Spongebob Voice-Overs Spongebob Voice-Overs

Spongebob Voice-Overs

One of the highlights of the Annie Awards last Friday night was a small video concocted by the cast of Spongebob Squarepants (M.C. Tom Kenny, along with presenters Rodger Bumpass, Carolyn Lawrence and Bill Fagerbakke), created to prove they shouldn’t be stereotyped simply as Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward and Sandy. Here’s the video, see if you agree:

  • I was rolling in my seat at this! X)

  • This was hilarious.

  • Jerem

    Bla ha ha!!! Go Spongebob cast! I applaud thee, people that work/worked on Spongebob! As an animator, that’s one of my favourite series. And I’m 34 with too many degrees.

  • Awsome!

  • LOL. Casablanca is the best one.

  • Brianne

    Thank you for putting this up!! It was a good recharge halfway through the long award show. Hopefully youtube doesn’t delete it anytime soon so everyone can enjoy it. (congrats on your award!)

  • Fantastic!

  • Lloyd Carter

    I laughed until I cried at the Annies, and even now, 2000 miles later in Atlanta.


  • tom

    Fantastic! Best voice cast on television, no doubt.

  • That made my day!

    That proves it, voice actors have as much (if not more) talent than those big A-List phonies. Go V.A.s!

  • Jess Price

    Voice-over gold!

    While we’re on the subject of Tom Kenny…

    Has anyone else ever noticed how SpongeBob’s voice changed ever-so-slightly – maybe around their hiatus in 2003?

  • Good lord, that’s brilliant! Thanks for posting that one!

  • As a giant fan of Sp. Sq., this is a true true RIOT! (As would say Hubie & Boit!) Sp. is easily the funniest tv show on the air!

  • Steve Gattuso

    I was laughing my head off at this. You can bet it’ll make the rounds of animation studios all over by the end of the day today.

  • R Wappin

    That was one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

  • Tom Pope

    Great! Bill Fagerbakke cannot open his mouth without being funny. The rest are terrific too.

  • FP

    Has anyone else ever noticed how SpongeBob’s voice changed ever-so-slightly?


    Yeah! Age will do that. Spongebob’s voice is way deeper now, and Kenny strains to hit the high screeches. Spongebob’s histrionics “break” these days, as if the high notes of vintage BOBs are just out of reach. The same thing happened with Dave Willis’ MEATWAD voice once Willis hit 55 or 56, and it also afflicted the JERRY LEWIS voice provided in various movies by Jerry Lewis.

  • Like Charlie Adler demonstrated on the on the Huckleberry Hound dvd set, voice acting for animation is the most difficult and exhausting forms of acting there is. Not only should it not be brushed aside, voice actors should sweet the Oscars and Emmys every year.

    This film is also proof positive that voice actors deserve as much if not more respect than regular actors.

  • haha

    Yay Tom and Spongebob cast!

    I missed that annies this year. Glad to catch this piece of it.

  • Pedro Nakama

    That was really good!

  • Gobo

    Bill Fagerbakke is one of the funniest voices in animation.

  • Great, now I’m afraid to watch those classic films ever again…

  • Jason


    Dave Willis is 37.

  • Wonderful

  • That was awesome! I was LOL-ing during the whole thing…

  • Sarah

    that was absolutely fantastic!

  • thelibrarianne

    Thanks for that.. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! My roommates thought I was insane. I can’t wait to show my dad, who at 60 might be the world’s oldest and biggest Spongebob fan. He’s going to have a fit.

  • Richard

    That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while!

    Thanks for cheering me up, Jerry.

  • This is just genius :D

  • Christopher Olson

    I smell a series…
    This could be the greatest thing since Mystery Science Theater 3000!

  • Cliff

    Broken! Please consider reposting!

    Saw this yesterday and it was comedy gold.

  • Mike

    Man! They took it down!

    We need to launch a campaign to bring it back now! Find a mirror site…something!

  • tami

    Please put it back! It was too great not to share.

  • tim

    ghaaaaaa i wanna seeeeeee!

  • demiurge

    Please tell the producers that this is extremely funny and they will be applauded by the entire internet community if they find it in their hearts to release the video on the web.

  • amid

    The video can be seen here:

  • Keith Paynter

    Warner or Paramount would have put a stop to it at some point. Loved the ‘Singing In The Rain’ segment. Roger Bumpass will always be Squidward.

  • Ohhhh man…Patrick’s voice as Leena made me wet my pants!

  • IKR

    It sucks that you had to take it out, I loved it!

  • The producers who asked for it to be removed are dopes, as it was amusing thousands.

    Gee thanks

  • That was AWESOME. It was my first time at the Annies this year and the Spongebob cast were my heroes.

    Take that, Superdelegates.

  • pete

    It’s still on ebaumsworld.

  • borbetomagus

    I assume none of you have seen the Scrubs cast doing ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’…..


  • Dave_in_Seattle

    Don’t support ebaumsworld!


  • Christine
  • Heather

    Pure Genius, this is awesome.

  • Awesome , CASABLANCA, good movie clip,

  • Ty from Virginia Beach

    Very funny, really cute. But the spongebob voice still sounds a little off.

  • Raven

    as soon as the godfather popped up i was like,”oh god,what are they going to do to this?” rofl!!!

  • Brad

    More! More! More!!!

  • Arielle Deloney

    i love roger bumpass! he can make anyone sound stupid lmao!!!!!!