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“Superjail” Season 2

We are big fans of Adult Swim’s Superjail which has just begun airing its second season each Sunday night at midnight. This Sunday’s episode introduces us to “Lord Stingray”. Series co-creator Christy Karacas tells us:

“He’s kind of a super-villian dude who has his own army, kinda like Cobra… He washes up on Superjail after his base is destroyed and the warden loves him, sees him as an equal and tries to be buddies… but Stingray has other plans for Superjail. This was actually the first one we did but we didn’t air it first… Stingray appears in other episodes later in the season.”

Christy also sent us this sneak preview (thanks, man!):

  • J.m

    show like this aré worth it, shows like Bob’s burgers iaaahh not so much.

    • tedzey

      My thoughts exact! Which makes me wonder why BB got renewed for a second season!

  • Most awesome animated show on TV right now!


    that is all.

  • Anoniguy

    Now I know what I’m watching Sunday!

    I really enjoy Superjail, almost despite myself – sometimes it shocks the hell out of me, but it’s damn funny.

    Once in a while there’s some really cool animation, too – an episode I saw the other night had the warden’s assistant assembled out of multiple limbs of different lengths and colors. Watching him move around, especially in the first moments, was a blast!

  • Isaac

    Something about the animation doesn’t match the show’s style and the character’s personalities. I miss the sharper timing of season one. Season two has too much “settle” in the animation.

    • snip2435

      Some may think it’s an improvement. I hear my friends calling it “smoother” and “more Looney Tunes-esque”, but they also preserve some of the older animation as well. Whatever boats yer float.

  • tredlow

    Ooh, new recurring character? Cool!

  • yeah, the animation is too snappy for this season

  • Hope they keep the crazy animation style. Lovelovelove this show.

  • Andrew

    I like this show and I like Bob’s Burgers…

    I guess I will get flamed for saying a positive comment on Bob’s Burgers though…

    • Ryan

      Bob’s Burgers is funny. There’s no shame in enjoying it.

    • Eugene

      Bob’s Burgers is great! And so is Superjail! WHY must we invent controversy?! Can’t we be allowed to like more than one thing within the same vague subject matter or thematic set?!

  • Craig Therrien

    I was disappointed in the first episode of the second season. Augenblick really indulged in a lot of conceits rarely seen in television animation. There was constant animation, morphing, space and time shifting, and activation of the entire image frame. The violence was an actual pleasure to watch. It was creative, narratively sound and graphic. The show was spectacle. I always found the drawing to be a little naive but forgave this because of the many strengths the show exhibited. I was excited to see what Titmouse would do, as I really appreciate Metalocalypse. But the qualities which made season one a joy have been watered down instead of maintained (or as I hoped — amplified).

    • Nipplenuts McGurk

      Yeah, I’m not really sure how to explain why Augenblick’s Super Jail work was so awesome…but it definitely had a real discipline to it. It was crazy, but a very meticulous in its crazy. The first 2 eps of the 2nd season feel like a balls-out free for all. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Super Jail and it’s always fascinating to watch….but I wish it was still at Augenblick.

      • Craig Therrien

        I expected Chris McCulloch to emphasis narrative and character development and I was quite excited to see what his role as consulting producer would do. But the show plods in comparison to the first season. Before, scenes of little activity acted as narrative beats. But in the second season the animation is much more static and this rhythm is lost. The eye is not continuously being directed around all four corners of the screen. The sense of controlled chaos is gone, which I lament. There seems to be a typical emphasis on dialogue now, even in the scene above.

      • Mergatroid

        You hit the nail on the head! The problem is not even so much that the animation is cleaner, it’s that the camera moves and flow of action is slower and less dynamic. Some of the new animation I really enjoy, there are some really fun facial expressions, and the warden’s usual manic elasticity has been pushed to another level. But the constant barrage of wtf moments from the camera traveling through multiple layers of the superjail universe in a matter of seconds is missing. The emphasis on dialogue is also apparent, and tends to slow things down a bit.
        I think also some of the ideas being thrown out there just aren’t as bizarre in the new episodes. Jared getting cut up and sewn back together with different body parts is still not as random as the Warden giving birth to a demon that runs amok in superjail.

  • Ognatu

    In their mission to better up the drawing of the first season they’ve added a formulaic vibe to the animation. The raw edge has been traded and it’s no upgrade. This is institutionalization, regardless of how it happened.

  • love this show!

  • dr. truth

    I’m a huge fan of superjail. It has to be seen to be believed. lol I personally think the new animation style is AWESOME!!!! in fact the animation on jared and the warden is fantastic. I freeze framed several jared scenes on the first episode just to stop and admire the work. The warden really comes to life in the titmouse style!!
    This show is so wild that you have to wrap your head around what you just saw. It’s like a junior high, study hall notebook cartoon come to life.
    I think Titmouse did a wonderful job!

  • The new season seems pretty polarizing. Some people love the new animation and storylines, some people miss the season 1 style. I’m in the middle on it. On the one hand, season 1 definitely had a more tightly controlled vision, and the visuals were much more intricate in terms of how they all connected to each other, and the out of control pacing really sped them along.

    On the other hand, that type of storyline simply wasn’t sustainable. Even though season 1 was only 10 episodes, it felt like in some episodes they were just sort of doing the same thing. I felt that the storylines could have been funnier if the characters had spent a little less time screaming and cutting and a little more time on dialog. In order to take the series from a 10 episode season to an ongoing series, they had to make some changes to the storylines to bring variety to the show. Unfortunately, they haven’t proved as adept as writers as they have as animators and directors. Still, give it time, there have been some very clever lines this season, and I think they will strike a balance.

