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“The Governator” from Andy Heyward

How hard will this suck?

From the man who brought us DIC, and the governor who created the current California budget crisis: an update of Super PresidentThe Governator.

Stan Lee will co-produce 52 episodes (For which channel? Comedy Central? Cartoon Network? Fox News?), a comic book and a web series.

(Read more about the project on CB Biz.)

  • victoria

    Awww man! As a Californian haven’t I suffered enough?

  • Adam

    This was the feature story in Entertainment Weekly this week, forcing the Elizabeth Taylor memorial onto the back (upside-down) cover. Whoever’s pushing this is dumping lots of money into it.

  • Hannah

    This will probably be the greatest animation ever created.

  • tgentry

    Wow this looks like a parody of something that shouldn’t actually exist. 52 episodes?!? And while I’m no defender of Arnold as governor, hasn’t there been a budget crisis in California for the last decade? Is every other state’s current budget crisis also caused by -their- governor, or more nuanced things like the horrible economy, the real estate bust, etc.? He may to be blame for this terrible, terrible animated TV show, but…

  • Kevin H.

    …I’ve seen a lot worse.

  • Gene Vandervoort

    Looks good, BUT, can it be don without the rap?

  • Wow, I’m wondering who gives the “ok” on stuff like this. And how do they get to a place where they can push it so hard it actually happens?

    • You can’t fathom why someone would ok a show starring an actor with probably the most internationally well-known name/face/body combos in film history? I agree, it’s ludicrous, but what network exec WOULDN”T cream over this?

  • Nick Swift

    yeah… i’m gonna be honest, i like this…

  • I never thought it was possible for Andy Heyward to be worse with his present company than he was with DiC. With this and that Martha & Friends Hallmark Christmas special, he’s threatening new lows.

  • Chris

    Answer to your question: Hard enough to be hillarious

  • This looks like a Parody from the Boondocks…Is it?

  • It looks like one of those crapy action saturday morning cartoons from the early nineties!

    Man, who did the concepts for this thing? It looks horrible!

  • Michel Van

    this is a 1 april joke ? yes ?
    it’s a April fool joke, right ?
    Please Tell me this a JOKE !!!

    if Not, this gona be downfall for Schwarzenegger
    This Trailer look already bad like IRON MAN Anime crap
    apropo IRON MAN notice the MK III suit in menue ?

    Lee, Schwarzenegger, DIC
    This “Governator” need wat animators call a massive “clean up”
    an complet redesign

  • Upstanding Citizen

    Let’s take a moment to remember MR. T:

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I pity the fool who forgets him!

  • jordan reichek

    I hear the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are showing up for the premier!

    Gotta love Andy Heyward! Nothin keeps that dude down!

  • Regarding the cartoon: Eh, it looks like some stupid fun for some, although I had to stop watching as soon as the action montage started.

  • tedzey

    I actually posted this on my facebook wall, commenting on how it was not what it was hyped to be! It seems so bland and outdated, that 20 years ago would’ve seemed more appropriate to have it released! Watching it is just like seeing somebody try to make an old joke funny again, but failing to an incredible degree!

  • T-1000

    F*** it. I’ll still see it.

  • I for one welcome our Republican overlords. That Governator is one outrageous dude…He’s totally in my face!

    Every episode of this show must end with Arnold looking at the audience and saying, “I have to go now, my home planet needs me.” It’s already trying to out-Poochie all the other Poochies in cartoon-land. Might as well go over the top.

    I think I’ll go back to YTP videos and Future Boy Conan, thanks.

    PS: I don’t blame Arnold for crippling the state of California. I blame the voters, for being a) too stupid to stop voting for Republican governators and policies, and b) too selfish to ever consent to a tax increase, like, ever. Ya get what ya paid for. Now watch this drive.

  • TheBeezKneez

    oh, cool. Overt propaganda is a seriously underutilized genre. I’m glad to see it making a comeback.

    this also reminded me that I have to buy more guns…

  • Paul

    Looks horrible, but do you really need to dump responsibility for CA’s problems on one guy? The entire system is broken! You have city governments totally ripping off their citizens, unions demanding pensions that can never be paid, nobody is willing to cut any spending and nobody wants their taxes raised.

    Instead of rebooting Spiderman or Superman, somebody needs to reboot California.

  • tonma

    From all this Larry king looks the most ridiculous, in his stylish high angle… and with brown hair???

  • Christopher Cook

    Maybe it’ll land on G4 where it’ll die a quick and merciful death like “Spaceballs: The Animated Series” did.

  • Sues

    Considering that this series was announced just weeks ago, that means the studio probably greenlit this idea and had most of this footage produced years ago, in anticipation of Schwarzenegger leaving office. Then they just waited for him to leave and sign on, and recorded those couple lines of his.

  • Spencer

    James Cameron should direct an episode or two.

  • Did someone forget to wake me when Filmation rebirthed?

