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“The Looney Tunes Show” promo

Are we giving this show too much coverage?

Full episodes begin airing next week, Tuesday May 3rd, on Cartoon Network.

  • Ryoku

    Thats the happiest Porky Pig I’ve ever seen.

    But yes, this show is getting too much coverage, especially since nobody seems to like it.
    Just wait until the episodes air to begin covering this.

  • J.m

    Dude, it’s the Looney Tunes – of course YOU of all people are gonna post things about it.

    And I should say I can deal with the fact that LOLA Bunny is a dumb California girl, since she was created just recently in the 90s, but giving the WITCH the voice and personality of a Big Black Woman that would be in a Jerry Springer show audience????!!

    • Re:
      ….giving the WITCH the voice and personality of a Big Black Woman

      Aw hell, I might have to like the show now. That shit made me laugh.

  • Don Adams

    In a word….yes.

  • tom

    Why so many closeups? Other than Jones, you can count the closeup shots in a Looney Tune on the fingers of your hands.

  • Tim Brown


    Who’s bright idea was it to add a pseudo-Black woman’s voice on Witch Hazel??? That sounds SOOOOO WRONG!!!!

    I say this show will last 10 episodes.

    • …the show’s first season consists of 26 episodes.

      • Funkybat

        Unlike the world of prime time network sitcoms and dramas, animated shows usually seem to get at least a full run of their initial orders, no matter how badly they do in the ratings. On cable and daytime broadcast tv, there seems to be less pressure to fill the airtime with “anything other than this” if a show doesn’t do gangbusters. Meanwhile, Primetime networks killed countless animated series’ before their initial production run had aired, and pulled Clerks Animated after 2 airings!

    • Thomas Hatch

      “Say what?” – Roz Ryan

    • Funkybat

      “Witch Lezah?” Really? I am at a loss for words.

      This show is rather frustrating. There is some rather appealing animation and design, and I was amused by several of the “quips” I have heard so far. In those respects, it seems to be in keeping with the Looney Tunes. But stuff like Witch Hazel becoming “Witch Lezah” and the general lack of “wacky” from what has been shown so far are really not working for me.

      Tiny Toons, while inherently derivative of the original Looney Tunes, seemed to be able to strike a balance between “talky” humor and catoony slapstick. There were just as many visual gags and out-and-out unreal cartoon antics that were amusing as there were clever puns and witty banter. This show seems to be slanted way more toward the verbal humor and not enough “cartoony” activity.

      I’m interested to know if June Foray reprises Granny in this version, as she has in every other LT incarnation, and if so, why they didn’t want to use her for Witch Hazel.

  • Mike!

    I guess Bubbie the whale will live on as the new Witch Hazel, or Witch Lezah, or whatever the hell they’re calling her. I also noticed the owl from I Love to Singa in the background of one of the cast shots. I’m really interested in seeing the show, but everything we’ve seen so far is such a bizarre hodge-podge of different styles and tones. Like what is this show going for? I guess we’ll find out May 3rd.

  • Conor

    Surprisingly, I’m actually kind of interested in what they’re doing with the Lola character, she doesn’t seem to be the generic “independent and sassy” type of female character we’ve seen in just about every animated feature from the past 20 years anymore, and is, apparently, voiced by Kristen Wiig, according to IMDB. Also weird, Fred Armisen as Speedy Gonzales for some reason.

    Aside from that, nothing to write home about, I’ve seen some funny drawings out of Daffy in a couple of promos, but that’s about it.

  • Why did they make a character look like Witch Hazel, when they’re giving her a new name (Witch Lezah) and giving her such a different voice?

    • Technically the “Witch Hazel” name isn’t copyrighted by WB and has been used in Disney cartoons (specifically the Donald Duck cartoon “Trick or Treat”). But here’s the real kicker: BOTH WB and Disney versions are voiced by June Foray. Go figure.

      On topic, I’ve never seen the minute long version of this commercial before. Regardless of what you negative Nancies say, I still have high hopes for this show and am looking foward to the premiere.

      And NO Jerry, I don’t think you’re giving this show too much coverage. The Looney Tunes have been slipping out of the public eye for about a good decade now, and the basterdized spin-off series (Baby Looney Tunes, Loonatics) have just been salt in the wound. Regardless of personal opinions/biases, there’s no denying the fact that Cartoon Network is attempting to introduce the characters to a new generation who probably don’t know who they are, and I fully commend them for that. It’s also nice to see the characters in a series devoid of stupid gimmicks. They’re not babyfied, they’re not XTREEEEME ACTION HEROES (BLAAAM!!!), it’s just the Looney Tunes essentially being themselves – suburban setting aside, of course.

