Care Bears Care Bears

The Hub Hopes Men Will Start Calling Themselves “Belly Bros” and “Care Dudes”

Next month, The Hub network will debut another revival of a 1980s toy commercial, Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot. Their earlier series, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, sparked an unlikely following among adult males, otherwise known as the Brony phenomenon, but one fandom isn’t enough for the Hub.

They think their Care Bears show needs an adult male fanbase, too, and they’re shamelessly encouraging it themselves. Their PR firm sent us the following press release, which besides not understanding the distinction between drawn and CG animation, suggests names for potential male Care Bear fans:

Hey Amid-

What’s the Care Bears equivalent of a Brony? Belly-Bros? Care-Dudes? “Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot” premieres this June on The Hub TV Network and features the same re-imagined CG animation and spirit of friendship and caring that made shows like “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” a cult hit.

“Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot” is a modernized, CGI-animated version of the classic animated cartoon, which hits its 30th anniversary this year! Re-imagined in the same vein as the Hub’s other hit television shows, everyone’s favorite bears and their iconic Belly Badges have been transformed with today’s technology into a series that kids and families can enjoy together. I’d love to see if you’d be interested in featuring the bears for the series launch this June.

I have art and clips available and can also do email interviews with Executive Producer Sarah Finn, our director and voice talent. Let me know if this interests you and I can send over some more details!

[PR flack]

This is likely the last time I’ll be mentioning Care Bears on Cartoon Brew’s homepage, but here’s a parting gift–the show’s teaser:

UPDATE: The Hub sent us a statement about this press release. Read it HERE.

  • Yeah umm…good luck with that.

  • Scarabim

    You can’t *make* a phenomenon like the Bronies happen. Any more than you can deliberately create a fad. Those are sparks that originate within an audience, not a corporate boardroom.

    • i agree bronies myself included were partially do to sure luck cause by the person writing this article causing people to watch it the rest is the shows genuine quality and the amount of fun it gives bronies all over the internet and just from that preview i can tell care bears is more of a money grubbing show they crapped out mlp was given full creative freedom to the studio and not harassed by hasbro in any way just because we enjoy a show meant for little children doesnt mean were as smart as little children

  • JP

    I thought the previous revival of the CB looked much better than this latest incarnation.

    Is it just me? Or are we revamping properties SO much faster these days?

    • wever

      We are. Studios seem in love with the idea these days.

      • Ryan

        It’s just terrible, ain’t it. Now days shows are cancelled, rebooted & re-told so fast that the don’t even get anywhere. I think it’s brainless TV Execs trying to copy what they see feature films doing. You guys are doing a series idiots, it doesn’t work that way. Tell something to a satisfying conclusion & then make new stuff, or GTFO.

    • Chris

      It’s a lot easier than making something original.

    • Some Teddy Bear

      Ask my little ten-year-old cousin about “The Amazing Spider-Man” and just watch the wave of confusion across his face.

  • FoxyLady

    I think the Hub should focus on making animation that the whole family can enjoy, instead of trying to repeat what MLP:Friendship is Magic did.

    • marzola

      You don’t think the whole Family enjoys MLP? Myself (25), my husband (30), and both my son and daughter (4 and 7) LOVE MLP:FiM. There’s no way we’re the only family that enjoys watching it together. Can’t tell you how many times i’ve caught my big burly husband humming the theme song to himself.

    • Steve Gattuso

      Which, strangely enough, is precisely what MLP:FIM did.

  • Jody Morgan

    As someone who’s enjoyed the first two seasons of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, I have to say that this does not look the least bit promising.

  • Jim

    I’m not sure why they’d want the brony equivalent of Care Bear fans. I mean, has Hasbro seen :bronysay:

    • josh

      this is the best thing ever.

    • Timm

      Implying these kind of people aren’t in every fandom ever.

  • Phil

    Wouldn’t call myself a “Brony”, but I do see the appeal of the new My Little Pony show.

    Hasbro on the other hand clearly does not if they really think this will gain some sort of phenomenon status. Yikes.

  • The Gee

    That pink one with the rainbow on its belly should perform marriages of other bears.

    That one extra twist would expand an audience for this show.

    It would create an instant outrage, allowing the network to get tons of publicity. Oh sure, there’ll be boycotts. Boy, oh boy, will there be boycotts! But, you either go that way or appeal to the stoners.

    As for the note that was sent to Amid, they are all about making money. So should cynicism surprise anyone? Does missing the mark surprise anyone?

    Granted, I don’t get the entire pony thing. Don’t care to know more than I do, actually.
    But, whatever…

    • Some Teddy Bear

      Cheer Bear is a girl.

      • The Gee

        I can’t believe I’m replying to this but…..

        I’m guessing Cheer Bear is the pink one with the rainbow belly….

        Did that wreck my quip about the cartoon/toy bear performing marriages of other cartoon/toy bears?

        It seems like people who get instantly outraged wouldn’t care what gender a pink bear with a rainbow on it is, they’d just read too much into it and raise a fuss.