    • Funkybat

      Filmation’s stuff was a lot more visually appealing that this…

  • Baron Lego

    It’s C.O.P.S. all over again!

    • Hey. HEY. Don’t you sully C.O.P.S.’ good name. That show was AWESOME and you know it. :l

  • Matt

    Doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor anymore?

    Oh yeah, I forgot–politics robbed this legendary action star of the right to star in an EXTREMELY KICKASS LOOKING CARTOON SHOW. *sigh*

  • whoiseyevan

    Cartoon Larry King needs to have his own animated spin-off. He’s the best part of this trailer.

  • Paul M

    52 episodes? 51 too many I think…

    This reminds me of Muhammad Ali’s action cartoon from the 80’s. I was a kid then and more easily pleased but I remember it as being good. Not sure if even kids will buy into this one, this looks like it should be a series of PSA’s for grade schoolers with Arnie advising kids to say no to drugs.

  • Sherrie

    This looks like a seriously bad cheesey show. Which means I’ll be watching it for all the wrong reasons.

  • “Brought to you through the modern miracle of “Suspendered Animation”, it’s Larry King as THE GEEZERNATOR!!!”

  • Steve Gattuso

    Think of it as a blessing in disguise. Fresh material for the Cartoon Dump!

  • Neil

    Arnie as McBain would’ve been better

  • Liam Scanlan

    Guys, there’s a movie in the works apparently:

  • it’ll be all ok as long as he yells ‘GET TO THE CHOPPER… NOW!!!’

  • Kartoonz kritik

    This is horrifically bad (in every conceivable way – from concept to execution) and the geniuses that are putting their money behind this deserve all the failure that they are destined for.

  • Cyber Fox

    Stan Lee abandoned ship on Striperella (a character of which HE CREATED), What makes THIS special?

  • cougar

    i just want to know why robots are robbing armored cars… why do robots need money?

  • MadAboutMGM

    DIC? The company notoriously known for mechanical characters that convey little emotion, don’t emulate anime effectively, though also stick to certain environmental cliche’s such as big corporations always destroying the environment. Funny thing about the last comment I made was that if DIC’s animated action lineup prides itself in going after corporate right-wing big suits than why not stop being so dependent on these networks, to get your message across don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    On the other hand if they switched to something like an film festival circuit and air these independent animation will eat this alive citing the fact that this has to much of a corporate atmosphere to convey anything sincere. Their just continuing to butcher Ahnolds dignity.

    • Jeff

      DIC made Real Ghostbusters. That was good.

      • Funkybat

        That was probably the best thing they made. Aside from Inspector Gadget, The Littles, and The Real Ghostbusters, there was very little in the DIC canon that I would really consider every watching again. (OK, the Heathcliff cartoon was decent, too…)

      • Willow Ufgood

        Real Ghostbusters was good for only the first season (Sat. Morning + Syndicated). Then they bollixed it all up after that.

      • Superstarseven

        No, the first 3 seasons.

    • Mad dog

      Don’t forget they made the GOOD Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon.

      • I’d say that Sonic SatAM, Real Ghostbusters and Madeline were the only things they really did well. “Inspector Gadget” comes off to me as just a heap of sadly wasted potential.

  • Curtis Mathes

    This Governator should meet up with Hulk Hogan and Jesse Ventura and form a 70’s retro rock band.

  • Stay klassy, Arnold.

  • Not sure why people are hating on this project.

    It looks on par with a lot of other Saturday morning action cartoons around.

    • Funkybat

      That’s probably why. “Par” hasn’t exactly been a great benchmark over the last 10-15 years for that genre. Also, I would say it’s not even on par with many of the better TV cartoons today. I’d rather watch the artful ugliness of Flapjack or the simple but clean lines of Tuff Puppy than this Anime-ish unironic parody.

  • Josef

    Arnold vs Transformers with a little Iron Man and Matrix thrown in.

    This is executive catnip.

  • Andy Heyward is a strange (and mostly sad) case. Back in the early 80s, he co-created one of my favorite cartoon series of all time – Inspector Gadget. But almost everything he has done afterwards has ranged from mediocre to awful.

  • Marco

    That was really missing! It needed to be done.
    I will absolutly watch it. I hope He’ll fight
    against a Ronald Reagan head assembled on a robot

  • …Why are all of his “helpers” adolescent children? :/

  • Martin Juneau

    It’s feel late for a April Fool’s joke, right? The only shows i liked from Dic was Inspector Gadget, Heatchliff and The Real Ghostbusters but the others are pure fake anime and PC boringness.

    This one is not a exception. Heyward act like Ronald Winberg (The Cinar corporater). Made cartoons for money and hired foreign writers for trust them they are from their native country. It’s still odd that Dic and Cinar was fusioned for Cookie Jar.

  • If Arnold is in it, I’m interested. Great voice with lots of character, and an awesome actor. But the cartoon looks generic, cheesy, lame, but I’ll give it a chance.