      So you nostalgia junkies can claim this series is the “death of the Looney Tunes” or whatever, but I’m going to approach this show with an open mind and enjoy it for what it is. I’m just glad SOMEONE gives a shit about bringing this classic characters to some level of recognition…unless of course you’d rather see them confined to a watered down preschool series…*coughcoughMICKEYcough*

      • I spelled “bastard” wrong. Man, that’s embarassing.

      • Trogdortheburninatooooooor

        Really? Nostalgia junky? Wow. It’s just to show how butturt you fan of TLTs really are. Not all of us dislike the show because of how it’s not like the original. It’s just stupid and a waste of money. They obviously think they can rehash the Looney Tunes and not expect to see some hate from older generation fans? I mean, I’ve watched quite a few episodes since it premiered, and I think it is pure shit. The characters have been drained from being funny. The plots are nothing but overused gimmicky sitcom-like ones. The Merrie Melodies are just untolerable in every way possible. The show lacks creativity in EVERY way. The animation can get choppy at times and the characters would often change in porportion. The designs are excellent, but Borutski should’ve been allowed to animate the characters HERSELF. The Road Runner and Coyote shorts look okay, but the backgrounds and layouts are uninspiring and bland. And the fanbase is just tedious as all hell. They don’t know how to respect opinions, and jump to conclusions on why people don’t like the show, automatically assuming that it’s because it’s completley different from the original (Like you, Deaniac). On Youtube, when someone makes a rant on the show, some fans have made fake accounts just to troll that person telling them to do stuff like “Take off your nostalgia goggles” and “Stop living in the past” and dislike that one video. Accept critisicm, asswipes. You’re about the most hypocritical people I’ve ever met…

    • Funkybat

      Probably because someone from on high decided it would be hilarious and “contemporary” to do so.

      Having a character like that in Family Guy or Robot Chicken would be moderately amusing. Having a character like that coexist in a universe containing all the other Looney Tunes characters, more or less in unmolested form, is aggravating.

  • Craig

    Chuck and Friz are rolling in their graves.

    • Luke

      Chuck is, I’m sure Friz couldn’t care less.

      • Ryoku

        Dosen’t help that Bug’s isn’t even the right color.

    • Autumn

      If you wanna get technical, Chuck was cremated.

    • And the two Bobs, including the one who created the gang, Clampett, Art Davis, Tex Avery, and Francis Tashlin.

  • Warner Bros. got what they wanted, Looney Tunes in “illustrated radio”. Lots of dialog, little action and they continue the “Evil Daffy” personality pioneered by Larry Doyle in “Looney Tunes, Back In Action”. They took a character that was funny and lovable and made him repellent and prickly. Way to go, WB! Gotta love ya.

    • Martin Juneau

      You said better than I can say myself Mr. Kausler. I notice also that darn “illustrated radio” type in this new show. The original WB cartoons were based on fluid animation, great voice acting and good movements. I’m also tired of that whole ‘faux-stylized mess’ I’m seeing in all TV shows for the last 10 years.

    • The character hit rock bottom when he became yet another Elmer/Yosemite/Sylvester-type villain in the mid 60’s. How could this new version of Daffy be any more “evil” than when he was paired up with Speedy?

  • As a fan of the Looney Tunes I think Cartoon Brew is not giving too much coverage to this show. Whether we like it or not I’m interested on seeing every preview.

    Like most of the other previews this has some decent clips and some bad ones. The ones with Sam and Bugs and Marvin and Daffy are good enough. Nothing too bad with Speedy’s and Foghorn Leghorn’s clips.

    I’m not liking the Witch’s and Gossamer’s voices, but I guess the fact that they do appear in the show is already kind of cool. Especially Gossamer who is not a very popular character.

    The worst part is Bugs acting “gangsta” for the photographs. Ugh! And I did like his previous line and the way he is drawn in that scene, but this ruined it.

    But I have to say the best part of the video is when we see all the character designs in the garden background. The character designs are much more promising than what they seem to be doing with them.

