    • Funkybat

      Maybe this “cosmos” series is his first step into doing something more ambitious and original.

  • Shmorky

    I have no problem with this. What I hope is that this will create an even greater appreciation for educational programs. Cosmos has always been one of my favorite series.

  • Brian

    If Carl Sagan were still alive he would politely say, “NO THANKS” to the BS that is Seth Mcfarlane.

    • Ivan

      Just because you don’t like his work, doesn’t mean you speak for Carl Sagan.

    • Well, as the piece notes, Ann Druyan (Carl Sagan’s wife and collaborator on the original Cosmos) *is* involved and seems pretty happy about McFarlane’s involvement.

  • looniINmiami

    But Seth McFarlane makes money for Fox and that money comes from the public. So we are the stupid imbeciles that keep asking for McFarlane to keep making his stuff. And by the way, I respect what McFarlane can do and others just complain cause they can’t.

    • Louis

      Yeah, that’s it exactly.
      I’m SO jealous of his unlikeable characters, low brow writing, and terribly stiff animation, I wish I could pull that off.

  • rnigma

    It might be something like this:

    • 2011 Adult

      Does anyone realize that he’s beginning to get work adapting something that Family Guy POKED FUN OF (thism and The Flintstones)!?!! Seems people CAN have a sense of humor!

    • Tim Drage

      so poor

  • Is that sarcasm I sense? That said I’m a bit twitchy about trusting FOX in regards to anything scientific. After all, Fox and Friends thinks teaching children to respect their environment= political agenda.–friends-mad-that-spongebob-squarepants-teaches-kids-about-global-warming

    Now admittedly this series could be thought-provoking and educational, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • christy

      omg that fox news clip made me want to slap those newscasters…wow…

  • Toonio

    He might be an intelligent dude but whoever works for news corp. is a soulless bastard.

    • Funkybat

      Maybe so, just remember that Matt Groening is just as much a member of “the club” as Seth MacFarlane.

  • GW

    I wonder if this is in any way connected to the Walking with Dinosaurs movie. Seems like there’s some science show regurgitation interest at fox right now.

  • ferp

    I’m ok with his shows (except the cleaveland show), but I wish he wasn’t stretching himself so thin. The fox block is one show away from becoming the Macfarlane marathon. I wouldn’t have a problem if he went in different art directions for each show, but as it is there’s almost zero creative reason for them to exist outside the FG universe.

    • Funkybat

      He seriously can draw much better than the FG universe implies. I’d love to see a different visual style from Seth. The Flintstones is likely to be the first we see of that…

      • snip2346

        If the Flintstones is animated by Fuzzy Door Productions, they will not deviate from the Family Guy style. They never have, and it looks like they never will!

  • Blrp

    [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Be considerate and respectful of others in the discussion. Defamatory, rude, or unnecessarily antagonistic comments will be deleted.”]

  • Rufus

    Judging by the level of stuff Seth has put out to date, I’d say we’re not in for a treat. I’m not a fan of his stuff by any stretch of the imagination, but have seen a lot of his work, thoroughly, not just at a glance.
    After all that, one can’t help but get an impression of who this guy is. He should’ve never left the frat house.
    His “work” degrades years of cultural development. Oh, and his love for incest anecdotes…what does that say about him?

  • Billy Batz

    Poor guy is destined to play Peter Brady in the Brady Bunch College years movie

  • Justin

    If you don’t like him, why post about him?

  • CopaCobra

    Seth MacFarlane is annoying.

  • Arthur F.

    The original pilot floating around for whatever became Family Guy wasn’t promising, animation-wise, idea-wise, etc.. whatever happened in the process and how much of it was him, who knows. He must be a quick learner. I don’t think he really cares about animation as art, even though he was a fan and drawing since youth. FG approaches animation understanding it is a controllable economy and does pretty well with that. Whatever assists to make it get completed faster gets highlighted (more computer-3d vehicles driving, the extra-long, drawn out expression-takes… there’s so many that half a show is easily made into one.) What makes it stand out is the voice work and his abilities in song-and-dance numbers. (That blowhard on Inside the Actor’s Studio never discussed musicals…but spent time on religion…) And of course the occasional unique episode, usually with Brian and Stewie. Do I need more of that? No. The old/new Futurama was a reminder things can be different.