  • CJ

    The design of the little girl is scary beyond all reason…

    • wever

      It’s a bad screengrab. She doesn’t look as scary in other scenes.

    • Inkan1969

      It’s her cheekbones. They look too heavily pronounced.

    • Some Teddy Bear

      Those eyes…

  • I am pretty sure that Hasbro doesn’t understand any of the aspects that made MLP:FiM resonate with fans. A big part of it (as is my understanding, anyway – I’m not into the show, myself) is the visual and writing style being so reminiscent of Powerpuff Girls, and it being driven by humor with wide appeal.

    It’s like they’ve latched onto one little tiny facet of a small sliver of one aspect of “bronies” (thinking specifically of that article about adults with Asperger syndrome using it as a guidebook for social interaction) and decided that THAT, more than anything else, is what made the show such an unexpected success.

    • Sarah J

      Agreed. A lot of companies will look at a popular show or movie and look at a single aspect of it, believing that that aspect alone is what made it popular so they should do the same with future shows and movies, but make it bigger. It’s why traditional animation in movies has sort of died in the US. Pixar was extremely successful, and people assumed that it must have been because of the CGI animation and not anything else, like how Pixar movies were actually, you know, good.

      • Some Teddy Bear

        I like to call this the “Matrix Rip-Off Problem”, which is itself a more specific, real-life example of Brad Bird’s “Red Shirt Problem” (can’t imagine there’d be anyone here who hasn’t heard of that, but if not, he explains it in the Onion AV Club interview.)

        “Hey, that movie where the guy does Kung-Fu and flies through the air and wears cool glasses and a longcoat was a surprise hit! You know what that means? We need our own movie where a guy does Kung-Fu and flies through the air and wears cool glasses and a longcoat! Because that is the one thing people liked in that movie!”

  • Ben

    The success of My Little Pony isn’t easy to repeat. It had nothing to do with the property itself, but the creative use of it. The Care Bears are cute, but this show looks like any other kid’s show. The human characters look awful too.

    It’s not like there is an equivalent “Brony” group that likes the current “Strawberry Shortcake” CGI show, so, why does the HUB want to now get male fans interested in Care Bears?

    • Funkybat

      The reason My Little Pony caught on with “unexpected” subgroups is because the show had a sharp visual style, appealing animation, and strong writing. The characters were easy to relate to for a wide range of people.

      You can’t expect every kiddie show, let alone 80s revamp, to have that same appeal. Lauren Faust was a big part of that equation, and correct me if I’m wrong, but she has nothing to do with this Care Bears show.

      Also, just on general principles, no creepy-looking TV-CGI-produced show should ever deserve the acclaim that something as stylish as MLP-FIM has received. We need MORE 2D on TV, not less.

      • Fullmetal X

        I don’t know. Transformers: Prime does a really good job.

      • Some Teddy Bear

        Yes, but that show wasn’t directed at people with ovaries, so it’s not interesting when adults watch it.

    • Inkan1969

      I think if you let a creative like Lauren Faust call the shots as to how the show should work, on either their own property or a property they can feel passionate about, then it’s actually easy to replicate that success.

  • Jason

    I think the only reason why My Little Pony got popular was because it had alot of heart behind it. This has nothing but greed.

  • Bee

    One of the things that made MLP so popular was the spread of “reaction faces” across forums and other popular websites. MLP has such great expressions in the artwork and once people saw them they were intrigued enough to watch the show.

    The expressions in this CG pile ‘o poo will give us all nightmares.

  • Austin Papageorge

    The difference between the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and this is that this is an ugly abomination and the former is not. Seriously, what is with that girl’s eyes in the top photo?

    • Funkybat

      Maybe she has cancer or something. Maybe they’re going to cure her with love.

    • Steve Gattuso

      Cocaine’s a hell of a drug. O_O

  • Austin Papageorge

    “I think the Hub should focus on making animation that the whole family can enjoy, instead of trying to repeat what MLP:Friendship is Magic did.”

    What makes you so sure that “Let’s make animation that the whole family can enjoy!” is more easily achieved by studio executive fiat than “Let’s try to do that My Little Pony phenomenon again!”?

  • Taco Wiz

    It’s a well-known fact that when a show is outrageously successful, the network will try to condense its very essence into a formula, which is then applied to just about any show the network decides to pick up.

    While analyzing what made the show so popular, The Hub decided to ignore the characters, the jokes, and the fact that it’s an actual cartoon that looks and sounds like an actual cartoon.

    They prefer the idea that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was popular because it merged a classic franchise with modern technology and sensibilities.

    Once again, the people in charge of show business put emphasis on the second word instead of the first. This reminds me of “REN AND STIMPY WAS A HIT, EVERYONE START MAKING FART AND BOOGER CARTOONS”.

    I can’t believe my life goal is to be an analyst for this industry.

