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Sex Sells: Best Bugs Bunny Show Promo – EVER!

Australian model Sophie Lee had an acting career in TV and Motion Pictures, but began her on-screen career hosting a local afternoon Bugs Bunny show in 1990. This sexy promo was aimed at luring adult males to watch the cartoons – and it worked!

(Thanks, Thad K)

  • uncle wayne


  • David

    This wouldn’t be a bad promo except for the fact that the girl looks to be about 12. Am I the only one who thinks she looks too young?

    • Brent

      Actually, according to Wikipedia she was 22 when she was hired for the Bugs Bunny Show.

      • Mat

        She was 22 at the time. A few years later Kate Fisher took over hosting the show and she was just 18. All Kate had to do was introduce the cartoons while almost popping out of her top. Best show ever.

  • It sure did and it set a precedent.
    After Sophie, every host of the Bugs Bunny Show was a hottie.
    I have on VHS somewhere at home a strangely uncomfortable interview she gave with Chuck Jones.
    Sophie has lost her voice.

  • NY Animator

    I didn’t think rabbits were allowed in Australia.

  • Steven M.

    Well, that was interesting.

  • James Cimarusti

    When does “Boudoir Bunny” hit the theaters? And does Bugs play BOTH roles? ;)

  • Kevin Hill

    As George Takei often says… “Oh My” ;)

  • James Cimarusti

    When does “Boudoir Bunny” hit the theaters? And does Bugs play Hugh Hefner? ;)

  • I could imagine her telling bugs on her date, “Hey! Is that a carrot on your lap, or are you just happy to see me?”

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I’ll give this promo my recommendation for giving poetic credence to “This Is It!” The Aussies knew how to sell a program!

  • Autumn

    This is just plain hilarious.

  • Hah!!
    Yes, I remember when Sophie Lee hosted the Bugs Bunny show. Suddenly a huge number of adult males found it acceptable to watch cartoons again.

  • Neale B

    The promo only aired twice before being pulled off air.

  • top cat james

    “Someone’s rocking my wet dreamboat…”

  • One little nit pick. She got one of the lyrics wrong. She said “Overture. Turn the lights.” It’s actually, “Overture. Curtain. Lights.”

    But, other that that,……………………. smoking HOT!!! Or, as Bugs would say, “rowr rowr!!!”

    • rnigma

      She wasn’t the only one; when I was a kid I thought the lyric was “turn the lights.”

  • Mat

    The problem was that the show was airing at 5.30 on an afternoon, so the promo was a little odd. Of course Sophie went on to host SEX a couple of years after this, which is when Kate Fisher took over hosting the Bugs Bunny Show. Kate showed a lot more cleavage and legs than Sophie ever did but she was only 18 at the time. (This was around the time where she was in the movie Sirens.)

    • I still remember the day Kate Fisher hosted the show in a cat woman suit and straddled the couch. hmmm, may have a lot to do with why I work in animation now.

  • Nut

    Actually Kate Fischer was 23 when she started hosting (1996-1997) – and by then the show was called ‘What’s Up Doc?’. Before Kate was Steven Jacobs (1995-1996) and after Kate left it was Karen Fischer (1997-1999). Jo Beth Taylor and Julia Morris also hosted occasionally in 1997.

    Sophie Lee hosted from 1990-1992 with the show still being ‘The Bigs Bunny Show’, then it changed names in 1993 when Danielle Fairclough took over. She was there until Catriona Rowntree started in 1994, followed by Steve.

  • easel

    Man, she got fat.

  • Arthur F.

    This would have been a great lead-up to selling a new line of WB vibrators called “The Rabbit”. The self-pleasure moniker makes sense for a generation who can still think of the old movies, rabbits and pregnancy tests. Added benefit would be the cartoon logo on the device of course…

  • Joel O’Brien

    Zowie! That promo gives a whole ‘nother interpretation to
    “What’s up, Doc”, eh?

  • red pill junkie

    What’s *up* Doc, indeed! :)

  • Ad

    haha, they always had babes hosting The Bugs Bunny Show in Australia, along with the models mentioned in the comments here there was a blonde one hosting around 1998 when i was in high school, she always had these monologues that had a lot of double entendres .

  • Ben

    She may be 22, but she sure don’t look it. She looks waaaaaay to young. I find the ad downright creepy and just plain wrong!

  • YS

    Great ad that was shown during Babylon 5, IIRC. Loved it when I saw it. She was just one in a string of desirable women. Kate Fisher and Katrina Rowntree followed. KR who appears with Eddie Everywhere in the preamble hasn’t stood the test of time though.