  • Mister Twister

    The idea of this show seems stupid to me.

  • First Seth was a cartoonist in the 90s. Then he was a comedian in the 2000s. Now, for the 2010s, he’s an executive.

    He keeps going down a notch.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      As someone once said, in Hollywood, you fail upwards.

  • He’s gonna teach us that Mountain Dew is the best soda ever made!

  • Seems a strange choice. Like replacing David ‘the voice of nature’ Attenborough’s narration with Oprah Winfrey’s undetectable enthusiasm on the series LIFE.

    Still I am pretty sure that the one’s who will be turned away by this choice will be the people that actually research such concepts of their own free will. Conversely the viewers attracted by Seth McFarlane’s involvement will be the one’s most likely to benefit from a little more education. No one loses

  • Mike Russo

    [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Be considerate and respectful of others in the discussion. Defamatory, rude, or unnecessarily antagonistic comments will be deleted.”]

  • Lilly

    Carl Sagan can’t speak for Carl Sagan. That’s why he got sold out to the Donald Trump of primetime animation.

  • Dan Ang

    I just don’t understand how MacFarlane does it. How does he draw and write and produce when he has massive christmas hams in place of his hands?

  • Interesting trivia.

    McFarlane’s What a Cartoon short from the 90s was visually interesting.

    I’m 95% certain the reason Family Guy looks so bland is because Fox forced it to look that way.

    How do I know this? John K. once said in an interview he almost had a show with Fox, but chose not to go through with it because he had to lower the art standards. I don’t see why Fox wouldn’t make McFarlane do the same thing.

    • david

      his drawings have always been ugly

    • tonma

      Knowing he did the cartoon network pilot all by himself and seeing it has noting to do with the hideous drawings in his fox shows I can only wonder what happened back then. Obviously they forced him into a simpson-ish look, but from there he took all the wrong decisions, (simpsons have no chin? let’s make them with huge unpleasant chins) and just went with whatever was the result. Fox can bug and annoy their creators all they want, but I doubt they can cause them to just unlearn how to draw well.
      Besides, come on! Along former napkin doodlers Groenning and Mike Judge, Mcfarlane had the chance to quietly stand up as a way better artist, and he just dropped the ball.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Coming up next: “Cosmology For Bronies.”

  • Mike

    I think Sagan would approve of MacFarlane.

    He’s proof positive that everything in the universe (light, creativity, wit, competent animation) can be pulled into a black hole and destroyed.

  • Robbo

    This article reads like it could have just as easily been a story on The Onion. (except for the explanatory last sentence)

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    Ah, jealousy….it’s a muthufuckuh… ;)

    Anyway – why would anyone have a problem with this? A legit educational science show in prime time in 2013?! We’re seriously behind in math and science in this country…anything to spark peoples’ interest in science and encourage rational and logical thinking is not a thing to be mocked. Who cares who’s producing it? He’s using his powers for good, no?

  • Ed Thompson

    I have seen only a few of MacFarlane’s cartoons. I found them topically funny, with lots of pop references that seemed to be thrown in for no reason than to make pop references. Although that is not my favorite type of animation, it has been done a lot of times for a lot of years. Even most 30’s cartoons used topical humor and pop references in some of their films.

    What worries me about this story has nothing to do with who is financing or producing it. It’s the fact that they feel the need to try and attach a ‘star’ scientists name to a science show. Although Sagan’s estate may be fine with this, I don’t think Carl Sagan would be. If they have a good idea, why does it need to be named Cosmos 2? Cosmos is a 30 year old PBS series that was presented with the sub-title- ‘A personal voyage’. It showed many of the things that Carl was curious about through his life, from things that led him to become a scientist to things that he and other scientists were trying to discover. Are they going to bring a new presenter and try to do the same? Why? And if not, how is this series related to the original Cosmos in any way? Because it is about science?