    • Funkybat

      I’m guessing that the team that produced this new Care Bears show was not trying to “copy the formula” of MLP (whatever that “formula” is.) They probably just went ahead and made what is meant to be a pre-K-8 kids show, and the execs decided to try to “spin it” as the next MLP.

      Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll soon see TV animation that attempts to copy what made MLP successful, I just doubt this Care Bear show is one of them.

      • Ben

        Yeah, I think this is it exactly. From the look of the show, it seems like it’s a run-of-the mill CGI kids show that happens to recreate the Care Bear characters to look pretty much like the plush toys. I doubt the production company was intending to make it more than that.

    • JULAY


      • Jullie

        Please stop hurting Taco Wiz’s family.

    • Nick

      While I agree, companies can over formulate characters and jokes too. For example, the trends of post world war two golden age animation and certain stages in the simpsons.

      Its hard to stay fresh when too many rules start piling up about how a show should be.

      Quality animation and audio are never a bad thing though.

  • A guy who’s not really an animation expert

    I have to concur with the “CG” comments. Computer-animated TV series in recent years are already hit-or-miss (largely miss) and while I hate to sound too much like a 2D purist, part of the appeal of the My Little Pony characters was the fact that they have a traditional aesthetic to them that’s difficult to replicate in three dimensions. Or maybe it’s just the large, innocent-looking eyes.

    Even though MLP is animated in Flash, from my perspective it’s treated merely as a tool rather than a crutch in the way the show follows some traditional animation techniques merely transposed in Flash — speed lines, squash and stretch, appropriate attribution of symbols, etc. From this teaser the characters already look like rather dated models with ill-suited textures. It wouldn’t be too out of line to say they’re over-textured and, quite frankly, it’s rather unsettling. More like Teddy Ruxpin dolls than what usually comes to mind when you hear “Care Bears.”

    • See, you just hit on something. I’d rather see a Teddy Ruxpin revival than another Care Bears revival. Granted, I’d like to see new ideas rather than extensions of toy lines (see: Battleship), but Teddy Ruxpin actually had a few good ideas.

      Teddy Ruxpin has a much better chance of appealing to a periphery demographic than Care Bears. The CB clip suggests this is a standard-issue preschool series, which makes me wonder why a PR flack with any sense would pitch a “maybe adult males will like it” angle. Even the Pound Puppies revival is essentially Hogan’s Heroes/Stalag 17, yet I’m not sure if The Hub still sells journalists/bloggers on that show.

      • I don’t know why they downplay Pound Puppies, especially after switching animation studios which improved the look of the show tenfold. Plus, if the poster below is correct, the people in charge also did Recess, which – while not a great show – was definitely solid, entertaining one, which shows in the reboot.

        I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a fan of PP, slightly more than MLP, and if the Hub had any sense they’d really double down on pushing that show more, along with Dan Vs. and Aquabats. Hell, they haven’t even updated the PP section of their website nor is there any definite date of new episodes.

  • jaktheparrot

    I didn’t know Penny from “Bolt” hung around with the Care Bears.

    • John A

      I didn’t know Penny from “Bolt” became a crack addict.

  • If they bring back No-Heart, Beastly and Shreeky (which they are not) they might attract older men

  • Chaz

    Especially noting the turn-out for the MLP royal wedding finale as the top two telecasts on The Hub so far, I think the channel’s reputation as “that channel that has ponies… and Transformers, but mostly ponies” is only becoming more pronounced as Hasbro pays more attention to the show’s rampant success. And now that mentality permeated into new shows and property reboots.

    It’s giving me bad vibes, especially when echoing some of the concerns other people have pointed out. Hasbro only really seems to comprehend the surface rather than the roots of the whole “brony” trend — that so much of the fanbase’s origins were sheer luck that people online were paying attention. There were a lot of variables going into how FiM became an Internet sensation (What if the first threads about the show didn’t happen? What if the discussion about the show only happened on one tiny, secluded part of an online imageboard? What if word-of-mouth didn’t go so far and sites like Ponychan and Equestria Daily didn’t gain the traffic they do today?) that likely can’t be replicated. Especially if Hasbro is the one trying to force it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite fond of Friendship is Magic as a quirky, innocent little cartoon. I’m also pretty intrigued by The Hub’s “crossover” ads (especially with Dan vs., because ponies in contrast to a character as simultaneously likable and unlikable as Dan is a match made in heaven) since they remind me a lot of the “Cartoon Cartoons” spots of old. However, it shouldn’t be held as the standard of the channel’s potential or else no other show will be able to deliver in the same way Hasbro expects it to. Advertise the show for the audience its meant to be advertised to, y’know? If it catches on with peripheral demographics, good for it; if not, well, at least it still has a collection of school-aged audiences. I guess that’s a bit too natural, though.

  • Sarah J

    A periphery fandom is not something you can force. I don’t expect Care Bears to catch on, judging from what the trailer shows. There were multiple elements that made My Little Pony successful. The show didn’t succeed because it was adorable and had rainbows and pretty colors and nice little life lessons. MLP succeeded because it had funny jokes, relatable situations, good animation and likable characters. If you want to make a good show, focus on making it it’s own show, not trying to copy another one.

