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Are 200 Episodes of SpongeBob Enough?


A notable accomplishment: SpongeBob SquarePants has been renewed for a ninth season. The order for twenty-six new episodes, due to begin airing in 2012, will push the series past the 200-episode milestone. The only other US animated series that I can think of which have achieved 200 episodes are The Simpsons, King of the Hill and South Park. That’s some elite company.

  • uncle wayne

    i,for one ( at 57) laugh out LOUD every time! Downrite (lightening-paced) great comedy….for ANY age!!!!

  • purin

    I guess Spongebob is pretty lucky to not have been held back by the rules that other networks have that a cartoon show can’t go on past five years.

  • Steve M.

    WooHoo!! Thats incredible.

  • Ben

    I’m happy, and hope that the quality can continue. It’s one of the few Nick shows I can stand. Also, it’s been…fairly consistent. There are some episodes better than others, but unlike something like Rugrats, it hasn’t taken a total downturn. Rugrats turned terrible after the movies came out, and the writing was too stiff and nothing was left for adults to enjoy. Spongebob, at least, can still be funny to both kids and adults.

    • Brad C

      Kids were well aware that Rugrats went bad as well.

  • Scarabim

    Whoever’s behind the writing on the show needs to stop turning Spongebob into a brain-dead callous idiot. And bring him back to the sweetly naive persona that made him so popular.

    • Justin

      And that’s why Spongebob jumped the shark for me.

      • Stephan

        Man, I know I know, it should appeal to everyone in the end, but this IS for kids! Not adults!

  • Job security for Tom Kenny and Roger Bumpass.

    • Tom Kenny doesn’t need job security. Between this, Mr. Show reruns on IFC, his role as Plastic Man on Batman: The Brave and the Bold…let’s just say the man’s just eminently hirable. He’s to modern cartoons what Mel Blanc and Daws Butler were to the 1950s/1960s.

      • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

        He’s got nothing on Jim Cummings, dude.

      • Ha ha ha. Seconded. That man is a master.

  • Doug

    I don’t see SpongeBob regularly, but when I do, I laugh just as much as I ever did. This is a show that I think would have survived just as well on prime time network TV. Congratulations to the team.

  • I’ve never been a fan of the show, but I hope it continues even if the writing goes downhill (which it supposedly has) because it seems to be one of the few shows left where the animators are allowed to do funny animation.

    • Kieran Pertnav

      The animation on SB has gotten stiffer, though it’s still good. I would say that the animation on Adventure Time is better.

  • Re:
    ‘…stop turning Spongebob into a brain-dead callous idiot”

    But that’s among the funniest aspects of the show!

    Your suggestion sounds as if it was issued by one of those “concerned parents” groups which objects to anything that threatens to entertain.

    • Funny to some may be annoying to others. I, for one, prefer Spongebob as naive/innocent and childish… it’s what made me like the character in the first place. Sigh… I wish the Spongebob adventure could have ended with the theatrical movie, like creator Stephen Hillenburg originally intended.

      A similar thing has happened to The Simpsons over the years. Many fans criticize the fact that Homer has been turned into a (nearly) complete idiot. In many cases, these things do need a balance.

    • the show already had a brain-dead callous idiot

      his name is patrick

      also how is objecting to changing a character to a moron anything like a parent being concerned? it sounds more like a fan being critical of bad writing.

  • Taco Wiz

    NO. PLEASE end this show now, Nickelodeon. You’ve taken one of the greatest cartoon characters of all time and ruined him!

    Spongebob is NOT an idiot. He’s just childlike and at times naive. THAT’S THE POINT. THAT’S WHY SPONGEBOB IS A BILLION DOLLAR FRANCHISE.

  • Annoying at times, but still has some fantastic gags and clever humor!
    I still love it!

  • Rebecca

    I am glad that Spongebob is going forward to another season, BUT it has started to lose some of it’s original humor that the earlier seasons carried. I fear that it will start heading the way of The Simpsons, where pop culture soaks the plot (GLEE, Ipods, Twitter, etc.) and I really only give one or two half-hearted chuckles throughout the episode. Spongebob still has some good stuff, hopefully they’ll keep on track with it!!