  • The Gee

    “… how is this series related to the original Cosmos in any way? Because it is about science?”

    My guess it is a franchise, with a capital F, and I’ll leave it at that.

  • Jumpman

    An image macro of Seth MacFarlane saying “Smoke Weed Everyday” just isn’t as funny as the one for Carl Sagan.

  • To change topics, why does Matt Groening get a free pass with you guys when he’s just as guilty of having built an empire on soulless, badly drawn, unfunny cartoon show? 1996 was a long time ago.

  • Charlie

    Matt gets a free pass because he’s actually a really cool down-to-earth guy and his Life in Hell series is funnier than anything the Simpsons have done in the past ten years.

    I always thought Seth was kind of a smug asshole, right down to injecting his own personal beliefs into his cartoons in a way that just comes off as pretentious and over the top. “Not All Dogs Go to Heaven” was just him crying about how no one respects his atheist beliefs for 22 minutes. It was like a reverse Jack Chick tract and that kind of shit turned me off the show for good. I felt less like I was watching a cartoon and more like I was watching a bad political talk show.

  • Bob Harper

    Considering his success, there doesn’t seem to be much of an incentive for him to do anything “well”…

  • there isn’t enough science on mainstream television these days. If Ann Druyan (Carl Sagan’s wife) believes that MacFarlane can change this, who are we to say no?

  • Thomas Hatch

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is great! Y’all should give this show a chance.

  • I don’t care much about MacFarlane as a person. But seeing the state of “scientific” programming here in Germany I’d even give Mr. T the chance to try some new approach. Anything, really, as long as it’s different from what they produce right now.

  • ” . . . there’s seemingly nothing that MacFarlane can’t do. Perhaps someday he’ll surprise everyone by actually doing something well.”

    McFarlane is doing something well. He’s producing VERY SUCCESSFUL animated shows that keep a lot of people working and audiences happy. His take on The Flintstones couldn’t be any worse than Kricfalusi’s take on Yogi Bear. The difference is that McFarlane’s show will be financially successful. His take on Cosmos is one worth watching for. Apparently, he’s found something in it that has FOX ready to pay to invest in.

    Amid, your comments have become far too sarcastic. It’s not really for me to say, (though I will) but 90% of what you write is just snarky. That’s not good.

    • eeteed

      Michael Sporn,

      It saddened me to read your comment. Saddened because you are a person who has had the privige to work with some of the most talented people in the animation industry, and saddened because you have created works of worth.

      Cartoon Brew is a site devoted to fans of great animation, not a site devoted to people who managed to gain great power and great wealth.

      Seth MacFarlane has great power in the animation industry, he is given large amounts of money to produce animated cartoons, and he is in charge of a large staff of people that create animated cartoons.

      True, many people enjoy the product he produces, but more important to the people who frequent this site is what percentage of his product is well designed, and well animated.

      Both fans of animation and the people who produce animation for Mr. MacFarlane must feel great frustration to see all this money and all this work go into producing poorly animated cartoons. Imagine the great works that could have been done with this money. Also, consider how this type of work denigrates the art of animation.

      How do we effect a positive change in this situation? Should Amid quietly, humbly and respectfully petition Seth MacFarlane to create greater works? No, humble words would be drowned out by the roar of Mr. MacFarlane’s private jet. Amid stands on the corner as the king parades by and yells, “the emperor has no clothes!”. This is the way to point out truth amidst hypocracy and to effect a positive change.

      • MarkT

        I am sorry eesteed, but if you read Michael Sporn’s blog you will see that he devotes his attention to what is wonderful, remarkable and admirable in the world of animation. So the overall tone of his blog is positive, not because he doesn’t have high standards, but quite the opposite. Another way would be to focus on the negative, which is maybe more entertaining, but in general definitelly not as inspiring.