    As for fan nicknames? “Brony” was a term coined by fans. If Care Bears somehow catches on, the fans will most likely name themselves.

  • wever

    One should not simply force a nickname for fandoms. “Brony” came naturally. Whatever this word is, it should also come naturally! We should not think about it.

    ……………….. and it won’t come because this show looks bad.


    Dear God that little girl is horrifyingly ugly. HUB just let the MLP Writers and Animators have free reign of MLP and we will be happy. Don’t try to give us this crap.

  • cachi

    ……no…..just no……..

  • UtsusuZero



  • Inkan1969

    The CGI I saw in the commercials did not impress me. To tell the truth, I first thought these were reruns of the CGI Care Bears show that CBS Saturday Morning used to have. I think one reason “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” was able to catch so many fans was because it had a very appealing and compelling artistic style. I really wanted to check that show out just from its look. MLP kept me with interesting stories and intriguing characters. I don’t really sense that depth from these “Care Bears” commercials, but we might not be able to tell from commercials.

    The network’s “Pound Puppies” style has a mildly interesting flash style. That show’s storytelling style at least is unique; it’s from the makers of “Recess” and “Lloyd in Space”. But I don’t particularly care for Germain/Ansolabeherre’s talky style. The other toy shows I just find bland both in animation and stories.

    The Hub has “The Aquabats Super Show”, a live action show with some animation, that has gotten some praise. I’ve found that a clever show with a distinct sense of humor. “Dan Vs.” is also very popular. That show is more like a prime time comedy than a kids cartoon. And I think “GI Joe Renegade” and “Transformers Prime” has some adult fans.

  • Mute

    Sorry Hub, those shows suck. Next best thing you’ve got is Dan Vs. And we already have a word or two for people like that.

  • Snagglepuss

    Oh Dear Lord. They are aware MLP was actually well drawn and written, right? And that this is truly abysmal?

  • Inkan1969

    WRT finding the next “Friendship is Magic”, there’s a toyline out there called “La La Loopsy”

    that has a bunch of webisodes and a D2V.

    I think their webisodes have an appealing flash style, and humor that’s sharper than most kids’ shows, though not quite on FiM’s level. I bet a creative talent could do a lot with this particular property. You might also like this if you liked “Coraline”. ;-)

    • Just some dude

      More like scared to death of.

  • Alissa

    So Hasbro really thinks they can make lightning strike twice? Not with those beady-eyed monstrosities that’s for sure.

    Toy companies are convinced that girls only like cute, right? Then why do cartoons like this one make them so ugly? And that girl disturbs the crud outta me. She hungers… for ugly bear’s souls…

  • Q.pseudonym.68

    Hem…ok, no. I’m not exactly a brony, but I like MLP FIM, and this care bears thing won’t sit well. Quite honestly it looks just like another little kids show. And, am I the only one who noticed the similarity between Canterlot and Care-a-lot? Hmm? They’re trying way too much to make it like MLP.

    • Ben

      Well, to be fair, the name of the Care Bear town was Care-a-Lot in the original series too, so, in this case, they’re not copying MLP.

  • Some execs still think they can distill the ‘essence’ of a hit.

    They only end up with smelly ox glands.

  • Anonymous

    Hasbro obviously depreciates the value of sexualization, unconscious or realized, as a factor in mlp’s popularity – as well as the expected reactions by others to such sexualization; such as disgust, curiosity, and outrage. While I’d like to expound on my unintentional-waifu-harem-mlp hypothesis, this isn’t really the site for it. I just hope that the readers who are aware of such key words understand what I’m implying, and that those who don’t understand protect themselves for their stomach’s sake.

    The main problem I foresee with the 3D animation is the difficulty of its reproduction by fans. Simply, it will be harder to draw: ergo memetic mutation will be stifled. Keeping the animation level at a low might solve that problem – where amateur CG artists could try their hand on it – but I highly doubt of its effectiveness, and I actually expect it to backlash.

    As a darker denizen of the internet – one who frequents /mlp/ and has seen ponychan, molestia comics, and ponibooru – on these authorities do I place my scandalous claims. As I type, I am already reading through a /co/ and an /oats/ thread on the Carebear issue, to better understand the positions of other anons. However, I must state that nothing concrete will come of any discussion until the first episode of Carebears begin to air: all of our opinions are invalid.

    Oh Hasbro, it would’ve been so much easier for you to make an entire mlp franchise aimed specifically for the male audience – medieval stallions learning about courage, good manners, and intellect of all sorts (things anons will both deride and yearn). Instead, you’re pandering to the fanbase that’s already content with their fictional ponies. The only way for you to get them to look at the bears is if you throw away the dog’s old bone, starve it, and present it with an almost identical one – and even that doesn’t assure a good response.