    I also agree with Scarabim, Spongebob has become stupider as of late, and Patrick even more-so. I did tend to like Spongebob in his earlier days.

  • Robert Barker

    Well, it hasn’t wandered into Simpson territory (beyond boring) yet, but it is getting harder to come up with new premises. Still, it would be stupid to kill it with the amount of money and people employed. And it’s not like they have a new series putting pressure on it.

  • Baron Lego

    Eh, if people like the show and it’s still decent, why not?

  • What’d be weird is if Patrick Starfish or Squidward got their own spin-off shows. Ew. Or Sandy Squirrel. But it may be pretty awesome if Gary the Snail/Cat got his own surreal trippy movie written and storyboarded by Jim Woodring.

  • I wonder how long Nick is going to keep “SpongeBob” around. It didn’t seem that long ago when “Rugrats” was Nick’s big thing. This renewal means that it’s going to exceed the talking babies’ run (172 episodes, not counting its spin-offs)

  • Quality and entertainment have been dropping off as years progress. The first few seasons are much better than the more recent. We’ll see how long it lasts. It’s still Nick’s big thing, so I’d say, indefinitely. Until something better comes along or old spongeman cheese-pants seriously looses popularity.

  • HJ

    i still adore it, even if some of the jokes won’t make me laugh, i just crack up at the expressions and the voice acting alone

  • Was My Face Red

    You have to celebrate a character a and show that hits so hard and wide and well that everybody everywhere knows what it is and yet often still manages to be good. I agree that a lot of the charm of the character has been scraped off by finding 200 plus things for him to do and it would be nice to see that addressed, but come one let’s cheer something our community can actually be proud of.

  • Chelsea

    Spongebob is admittedly one of my all-time favorite cartoons and I’m happy it’s being renewed for yet another season.

    I do think the writing has, like many here have expressed already, gone downhill a bit. But that small trip down [a short] hill still leaves Spongebob (in my humble opinion) one of the better cartoons on television for kids and adults right now. The only other currently airing kid-friendly comedy cartoon I actually enjoy is Adventure Time, but I enjoy that more for the art and occasional odd humor than the stories, which still don’t strike me as much as other shows have in the past- Spongebob one of them.

    And while I’m slightly disappointed with recent writing of the show, I don’t think I will ever get tired of Tom Kenny’s (and the rest of the wonderful cast) performances. They practically write half the show themselves (in the recording booth) and they all bring so much life to the show.

    Perhaps with a new season the crew has been working extra hard to push the show back to it’s top form. I’ll hope so anyway.

  • Justin

    I believe (and I could be wrong) that Nick has this policy where they have to keep Spongebob and Dora the Explorer on the air. Otherwise, they’re screwed. I for one don’t want Icarly to be the staring show on Nick. Look at most of the shows airing now on Nick. Notice that most of them are on the same format as Icarly. They are really trying to be like Disney Channel; less cartoons, more teen stars (mostly girls and boy bands). And the animated shows that are new are a hit or miss for me. I like TUFF Puppy, but not to the extent of Spongebob or even Disney’s Phineas and Ferb. Hopefully the Nicktoons will continue to air on Nick. One by one had been canceled recently starting with the Mighty B! and then the Fairly Oddparnets. This is only to make more room for repeats and new episodes of Icarly, Victourious, and Big Time Rush. There’s a name for shows like that, CRAP! I’m glad they gave Spongebob another season only because he is the TRUE face on Nickelodeon right now.

  • I haven’t watched spongebob for several years but, if i judge from what I have seen of it in the past, I’m glad it is continuing on, hopefully in fresh fun directions. It is good to see a ‘kids’ animated show continue beyond just two or three seasons. Hope its a good choice, will have to check it out sometime!

  • Jim M.

    For anyone ripping on iCarly, check the ratings. It’s extremely highly rated, often beating out SpongeBob.

    You may hate it, but kids love iCarly.

    I, for one, look forward to another 200 of SpongeBob. It’s still funny.

    • Justin

      This is where I say that kids aren’t watching as much cartoons as they used to and that’s a shame.

      • That Chick

        Kids only watch that crap, because the popular kids in school watch it.

        It would SUCK to be a kid today.

