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Teletoon’s Detour pilots

I don’t know if these will be as exciting as CN’s unaired Cartoonstitute pilots we featured a while back, but Canada’s Teletoon network is releasing shorts from its pilot program, The Detour, one a week, every Friday online and on air. The first one up is Cal Brunker’s Ninjamaica, produced by Lenz Entertainment.

But I’m particularly looking forward to next week’s Angora Napkin by Nick Cross and Troy Little. Here’s why:

(Thanks, Cameron Archer)

  • ArthurF

    Canada’s answer to “3DogBand” from Cartooninstitute? In that case, at least it looks to have styling and timing that acknowledges more modern sensibilities from the 90s onward. The fast-paced trailer seems pretty straightforward compared, for one example, to “MightyB”, (not just because it is also having girls as main characters, but the way you can feel a 90s-forward inspiration.) “MightyB” is a skillful orchestration of 90s/RenStimpy inspirations – dynamic background changes supporting expressions, zoom-in detail stills, great characters, voices, expressions, CONTEMPORARY references, etc… At any rate, another girl cartoon is welcome before more dogs, and both the trailer and the title make me curious (meat, shotgun zombies, tentacles, what is an “angora napkin”, etc…) which is always good, and it helps to have a three-girl band that looks legit enough, rather than Josie and the Pussycats.

  • I bought the Angora Napkin comic book and I really enjoyed it. The animation version seems to be very well done, I’m also looking forward to it.

  • Harukuro

    I was wondering if you would ever talk about the pilots. Glad to see that Angora Napkin is getting reconized on this site since its so crazy awsome and fun. Of course I can’t wait to see the other pilots but A.N has been on my “Must Watch” list for some time now after I read the comic. Here’s hoping we get some potentially good shows out of these pilots.

  • Phil

    Glad to see some great looking stuff coming from my fellow Canucks.

  • Jason

    This toon looks like Ren Hoek’s and Bessie Higginbottom’s love child. Abort! Abort! Abort!

  • I’ve been more excited about Angora Napkin than I’ve been about any cartoon in a loooong time.

  • Ian

    Can’t wait for Angora Napkin to show up.

  • Angora Napkin looks great, Nick Cross seems to be really coming up! But I watched that “Ninjamaica” and it was terrible! Don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciated the designs and animation, but the story, concept and stereotyped characters didn’t seem to fit and I found no redeeming qualities in them whatsoever. I’m glad though, that the mention of Angora Napkin balanced it all out.

  • DaveC

    sounds like the opening to the Pepper Anne animated series
    at least the same voice actor lol j/k

  • I watched Ninjamaica and if the characters designs, animations and backgrounds fits very well, the story is a non-sense with many clichés we know in yet adult cartoons. I’m also looking forward for Angora Napkin. The trailer looks really great. I hope it was for the complete pilot. :)

  • Matt Sullivan

    Repulsive to look at.

  • The high concept for Ninjamaica seems to be “Bourne Identity with dreadlocks and a Jamaican accent”.

    We read a lot of complaints on the web about TV execs turning away from animation, but some of these pilots are so flat you couldn’t blame them for thinking animation may be mined out.

    But maybe that is chortlingly funny in Canada. Maybe it’s not aimed at me.

  • ANGORA NAPKIN is based on a graphic novel, incidentally!

    I’d love to see this pilot have a series. And THIS is something I’d love to see on Cartoon Network, or even better, Adult Swim!

  • Disillusioned

    I saw these Teletoon pilots at Ottawa this year and hated them(*except Angora’s Napkin)

    No class, no originality, NOT funny… I can’t believe these shorts were even made!

    Who buys this stuff? Seriously! And what AGE group was Celebutards targeted towards?? I ended up leaving practicly ALL the screenings of Teletoons Pilots.

    I lost faith in canadian studios that weekend.

  • chipper

    I hope Angora Napkin does well. It looks so cute.

  • Adam

    Angora Napkin is a pretty adult toon, I hope if it gets picked up it isn’t neutered too severely.

  • some dude

    Having worked on one of the pilots (I won’t say which one) and having seen most of them and talked with artists who worked on some of them, I can honestly say that the people who managed to get money to make those pilots were just good at that: getting money to finance. However a lot of those subsidy-getting people seem to have improvised themselves as writers or directors, thinking they’d do a good job because they got financing for the pilot…

    So here’s what you get: Unappealing cartoons (Sure, Ninjamaica looks great… but the concept is just so horrible) made by people trying to be edgy and relying on that so-called edgyness to appeal to an idiotic adolescent crowd that doesn’t even seem to exist. Seriously, where are those people, I’ve never even seen ONE of them.

    But in the end, why try to be entertaining when you can be edgy. Teletoon has been an apostle of that mindset for years now. OMG WE CAN BE VULGAR AND STEREOTYPE WE’RE SO ADULT. Wow.

  • I just saw ANGORA NAPKIN and I…didn’t like it. You can see my review on my blog (just click my name).