    Alternatively, you could make the Carebears lulzy as shit (therefore, unfit for children; roll d20 for Bear Lore).

    • Just some dude

      Honestly sexualization the most disheartening product of this or any fandom for a series not about sex.
      Sonic, Kingdom Hearts, Zim.

      It’s all very tragic really.
      And don’t ever say lulzy. You claim to be a /co/mrade so acting like one.

      • Anonymous

        I knew the word “lulzy” would get a response.

        Dear anon, we’re not in 4chan. The language I use must accommodate those who read it – while maintaining the severity of the situation and expressing my own opinion. ‘Lulzy as shit’ is exactly the kind of thing people expect to latch on to /b/ – and by association, the rest of 4chan and Encyclopaedia Dramatica. Lulzy indicates vast amounts of trolling. Shit indicates the overall quality of such a work, derivative fan base, and the aforementioned trolling.

        As to sexualization, I’d like to agree but I’m conflicted. I know it’s all horrible and disgusting, and I have condemned others in /mlp/ for their infatuations with ponies. In the end, however, I’ve become desensitized and horrible enough to simply ignore these anons. I’ve seen worse things over the internet; and I have within me paraphilia that are worse than simple sexualization of established characters. Don’t worry, I’ve already consigned myself to never having a partner in life – no need to subject another to my illnesses.

        All I can offer is comfort. Take heart, at least, that some parts of mlp-fandom concerns itself with trolling, disgust, outrage, and self-deprecation in reaction to sexualization. And beyond that, there are still many beautiful things in the world, and you need not depress yourself by brooding over a terrible facet of every innocent fandom.

        What concerns me more than sexualization itself, however, is whatever created such images. I said that this wasn’t the site for it, but I’ll post it anyway. Let me quote a post I made last week:

        ” [MLP:FiM]’s built similarly in character set-up to an anime harem – without the annoying lead male, or unrealistic character developments. As such, people subconsciously looking for a waifu – especially a waifu in a warm and healthy environment – may suddenly be enamoured by this series.”

        By the way, I’m not so much of a /co/mrade as I am a fa/tg/uy. The two boards have much interaction, but only recently have I thought of skimming /co/.

  • Mr. Bob

    No. This cannot work. You can’t force a fandom. It just has to happen. It’s like viral videos. You can’t force a video to become viral, you just have to get a lucky streak. Honestly, the fact that the Hub is TRYING to get an adult male fandom makes me lose a bit of faith in the Hub.

    also, there are a couple reasons this will fail. A) it’s 3D-rendered, so it looks too weird in it’s realisticness. Flippin CARE BEARS should not become three-dimentional, as most cartoons nowadays are becoming. Doesn’t the Hub realize that older audiences remember 2D shows, and don’t appreciate the 3D ones?

    Also, there is a human in it. That in itself is enough to deter older audiences. They don’t want a realistic world, they want a fantasy that they can connect to via the show

  • Dan

    You cannot just spark a fandom out of no where. It has to develop on it’s own, and make it’s own names for the people who enjoy it.

  • Nogodplease

    Please no, please tell me this is a fucking joke.

  • SKent.

    Seems like Hasbro is basically run by clueless morons that don’t understand the appeal of their own products.

    But like any conglomerate, every once in a while they somehow stumble onto a success. They then attempt to turn their other properties into clones of that success. Witness their new ‘Battleship’ movie for another example.

  • Steve Gattuso

    1. Only a fool expects lightning to strike twice in the same place.

    2. If that PR guy hadn’t tried to put this spin on it, and had simply promoted it as an update to the original characters kids grew up with in the 80’s, he might have gotten a more favorable response. (Okay, not from YOU, Amid. But still…) And honestly, the only part that looks off to me is the little girl. The bears themselves always looked to me like animated teddies, anyway.

  • MultiBaller

    This is cynical marketing. You need to understand that My Little Pony could have been any cartoon. It took a unique mix of the talent and circumstances for it to take off.

    Headlining your promotions and marketing material with “we want to invent the next Internet subculture” won’t win fans, and it’ll be met with the same cynicism. Instead, focus on animators and story tellers. Let them work with you to build your products. Find and recruit people who loved the original franchise. Don’t phone it in – do your homework and take your time to do it right.

    Good luck with Care Bears. I hope it’s good and that it meets with the success it deserves.

  • Julian

    I’m going to say this will fail, and pretty hard. As everyone else has pretty much said, tv cartoons are one of those things where the more harder you try and make it “good”, the more dry and dull it gets. That’s one of the only real reasons I can think of as to why 1990s, 2000s cartoons and the MLP revival were so successful and memorable. They didn’t try and hit a target, rather, just gave creators, artists, and writers more creative freedom and overall just let them be themselves. Many times it turns out cult followings and if it doesn’t, hey, no one’s exactly out to hate it for arrogance. Actually some of the best things in my book are by people who don’t give a crap if the bulk of people hate it and truly just do their own thing. Try stuff, and let it come naturally. That’s a good motto.