  • Chubby

    SpongeBob is head and shoulders above most television programs. You don’t feel stupid watching it as you do most shows. Maybe animated programming is the next wave in television, thanks to long-run cartoon shows like SpongeBob and The Simpsons.

    Can you imagine animation taking over television programming, news broadcasts included? LOOL. Talk about changing the viewer’s perception on reality.

  • Jabberwocky

    I never saw the appeal of Spongebob, even when it premiered. It’s popularity continues to baffle me. I guess from the comments here he’s supposed to be naive and that’s funny, but even as a child myself (I think the show came out when I was still in middle school) I never saw the appeal. SpongeBob only ever struck me as obnoxious and annoying.

    I will grant it this, though: the theme song IS really catchy.

    • tonma

      I was guessing I would find way more ‘squidwards’ in this thread, but is good to hear sponge bob still gives off a quick, nice and simple laugh.
      I like a lot what I have catch of it. but I’d hate to see it go the way of the simpsons. Hope they know better.

    • Ryoku

      I can’t blame you, and if you didn’t like it then you certainly won’t like the new episodes.

  • Clint

    I actually like this show. This, Phineas and Ferb, and The Simpsons are the only cartoons I watch nowadays. Congrats to Spongebob.

  • Jeffers

    A sincere congrats to the talented crew behind Spongebob! I only hope the producers decide to give back to the animation community by sharing with us their experiences in creating such a landmark show. A book similar to the one Joe Murray just did would be great!

  • Honestly, I think the magic left awhile ago… I grew up with this show. I was a fan from the very beginning… now, I honestly don’t care if it does get canceled. Once Hillenburg (and Greenblatt) left the show, the episodes started to slowly decline from ‘awesome’ to ‘ok, I suppose…’ . Now it’s all crap. It’s not even big with the teens/college kids anymore (that’s why CN is smart by making so much merchandise…). The only reason why it’s still going is because of the corporates at Nick. To them, it’s still making money – so why even think of canceling it?

  • Jerry P.

    I tried to check the math and I didn’t get to 200 episodes. I’m assuming an “episode” is a period of 30 minutes, usually with two segments. With some regularity, only a half an episode premieres on a given day, but episode lists usually count this as a whole episode. If we assume that season 8 will have 26 episodes, I get a total of 164½ episodes at the end of season 8.


    Of course, if we count stories as episodes, the show will be reaching 300.

  • Toonio

    All jokes aside you have to grant nickelodeon the fact they are ordering NEW episodes instead of running old episodes ad-nauseum.

    • What are you talking about? There’s not a day that goes by without a re-run of Spongebob on a Nickelodeon channel (besides TeenNick).

  • timmyelliot

    Scooby-Doo might arguably be on the list, 1969-1985.

    • Justin

      Not neccesarily because they were divided into many different series. Scooby-Doo Where Are You, The New Scooby Movies, etc. but as far as being a long running cartoon character, Scooby-Doo’s definatly on that list. No dobt about it

  • spencer brandt

    -The first three seasons were golden, from a writing and artistic standpoint. After that the show got canceled and brought back. The show’s haven’t been the same ever since. -The first shows when they brought it back were not that good. Spongebob was super oblivious, the art looked cheap, and the writing slapped together. I think the shows eventually did get better again over the seasons and I still enjoy a show every now and a while, but Spongebob never returned to his own self which is a pity.

  • Dcollard

    I feel the episodes got a little lazy with the writing after the movie, but there where a few good gags.

    I think it’s time to let it end. Nick tends to milk things to undeath.

  • david

    “we gotta make the next spongebob, we gotta beat spongebob”

    and then they want to make writer driven shows with 1000000000000000 executive notes.

    • Stephan

      Nah, that’s how you make the new Simpsons or Family Guy or South Park. (Actually none of those shows get notes.)

  • What about the Ninja Turtles? Didn’t they make it to 200 episodes in their original run? Plus the newer show… but not counting that, they were on for like 10 years. I could swear they hit 200 eps.

  • This is a big show. It’s not some adult prime time show and it’s not a kids show not based on a toy line, to reach 200 episodes on it’s own merit is a big feat. Long live the square panted one.