    I admit most of the clips in this particular video are pretty well drawn/animated, though.

    • DNAndy

      Bugs wasn’t throwing out gang symbols. He was posing stereotypically like a model.

      • Roberto

        Oh, ok. I guess you’re right. I don’t really like the pose, but at least that’s more timeless and less “hip”.

    • Autumn

      He was posing, not throwing out gangster signs.

  • christy


  • Charles

    Is that the Crusher at :08? “Bunny Hugged” was one of my favorites.

  • MP

    Witch Hazel/Lezah and Speedy’s voices are awful!

    • snip2354

      So June Foray’s in the cast but she’s NOT voicing the Witch?! Odd move. I bet the execs needed to show respect to all ethnicities. She’s just Granny, then? Probably so.

      This clip only highlights the talking scenes. We have no idea yet how much physical humor will be included.

      • derpderp

        Total diversity fail. Oh, we don’t have any black characters in the show? … Maybe we can make this fat witch represent black women! Downright daft.

      • snip2354

        Make LOLA black!

        She’s the one who needs a personality retool! For God…

  • MP

    “I say this show will last 10 episodes.”
    Yes. For us LT fans.

    But, the people watching CN don’t give a darn! They don’t care about characters, stories, voices, etc.! It’s just another show for them…

  • Thomas Hatch

    Hey, I just realized that Lezah is Hazel spelled backwards!

    *pats self on back*

    • ….Heeeeeeeeey, you’re right. :D
      The thing is that the name “Witch Hazel” is a pun. Y’know….for the PLANT.
      What the hell is “Lezah?” I mean, are they trying to be…clever or something? Man, I don’t even know. :/

  • tedzey

    to answer jerry’s question… yes. Too much coverage!

    did they turn witch hazel into a sassy black stereotype?

  • snip2354

    “Are we giving this show too much coverage?”

    *sarcastic tone* Why, NOOOOoooooooh.

  • The modelling on some of these characters (noticeably Porky Pig) is awful. Also the voice acting is atrocious. I hate it when “writers” and “producers” take charge of projects.

    • Ryoku

      Notice how almost all of them have that same pair of oval-V eyes? Pretty weird if you ask me.

      • Roberto

        Personally I love the eyes of these designs, I think they are cute and expressive when wide open.

        I think Porky needed more space in his cranium. I know the change of his head is intentional for the redesign but he really looks weird. Petunia looks fine, though.

  • Clint H.

    Call me crazy, but I say that this show still looks promising.

    • tedzey

      you’re CRAZY! A MADMAN!!!!!

  • Drew

    If it can’t be done right, don’t do it at all. Please, just let the Looney Tunes die with some dignity.

  • Isaac

    Are you giving this show too much coverage? Well, is Looney Tunes synonymous with cartoons? Don’t answer that.

  • Mose Addison

    These clips are “Robot Chicken” without clay. Some well-compensated executive must have thought June Foray’s voice was too old school, so Witch Hazel, or Lezah, required a fresh take. What they’ve come up with is about as fresh as 1976.

    • 2011 Adult

      If they thought she was too old, why is she still labeled on the cast as Granny?

  • Cyber Fox

    I’m looking forward to both this and “The Amazing World of Gumball”

    Purists are the worst kind of fans but sometimes they are right

    • Chuck Jones or whomever could’ve dictated a long time ago that the Looney Tunes were porcelains meant to be preserved behind glass after a certain year. But then none of the Termite Terrace artists ever legally owned their characters.

      What’cha gonna do?

  • Rufus

    Porky and Elemer (you can see him in one of the lineups) look like transexuals

  • For some reason this preview is much more appealing than the previously-available clips. It’s mostly the new witch voice and Lola characterization that grabbed me. It has an Adult Swim vibe, which pulls me in like a magnet.

    The new LOONEY TUNES show has a solid shot at being better than that already-forgotten Baby Pink Panther cartoon from last year.

    • Cyber Fox

      Pink Panther and Pals wasn’t terrible
      I mean, sure it has some flaws
      but it was a pity it never got a second season

  • Joshua Bailey

    @Cyber Fox I’ve tried to get CartoonBrew to talk about Gumball twice. They chose not to. Yet it’s already been given a second season, which I don’t believe has happened for The Looney Tunes Show. Gumball will be one of the most unique looking cartoons on television and yet it can’t get any love.

