Spongebob on <em>Nightline</em> Spongebob on <em>Nightline</em>

Spongebob on Nightline

Nice segment, going behind the scenes of Spongebob at Nickelodeon, which aired last Friday on ABC:

  • jordan reichek

    Vincent’s office looks like it would make a good episode!

  • Charles

    did they really have to make it seem like all animators are silly and immature?

  • nice. but where’s hillenburg?

  • Yeah, I agree with Charles! Did they have to make it seem like all animators like to have fun?

  • uncle wayne

    Oh, wow…now that IZ a Treat! I am very proud to be among that “25%” of “adults with no children!” It NEVER ceases to make me laff….out loud! Very VERY funny for adults! Thank YOO!

  • ShouldBeWorkin

    Did we see animators? I saw storyboard and background painters…maybe even publicity but I am not sure I saw animators. ABC needs to go to Asia to do that story.

    I do love Spongebob. Funniest cartoon in TV history.

  • Mmm. Boob-blocking Network exects are sexy, eh?

  • Rooniman

    That was a nice segment. Although, it bothers me that they make the animators look dumb.

  • Nice try, Neil! Or should I say… PLANKTON?!

  • OtherDan

    That was one BILLION in revenue annually right? That’s a lot of money we childlike brains generate. Wow! $1,000,000,000/yr….That’s tons and tons of money!!! That’s so much money!!

  • Milly

    Umm. Actually, I’m not really bothered with how they made the animators look dumb. I’m more bothered by the fact that we hardly get to see the animators. The focus of the film here is on the voice actors even though they were talking about how the film was made. That was a tad disappointing.

  • Isaac

    The voice actors are as important as the animators, Milly! I can’t imagine the show with less talented voice actors. It would be torture.

  • Robert Barker

    What’s really jarring is to go overseas and see ‘Spongebobs’ with dubbed, other voices. For us the voices are paramount, but the ones locked in our brains don’t matter. They can’t just subtitle because so much of the audience is children. I assume Mel Blanc is unknown outside of English speaking countries.

  • As a kid all I wanted to see on a show like The Simpsons was the people who did the voices, and then the animator segments (and I wanted to be a animator straight up so that tells you something). Getting voice acting on film is just so much more entertaining than watching a bunch of people sit around drawing. Just makes editing easier and gives the feature more ‘zing’.

    Personally I thought the segment was awesome for even pointing out the painting of the show. I really enjoyed that.

  • diego

    Robert Barker is right, animation rarely gets subtitled out of the US: here in Chile, has always been dubbed, even adult targeted cartoons like the Simpsons, Family Guy and Southpark are dubbed.

    Anyway, animation aficionados obviously know who Mel Blanc is thanks to Internet.

    I can’t stand dubbed movies or cartoons.

  • I’m really happy for this “sensation”. I really am.

    It’s an “original” show, it’s super silly and funny and it doesn’t look like all other shows on TV today(*always following trends)

    Congrats to all involved. It all starts with an original idea.. and BAM! Hit show.

  • cool to see my friends again on here. It was so fun and happy working on that crew. I visit whenever i get the chance!