  • Caresse

    I like this show a lot, from day one to now.

    I think a part of its’ appeal is that it’s not overtly educational, it’s just plain silly and it’s fun to turn your brain off sometimes.

  • David Breneman

    And yet, that yellow thing is so damned annoying… :-)

  • Blake

    I notice a lot more older audience people post here so I’ll just put this new spongebob stuff in a different perspective. I’ve just turned 20 and this show started in 1999 after the kids choice awards , I was around 8 or 9. I pretty much remember the whole thing XD. When this show came out every single one of my childhood cartoons from Nick aka “Nicktoons” were pretty much canceled or rerunned in some form. As are many of their toons now..

    At the time I couldn’t be more interested to see what a Sponge character who lives underwater was going to do week after week with his pal Patrick and the other cast.

    But growing up and falling into a realization that I had a love for the whole animation field. I had realised that Spongebob while being amazing in it’s prime took over at the right place , at the right time. I think what bothers me the most is it’s 2011 now , and I STILL feel like Spongebob is the only REAL cartoon being played on that channel.

    And it’s not even that it’s a bad cartoon. But again back to what I said. In it’s prime. Maybe the first 5-6 years of the cartoon running. I can honestly say it got tiresome and I felt like it tried too hard to be so whacky and out of control. And it wasn’t just because I was getting older. I STILL watch cartoons almost everyday I can. I love that stuff like many of you.

    I just feel like everything that came before it was better. The quality of the cartoons , the humor , the characters. When Spongebob took over Nick and got millions of viewers every time it aired. Nick cashed in and made it obvious that Spongebob was it’s big money maker. Marathon after Marathon , barely any new episodes from time to time , then some random Movie (which was pretty good I admit..but it’s kinda bad if they failed a movie to begin with).

    To me Spongebob ran it’s course like The Simpsons (Season 10 easily should have been it) and I think should have ended early. I mean seriously how the heck do you end toons like The Rugrats?! I know “All Grown Up” was pretty cringe worthy , but they couldn’t bring the babies back? What about Hey Arnold! or Ahh! Real Monsters! I mean they couldn’t even ATTEMPT to bring some of these “Nicktoons” back?

    See to me these are what made the channel …my childhood. TONS OF CHILDHOODS. Not Spongebob. No disrespect to the people that work their butts off on that cartoon , I really did enjoy it for a while but honestly it needs to end.

    IMO Nick needs to stop thinking about $$$ and look at what they’re actually showing kids.

    And while we’re on the subject….let’s talk about real life shows. Icarly? …I mean what the hell is that. I know high school and teen stuff is big now but really what exactly is it teaching kids? I really think Nick and other toon channels should seriously bring back some good quality toons/shows that give fun back. Sick of seeing all this teen crap. Big or not it’s utter garbage. Just my 2 cents.

  • elreydelbarrio

    It will never be enough SpongeBob

  • Ryoku

    YES! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I’ve had it with this monkey-fighting sponge with his Monday to Friday stupidity!!

  • trish

    i like this show this is the only show now that nick has on that i actually like, the new nickelodeon today sucks they need to bring some 90’s nickelodeon back on tv or make their own station

  • PJW

    Well, I’d like to see that 200th episode, but in my opinion everything about SpongeBob took a downturn after his 10th anniversary marathon…well, there’s post-that and their confusing and forgettable Legends of Bikini Bottom “special.”

    PS: I did’t realize that a cartoon couldn’t last over 5 yrs! Bad news for my ideas then…

  • Zac


    Nickelodeon are just milking this and treating the show as if it put them on the mpa when it didn’t, FOX are doing the same thing with Family Guy! Plus, Stephen Hillenburg left SpongeBob, so SpongeBob isn’t really SpongeBob anymore! *sigh*

    Rugrats should come back(and I know I’m gonna get flack over this, because you’re all gonna go on about how it went downhill when Dil and Kimi went on! It did go down the drain a little, yes, but it’s better than SpongeBob still) on and reclaim it’s place, to me, All Grown Up is a “what-if” show, to me Rugrats was and always will be better than SpongeBob!

  • Zac

    I do admit SBSP is better than the majority of the crap they show today though!