    • Cyber Fox

      That situation is not new

      Look at “The Raccoons”, A pitifully underrates cartoon
      The cartoon was mis-handled by Sheldon Wiseman and the CBC as they screwed up the US distribution of the series

      To this day, The show has minimal yet loyal fanbase here in the US while fanbases for it in the UK and it’s native country Canada are big!

      • cst

        The theme music of THE RACOONS plays under the closing credits of the Canadian “grindhouse” movie HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN!

      • Funkybat

        I’m an American and I loved The Raccoons! I think it was shown on HBO or some other pay cable network in the mid-80s. I really enjoyed it, and wished something as offbeat yet familiar could find a home on a more mainstream US outlet. At that time, Nickelodeon and cable TV in general were a revelation, showing us American kids something other than the latest H-B factory-farmed output or reruns of the same stuff that we’d been watching since we were born.

        The Raccoons, Dangermouse, SuperTed, Count Duckula, even Bananaman, it was great to see what “The Commonwealth” had been up to in animation…

      • Cyber Fox

        The Raccoons had a crap life here in the US
        They debuted here on The Disney Channel in 1985 (year of my birth, btw) and since people are on a stick then and now against subscription tv, The Raccoons failed to get any viewership

        and then they appeared on Trio back when the CBC co-owned it, again another stroke of bad luck for Bert Raccoon and gang as hardly any cable & sattelite co. at the time carried Trio prior to the NBC Universal acquisition

        and finally, The Raccoons wound up yet again on a subscription tv channel, this time unlike Disney Channel before it.. Starz was and still is a subscription TV network, and like before the economical schitck against subscription tv made it roughly hard for the show to get any fans in the US

        The CBC and Sheldon Wiseman screwed up The Raccoons’s US distribution big time
        Yes, there was VHS releases but due to they picked the lousiest choices for channels to air them, the videos are pretty much left as a vague afterthought

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Certainly the Raccoons could’ve had a better shot if a real broadcast network gave them a chance, that was something I discovered long ago when I started to realized what shows I DID watch back in the 80’s that were not mainstreamed enough to get a notice (how anime fandom happened at all).

        I often like to say this many times but I feel Cable TV ended up being a dumping ground for those foreign-made shows that would never get a shot in syndication or Saturday morning back in the day, and it was no further from the truth the kind of stuff that showed up on channels like Nick, Disney Channel or CBN/Family Channel back then. In some way, it was nice we actually had a chance to see any of this stuff back then for those of us whose parents actually got cable TV at all. The Disney Channel back then played such classics as The Raccoons, SuperTed and the Asterix movies.

        “Yes, there was VHS releases but due to they picked the lousiest choices for channels to air them, the videos are pretty much left as a vague afterthought”

        This could be said for a LOT of cartoons that only ever showed up in the US via home video back then too! That of course is another story!

      • Sorry, Cyber, Chris and others, but the Raccoon just struct me as too cuddly, almost Maple Town like. But I was 25 years old then already.

  • Jeffers

    The appearance of Owl Jolson in this show has me curious. I’m also wondering what kind of personality they will give to the Tazmanian Devil. He looks like some kind of overly-excited dog in these shots. Is anyone else noticing that Gossamer sounds like GIR from Invader Zim? I can’t wait to hear all the hilarious stereotyped catch-phrases from Witch Lezah! Oh no you didn’t! Oh yes they did!

  • greg m.

    where were these animated??

  • Steven M.

    Once again, bad omens radiate from this clip.

    The voices are driving me crazy. Bugs and Daffy sound off, Porkys ok, Foghorn doesn’t sound right, Speedy sounds awful, Lola sounds annoying, Witch Hazel, I mean, Lezah, is by far the worst voice in this clip, and pray to God Gossamer doesn’t speak ’cause I wouldn’t be able to live it down.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Cool Trivia: A character named Witch Hazel had been used in animation by WB, Disney (DOnald Duck) and MGM (Tom and Jerry) …each voiced by June Foray!

  • Keegan


    And here we are now. Nice to know the children of this generation will be growing up on the greatest cartoon characters, but with sitcom humor. Thanks CN.

  • DNAndy

    Yeah, I still think this show will be terrible. I’m okay with giving the Looney Tunes a bit of a face lift-on character designs- , but I just don’t see the point of chancing the style of humor completely. “The Looney Tunes have been doing the same things for years!” “We need to update them for a new generation!” Uh, the Looney Tunes wasn’t just Elmer chasing Bugs and Daffy around over and over again; it was very character centered, not plot based.