  • Toonio

    Well, an ex-coworker belonged to a “Bears” club, and it was shockingly different to what the care bears portray.

    So I just see a lot of socially awkward moments coming with this new bears fad.

    • hotdogface

      Perfect, there’s already a nick name for the big fat guys with beards who might watch the show!

    • Untitled

      Glad someone else pointed this out.

      They’ll have a male following, just not the one they expected!

  • Pioneer over C

    Ironic that the new My Little Pony was targeted at little girls and accidentally attracted an adult audience, while the new Care Bears is being surreptitiously aimed at adults and will never be watched by anyone over three years old.

    There’s also the possibility that it was never meant as anything but a baby show in the first place and that the PR guy just doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but the commercial kinda undermines that.

  • Conor

    Find talented, creative people, let them work, when one makes a successful product, do what you can to hold onto that talented, creative person. There’s your magic formula, animation executives. Grown men didn’t just start liking rainbows out of nowhere, they just stumbled upon an incredibly well made show that just happened to include rainbows.

  • I agree with the general sentiment here about executives always trying to reduce unexpected successes to formulas, and failing miserably. Like someone said, the 90s and early ’00s were so good because so many creators weren’t being shoehorned into meeting all these executives’ arbitrary goals.

    Have to mention, though—-I’m a guy and as long as I live I will continue to have this incurable attachment to the Care Bears first series—-the horribly animated DIC one from 1985. Mostly because of the unintentionaly yet starkly melancholy tone it has. It’s a combination of things—those gritty Japanese backgrounds, the whispery, husky voices, the echoey, 1970s synthesizer Japanese sound effects—-but more than anything, that sad, wistful music by Hagood Hardy (who obviously needed a quick buck.) Rarely is there such a contrast between intent—happy-slappy kiddie series based on toys—and effect—slightly heavy, even somber atmosphere.

    • wever

      I’m more in favor of the other Nelvana series produced at around the same time that had a hipper theme song and the storylines had actual irreverence and intelligence along with the heart. It was the show that introduced Shreaky and Beastly, the two villains who were, I admit, the main reasons I watched the show!

      • The Nelvana series was better animated, all right, by about five country miles. But it never took hold of me as a kid the way the DIC one did—-again, largely because of that melancholy, even dark atmostphere. I’m under no illusion that it was intentional, but the various factors together just resulted in the overall effect of there often being an undercurrent of tension.
        Again—that Hagood Hardy music. Often it just invokes a sense of reflection and longing—even the cues that are used at “happy” moments. Some of those cues sound downright mournful.
        And the typical, generic Japanese backgrounds found in so much 1980s B-anime had these deep shadows and open empty spaces—it contributed to that feeling of tension and uncertainty.
        I also always thought Professor Coldheart was a more interesting villain than No-Heart. I mean, No-Heart’s an evil wizard in a dark castle. Evil wizards in dark castles—-I don’t know, they’re a dime a dozen, y’know? (though not many of them have those gnarly eyebrows, I’ll admit). But Coldheart? That was something kind of different. Here was this mad inventor who holed himself up in isolation from the world, and spent all his time not only trying to make the world as dead inside as he was, but often preyed on children’s innocence as he devised ways to use them as his unwitting pawns. I mean, LOL, the more you think about it, that’s just dark. As an adult, I find that a much more potentially interesting scenario than a plain old evil wizard.
        In fact, I kinda wish a Lauren Faust would come along and expand on it—only instead of making it cheerful, expand the original melancholy and build on it.
        Ah, well. X)

  • Limn42

    Yeah judging from the previews, no. I think very, very few men will enjoy this show.

    I’d have said it about Friendship is Magic, before I knew what’s up. But back then I hadn’t seen FiM in motion. I’ve already seen this one in motion and it’s… painful.

  • Jason

    That little girl, creepy or not, represents a lot of what’s wrong with this.

    She’s clearly just an avatar for the intended audience (young girls) and looks irritatingly peppy enough to annoy any adults who happen to give this show a chance. She goes to Carealot and yells about how “beautiful” it all is and makes instant friends with everyone.

    My Little Pony, on the other hand, gave us Twilight Sparkle, who initially seemed as happy to go to Ponyville as the rest of us were (which is to say, not very). There are good character dynamics in My Little Pony, and I think that just about every member of the main cast hates each other at some point – because they have distinct enough personalities that they don’t always get along. When they settle their differences, that makes a good story, and THAT’S why people watch. Not just for the irony of liking a girl’s cartoon.

    Looks like Care Bears will just give us the designated “Grumpy Bear” and the others will be varying shades of perpetual happiness. It takes more to have a colorful cast than just, you know, colors.

    Not to mention CG just looks much less appealing visually. Sure, MLP is technically done on Flash and not really hand-drawn, but we get less of the uncanny vacant stares like that one particular screencap.

  • When all of the current gen of network execs die out, and are replaced with the newer generation, they won’t be -this- out of touch with their own products.. right?

    I mean, there is hope for the future?