  • Rufus

    Pretty cool idea- putting a real life person into a fake setting. GI Joe style animation sucks, and for Christ Cripple’s Nipple’s sake, won’t people stop spreading that piece of uncreative crap song in the media? Every little kid thinks it’s their original song, while it’s just a stinky maggot-ridden rotting carcass of a great song.

  • Jeff

    Why is he called “The Governator” if it takes place after his term as governor has ended? What exactly is he “governating” now?

  • Vzk

    Hey guys, I have a couple of GREAT and ORIGINAL ideas for animated shows:

    One is called “Dick Cheney”, about an old politician who shoots people with a shotgun because he’s, get this: a DICK!

    And there’s this one named “Barack Hussein OBOZO” about a socialist, Nazi, Muslim, African American born in Kenya who wears clown makeup à la Joker from The Dark Knight.

    Hilarious!!! I don’t think anyone has thought of those before.

  • Steven M.

    I’ll only watch it if Arnold voices himself.

    • Funkybat

      Pretty sure he does. There’s no way this thing would have gotten all the media hype it has if a sound-alike were voicing the character.

      Honestly, I wouldn’t mind at all seeing Ahnuld resume his cheesy action/comedy film career, but I’d rather see him do it in live-action. The animated world isn’t really his forte, and this show has a lot of really cheesy (in a bad way) stuff going on. I guess if I can give it credit for anything, it would be that it does a good job of replicating what such a show would have been like if it were created at the height of Arnold’s career in the early 90s….

  • J Lee

    Combine this with the charaters from “Captain Planet” and you’d have the most sucktacular politically-themed animated show for kids ever created.

    • Keith

      He’s already got Planeteers, lookin at those kids helping him out in his secret lair.

  • Mike Johnson

    This will suck so hard Charlie Sheen will want to date it.

  • wow! this is badass!

  • Teafly

    Stan needs to give it a rest already.

  • nickelrocket

    I saw Matrix, Tron, and Iron Man ripoffs. any more? Oh, a kind of Voltron mashup. That must have been a long bike trip from Bel Air to SanFran. but hey, it’s a cartoon. Where ANYTHING can happen! Like robots robbing bank trucks …for …oil?

    • The bad guys transformed from cars, and now we have a Transformers rip-off.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Oh, hey, I had an idea for a character called The Governator.

    Except he was one character amongst a larger concept, and was treated as a PARODY.

  • Deran

    I have journeyed far to the plains of Shangri-La, to find peace of mind and perhaps, a reason for my being. Upon my arrival to this promised land, I saw something. A vision which to my amazement, granted me a sensation, an unveiling that I can speak with full honesty, was greater than even enlightenment itself. I have come to call this vision of such pure and boundless majesty: “The Governator”. Crafted from the minds of one Stan Lee and the artisans of DIC Entertainment (who previously bestowed to this lofty earth another great gift, Hammerman The Animated series). It is truly the paragon of all human achievement, nay, the long sought answer to my existence.

  • Skip

    I thought that I would have to wait at least a year to see something posted on this site that looked worse to me than the Loony Toons remix. I guess I was wrong.

  • NC

    1989 called wants their crappy cartoon back.

  • John

    This is the greatest thing ever. It’s like a 2011 Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos!!!

  • Al

    And we’re positive this wasn’t just….A very elaborate April Fool’s?

    • Eric

      I think you might be onto something.

  • Ad

    Ahnuld,he’s our hero, gonna take crime down to zero,he our powers magnified and he’s fighting on the Caly-for-nya’s side

  • Joe

    it’s great to see a cartoon that harks back to the likes of Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and Thundercats (which I can’t wait to to see the new version of). It’s obviously going to be chessy, but I think it could be a winner!

  • Joe

    I think it’s awesome to see a how harking back to the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle’s and Thundercats – all action, and simple plots! Good on them, they’ve also found a main character who has pre-written punch lines!

    Couldn’t stop laughing when I heard the final line – “I’m back!” Now I can’t wait to see the new Thundercats!

  • Lala_Marin

    I am so onboard.

  • This must be an April Fools joke. There is nothing in the tailer that leaves anything for a series. It’s just one big parody. Then again, it would not be the first time Stan Lee started with a parody and then made something out of it. My guess is, the denouncement will be in the next issue of EW, which is out when? Today? Yesterday?

    • Mark Lungo

      I read the EW article. Apparently, the show is real. With all the hype, maybe it’ll do better than “Bruno the Kid”…

  • Tim

    Arnold’s career as an actor is over. I would be unheard
    of to have him star in a major motion picture. Plus, his
    film weren’t selling before he came to politics.

  • rebecca

    this looks like poo.

  • Simon

    I’m so disappointed it wasn’t an episode of the Boondocks.

  • Dave

    Looks like republican propaganda.

  • Willow Ufgood

    The show is canceled.