    Also, this is a slight nitpick, but why didn’t they update Elmer Fudd’s bowler hat design? He didn’t wear his hunting gear all of the time, and seeing as he’s not going to be hunting Bugs anymore and reading the news, it’s just weird.

  • I gotta say it. Im really looking forward to seeing this. Loving the designs more and more and it looks like it will definitely be chuckle worthy and fun at least.

    My only regret is that Daffy is basically being turned into an unbelievable, unlikable idiot the way that Homer Simpson has been.

  • Seriously, this made me want to cry. Lola Bunny is more than that. She had class, smart, and on fire…this one just gives me the impression that she’s not someone to look at. It’s like they took the charm appeal away from her.

    The others I just am not feeling them that much at all. It’s like they want to give every character a chance to be the star, not the side role. And frankly, they were better as side roles than as the star (Elmer being one of them, or Porky). This is just not Looney Tunes at all man. Not at all.

  • Glowworm

    I think I am going to cry over what they did to Witch Hazel. Why oh why did they have to call her Witch Lezah and make her sound like a black woman? I’ve loved Witch Hazel and was at first thrilled that she was going to be a reoccuring character–until now.

    Although Gosamer is adorable.

    • Cyle

      I agree she sounds horrible, but “black woman” does not describe any specific voice. Please try again.

  • Ryoku

    I’ll admit that the voicework is very good, pretty close to the originals (Speedys new voice is easier on the ears).

    Anyone notice in the stills the characters use the original model sheet designs while in the actual clips their proportions are more formal?

    The dialogue is decent, but Bugs Bunny shopping at a grocerie store? Wait until we see the excitment of Daffy at a Starbucks! Lola buying a brand Prius! Elmer reading the morning paper! Speedy cutting the grass! Or better yet, just go do these things ourselves like we are.

  • Kyle Maloney

    I love this new version of Lola. Could be my love of Kristen Wigg peeking through, but whatever, this is much better than the space jam version in terms of personality.

  • Glowworm

    “Boo hoo hoo, man! I’m crying so hard!” So am I, Daffy. So am I.

  • Man – if thesae weren’t Looney Tunes characters then this would be one of the nicest examples of animation for television. But compared to the original shorts, it’s just hard to warm up to the “new” take on characters we have come to know over many decades…

    • Mick Collins

      Bob Harper, in a nutshell, encapsulates EVERYTHING I feel about this series. I wouldn’t have a SINGLE complaint if these weren’t characterisations suddenly being changed after 60-70 years of successful work.

  • I have read enough Chuck Jones and seen too many hundreds of the original Looney Tunes cartoons to not know That Mr. Jones would be making jokes at how they (WB-2011) just don’t get it. I am 100% sure of this. Why?
    Very simple answer: These are not the same characters, period. They are impostors, and involved in bad acting in “bad theater” as Dan Aykroyd used to say. The original spirit of the wonderful characters we all know and love is gone, gone, gone. What is this watered down, politically correct, Valley Speak all about?? It makes me want to puke. Shame on you, you hot shot wannabes at WB! He’s Chuck Jones, and you’re NOT!! That also goes for Friz, Avery, Clampett, McKimson. This is ddeesssppppiiiccccccaabbbllleeeeee !!

    • Nipplenuts McGurk

      Not that I’m defending the new show….but it’s not as if Chuck Jones is infallible when it comes to Looney Tunes. Even as a kid, I never really liked his uber-smug Bugs and “Mine mine mine!! I’m rich!!!” greedy asshole Daffy. How about Chuck Jones’ Tom & Jerrys? Ooooph!!!

      People predictably cry “BLASPHEMY!” whenever there’s a post about this new show….but be honest – the characters have constantly changed personalities and design styles over the years.

      • Very good point there. Jones had a great heydey thru aorund 1954-55 but then things start gradually going down from there. Even the Daffy/Bugs cited above [“Ali Baba Bunny”,1957] and the Bugs/Elmer “What’s Opera Doc” [1957] strike me as self-conciouys on Bugs’s part, and annoyingly jealous on Daffy’s part.