    As for the animation, be it at Augenblick or Titmouse, Superjail’s animation is the finest on TV today, bar none. It’s a miracle that among stiffly animated, outsourced shows, there can be a USA animated, director driven show, done in FLASH no less, with so much creativity and fluidity. I personally love the titmouse animation, I just wish they would take the lighting down a lot to match the first season. The facial expressions are great and the movement is very fluid. No matter which version there is, you have to admit that there’s nothing like Superjail!

    As for Bob’s Burgers, I don’t really see how it made its way into this conversation, but I like it. I view the FOX shows as sitcoms that just happen to be animated, but BB has actually taken the time to develop its visual style. The animation is stiff, but the writing is crisp, and they are actually making the animation pretty cool, with what they’ve got, they have made a very interesting show. BB’s first season is more than twice the length of Superjail’s in terms of episodes produced, and each episode is double the length of an episode of Superjail. It’s a completely different show, and I consider it to be very enjoyable and funny, its visuals are, at the very least, distinctive, and they have done a lot with very limited animation.

  • Ryan

    I guess I’ll go against the grain and say that I really like what Titmouse has done so far. I think they’ve really nailed the “Superjail” aesthetic, and there are times where I’ve rewound the episode to watch a piece of animation over and over again, just soak it in.

    Augenblick did great work last season, and Titmouse has done a great job living up to their standard.

  • dr. truth

    “Superjail’s animation is the finest on TV today, bar none.

    Agreed! The sheer amount of detail in every scene of mayhem is staggering. Those scenes must be tough to animate. Hats off to the staff!!!

    Also, props to David Wayne for his always entertaining performance as the warden!
    It’s a real treat for big fans of “The State”!!
    Wayne’s sketch comedy on The State is some of the best in the genre IMO.

  • Julian Carter

    I’d probably be a fan of this show, if I could see it. And no, I don’t want to watch some extremely low quality clips on YouTube. It wouldn’t do it justice.

  • Wilbur Cobb

    Super-Prison? What is this gobbledyglop? This is terrible! Listen up, you young novices, and let a REAL aminator tell you how it’s done!

    When Chuck Avery was working at Teletoon and Video Brin-kay-dough, two of the greatest animation giants this side of the Siberian border, he didn’t cotton to any of this bullswaggle, no sir! Are any of you automatically disrespectful young whippersnappers consulting THEIR WORK and effort in your half-rumped productions? No! Why, Paddy the Pelican was one of the most respectable animated movies I’ve ever seen, and it didn’t need to rely on poop humor, or ridiculousness like this Lord Flounder and that obviously transexual Guardsman, or the uh, the… the Master Shake to get laughs! NO! Our guys had two pieces of tissue paper, some charcoal from the mines and a brand spanking new phonautograph, and by gum, we made the best damn cartoon this side of the Pangean supercontinent!

    No account sons of busdrivers!

    • Funkybat

      Nice… It’s as if you’re simultaneously channeling The Onion’s gossip columnist “Jackie Harvey” and an old prospector….

  • thanks for the announcement jerry!

    and thanks for your support dudes!

    as someone who animates on this show i’m coming at it with a little bias…the bias that IT IS AWESOME.

    if there ever was one; this is an animators’ show. sure we use flash, but we don’t use flash tricks. we could use any other program, or paper, this is just the tool we’re using. it’s done all in the usa which no other hand drawn show currently in production i know of can boast.

    we’re handed a scene and we can handle it how we want to. there is no house style. which to me isn’t very formulaic at all. but maybe because the animators love cartoons we’re making things look like cartoons. but one of my favorite things in old cartoons is being able to ID animators based on how the characters move and drawings change. you can totally do that with superjail.

    if you like season one i urge you to go out and actually buy the dvd [which i do and i did] instead of watching stuff on youtube or stealing it. maybe then adult swim will rethink asking for more character development and story this time; and if season three happens they can take that into consideration. and also add hot chicks.

    if you like animation and things that are awesome, you should really keep watching. because the fact that a show like this is getting made, and getting animated by animators who love animation is really exciting. we really need more productions like this out there.

    i really appreciate everyone who’s been supporting the new season. not only because we’re busting our asses but because the production itself is a great thing for the animation community, especially if the show does well!

    [thanks again brewmasters!]

    • Thanks Smo, I’m definitely coming from the same place as you are with this one, but it’s nice that someone is defending the hard work and talent of everyone bustin’ their ass’s on this project. The team is great, dedicated, and super talented. I’m not sure that a second season of superjail would’ve been done any better at a NEW studio than it was done here. I think the second season takes a little getting used to, but you can’t blame people for having a special place in their hearts for season 1, Augenblicks set the bar really high. I think with all things considered the team at Titmouse East had their hands full and did an amazing job!

    • i feel like this clip is [showcasing animation director mike carlo’s killer work] is a pretty good indication of what we’re all striving for on this show:


      • If you don’t mind me asking, how many episodes are there gonna be this season?

      • Mac


  • Stephen M. Levinson

    I have the same consensus as most people here. The animation just isn’t the same…And what happened to the typical insanely ridiculous end battles?

    Well, I still bought the second season on iTunes and I still have the first. The first season will forever be cherished in my heart!

  • The story in the first episode was a little weak but the second episode bounced right back. I dunno why people are complaining about the animation. There are plenty of changes throughout the first season and there will probably be changes this season.
    I also noticed a stronger use of color this season and I look forward to seeing more!

  • Although a few things have changed – it’s still is the same show I feel in love with. What I want to know is why it took so damn long for [as] to green light a new season…

  • Cor

    More animation = not as good?

    …wait, what are you guys saying? Is this a prank?

  • John

    That was wierd.

  • Matt Sullivan

    The animation’s good, I’ve just never cared for the style. I was never into the whole drug culture-r crumb ralph bakshi “ugly” style of animation.

    I keep hoping this show will grow on me. Maybe in time.