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Telluride Film Festival Poster by Ralph Eggleston

Ralph Eggleston poster

The talented Ralph Eggleston designed this year’s poster for the Telluride Film Festival. As far as I know, the only other animation artists who have ever designed the Telluride poster are John Canemaker and Chuck Jones. The festival’s sole requirement for poster artists, which have included Ed Ruscha, Jim Dine, Laurie Anderson, Julian Schnabel and Seymour Chwast, is to incorporate the word “Show” somewhere in the design. Eggleston said on the Telluride website, “I’ve always loved simple, graphic, attention grabbing imagery and that was the basis for my design…I was given complete creative license by the festival in this process and was further inspired by the famous hitch-hiking scene from It Happened One Night. However, this time by way of a trip to the Telluride Film Festival.”

  • Love Ralph! Beautiful work.

  • Greg M.

    That’s my boyyyyyyyyy!!

  • Fantastic; I would love this on my wall. So clean and simple.

  • Incredible!

  • Nice job, Ralph. The Eggman rules.

  • Sweet. Great poster!

  • Eric

    Rock on, lady with the tickets. Rock on.

  • Dan Jeup

    Nice job, Ralphy. Looks great!

  • Brad Constantine

    Very Nice!! I really appreciate the fact that it has a painterly look. Not so Illustrator clean and flat.

  • Greg M.

    Hey did everyone here see Ralph’s Disneyland Submarine ride poster?? Beautiful!

  • Bill Turner

    Love this poster. Great job!

  • Look at the dark blue cuffs and offset/stripe on the pants, as well as the subtle color work on the woman’s left hand to make the tickets stand out. Beautiful.

  • Sprat

    What’s going on with her pinky finger? If she’s meant to be hitchhiking, why’s it sticking out like that?

    It’s a nice design but it looks like she’s throwing devil horns.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Nice poster. Where can I get a copy?

  • jordan reichek

    classy business, ralph!

  • bob kurtz

    great poster eggman.