  • This is far, far worse than the originals. This is a sad commentary on the guys who kiss arse in LA to get a show on TV; they watered it all down to politically correct, “whatever” garbage. Not even a trace of the original charm, joy, wit, zest, intelligence,humor, satire….I could go on and on and on. Sad, very sad.

  • The Gee

    Aw. C’mon!

    RE: Chuck Jones

    One word:


    • Roberto

      I thought Timberwolf was a good an fun cartoon.

      I also think Jones’ Tom and Jerry were pretty good except for some shorts. Not as good as Hanna Barbera’s, but still good.

      Somo of the worst Jones’ stuff were his ‘new’ LT shorts like “Superior Duck” or “Duck Dodgers and the return of 24 1/2 century”. I guess the last one was ok in terms of humor but the pacing and drawing style were kind of dull.

      • The Gee

        “Timberwolf” was an ambitious project. It had a good studio working on it. It was great to see Jones involved in The Latest New Thing, internet animation. Chuck Jones acting on inspiration was a great thing to live through. For most of my life, up until that point, it seemed he was adapting the work of others (Kipling, for instance). So, yay!

        But, it was a one note cartoon. Even the Road Runner stuff mixed it up enough that it didn’t come across as one note. At best, the concept was good for a one-shot short. It was not good enough for a series of shorts.

        Heck, the online “Looney Tunes” was passable. It was sitcomy in a way, sure. But, it was good. People hated it, too, precisely because it was Flash animation and not done on paper, inked/painted and scanned. It was too limited for some folks. And, as it goes, not unlike “Timberwolf” it largely passed under the radar and is no longer a blip. Either these things succeed or they suck seed.

        This “Looney Tunes Show” is pretty much a show, isn’t it? So, in my opinion, to even try and compare it to the Looney Tunes series of shorts is pointless. And, that’s just one reason not to kvetch…in my opinion.

      • I don’t disagree completely but after all I’ve seen more flash cartoons that are more one note. I thought Timberwolf was better than a lot of what Jones had done in some time and at that point of his career I found it to be a pretty decent cartoon in a vein similar to LT. It had also pretty nice drawings in the traditional Jones style and not the overly-cutey style he developed after his theatrical shorts. The voice acting and personality of the characters was quite charismatic.

        I don’t even know how much of it was Jones’ and how much was the work of the studio involved but I liked the main characters, the drawings and the gags, so it didn’t bother me if it was one-note. I thought there was enough variety in the secondary characters.

        I only watched the online Looney Tunes a couple of times but my recollection is that they were pretty mediocre. Maybe passable if there was nothing else to do, but certainly worse than Timberwolf and worse than what this Looney Tunes show for television seems to be.

  • The fact that this “cartoon” actually managed to make it to the air without imploding from its own fetid weight is compelling proof that there is no God.

    The Cartoon equivalent of Vogon Poetry.

    • Ryoku

      That or theres a devil who enjoys the pain inflicted on animation fans.

      The fact this cartoon made it shows how desperate TV stations are becoming to compete with the internet, yet the executives continue to insist that calculated focus group formulas are funny.


    Like I said before I like the Style but it’s a bad acting sitcom.

    So what was happen with jessica borutski? She did the character design of the new looney tunes, why didn’t she took the full direction of the new show?

    • Ryoku

      If she took full control of the show… God help us.
      I’ve seen her other shorts, she’s okay at drawing but can’t write at all.

  • Leon S.

    Any particular reason why Elmer Fudd is noticably absent?

    • Well, he does appear in the background around 0:46.

  • I found this interesting article about the show:


    This seems to confirm the impression that Brandt and Cervone did their best within the margins of what Warner Bros executives would permit.

    The part where they say that they didn’t want to make the characters younger is interesting cause some of the redesign seems to be in that direction. But yeah, they look younger but don’t sound or act younger. I think that’s a smart move on their part. We’ve already had Tiny Toons and Baby Looney Tunes, we didn’t need Teen Tunes. And that was basically the flaw in the Pink Panther and Pals show. It was ok for the most part but you still wished the panther was an adult and not a kid.

    I’ve been watching some Duck Dodgers episodes recently and it was a pretty good show, so I’m going to trust Brandt and Cervone and watch some of their new show. While I have my reservations about it I think most of the commentaries are overreacting. There are bad things in the clips but there are also things that are done right, or at least better than other LT revivals.