  • Inkan1969

    Looking through the internet, I discovered a version of “Care Bears” that I didn’t know about: “Care Bears: Adventures in Care a Lot”.

    From what I’ve seen, this show actually looked somewhat cool. It DEFINITELY looked better than the CGI versions.

  • Just some dude

    That’s dumb.
    People like MLP because it’s a legitimately good and yet still young children’s cartoon.
    This looks like generic safe nonsense where the characters overact. Like they need the plot to be as simple and cliche as possible because young children can’t comprehend basic speech or character outside of the laziest route.

  • So The Hub wants to market My Little Pony and Care Bears to men. This sounds like the seeds of a South Park episode. Oh the places they could go with this…

  • ilovefurries

    Funnyjunk brought me here. pes-men-will-start-calling-themselves-be lly-bros-and-care-dudes.html

  • Tobias

    Myself I was pleasantly surprised by MLP:FIM, even with Lauren Faust attatched to it for the first season, I don’t think anyone could have expected it to take off like it did.

    I think it’s really awesome that they took a series that was always known as a kids show aimed strictly for girls, and made it into a show that’s relatable and watched by men and women of young and old.

    As for Care Bears, I really don’t think lightning will strike twice. Especially with the PR hoping they’ll get the same kind of fanbase.

    One cannot intentionally create a cult hit, especially if they’re riding the coat-tails of one…and have no idea what made the show a hit. It sure as heck wasn’t due to the spirit of friendship and kindness, more like good characters, writing, some pretty nice songs here and there. As well as references that teens and adults can pick up. (Doctor Who, The Big Lebowski etc.)

  • Chuck DEEZY

    They can’t be serious with this!?! I unfortunately caught the promo for this a few days ago. I can’t stomach these cheesy, cutesy, fake programming these networks are spewing out. I want RAW, uncut real cartoon-y violence from back n the day.

    Alas, that’s far from happening. Now, dudes wanna watch this….what is the angle? Are they that desperate to get laid by their girlfriends? or am I missing sumthin’ else?

    Just sayin’

  • C.Corriea

    There is a way to engineer a phenomenon of brony proportions, hire Lauren Faust and let her do what she wants.

    • wever

      Hire a GOOD CREATOR to helm a series and let him/her do what they want. Does anyone know who’s running this new Care Bears show, and if they have any notable credits?

      • Some Teddy Bear

        Hire a good creator who LOVES THE CHARACTERS, who grew up with them and understands them well, and let them do what they want.

        Otherwise you end up with Michael Bay changing aspects of the characters that are significant enough to be in the God-damn name of the God-damn franchise.

  • Owen Kent

    Care bears- My Little Pony, but designed by a committee instead of an artist

  • Matt

    No… Hey Hub I’m really happy for you and I’m gonna let you finish but My Little Pony Friendship is Magic was the best television show of all time!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    All I have to say is I feel the show needs to be a little sarcastic and full of itself for me to take notice. Of course the thing I was more focused on as a kid having one of those bears I snuggled into bed every night was thinking of the little red hearts on their tushes. I think we need more butt action here folks!

    • Applejinx

      MLP:FIM is not sarcastic or cynical. It was an accident from the start, and to this day it has never become ironic or sarcastic. The characters can be sarcastic to each other and it’s awesome (Twi particularly is priceless when snarky) but the SHOW itself is totally sincere.

      Trouble is, this Care Bears concept is PURE cynical. It’s literally the opposite of what worked.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I guess.

  • wever

    This all seems very strange. Not only is the PR letter written incredibly awkwardly, but why would a major corporation mail it to a blog that had previously bashed their most successful animated property???

  • Hank

    Like that my little pony crap, this is still just another commercial for treating cards and cheap toys for small children

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    I’m a brony who also watched the 80’s Care Bears done by Nelvana as a guilty pleasure. The first series held up pretty well for me because of the writing more than anything else.

    It is way presumptuous to declare this latest Care Bears reboot (the last one was for Cookie Jar rather than Hasbro) to be the next MLP. It may actually have some intelligence and heart behind it, like the best of the Nelvana episodes, but I won’t know that until I watch it. But yeah, I have a hard time trusting anyone claiming to have caught lightning in a bottle.

  • tredlow

    I’d be interested as long as they call each other Care-dudes, and ride skateboards and surf and say stuff like “radical” or “tubular”, and wear sunglasses and backwards caps, and rap every episode.

    • Timm

      Holy crap, I would watch that show.

  • I half-expected that e-mail to say something like, “The animation is so vibrant and charming that fans will be begging to edit clips into their own viral music videos!”

  • Steven M.

    I think I threw up in my mouth alittle bit.

  • Satorical

    That still looks like it was blocked by Brett Ratner. Nice staging, you hack.

  • Ugh

    I’d argue a great deal of what led to the Brony success was the flat but super-colorful animation style. The Care-Bears just looks like more shitty CG. And that kid in the still above is straight out of a David Cronenberg horror flick!

