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The KidMan and Lemon Show

Kidman and Lemon

Cartoonist Rex Hackelberg has posted a ton of development artwork that he created for a project called The KidMan and Lemon Show.

The idea was conceived by animation guru Chuck Gammage and the finished animated promo below was directed and animated by Jamie Mason (aka Hobo Divine). Other credits include Graham Falk (layout), Mike Geiger (inking), Clive Powsey (backgrounds) and Scott Bucsis (music).

The finished product is exactly the type of cute, fun and appealing cartoon idea that I don’t expect any contemporary animation network to produce because…well…because it’s cute, fun and appealing in a day and age that demands loud, obnoxious and ugly.

  • what an incredibly appealing design and premise. the promo reminds me a lot of Roger Ramjet.

  • joecab

    This little clip is pretty good! Modern but with a big nod to the best of the Roger Ramjet/Bullwinkle era a bunch of us love so much.

  • That short looks so fantastic! The artwork is absolutely beautiful. I love those backgrounds. I hope it gets picked up, it would be awesome to watch!

  • I would agree that we need an alternative to the “loud, abnoxious, and ugly.” Much of contemporary product lacks sincerity and genuiness. But in all due respect, is this level of drawing an advancement of these ideals?

  • I’m kinda with Ray…it’s damn well produced, but it screams ‘Retro’…references to Roger Ramjet pretty much seal the deal comparison-wise. I agree about the ‘loud, obnoxious and ugly’ statement, but something this old-school will only fly online with the small group who will appreciate it for what it is. And you know what? I’d be cool with that.

  • Rex must have had a load of fun working on this. It really rubs off on you!

  • Some Guy

    Why would I want to watch this when I can watch the brilliant and insightful satire of American Dad?

  • Heh Kidman… even the name is funny. This seems like it’d be a blast to both work on and watch.

  • charlie J.

    Shows like this are what animation needs to move up a step. I really hope someone buys this and hires Rex to do the whole series. My only complaint is that some of the space ship animation looks too Disney-channel-esque.

  • Cigs

    my only problem with it is that it was made in Flash.

  • I would kill to work on this show! I find it very inspiring – gotta go animate now!!!

  • greg m

    I’m ready to go by a box of kidman cereal!!! I want the cool toy that’ll be inside!!

    I could see it being similiar in timing to Sponge Bob, or Fairly Oddparents, so think that it would be hip with todays kids!

  • Love it, love it, love it!!

  • looks super awesome and fun !!

  • Trawler

    I agree that this is nice “because it’s cute, fun and appealing in a day and age that demands loud, obnoxious and ugly.” Which is exactly what I thought Superjail was.

    I don’t know, I’m having trouble reconciling your review of Superjail with your comments here about The Kidman and Lemon Show. Kind of sounds like you’re trying to have it both ways. Could you help me understand, perhaps elaborate a bit on this?

  • I think it looks great. I think there is a stigma for limited animation which is undeserved, which was perpetuated by fearful theatrical animation contemporaries in its early days; the assumption that a flat stylized look and limited stylized animation is somehow lazy. These guys know how to animate to pull this off. Alot of people, naysayer animators included, can disparage the style but many can’t draw something funny nor move something funny. It’s nice to see truly inspired cartoons, not just hollow attempts to be “retro” by putting angles and thick lines on everything without heart.

    There are many good-looking action adventure type cartoons nowadays but to me because they are over-animated and over-directed they have to be shipped over there to theoretically make up money. Perhaps if there were more deceptively simple true cartoons, they could remain in-house.

  • Rex’s concept work is outstanding. Great character design. Hoping this takes off…we need more cartoons like this!

  • I SO want to see this on television someday.

  • Jayster

    This is great looking! I can’t believe how cool this looks!

  • It is really great looking but he needs to adjust the colouring. It looks like Kidman and Lime.

  • Chuck R.

    Trawler, the exact same thought occurred to me.

  • Jamie Mason

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the kind comments,

    (Hi Michael Jones) a lot of people have been commenting on Lemon being painted the wrong colour or like a lime. This was actually done on purpose, and this was part of the charm that drew me to Rex’s conceptual work.

    Arms were painted different tones ( cel levels being incorrect ) or characters being painted the wrong colour for one scene (Ie. Lemon)
    There is one pose where KidMan’s eyes are completely shifted when he is looking at Lemon (bad registration).

    Style wise we weren’t trying to emulate the classic mistakes of Saturday Morning cartoons to be historians so much as just instill the playful results from these mistakes.

    Casting mistakes to punctuate moments in a scene is sheer brilliance. I fell in love with this approach while working on Ren & Stimpy. (2nd Season)

    Obviously this type of show isn’t for everyone… but my hope is that it gets picked up to widen the varitey of entertainment that is available.



    P.S. The red lightning is from Rocky & Bullwinkle (too funny!)