    I wonder who are the writers of the show, though. Probably Duck Dodgers benefited from the presence of people like Paul Dini who seem to have a love for Looney Tunes and science fiction, two factors that were perfect for writing about Duck Dodgers.

    • Ryoku

      Note the toe kissing they give the execs and CN whenever they’re mentioned.

      “Overall, it really requires an investment on behalf of the viewer.” Yea, mostly that the viewer drops his \her standards and accepts the Looney Tunes making Seinfield gags.

      I respect Brandt and Cervone for what they did earlier on, no doubt the poor guys are just getting pushed around by clueless execs.

  • Scarabim


    Okay, I was willing to give this show a look, despite EVERYTHING, (including Bugs’s weird new feet) until THAT.

    No way that is Witch Hazel. Where is her “girlish” charm and June Foray’s terrific voice?

    I hate this show already. I’m sorry. I know that’s a dumb attitude since I haven’t even seen the first episode, but I just can’t get past…THAT.

    • Rick R.

      June Foray was born September 18, 1917. She is, and I am not exaggerating, 93 years of age. Got to meet her this year at a Burbank autograph show, something I always had wanted to do, but she was not having a great day. Her health is a bit frail these days, but at 93, that’s understandable.

      So while it’s sad to say it, I don’t know that she’d be up to the task of voicing a weekly show a this point.

      As for the show, let’s just see how it goes.

      • DNAndy

        >So while it’s sad to say it, I don’t know that she’d be up to the task of voicing a weekly show a this point.

        But….she’s still playing Granny…

      • 2011 Adult

        Then I predict Granny may not appear that much. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the last publicized show where Granny has her original voice. Poor dear.

        And if June Foray was indeed in poor health during this show, the voice change for the Witch is understandable.

        Why’d they have to go and make her a completely different characterization though?! Probably a decision by one of the “younger, fresher” writers the execs wanted.

  • Mick Collins

    Okay, a couple more things and I’m done talking about this, really..

    1) “Illustrated radio”: I’m sure that’s exactly how it went down in the WB board room. I would be willing to bet the show’s bible *explicitly states* that visual gags are to be toned down. I’ve just spent the past hour looking at clips on YT, and I noticed that every time there was a chance at a visual gag, there was a cut to a mere reaction shot. Pfeh.

    2) Lola: Model sheet aside, I think I like this Lola better than the one in ‘Space Jam’. She actually fits in with the crowd better now, being actually ‘looney’, although it’s a bit distressing that now she seems ‘loonier’ than members of the cast who have spent far longer than her being ‘Looney(tm)’.

    3) Witch Lezah: …really? That’s the best they could do? Prince Chawmin’ as a gangsta rapper – or a PIMP even – would have been less off-model.

    Okay, that’s it. I’m done talking about this show until after it airs now; I mean it. I can get past the character redesigns (not happy about them, but whatever), but I swear to Bosko SOMEBODY better get blown up ON CAMERA…

    • Chris Sobieniak

      We’re hoping!

  • “Are we giving this show too much coverage?”

    Well, look at this way. Amid practically made the site look bad in the eye of the mainstream media by bashing the character designs and then bashing one of the voice actors of the show. Now ever since then, the site has constantly been getting trolled by people who pretend to be animation buffs when they are really just copying Amid.


  • Doug Drown

    I think the animation is attractive; it resembles what Warners put out in the ’50s. Didn’t strike me as all that funny, however. I’m going to suspend judgment until next week.

  • Lucy

    Hey. It’s not “Loonatics” or whatever, so it’s all good by me.

  • Rodney

    Amen Lucy. Much better than the Spielberg take on the Toons. The previews have me casting out my negative outlook and now I’m looking forward to the show.

    More coverage is good with me.

    • Funkybat

      While I don’t universally admire everything Steven Spielberg has been involved with, I seriously doubt this series will be more entertaining than Tiny Toons or Animaniacs.

      Maybe it will be more “contemporary,” or even have better animation than some of the lousier studios that worked on certain TTA eps, but funnier? The only cartoon in the 90s that was funnier than the WB/Spielberg shows was Calvin & Hobbes, and that’s not even in the same medium.

  • Gottou96

    I want a new season of Duck Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NOT THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lola Bunny was attacking for Slashed the Knife by Bugs Bunny and blood on the belly, and Bugs Bunny was screaming to death and crying. This could be Animation to do the Sad Ends for Bugs Bunny.