    • Sarah J

      Yeah, that kid does look pretty terrifying in that pic. I think I’ll put it on my profile on another site I use and put the caption “I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL” under it. XD

    • TheBeatlesPkmnFan42

      Because the show references alcohol, steroids, R-rated movies, M-rated games, swearing, and has some violence.

  • DJ

    I really dont understand the brony thing, Tamagotchi is better/

  • Allyn Thomas

    the major reason for me liking my little pony and falling into the “broney” demographic is because it looks great, where as this looks like it’s been whacked with the ugly stick far too hard and for far too long.

  • I haven’t watched a lot of MLP:FIM to judge it, but what I saw I found it ok rather than exciting. Lauren Faust is cool, but I didn’t especially love what I’ve seen. It’s nice enough.

    I watched Care Bears as a kid and I enjoyed them but frankly it has never been a good cartoon, it’s just too cutesy and it never had great animation or fantastic characters. I don’t think this looks any better or worse than the original thing and it actually looks decent for CGI tv animation, it’s just too cutesy for mature people to enjoy it.

    Of course you could transform the concept in something more interesting for all ages but it would took more effort.

  • Beep

    The MLP:FIM team has excellent writers from some of the best children’s series of the past (and future I’m sure), chose an excellent animation style and overall look for the remake, and they even actually liked classic MLP enough to revive the heart and creativity of it while still modernizing it. If Faust and/or some of the other talents behind MLP:FIM involved in this Care Bears revive it would be a massive hit. After watching the teaser, they clearly are not. Which is fine since I’d prefer them working on future episodes of MLP anyway.

    As it is, this Care Bears teaser makes me cringe the same way I do when I see commercials for the Pound Puppies remake. I wish they would stop pillaging my childhood favorites, or at least handle them with more dignity. I’m pretty sure MLP:FIM is the first remake I’ve ever felt was done justice. I was actually afraid to watch it, but quickly warmed up to it. Still, all awesome MLP remakes aside, I can only imagine stuffed suits 10-20 years from now remaking and ruining The Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time, and SpongeBob. That is far too creepy to even imagine, and yet I can totally see it happening. I bet they’ll even try Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: The Animated Series. Ugh..

    Also, why is the little girl so creepy? And why is the bridge in the teaser possessed by plumb-bobs? Why stop the cash grabbing at Care Bears when they can add advertisements for The Sims 3 in there too, I guess.

  • Antiamid

    Amid are you serious?

    It was a lighthearted attempt at humor. You seriously think that was some shameless attempt to give the Carebears a adult fanbase? What humorless killjoy you are.

  • Mark

    I think it’s possible to recreate as long as they are willing to spend money on the creative talent.

  • scienceandponies

    Wow. I think I’m actually offended by this.

    “…features the same re-imagined CG animation and spirit of friendship and caring that made shows like “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” a cult hit.”

    What? FIM doesn’t have CG and it wasn’t the spirit of friendship and caring that made it a hit, it was quality. Good animators, writer, voice actors, composers, and LAUREN FAUST!

  • Astropilot

    Here come the hipster girls.

  • TheBeatlesPkmnFan42

    Unless it has top-notch voice actors, adult jokes, references to older things, and good storylines, then it’s not going to happen.

  • Mush2010

    I for one will be watching this show in sixteen days. Since I was a huge fan of the original cartoon. And I agree with some of the comments here as well. These people can not make a fan base they come naturally. Friendship Is Magic sparked because it had a lot of adult jokes and humor for both adults and kids. So I think this show MIGHT do well if they made the show right. And it had jokes for adults and kids like there 2005 Care Bears Big Wish Movie has a a good amount of adult jokes in it. So if a huge fan base was formed when this show is released I will never wanna be called a Belly Bro or a Care Dude no thanks. So let’s see how this show does in sixteen days.

  • evan

    This is not going to go anywhere for the hub. The true reason My Little Pony got popular among the brony community is because it was created by one of animations greatest minds Lauren Faust. Unless this has a great mind behind it and great writers then i dont see it geting as far as MLP.

  • NeonBolt

    Trying too hard will get you know where, hub…

  • Oh dear lord. I sorta like MLP, but I am not a fan, mainly because I like more snarky cartoons. But, it is still a great piece of work. But what these hub-nuts, are twats. They already have something awesomely popular. Why need another? Stupid question. Money. Also, it is obvious to see what made that show popular, and that flew over their heads. These people know nothing about cartoons.

  • Felix Sputnik

    They say: “This is the best” in the trailer…
    But I don’t believe it…

  • Samuel

    I love MLP. I’m a brony. It’s well animated, good plots, excellent songs, and the characters feel very real. Each having their own little flaw. The show itself has some mild cartoon violence, such as the Main Six beating the crap out of a changeling army, only to get stopped by another. It even has mental breakdowns, giving it a very real feel.

    And this trailer doesn’t look very promising.

    And they want another awesome piece of art? They’ll never get there with THIS material.