      • Fine Point

        [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Be considerate and respectful of others in the discussion. Defamatory, rude, or unnecessarily antagonistic comments will be deleted.”]

    • Toonio

      So Michael, is better to be employed doing something consistently boring… than doing something consistently entertaining?

      It’s sad to see how you are putting your name on the line for somebody like Seth McFarlane. However to each their own.

    • With all due respect, you think that this:

      is better than this?

      Me myself have never been a 100% fan of Kricfalusi’s drama-humour, but if you’d ask him why he finds his jokes funny, he’d give you a detailed reply. If you’d ask McFarlane he’d answer: “because erocktion is funny”.

      Remember that joke about Japan Sulkin made some time ago? He applies that together with McFarlane all over the place in their episodes (at least what I’ve seen in Family Guy and American Dad) Kricfalusi is crazy; McFarlane is simply MEAN. I’d even say that Amid’s comments are angelical compared to what Mac produces in a whole episode.

      By the way, am I the only person who’s read sarcasm on news, specially about movies? It’s everywhere, I don’t get why it’s a deal here.

      • Pow!

        Wait, you asked MacFarlane why he finds the Flinstones humor funny? Honestly, I don’t know if I find Krisfaluci that funny. A lot of people do, but it feels precisely over analyzed when its either funny or its not. Also, you seem to be assuming a lot about MacFarlane. From all accounts I’m reading, the reason Krisfaluci can’t get work is because he can’t work with higher ups and refuses to.

      • I don’t think he finds the Flinstones funny, it’s just something that sells and that’s it. It’s a good atraction because he worked on families before. Like the Smurfs, it has nothing to do with America but there you had it, a mediocre piece that children enjoyed.

        The thing is this. I’ve been taught to see the good things about people, even if they’re hateful or whatever. Even if I don’t find his kind of humour attractive, I read stuff about Kricfalusi (everything in his blog actually), that would turn him into some kind of god- even Brad Bird, even though I don’t quite believe what he wants to express because of his ego, he’s got loads of great things.

        Tell me just ONE positive thing about McFarlane, something that you can learn from him, anything and I’ll never criticize Mac again.

      • Pow!

        The man knows how to craft a joke. A real honest to God joke, not a funny picture, or a cute pratfall, but a goofy joke. He’s not afraid to experiment with timing (such as Peter lying in the alley holding his leg going “ahhhh” in pain for a full minute). He understands timing and makes decisions on story which, while controversial have won him fans. People act as if being popular and mainstream is an easy thing that sell outs can do. Its not. Of course, that’s from an objective standpoint.

        From a non objective he’s keeping the three camera sitcom alive as its trying to meet its own end. Family Guy and American Dad from the outside seem crass and meaningless, but on the inside is the Norman Lear sitcom stretched to an absurd level. It works well.

        I think Krisfaluci and MacFarlane share a lot in common. After all, while more look up to the former, in his last show a gay couple portrayed homophobically gave birth to a poopman. The real thing is he doesn’t work as often as maybe he’d like. Before Farlane returned to television, he was seen as a post modern genius. When Family Guy returned, it took about a year until it was seen as feed for the masses. When it goes again, it will probably be dearly missed. If Krisfaluci could actually get on TV for more than a season, I feel like we’d see a more accurate portrayal of what he can do.

        As for MacFarlane, he’s consistently funny. Good jokes don’t come out of thin air. The writing on Family Guy hits such a chord with people, they ignore the animation (whose ugliness can be attractive in itself.) Taste is all objective. I’m sure I didn’t win anyone over. But its a shame to see someone who runs three tv shows, voices them and writes on them showered with faint praise from people who most likely would never work as efficiently given the same choice.

  • Aimee

    I can not think of anything more hellish than this.

  • The Gee

    You know what would be brilliant?

    There are things they could do to make this truly fantastic and I do hope that it is.
    While I’m not a science buff, I’ve seen deGrasse Tyson yak about it before (on NOVA, I guess) and he’s engaging. That bodes well.

    I do think that people are giving MacFarlane’s potential input a bit too much credence. People seem to be getting at his level of participation being that where every iota of what will be shown/said will be because of him.

    I think the widow and Sagan’ s notions will likely form the cruxt of this. I mean this is going to be 13 half-hour or hour-long episodes. That’s a half-season to fill. So, surely they know the breadth of it now and won’t go off course. This is a potentially positive PR coup for FOX/News Corp. The companies will milk it for all it is worth.

    (Oh yeah, Thad. You know the reasons why Groening gets a pass. Compare and contrast output of the two creators and how the public sees them (are they both stars?) and then look at precedents and influences. Though I will say one factor will likely be just how ingrained The Simpsons is in the culture vs. how Family Guy’s main audience is made up.)

  • Scarabim

    Personally, I think Seth wants to revive Cosmos in order to continue the atheistic diatribe he began in the episode “Not All Dogs Go To Heaven”. He’s just giving himself the patina of “class” by using PBS/Sagan, which reminds me of that old saying about putting lipstick on a pig. But what the heck, I guess we should cut him some slack; he’s just trying to educate all those poor ignorant Bible-and-gun-clingers out there. ;)

  • 89 comments and rising?

    It might appear posts about Seth MacFarlane are cynical click-grabbers.

  • Billions and billions… of dollars :-/

  • Joe McCabe

    The day Amid stops offering his opinion (which, in today’s blogosphere, hardly qualifies as sarcasm) and starts doing little more than posting press releases and videos is the day I stop reading Cartoon Brew. The unexamined life is not worth living. And the unexamined art form is not worth experiencing.

  • Whether this series has the potential to be good or not, and I tend to side with Amid, it seems that a Cosmos update could have been done by plucking Dr. Sagan, who is incredibly integral to the entire concept, out and redoing all the space and historical scenes in CGI with the good Doctor reinserted. They could intercut something with Tyson to update areas where the science has advanced as much as video technology.

  • David

    This blog is starting to turn into nursery school. Way too many comments threads that degenerate into name calling and snarky nastiness. I’ll still read the main posts but I think I’m bowing out of the comments.

  • David Breneman

    Was Carl Sagan capable of closing only his lower eyelids? He will be now…

  • D

    If you ever wanted a sign that the universe is ending this is it.

  • Anoniguy

    Once again, the superheroes of the internet join forces to defend the defenseless – helpless celebrities like Seth MacFarlane – from villainous bloggers, with their wicked opinions. Seth’s tender heart can’t withstand such brutal criticism. I bet he cries himself to sleep on a pillow of money every night.

    Good grief.

    • Pow!

      How is this a class thing?

  • Steve

    My money is on this series being quite brilliant. I utterly fail to understand why someone else’s success prompts such disdain. Don’t like it/him/society/whatever? Do better yourself.

  • Julian

    Looks like I’m a bit late to this party, but I basically see it like this. Macfarlane is one who is hot sh*t in some things, but thinks he’s hot sh*t in everything. For example, I can see talent in some of the writing and voice acting, but animation and creative wise, I’m not going to give him a pass. He’s sharp and articulate, and it’s no secret he’s a liberal Atheist. However, he’s taken that on to some idea he’s infallible. When the reality is there’s sharp, articulate conservatives, there’s sharp, articulate Christians, there’s sharp articulate, Muslims, etc. That being said there’s also dogmatic, emotionally driven liberals, dogmatic emotionally driven Atheists (e.g a good portion of his fanbase). So this idea, as it seems to me, is not really for any purpose other than to milk his rebellious audience for views on the universe and creation that he could very well express in Family Guy.

    P.S. I’m an agnostic libertarian and don’t see the world in Left/Right, Atheist/Christian, good/bad. So you can cut the “I watch too much Fox News” fallacy whining if you’re a fan and don’t like my cartoonist criticism of Macfarlane.